Of all the accessories that are essential for men to have, a good wallet tops out the list. Moreover, if the wallet is made up of genuine leather, it only adds to the elegance. Not only having a wallet is comfort but it also a necessity. It ensures that different denominations of money are well kept along with other essential things like credit cards, debit cards, driving license and other important documents one is supposed to carry in day to day life. Moreover, to ensure the protection of your cards and personal detail from external electronic frequencies used by thugs to steal information, wallet these days come with RFID blocker. Whatsoever your occupation may be, either you are working professional or student, a wallet is must have men’s product. Let’s have a look at some of the most recommended leather wallet for men review.

Top 9 leather wallet for men review

9.Hammer Anvil leather wallet for men

Hammer Anvil wallet is made up of pure genuine leather and measures 4.25” by 3.37” by 1” in dimension. It has been designed in a very compact manner as to ensure not to pop up your back pocket when you keep it in. Also, the compact size doesn’t means less space for Hammer Anvil leather wallet and as a matter of fact it has total of 10 slots for cards along with two extra bigger space slots for receipts as well as identification card like driving license. All along it has a transparent slot for keeping IDS which is flip and show, giving the user convenience of showing their ID without taking it out every time from wallet. Also, the wallet has been made in a way to ensure protection from wireless readers which may try to obtain credit card or passport information through RFID chip installed in it. Anti-breach technology by Hammer Anvil gives wallet RFID protection and ensures your personal information always remains safe and secure.

8.Fossil Tri-fold leather wallet for men

Tri-fold wallet by Fossil measures 3” in width and 4.25” in height. It is made up of imported genuine leather and comes in two classy colors- brown and black, both of which goes well with casual and formal wear. It is lightweight and the 3” width ensures it easily fits into any back pocket and can be removed comfortably. The leather is durable and flexible and can be hand washed time to time without causing any damage to the leather. There are total of 9 slots with 3 slots in each section and plastic window slot for IDs. There is only one slot to keep bills and money though: it does not have separate section for different denominations of money. Also, material linings are completely man made. It comes with tonal stitching along with ‘Fossil logo’ engraved on the external surface.

7.Calvin Klein Bi-fold Leather Wallet

Leather wallets for men by Calvin Klein comes in four classic colors- Black, Brown, Navy and Charcoal. It measures 4 inches in width and 3 inches in height. Exterior of the wallet includes Calvin Klein logo engraved on it. Surface has non glossy and smooth finish and it feels extremely good to hold. Also, the leather is durable and strong. This leather wallet has single billfold compartment along with a centre Identification card holder and multiple compartments for debit and credit cards. All along, a Calvin Klein key fob is also included in the package and it measures 2.6 by 1.25 by 0.25 inches in dimension. Key fob is made up of leather connecting strap and silver-toned hardware which has Calvin Klein engraved on it. This set of wallet and key fold by Calvin Klein makes it a great product for personal use as well as for gifting it to dear ones.

6.RFID blocking leather wallet by Travelambo

Travelambo wallet is made up of top grained leather and is a very lightweight design that goes well with casual as well formal dresses. It comes in range of colors which include black, brown and vintage gray and blue. It has been tested for various frequencies and is well capable of blocking RFIDs to keep information of different cards like driving license and credit cards safe and secure. Function of RFID blockage is to stop others from using RFID signals to gather information about your cards and keep the information vital and safe. It is not only safe but equally spacious. It includes total of 9 card slots along with an ID window for quick access and one top slot for keeping bills, tickets and receipts. And to show the manufacturer trust in the product, it comes along with 30 days money back guarantee.

5.Leather Wallet for men by Motion Trend

Motion Trend Leather wallet is perfect blend of safety with elegance. It comes in three different sizes- standard, large and slim. Standard size measures 4.5 inches in width and 3.5 inches in height and also, motion trend gives the user freedom to choose between black and brown, both of which goes well with suit and jeans. It is made up of genuine leather and offers protection from thugs who might try to STEAL your personal information by using RFID scanners to scan your credit cards, driving license and much more. Wallet by Motion Trend comes with a special lining that makes it RFID blocker and ensures your personal information remains secure and safe. It has been tested over different frequencies and it successfully shied frequencies in between range of 10MHZ to 3000MHz, range in which most of the present cards function.

4.Leopardd leather wallet with RFID blocking

Leopardd leather wallet comes in chocolate color and is made up Napa grade genuine leather. It measures 7.2 by 5.7 inches in dimension and is 1.3 inches thick. Also, the unique feature of this RFID blocking wallet is that it protects from external electronic frequencies which thugs may use to scan and steal essential personal information like driving license, debit card and credit card details. The material used is of military grade proprietary and offers completer resistance to RFID scanners. Not only does it blocks the 13.56MHz frequency in which most of the credit cards work but also 125 KHz frequencies in which proximity cards like Hotel room lock key work. It offers the best of both the World. Along with the security it provides, this wallet is quite spacious with its 9 card slots, an access window and one long slot for keeping money and bills. Moreover, it comes with a money back guarantee to ensure you have best in the class.

3.Levi’s Men’s slim-fold leather wallet

Levi’s wallet comes out of package flexible and soft, and there is no break-in period which is required by most of the leather wallets before it starts to feel good in hand. It is made up of complete leather and is 1005 genuine along with the lining which has been done by hand giving it an elegant finished look. Leather is durable and strong and can be hand washed time to time without spoiling any of it. It measures 4” in width and 3.75” in height and goes by the name of ‘extra capacity’ for the total of 9 card slots it offers. Also, there is a separate holder for keeping ID and the holder is transparent, making it easy to show ID when needed without taking it out of the wallet. All along, it comes in two classy colors- brown and black, and has ‘Levi’s’ logo engraved on it.

2.Alpine Swiss’s leather wallet

Alpine Swiss is known for the quality of leather they use. It is pure genuine and is imported. Moreover, on the first look, this wallet may look like a bi-fold but one extra compartment makes it open in a tri-fold manner as well. Genuine leather has been used not only for the exterior but for the inside of wallet as well. Inside consists of 12 card slots along with a flip-out window for easy visibility of IDs and making it hassle free at various checkpoints and three additional slot pockets for cards that make it tri-fold instead of bi-fold wallet. This wallet by Alpine Swiss is very light weight and measures 4.25 b7 3.25 inches in dimensions with thickness of only 0.5 inches. Also, there are two separate sections for bills, making it convenient to keep different dominations separately.

1.Tommy Hilfiger’s leather Wallet for men

leather wallet by Tommy Hilfiger is made up of pure cowhide leather as well as it is 100 percent leather lined and is extremely soft and flexible. Not only they look and feel good but they also last long. This wallet measures 3.5 inches in height and 4.5 inches in width and consist of total of six card slots along with removable card case and one single compartment for keeping bills and notes. There is an external plastic card holder provided which can be inserted as per the need. It is bi-fold wallet and the exterior of the wallet ahs a pebbled strip that runs from one end to other and has ‘Tommy Hilfiger’ logo engraved on it.