Fragrances, aromatic oils, and perfumes have been embellished by people since past civilizations. Nowadays fragrances are available in various forms as in scented candles and many bodies and bathing products.

Fragrance plays an invisible, but an important part of man’s personality. Dressing in a well-mannered way increases the confidence, but wearing a fragrance on it  is like an icing on the cake.  A fragrance can  have a deeper emotional influence on people. When women choose a partner, smell is a very important factor for women. Fragrance apart from increasing the attractiveness also increases the confidence with women.

Smell, being the strongest of all the senses, is 150,000 times more powerful and sensitive than vision. A nice fragrance can reflect an impression of an organized man and the person who is concerned about their looks.

List of top 9 Men’s perfume

9.Halston 1-12 cologne Spray for men

This is a masculine, powerful and traditionally appealing scent for the males who cherish the classic stuff. This is a great product for evening spent with a romantic partner or with friends. It has a base note of wood and musk along with masculine note floral scents. The perfume has a combination of musky, wood and patchouli odor that gives a perfect aroma and clean and fresh fragrance. This is a perfect product for the males who like to complete their task  with their hand and get the things done. The product is made up of superior quality material and is preferred for romantic wear. The fragrance was introduced in 1976 which was an era when fragrances were true to its form , it was the time when the fragrance had its true character.

8.Black by Kenneth Cole for men, Eau-de-Toilette

This is an aromatic woody fragrance for men, launched in 2003. It is made up of a fruity blend of spices and woods. It has a top note of fresh basil, mint and ginger that fades and gives a lotus, cedar and incense aroma. The base note is composed of amber, violet leaf, and musk. The fragrance in the spray fills the atmosphere with strength and masculinity. The magic  this fragrance stays with the wearer and the people surrounding him. This fragrance is a rarely found balance of perfect fighting notes that settles in a mystic dark radiant composition. It is a mysterious,fresh, sensual and playful fragrance.

7.Gianni Versace’s Pour Homme, Eau –de-Toilette for men

This is a refined, fresh, clean and wonderful fragrance introduced by Gianni Versace for casual use.  It consists of Cedarwood, jasmine, musk, azalea and Kashmiri wood notes. It has a unique, fruity smell but is perfect for men. The cologne remains longer and lasts for almost throughout the day. The product is quite expensive but is worth every penny paid for it. It is the most visible fragrance on the market but is still  I demand and is very much effective. If you have a style to match citrus and aquatic notes, then this is the perfect fragrance. It is recommended for all the seasons, workplace and any casual places. This fragrance blends essences of Mediterranean origin to make an aromatic note perfect for today’s man who is dynamic, knowledgeable, self-confident, and has the ability to live in harmony in the world. The fragrance came out of the Versace house in 1986 and is a superb fragrance for men who like intense fragrances.

6.Jean Paul Gaultier’s Le Male For Men

Le Male was launched in 1995 by Jean Paul Gaultier. The top notes of the fragrance consist of bergamot, fresh mint, and lavender.  The middle note has cinnamon, orange blossom and cumin and the base notes are represented by sandalwood, vanilla, cedar and tonka bean. The spicy note obtained from the blend is best suited for night wear and winter. This fragrance is also referred to as “man in a can” due to the unique packaging it has. The sculpted body of the product expresses strength, class, and sensuality. Strength is expressed by mint freshness in the top note. Traditional lavender gives the feeling of the old classic themes in a fresh version and vanilla gives tenderness and warmth. It is an attractive fragrance and its magnetic uniqueness seduces in its unique way. This is the first fragrance from the men’s collection of Jean Paul Gaultier. The bottle is an appealing characteristic of this perfume. Jean Paul chooses bust of the man for his container with the stripes on the chest to symbolize the life of a sailor, which is full of chaos and who has now come to shore. This fragrance is a reminder for all men that nothing in life is always white or black, but is always a blend.

5.Guy Laroche’sDrakkar Noir for men

This is a fragrance with citrus, lavender, sandalwood and spicy berry notes. Drakkar Noir was created in 1982 by French man Guy Laroche and is manufactured under Loreal Group’s License.The fragrance is for all the men who always wanted to get noticed and stand out of the crowd. It was one of the popular scents of all time and is a true classic product. This is a unique fragrance for men preferring a spicy and sensual note. The base note in the fragrance is a blend of pine needle, oak moss, cedar, and balsam. The exotic quality of the scent is enhanced by Patchouli oil. The top notes include the fragrance of lavender, basil, rosemary, and lemon. The perfume is available in different forms to satisfy the needs of every man and for all the males who wanted to experience the properties of this classic fragrance. Eau De Toilette is available in a variety of sizes, for daily use and the smell lasts throughout the day. Larger bottles are for the men who wants long supply. A man who wears Drakkar Noir personifies strength, emotion, and audacity.

4.Blue by Nautica, Eau-de-Toilette for men

This is a smooth and masculine fragrance containing peach and pineapple notes with a  tinge of tropical inspiration which makes it a balanced scent. The top note contains peach, pineapple, and bergamot, which gives an intoxicating sweet smell. The heart notes contain jasmine and lily giving it a warm and alluring spicy aroma. The base note is composed of  musk, cedar, and sandalwood to give it a woody and masculine aroma. A nice smelling man is more appealing to any woman than anything else. This perfume has all the right ingredients to make another man jealous and attract any woman. This spray gives an aura of adventure and confidence. This was launched in 2006 by Nautica House to be used as a casual fragrance. Blue is a nice fragrance that is an excellent choice for warm weather. It is an effective, clean and fresh fragrance with an excellent longevity. Initially, it smells fruity and then gradually shifts to a musky leather, wood odor, which makes it quite luxurious.

3.Gianni Versace’s Eau Fraiche for Men

This is a fresher and more aquatic fragrance in Versace’s man version. The fragrance has woody notes with Mediterranean quality. The top notes are of Rosewood, bergamot, rose and lemon. Heart notes comprise of sage, cedar, pepper, and tarragon. Saffron, amber, and musk form the base note of the fragrance. The fragrance was created in 2006 by Versace House. This is a fresh and bright perfume preferred for daytime and summer wear. The blend of all the various type of notes makes it a unique combination for men, which is not so intense but is seductive and subtle. It gives a fresh feeling to the wearer. It increases the charisma and confidence of the wearer and makes him look more modern and sexy. This product is light and pleasant everyday summer fragrance. The packaging is also stunning with a blue glass bottle and a patterned snakeskin box. This fragrance is much gentler than other typical fragrances available which are comparatively harsher.

2.Giorgio Armani’s Aqua Di Gio, Eau-de-Toilette for Men

Armani prepared this aroma for both men and women when he got inspired by  Pantallerie’s beauty while spending his vacation. The men’s fragrances symbolize scent of freedom, water and full of wind. It is manufactured by blending the harmony of salty and sweet notes of sea water. It is a masculine odor born out of the sun, the earth, the sea and the Mediterranean Island’s breeze. The base notes of the fragrance are patchouli, Mediterranean citrus, and Moroccan Cedar. The middle notes include rosemary, jasmine, persimmon and nasturtium while the top notes are of bergamot, mandarin, and neroli. The complete blend gives it a sharp, spicy note which is softened by the woody base. The fragrance was created in 1996

1.Nautica’s Voyage for men, Eau-de-toilette Spray

It is a fresh, pleasant and an aquatic scent that is versatile in nature and can be worn during any time of the day. Nautica Voyage delivers an appreciable longevity. After applying 1-3 sprays of the scent in a day, the perfume can be scented, the next day as well. Voyage is on the top on the list of long lasting fragrance. It captures the liberty and venture of a masculine man and appreciates the vitalizing current  to arouse body and mind. This fragrance comprises of the various notes of Cedarwood, moss, and green leaf. A spark of freshness and serenity is felt on wearing this spray.  It is a blend of fascinating floral and delicious fruity smell which is extremely romantic. It is comprised of cold notes of apple and leaves that directly hit the nerves with exciting fragrance. The heart notes contain lotus and a mimosa that gives it a masculine elegance. The base note is made up of musk, amber, cedar and moss that revives the senses and take in a state of joy and happiness. This fragrance is a salty and fresh sea breeze that carries the coastal herbs aroma and woody fragrance which arouses the man’s instinct to analyze his power. This fragrance is meant for the man who is romantic, active and lives by their own rules. The fragrance was launched in 2006 by Nautica House.

Things to consider before buying Perfume

Every man is different and so is the choice and liking of every man. So there is no single fragrance, best suited for all men. While purchasing a perfume, it’s always wise to smell it. But there are a few other factors that can be considered to buy a right perfume for you

  •  Composition – The composition of the perfume must be taken care of as for a women floral, sweet, oriental aroma will be a preference while for men it will be like musk, mosses, tobacco.
  • Manufacturing Date – Any perfume that has been manufactured a long time back will give a faded fragrance than the one that has been manufactured recently. Also, perfumes are prepared as per the latest trends so always latest manufacturing date must be searched for.
  • Reviews – The reviews tell you a lot about the product and let you know the precise details about the product. While buying online this factor must be considered to have a better quality at your end.
  • Color – Color often indicates about the fragrance. For instance , Fresh fragrance is indicated by blue and green, Pink signifies floral fragrance, spicy fragrance is shown in yellow and orange color.
  • Skin type – Consider the type of skin before buying a perfume as the dry skin will scatter the fragrance more quickly, so a higher concentration perfume must be opted for.

Types of Fragrances

The fragrance is a common name used for perfume. Generally, it comes in many forms and is categorized as:

  • Eau De Toilette – It is the lightest perfume having an essential fragrance of 5 – 15% dissolved in alcohol. It is cheap and its top notes fade away quickly.
  • Eau Fraiche – It contains only 1-3% of oil and is the most diluted versions of fragrance.
  • Eau De Cologne – It is the oldest term for masculine perfumes used in North America. It is composed of 3 – 5% of essential oil
  • Eau De Parfum – It contains 15 – 20% perfume essence and is the most common term used for both men and women fragrances.
  • Parfum – This is the most concentrated form and contains 20 – 30% pure fragrance oil. It is the most expensive of all the perfumes. Being the purest form, its fragrance lasts very much longer.