Equipping your car with a new stereo receiver system is a great way to enjoy music while having a drive. Car stereo receivers allow users to play CD/DVDs, MP3s, AM/FM radio and many other audio sources in a car. Some of them offer even more advanced features such as planning routes with GPS navigation, making hands-free calls with voice commands, etc. All in all, they have taken the entire control of your driving experience.

As receivers in the market today are packed with lots of advanced technology and features, the buying process has become more complex than ever before. Therefore this article will guide you to pick up the best stereo receiver that suits your car in every aspect. Below are the major attributes you need to consider when choosing a car stereo receiver.

Things you should look for when buying a car stereo receiver

  • Supported media

Most of the stereo receivers today can be connected wirelessly to your smart phone using Bluetooth technology. For wired connections, the receiver should include an AUX port or a USB port. Since some states have prohibited the use of phones while driving, this feature is becoming increasingly important.

Many receivers still come with the option to play CD/DVDs while some support a DVD playback. These are connected with a mounted screen or an overhead so that passengers can watch TV shows and movies while traveling.

  • HD and Satellite radio

Some stereo receivers are equipped with an HD radio, satellite radio or both of them. You have to clarify whether these facilities are integrated with the receiver or the receiver is just compatible with them. If it is marked as “ready” for satellite or HD radio, you can access those features by purchasing and installing extra hardware.

  • GPS and navigation

Some stereo receivers come with built-in GPS facility while some come as GPS ready receivers. If the receiver comes as GPS ready, you have to buy and install additional hardware in order to connect with GPS.

  • Physical dimensions

The physical dimensions of the receiver are also an important factor to consider. Here, you should decide between a single din or double din receiver. Single din receivers take less space inside the dashboard than double din receivers and less obvious to external viewers. They also have the ability to fit into the wide range of dashboards. Double din receivers take more dashboard space and usually features large touch control displays.

  • Peak power

Except for the above features, you should also consider the power of the internal amplifier of in-dash receivers. Excessive power output from the amplifier or receiver can damage the speakers while least power will cause low-quality sound. The power of the amplifier can be stated as max power or RMS.

After getting an idea about the above features, go through the top 9 car stereo receiver review to explore the best model for you.

Product Reviews

#10 MVH-X380BT Pioneer Digital Media Receiver

This stereo receiver by Pioneer is specially created to match your digital lifestyle. It works well with smartphones featuring a double phone connection using bluetooth technology. It also comes with many other features such as guest mode, MIXTRAX technology, direct control by USB of an iPhone or iPod, USB access for android devices, etc. This amazing car stereo receiver also includes a timer and brightness control of 10 levels. It seamlessly supports hands-free calls using Bluetooth, Pandora playback, and audio streaming. Moreover, its CD free build enables you to keep your digital media and smartphone at a center stage. It comes in the size of 3.8 x 7 x 2 inches and weighs about 1.1 pounds. It is one of the most feature rich stereo receiver in the market which will always keep you safely connected and entertained.

#9 Otium Wireless Audio Receiver Stereo

Otium Sterio Receiver is universally compatible with smart phones like iPhone and Samsung, Tablet, iPad, iPod and more. It supports AUX input and output and also works well with TF card, SD, MP3 and MP4 players through an audio jack of 3.5mm. It has got high performance with support for A2DP lossless transfer of stereo music to the car speaker. This Stereo Receiver also comes with a humanized design making it more user-friendly. Its 1.44 inches LED screen displays the existing voltage of the battery, caller ID, connection information, name of the songs and FM channel with its volume. This wonderful receiver also facilitates charging your mobile phone and other devices with an integrated USB port. Furthermore, it offers many other benefits for the users such as hands-free conversions via car speakers and ability to plug in the cigarette lighter. This stereo receiver comes in the size of 6.38 x 4.88 x 2.2 inches and supported by 1-year warranty by Otium. It is a popular model among other stereo receivers with an excellent average customer rating.

#8 625UAB BOSS AUDIO Single-DIN MECH-LESS Receiver

Enjoy your digital music with 625UAB BOSS Audio Receiver. It comes with Bluetooth technology that allows streaming audio apps such as Spotify or Pandora and making hands free calls. It features 50W x 4 maximum power/ Fader/ Balance/ Treble and integrated EQ. You can change the style of sound by the integrated Preset EQ. There’s no CD/DVD Player and plays USB/SD, WMA, MP3, Smart Phones and FM/AM. It can be controlled with a wireless remote and its front panel comfortably detaches when you leave your vehicle. This great BOSS audio receiver is compatible with audio outputs from MP3 players as well as smart phones and provides you with more choices for music. It also comes in a non-Bluetooth option for a lower price. This receiver has got dimensions of 5.1 x 7 x 2 inches and backed by 3 years dealer warranty from the manufacturer.

#7 PLR34M Pyle In-Dash Single Din Stereo Receiver

This Pyle in-dash stereo receiver includes flexible media playback ability. Its single Din standard comes with many features such as 30 preset FM/AM radio, SD card reader, USB drive reader and 3.5mm AUX in connector jack. You can connect and stream music from any device like tablets, MP3 players, smartphones, etc. Its audio file compatibility enables you to stream music from mp3 files while its song readout data is shown on the LCD screen. You can easily control this receiver using the front board buttons or remote control. This product comes in the dimensions of 9 x 6.5 x 4 inches and black color.

#6 DEH-150MP Pioneer Single DIN Car Stereo

This DEH-150MP Stereo receiver is a newly arrived stereo receiver in the market. It’s an in dash CD, AM/FM, MP3 receiver with AUX input on the front and Innovative sound receiver technology. Its multi-segmented LCD display is 35% larger than earlier models and provides enhanced legibility and visibility. This stereo receiver features a power output with max 50W x 4 and theft-preventive, removable face plate made with a dust resistant design. There are also some additional features like CD information display and ID3 and MP3 tag display. It comes with a wireless remote making it easier to operate. This model is supported by 1 year Electronix Warranty. It consists of some audio features such as playback of MP3, CD-R, CD-RW WAV and WMA FM/AM tuner with 18FM/6AM presets. This receiver also offers electronic shock guard with the help of a parametric equalizer and includes a digital analog converter to improve your playback. Its headphone jack enables connecting to portable devices like MP3 players.

#5 BV9973 BOSS AUDIO Single-DIN 7 inch DVD Player Receiver

You can boost your playlists with this BOSS BV9976B In-Dash stereo receiver. It comes with a 7” touchscreen monitor and a single-din DVD Player. It features 85 W x 4 Maximum Power, Balance/Fader/ RDS Tuner /Treble /Bass and built-in EQ. It is capable of playing CD/DVD, SD, USB, WMA, MP3, AM/FM and smart phones. You can customize its look with Multi-Color illumination choices. It can be easily controlled by the wireless remote, 7-inch touchscreen display or your current steering wheel controls. This smart Receiver supports Hands-Free calls and audio streaming with Bluetooth technology. It can play music and audio apps such as Pandora/Spotify wirelessly. This product is also backed by 3 years dealer warranty and also comes in a non-Bluetooth option. It has got the dimensions of 7.4 x 7 x 2 inches and weighs 5.4 pounds.

#4 BV9364B BOSS AUDIO Double-DIN 6.2 inch DVD Player Receiver

BV9364B BOSS AUDIO Double-DIN receiver is a perfect choice to gear up your music on next road trip. It features 80 W x 4 Peak Power, Balance, Fader, RDS Tuner, Bass, Treble and built-in EQ. It can play CD/DVD, USB, SD, WMA, MP3, AM/FM and Smart Phones. You have to Slide in CD/ DVD, plug into USB/SD/ports or connect your smartphone into auxiliary input for listening to your playlists. You can stream audio apps and make hands free calls with its Bluetooth technology. This receiver also allows you to reverse confidently in tight areas with the help of its built-in rear-view camera. Adjustments can be made easily with steering wheel controls, wireless remote or touchscreen monitor. It comes with 3 years dealer warranty and two options as with and without Bluetooth rear cam. This BOSS BV9364B Double-DIN receiver will definitely place your entertainment into highest gear.

#3 616UAB BOSS AUDIO  Single-DIN MECH-LESS Receiver

This wonderful Multimedia Receiver can rock the vehicle with your favorite playlists. You can control it with a wireless remote and also play music and audio apps wirelessly. It features 40W x 4 Maximum power, Fader/ Treble /Balance/ Bass and Preset built in EQ. This receiver doesn’t include CD/DVD player and plays SD/USB, MP3, FM/AM, WMA and Smart Phones. It supports SD, USB and Aux inputs and compatible with audio outputs from MP3 players and smartphones. You can turn on FM/AM radio or connect your smartphone into the USB or SD ports for extra options. You can also adjust the style of the sound with its Preset integrated EQ. It has got the dimensions of 4.9 x 7 x 2 inches and backed by 3 years platinum warranty. It’s a highly recommended stereo receiver in the market with lots of impressive reviews.

#2 612UA BOSS AUDIO Single-DIN MECH-LESS Receiver

You can enjoy digital music while taking a drive with BOSS 612UA Single Din receiver. Like many other receivers, this stereo receiver also features 50 W x 4 Peak Power, Fader/Treble/Bass/ Balance and Preset integrated EQ. It plays SD/USB, MP3, WMA, AM/FM and Smart Phones though there is no CD/DVD player. You can tune into your preferred FM/AM radio channels and connect your MP3 player or smartphone into SD/USB ports or auxiliary input for additional options. You can even change the style of the sound with its preset integrated EQ. It supports SD, USB, and Aux inputs and pre amp outputs. Furthermore, it’s compatible with the audio output from mp3 players and smartphones. This receiver is 4.9 x 7 x 2 inches in size and weighs about 1.3 pounds. It is one of the bestselling models with lots of positive reviews from satisfied clients. Manufacturer provides 3 years platinum warranty for this excellent stereo receiver.

#1 XD103 XO Vision Car Stereo Receiver

Take your beloved digital tunes along the road with this XO Vision XD103 Car Stereo Receiver. This MP3 and FM stereo receiver delivers top quality sound at 80 Watts Max Power. It features MP3 playback through USB/SD card slot, 18 presets FM tuner and AUX input on front board. You can playback music from detachable storage media devices using SD card slot and USB port. The AUX input allows you to play music straight through the mp3 player.  This receiver consists of half-size DIN depth and audio output of 4 channels. It also comes with convenient electric audio controls and a pre-amplified lineout to offer even greater functionality. This high quality stereo receiver has become a very popular model among customers with highest number of reviews. It is 4.8 x 7.4 x 2.2 inches in size and comes with 1 year limited warranty period.