Got caught by the traffic cop because of crossing speed limits? Didn’t know the speed limit for that road? The best solution to your problem is a radar detector. And for people who don’t like filling up their dashboard the best solution is mirror radar detector, which is nothing more than a radar detector in the form of a rear-view mirror. It helps you monitor your speed, see if a traffic cop with radar speed gun is nearby and with the presence of mirror it also helps in giving you a clear view of your car’s rear thereby preventing road accidents.

Things to consider while buying a mirror radar detector

  • Types: One type is corded radar detector that provides awesome detection but have to be mounted on to the rear-view mirror or windshield. Another type is cordless radar detector that is wireless and easier to use than the corded one.
  • Brand: Brand is a very important factor while buying a product. So you should consider a good brand that provides you security in case of damage. Some of the famous brands in today’s market for radar detectors are Rocky mountain radar Valetine, Whistler, Cobra, Escort, Beltronics, PNI etc. So choose a brand that gives you a product with good combination of price and features.
  • Rules: It is very important to follow rules, so make sure that the use of radar detector is legal in your area as it is deemed illegal in many areas.
  • Budget: While buying it is very import to consider how much you can afford. This will determine if you buy a cheap radar detector or a costly one. But in my experience the costly product is of much better quality and has many more features when compared to the cheap one.
  • Use: Always buy a product that is easy to use and can be installed easily, this also applies to radar detectors. So try to buy a radar detector that comes with a user manual and takes only minutes to install reducing any hassle you may face.
  • Warnings: Like all products radar detector also comes with flaws like giving out false alerts when it detects a signal similar to that of the cops. So before buying a radar detector educates yourself about these flaws and how to identify them so you don’t make any mistakes in a hurry to avoid the cops.

Top Best 10 Mirror Radar Detector Reviews

Here I present you 10 best mirror radar detectors that will help you to remain safe and traffic ticket free on the road.

10.PerformancePackage Mirror Mount Radar Detector Bracket

This is not technically a radar detector; it is radar detector bracket suitable for Cobra ESD, IRAD, XRS, SPX, SLR radar detector. But with amazon you can buy this bracket with the suitable radar detector and its wire kit in a package reducing your efforts. Cobra radar detectors are of excellent quality they never disappoint as they have low noise signal amplifiers, affordable price, easy to setup, have radar, camera and laser detection and best of all this radar detector can find a police radar band with 240 millisecond.

The brackets are of excellent quality, the lack of suction cups and the sturdy material it is made of makes the radar detector mounted on stable and secure from falling. Amazon offers a whole package in their ‘Frequently bought together’ option, this package consists of the brackets; radar detector and the wires to set it up are available at a very reasonable price making it affordable to all.

9.Escort Passport S55 High Performance Pro Radar & Laser Detector

This one of the best radar detectors out there, it comes with a wire power cord V1/ESCBEL that is used when the radar is mounted on to the rear view mirror. It has an abundance of features like K and Ka-band radar that have long range performance, POP mode that has instant-on, to avoid any false alarms an excellent filters that have Auto Sensitivity intelligence, up to 4 radar signals can be displayed simultaneously, a Spec Display that provides actual numeric frequency, laser protection that has high performance etc. and it is also compatible with ESCORT Live which is an exclusive traffic ticket protection network.

It is very easy to use and can be installed and mounted very easily. It even has the option of reducing the volume of the alerts letting you pass by without anyone knowing. All the control buttons are located in places that are easy to access thereby not deterring you from driving safely and avoid any road accidents. This is one of the best radar detectors out there but the cost is a bit steep for all to afford.

8.Rearview Backup Camera System

This Rearview Backup Camera System by High Kick Digital ensures your safety on the road with its many features. This camera system is specially designed for clear viewing and easy using with its digital display of 7 inches, colour camera for rear-view, alert speakers and four ultrasonic speakers. In any light condition the universal camera’s performance is quite impressive and it also acts as a guide whiles your reverse parking to avoid any mishaps. The monitor has a feature of dual video allowing you not only to display video from the 480 x 234 pixels high performing camera but this system also allows any external device to send a video that can be viewed in its video output of standard RCA like a DVD player.

This system can be used mainly for detecting the distance between any oncoming vehicle or object and your vehicle with a sound alarm which changes its frequency in par with the distance with the oncoming object or vehicle. The rear view mirror also provides a quite impressive wide angle video of what’s behind your vehicle thereby cautioning you from any accident from the back. This system also has additional features such as night vision, wireless remote control, anti-glare mirror, alerts and warning etc. that make your road safety this systems main priority. Even with such awesome feature it comes in an affordable price.

7.Pyle PLCM7200 Backup Camera & Rearview Monitor


This product has had quite a good feedback with its may features and easy installation and using. This camera is best used when it is installed above the license plate giving you the clear video image over an RCA jack and the 7 inches LCD display monitor is to be clipped to the rear view mirror of your vehicle, it is very easy to install so don’t be intimidated by all the wires. While reversing your vehicle the monitor will detect and project the video helping you to pull reverse safely and once your back on drive it becomes a mirror again. The mirror can be attached to portable DVDs, iPods and other video input devices.

This model comes with the additional features of LEDs for night vision illumination, distance scale lines, camera that can be adjusted and is also waterproof, depth perception etc. ensuring your safety on the road.  The kit comes with rear view mirror that is clip on and rear-view camera that also has night vision capabilities. This whole system is also quite affordable making it easy on your pockets to buy.

6.Generic 5.0 Inch Android System Car GPS Navigation Radar Detector


This product by Generic has a very posh and sophisticated design and technology making it an enticing product. It comes with a 5 inches HD IPS display mirror that has the left side as a display screen and right as a simple mirror and the controls such as camera rotation etc. are all situated under this mirror making it easily accessible. This system has dual camera with 1920 x 1080 resolutions making the video appear crystal clear and one of the dual cameras is situated the back and has night vision thereby helping you even in the dark.

Other than supporting radar detection this system also comes with a lot of special features. A few of these features are GPS navigation, Wi Fi functions, Bluetooth functions, Android system etc. For a product with so many features it comes at a very reasonable rate.

5.PUJING Car Rear View Camera and Radar Detector

This product is sold by PUJING at a very affordable price. It has a 5 inch LCD screen on which you can playback videos and photos, awesome real time view of the camera views and the computer settings can be changed on the screen without the need of computer making it easy to use. The dual camera ensures your safety as the front view camera has a viewing angle of 170 degree ensuring that all the angles are covered by you.

It has radar and motion detection that records only when there is any motion detected thereby saving space in the memory and saving battery. It even has special feature in the event of a crash or collision, it automatically records videos and locks the videos with its highly-sensitive G-sensor. The package contains a car rear view mirror, a waterproof rear camera, wires for connecting and an instruction manual making you work easy.

4.Docooler High Definition Car Rearview Mirror Reverse Radar System


This system by Docooler has a very simple ad hassle free design. This system comes with a TFT LCD 4.3 inch display screen with resolution of 480 x 272 that automatically displays the rear view when your vehicle is in reverse mode protecting you from any collision. The rear view camera is waterproof, with a 170 degree side to side view and approximate horizontal resolution of 480TV lines giving you a crystal clear view of the rear of your vehicle.

It has the additional features of Reverse Radar System, Parking sensors that are wireless, alarm receiver and transmitter set that even buzzes when it detects small kids or objects in the way preventing any road mishaps. Though the setup may take a while, follow the instructions to the ‘T’ and you will not have to struggle at all. The only flaw I feel is the price that is a bit high.

3.BlendMount BMX-2000R Aluminium Radar Detector Mount

This product has a very sophisticated yet simple design and can be installed very easily without any fuss. This product is manufactured and designed in USA. It has a very light weight and durable body that is made of black anodized aluminium. It is of quite good quality and easily adjustable. This mount is most suitable with Escort Max 360 Radar Detector one of the best radar detector out there that has quite an impressive functionality and product design.

Amazon offers a good package that includes the mount, the radar detector and the necessary wires to install it in the ‘Frequently brought together’ option. The only flaws I feel is the high cost and the fact that the mount is compatible with only a few Japanese vehicles and all domestic vehicles and not at all suitable with European vehicles. So if you can afford it, then this is a must have product.

2.AUTO-VOX Dual Video Auto Adjusting Radar Car Rear View Mirror

This product is a posh product that is easy to install and use. It has a LCD 4.3 inch display monitor that has auto brightness and is not affected by glaring and dazzling giving you clear cut view. The control buttons are located under the monitor making it easily accessible.

It has dual video inputs AV1 and AV2 (backup camera) giving you a clear image. To ensure you safety this monitor automatically shows the rear view of your parking etc. when the reverse gear is engaged. For such good features it is available at a very reasonable rate. This product is most suitable with models like Ford Pickup, Toyota, Honda, Nissan etc.

1.DS18 PRKDI4 Car Reverse Backup Radar Rearview Mirror System

This product is a very reliable product that has a retro design and a lightweight. This system comes with a LED 3 colour display that has a built in buzzer giving audible warning buzzer. It has a detachable sensor with socket connecters that are waterproof. In the rear it can detect object with one to eight feet of distance with its ultrasonic frequency of 40 KHz.

This system has a colour camera that is waterproof and has 2 installations. The display has a resolution of 420TV Lines giving you a clear image. This system is very easy to install and use, the price may seem a bit high but when it comes to your safety on the road no price is high.

So don’t waste any more time, go to amazon and buy the radar detector most suitable for yours needs and price range, making roads safer for yourself and others.