Automatic pool cleaners are devices used to vacuum, sweep or even scrub the surfaces of the pool by sucking all the debris or leaves with the help of different respective mechanisms without needing any manual work. They all usually are capable of cleaning the walls, bottom floor and cove areas of the pool; some can even climb stairs and clean them. They are definitely much better than the manual pool cleaners; saves your time and energy. It works on a simple principle that uses water flow through the hose to move in a forward direction and simultaneously vacuum all the junk from the pool that goes directly to the filter basket or filter bags for later disposal.

Types of pool cleaners:

  • Suction-side pool cleaners: It is a simple mechanized automatic pool cleaner that works when water flows through the hose pipe, it goes to the filtrate system of the pool and all the debris, leaves or dirt is filtered out; clean water is returned back to the pool. This suction mechanism in itself is what causes the motion of these cleaners; without using any pumps, connections or other starting devices. Relatively, it is the cheapest one from all the three pool cleaners and widely is being used for small sized pools.
  • Pressure-side pool cleaners: These pool cleaners use boost pumps to blast water through the hose pipes which is then directed to the filter bag attached to the cleaner where all the junk is stored for later disposal. These cleaners need a connection line to be plumbed into the pool for their independent operation, are usually well-suited for large sized pools and have low maintenance. This type of pool cleaners is known to be more relatively expensive than suction side cleaners due to the external boost pumps required for it to function.
  • Robotic side pool cleaners: Robotic pool cleaners are devices with hi-tech automation. They use an in-built electric motor to run the robot. The robots are powered by rigid power cords that are usually safe to use; some also operate on rechargeable batteries. These are energy efficient as they do not require pumps, have smart navigation ability than other two types of pool cleaners, are low maintenance devices and have the capability to systematically turn and cover almost all areas of the pool. Robotic pool cleaners are costliest ones but are both time and energy saving devices and also have a minimum number of moving parts in its mechanism making it very reliable. Hence, in terms of smart cleaning, maximum coverage and large area cleaning capacity, these types of robotic cleaners are more preferable and easy going.

Top 9 Automatic pool cleaners Review:

By DigPerformance

9. XtremepowerUS wall climbing Automatic Pool Cleaner

XtremepowerUS delivers this wall climbing automatic suction side pool cleaner that works essentially for an in-ground pool of any shape or size and helps to vacuum all the germs, leaves, debris or dirt from it. It is best suited for the pools of size 16’*32’ and for it to run smoothly it needs a pool pump of minimum 3/4hp or 1600ghp. It can easily be latched on to any filter system of your pool for its operation, doesn’t require any kind of tools or electricity for initiation saving the area from all the mess of electric wires or outlet for charging, assembly is very easy and quick and regardless of the construction of the pool it can clean all the junk from it without affecting its speed of motion. The packaging includes the suction side cleaner itself, all the hose members and its weights for balance, a pressure regulator that allows you to alter the flow of water accordingly at the skimmer joint section itself.

8.Hayward 900 Wanda the Whale Above-ground Pool Cleaner

This automatic pool cleaner impregnates exclusive turbine system to allow a well balanced flow of water making the operation noiseless and smooth-going. It is mainly drafted to clean all the pools that are permanently built above-ground or on-ground and works by dragging water from the base of the pool as it stirs to clean. The arched head design for this cleaner is made simple and hi-tech to deliver fast cleaning with circulatory motions, it doesn’t require any kind of tools, has easy installation, comes with 4 color cases, works well with any pre-existing filtration system, vacuums all the junk undeviatingly right to the filter, doesn’t need motor to function and comes with one year of warranty period. There is a luxuriant shock absorbing ring provided to damp the friction for its smooth running and it also swags its SmartDrive steering program to cover all the parts of the pool without missing any areas.

7. Dolphin Triton Robot Pool Cleaner

This extraordinary hi-tech plugs and go pool cleaner powers up with an inbuilt robotic system with impressive features to clean floors of a pool, its walls and also waterways. They are well-suited for in-ground pools with 50ft. of length. This Dolphin Triton Robotic pool cleaner has the capability to vacuum, filtrate and intensely scrub the surfaces of pools in the minimal time of just 3 hours. Its favorable cassette filtrate system is very effortless to clean, has a handle with a flexible float that develops the program according to the dimensions of your pool and has a spring action for cleaning. This dolphin pool cleaner also includes a 60 ft. jacketed swivel cord to minimize the mess of storage, to restrict entangling and for handy use. It doesn’t need any kind of installation or connecting source to the pool, comes with a pre-programmed system to self-analyze the area for cleaning and a 24 month of the warranty period for defects in spare part or labor.

6.Pentair in-ground Kreepy Krauly Pool Cleaner

Pentair delivers this Kreepy Krauly automatic pool cleaner that best suits for flat, concave-inclined in-ground pools with most types of construction styles. The entry door fitting of the vacuum duct has a casing with spring action for safe use; it comes with an exclusive automated deviation mechanism so as to change directions easily without getting stuck at one complex spot, a solo bristle drive and oscillating swirl design advances to thoroughly scrub and vacuum the surfaces of the pool to remove the junk of leaves, sand particles, small or big sized debris from it. It also works on the vinyl or fiberglass surfaces of the pool which makes it even more reliable. Each assembled part from Pentair like filters, pool cleaner or pumps show offs its high technology, robust and well-engineered speedy performance to maintain their standards in the global industry and this Kreepy Krauly pool cleaner does exactly that.

7. Hayward Vacuum automatic Pool Cleaner

It is a suction type pool cleaner that is powered with a SmartDrive steering mechanism so as to develop fast and improved suction of debris, leaves or any other trash from your pool with full coverage of the area.  This suction pool cleaner technology has been proved to be used for around 30 years now with favorable cleaning operation. It doesn’t require any kinds of tools to be fitted for it to function or any additional machinery like pumps for water blasting making it less expensive, is very easy to use and install. It is in-built with AquaPilot technology to operate the vacuum at high speed with pre-programmed continuous left and right directions to cover most of your pool surface systematically in very less period of time. It dispatches all the vacuumed dirt right into the attached filter system saving you from cleaning the debris bags that comes with other pool cleaners.

4. Hayward Poolvergnuegen 2-Wheeledautomatic turbine suction pool cleaner

Hayward brings off this 2-wheeled pool cleaner with their exclusive turbine blades that are self-adjustable to allow maximum power performance at any point of time and to dispatch big/small all type of trash or debris too. The stiff tires march efficiently on the floors, has the capability to climb as well as manage all the bumps by self. These cleaners are suited impressively to the pools with a size of 16’*32, needs at least 1/2 hp of the pump, proceeds effortlessly on vinyl, pebbled, tiled or even fiberglass floors and includes 2 years of warranty period. It accommodates an optimized roller skirt that could be adjusted to enable vacuuming on uneven floors too, a pre-installed program for internal steering mechanism that changes direction every 8’ to 10’ to ensure systematic cleaning of all regions like walls, bottom floor, and cove area. It is available in both 2-wheel as well as 4-wheel drive mechanism; you need to choose according to your respective pool size and also 3 exchangeable throats to be attached according to the size of debris to be sucked or speed of flow.

3.Baracuda G3 W03000 Automatic Suction Side Pool Cleaner

It is a noiseless, extremely powerful automated suction side cleaner for in-ground pools that collaborate efficiently with pumps of low-speed to vacuum small/medium sized debris. It works on all the areas of the pool like bottom floor, walls, and the stairs too; it automatically adjusts the water flow according to the need of cleaning even if it is powered by pumps with less horsepower and its wheels impressively deflect so that the cleaner doesn’t get stuck in difficult corners. The cleaner’s movement isn’t jumbled up, it comes with hoses that are durable to be attached according to the depth of your pool and it overcomes all the bumps in the pool cleverly for smart vacuuming. It comes with the additional and optional scrub disc to be purchased which enables friction with pool surface making it to avoid fittings, drains and other features of the pool and also a diaphragm for easy go operation with only one movable part. It doesn’t include any other complex parts (gears or wheels) hence making its assembly very simple with high performance and very low maintenance.

2.  Dolphin Nautilus Robotic pool cleaner

Another model from Dolphin that delivers first-class cleaning of floors, walls or cove areas of in-ground pools; well-suited for the size of 50 ft. the length of pools. Dolphin Nautilus model accommodates a swivel power cord of 60ft. length so as to prevent entangling and give mess-free storage and portability. It tends to perform vacuuming, sweeping and scrubbing all in one device in no time; is lightly weighted, less expensive and has easy to go mechanism. The cased filtrate system is effortless to maintain and comes with a spring action filter cleaning mechanism included. There is no need to install any other equipment for this robotic pool cleaner to operate, no others fittings needed, has 12 month warranty period on problems with spare parts or operation and also comes with a pre-installed program to perform all its cleaning mechanism. It doesn’t require bags to dump all the vacuumed debris as it includes removable screens that store all the debris, leaves as well as fine sand particles. They can be removed, cleaned and reinstalled again for next optimized cleaning.

1.Polaris Automatic Pressure-Side Pool Cleaner

The extraordinary pressure side automated pool cleaner from Polaris show offs high-end technology with triple jets installed for high performance of scrubbing, sweeping and vacuuming; using wheel-drive mechanism. It can clean all in-ground pools of any size, shape or construction and all areas like floors and walls of your pool with the help of pump used for pool circulation; saving you from extra expense of using a separate boost pump for blasting water. The packaging includes 31 ft. hose section and a filter bag with one huge chamber to collect even largely sized debris; this filter bag prevent the debris to reach the filter or towards pump making them durable. Polaris is known to impress customers with high-tech robust types of machinery that are well-engineered and this pool cleaner is the best example. It works on a simple principle of pressured clean water that returns to your pool making the filtrate system and skimmer vomit all the vacuumed junk from them.

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