For those who are fed up with manual pedaling, the resurgence of the use of computer-based applications and other gadgets to cover virtually all aspects of the bike use is all you need to get out of the boredom.  As is the case with all spheres, the use of technology has sneaked itself in the bike use, which was virtually a physical process

The importance of these gadgets if one needs something to be able to get the real-time locations, cruising speed, the topography of the riding area and even in some cases the health condition of the user is unmatched.

Our recommendations

In all cases of purchase processes, the issue of choice and preference plays an important part in influencing how the buyers behave. Riders need the bike GPS on their racing bikes as well as the use of these gadgets for the purpose of ensuring that the user as well as the others get all the needed benefits.

Because of matters to do with space, there are several bike GPS systems which in most cases make the cut yet fail the mention of the diverse reviewers in the market. In that regard, the process of selecting the bike GPS needs the buyer to be keen.

The above is bolstered by the fact that there are GPS systems which may not be as effective, yet they cost an arm. Conversely, the majority of the bike GPS systems which are effective yet highly priced is never something which can escape the sight of many.

We recommend that you make your own choice as we may just give our guide, as we have tried to do here; it’s upon the one buying to take the needed action if you are to have success. But if convinced, buying any of the Smartphone based GPS applications.

You can as well look at any of the brands of the Garmin brands including the Garmin Edge 800 Cycling GPS Computer-(Certified Refurbished), Garmin Edge Touring Basic Navigator and the Garmin Edge 1000 Bundle, which we have tested to be working.

Garmin Bikes GPS Reviews

The installations of the monitoring systems on bikes have risen in the past years.  This development has made many of the manufacturers of the GPS gadgets to adopt a more modern approach, even in the old model Garmin GPS units.

Garmin has a rich selection of bike GPS systems which may require the buyer to get clear guidance before making a purchase. Because the computer systems come in diverse shades, choosing them can prove to be a real nightmare. Some of the known Garmin GPS systems you may be interested in may include;

4.Garmin nüvi 55LM GPS Navigators System

it’s not surprising that my friend Joseph fell for this great bike GPS. The bright orientation displays, the diversity of the Garmin accessories has made it work wonders for those who wish to have a great biking experience, especially for those who are beginners.


  • Lane assists.
  • The gamin real voice to guide the user.
  • A place finder- up head.
  • Have preloaded maps.
  • Speed limiters.


  • Easy to use.
  • Fast action.
  • The speed limiter works well.


  • Poor address retention.
  • Takes more time to read.

3.Garmin Edge Touring Basic Navigator

the  fully functioning Garmin cycle map, is likely to give the bike rider the best features he could have been yearning for and sire it did for me. You may need to have a glimpse of your overall riding expedition and the other areas of interest. The addition of its rugged design makes it ideal bike installation GPS equipment for beginners.


  • Garmin cycle map.
  • Garmin connect.
  • Point of interest (POI).
  • Rugged design.
  • Waterproof.


  • Good quality bike GPS.
  • Easy to use.
  • Good monitoring system.
  • Good price, especially for its strength.
  • Quite accurate.
  • Good display feature.
  • Better navigation.


  • May not be easy to switch on.
  • Display is poor when riding.
  • It may not be so fast to update online.

2.Garmin Edge 800 Cycling GPS Computer

there are certain areas which will make anyone who loves riding to like this at the first instance. Its sensitive receiver, a touch screen which is easy to use has endeared it among the many of the bike GPS users. The addition of barometric altimeter and the certification from Garmin is enough to encourage confidence.


  • Sensitive receiver.
  • A functioning testing inspection done by Garmin.
  • Barometer altimeter.
  • Original GPS accessories.
  • Simple to read touch screen.


  • Wonderful price.
  • Great functioning interface.
  • Great quality.


  • Powers on and off at will.

1.Garmin Edge 1000 Bundle

my main reason for falling in love with this bike GPS was the area of its display which allowed me to visualize the directions faster. However, the addition of the diverse Garmin segments makes its use to be more exciting, no wonder it’s considered to be suited for professional bikers.


  • Specific navigation interface.
  • Edge 1000.
  • Heart rate monitor.
  • Cadence sensor.
  • USB cable.
  • Comprehensive user manual.
  • 3.0 display with touch screen.
  • Smart notification feature for iPhone alerts.


  • Ease of use.
  • Precise.
  • Modern.
  • Good looking screen.


  • Very costly where you need to subscribe and purchase maps.

Why use bike GPS?

There are diverse benefits accrued from the use of GPS in the course of biking.  While the others have been summed up, the overall need for a GPS system is usually to make the course of biking easy, enjoyable and real time. This is because the bike GPS systems are designed to be able to give an all rounded account of the biking process.

While the GPS applications and recorders are designed to meet the needs of each cycling level, certain areas are important for them to work efficiently. It is for these that any bike GPS unit has to have the following benefits to be able to work effectively. Some of the benefits of the GPS system include the following;

  • Health benefits– at times, it may not be easy to monitor and quantify the rate at which one is exercising. This calls for a system which can give the bike rider the needed evidence on the nature of the metabolic action. Because bike GPS are known to have the capacity to read the heat rates, this is an ideal area of use, especially if one is intending to lose weight. The use of GPS recorders can also avert serious health issues to do with the heat rates in the course of riding as well as the rider’s energy levels. Because the modern GPS systems have an elaborate display screen, the user is bound to have this well displayed for his consumption. This is important in tracking the progress of each stage of your fitness and health goals. The ability to monitor gives the user an opportunity to regulate the exercise. However, with the display, the bike user has the capacity to build on his overall self esteem, a fact which gives him/her hope for future improvement. The display can also help in determining whether the exercise level has reached its peak and needs to be stopped.
  • Entertainment-competitions the world over, riding included are avenues for entertainment. Many people spend time watching bike racing. The use of GPS recorders on racing bikes is the more reason to give some spice to the spirit of competition. Moreover, the rider will love what the GPS as a system gives as it puts you at par with the best in riding as it gives you a reason to achieve just the best biking results.
  • References-the bike GPS unit is important as it allows the bike rider to have something for the future. Because the data is displayed and stored on the display, it is important for taking stock on the diverse areas which may need changing in the course of the next ride. It is for this reason that the GPS has been regarded as one of the best in terms of encouraging professional growth. The entertaining part of the GPS use is derived from the fact that the user has the power to have a look at the statistics at the beginning, in the course of the ride and even at the end and get to compare the diverse areas which need to improve, giving more impetus to the next course of the competition.

What to look for when buying a bike GPS

There are several factors worth bearing in mind which include;

1.The GPS connection applications

Garmin units may not necessarily require the use of applications to perform. This is mainly because of their nature of operations. The use of the diverse applications on them is however not remote. Not to belabor the point, the use of the Garmin GPS systems requires the use of these diverse applications on the bike installed computer to work faster.

While most of these applications can be standalone in nature, others may rely on other additional add-ons to be able to operate efficiently. Bike GPS systems are mostly associated with some of the following GPS recording applications among others;

The view ranger app-the mobile application is downloadable from several free source online sources and installed to assist with the tracking of the recording and overall navigational features during the ride. Additionally, this is good for tracking the biker as it has a feature for sharing the location with other third parties.

The strava app– meant for use mainly by those who are engaged in the rigorous task of bike racing, this mobile based application helps you track the location, topography, positioning and the cyclist state in real time.

While most people usually wonder whether the strava and the viewfinder apps can work with the Garmin, the answer is to the affirmative. However, this usually doesn’t construe that the use of these apps on the Garmin is simple and cheap, it’s not for free.

The use of the viewfinder operating system on the Garmin unit may involve the act of copy pasting the MTB paths and dropping the created folders into the Garmin system. Trying the use of the where’s path on the Garmin unit can also be an alternative though with limitations on the operating system user.

The overall importance of the apps on the Garmin is to assist the bike GPS user to be able to get the location maps. So the majority of the modern GPS user relies on the use of the Google map, and the other open street maps which are excitingly free for users.

2.The GPX recording app

For the sake of simplicity, the use of the use of GPX recording app on most of the android based GPS recorders has not eluded the attention of many. This has enough within its interface to enable the bike rider to get the routes, speed, elevation as you ride and the heart rate of the rider.

However, it is the manner in which this GPS based GPX system supports all manner of Google maps that makes it ideal to use over the other applications available for use on the diverse Garmin computer systems. It is also best for continuity if one wishes to track the bike rider for long.

3.Consider whether it works with a Smartphone

Smartphone use has become the order of the day on most of the biking GPS systems. while they are known to present the users with the convenience, especially giving the fact that the user does not need to incur extra costs, the diverse features they bear and the ability of the phones to give real time data, their use is just enough in the modern era.

In the past, the integrated computer systems for bike GPS like the Garmin had proven to be quite ideal. The only weakness was that most of the integrated computer systems fell short of giving the rider the live feed, which is important for the bike user.

The additional fact that the majority of the iPhone applications are free source and needs no subscriptions as is the case with the Garmin systems which are known to charge for each of the services rendered.

The Smartphone then remains the most viable option though the bike rider may need something to engage them, the pedaling will still be on the bike rider t be able to navigate the ride. Having a computer system installed on your bike is of no use, the Smartphone can just be enough to give you all the GPS features you may need.

4.Consider the battery life when buying a Smartphone and Garmin GPS

Just like the Smartphone’s which work on battery power, the Garmin GPS unit is also working with a rechargeable power system. However, the accuracy of the GPS recording has been associated with the battery power.

The location of the geographical point of the bike user depends entirely on the ability of the battery to enjoy longer recording intervals. The GPS field, a term used to refer to the frequency of the location recording is pegged entirely on the battery.

The major reason for this aspect is that the likelihood if the use of the bike GPS beyond the user stipulated time is real. For instance, the biking races may last beyond the period the rider expects, which is the more reason why having a strong battery makes you more at an advantage.

The more amperes on the battery determines the runtime of your battery, a clear indication of how long you are likely to use the GPS system for long on any of the recreational, health and fitness bike uses .

Consequently, the battery life on the GPS unit determines the cost of buying and running the appliance. This is not usually pegged on the Garmin units which may have this working on the inverse, with some better powered GPS systems costing less.

It is not common to see as the majority of the biking takes less than 2 hours, a period not likely to deplete the GPS battery. However, this needs to be done only having known the period over which the bike racing excursion is likely to take.

If the period is longer than what the stipulated runtime is, then this becomes an issue. There are some of the areas on the GPS which rely on the battery power and may compel you to have an extra pair of batteries.

5.Look at the GPS accuracy

The GPS accuracy is a GPS performance standard which is in most cases measured in a pseudo range accuracy of 7.8 meters at 95 % confidence level. Most of the governments have adopted the confidence levels for use on the bike GPS worldwide.

It is not surprising therefore that this accuracy levels come in diverse shades, including the Garmin GPS with wide area augmentation which are known to work with receivers to assist with the accuracy and the assisted GPS model, common on most of the Smartphone and by far the most accurate.

Another area here is the assisted GPS (A-GPS) which are known to be more accurate as they employ the use of satellite based network recognition systems to be able to locate the areas in question. The navigation systems on these systems are based on the fact that they rely on an installed chip to pick the requisite signal.

Most of the assisted GPS modules in the modern market appear in the form of the 3G network based Smartphone applications, which can pick signals at between 8 top 600 meter ranges. However, better discoveries are bound to improve the efficiency of the Smartphone where bike GPS is concerned.

The GPS accuracy is dependent on diverse factors including the positioning and the other environmental factors. For instance, the positioning is based on the two areas of Wi-Fi and cellular positioning. The accuracy found on the Wi-Fi positioning is better.

The cellular positioning is quite common among the phone companies as it employs the use of precision based location strengths of the Smartphone. Because of the diverse use, both cellular and Wi-Fi positioning are common in areas with good phone networks.

6 .Check whether the GPS connection is possible on rugged terrain

Because the location GPS coordinates are usually in the form of 3D, the usual features on the majority of the GPS data involves coordinates of time elevations, speed and longitudes. Most of the GPS connections are dependent on track files, which allow the GPS to locate the particular area the bike has passed.

In areas with mountains and canyons, there is likelihood of lack of satellite for longer spans as the bike trudges along the trail. This is likely to lead to fuzziness in terms of getting GPS readings as the network goes on and off.

By using the already saved track files, the GPS unit is usually kept within its operational line, making the rider to get all the relevant data as may b e anticipated. Alternatively, those who cannot use the GPS data may benefit from the already created track files of others to get accurate locations on the mountains and canyons.

What one requires is to have a track file and a cable which connects your GPS system and the bike computer with a program that can just work on the files. When data trickles, the user is set. However, the creation of maps may involve more than the use of track files as it needs downloading the files and the use of map creation software in such scenarios.

7.Know the satellites’ sync speed

Because the majority of the Smartphone and the Garmin GPS devices use satellite to work, the synchronization with the satellite is an important element. When the data transfer pace is maximized on the GPS, the sync speed is achieved. Most of the data needs to be synchronized to be able to come out on the GPS display interface as expected in terms of the location or the physical condition of the bike user.

While in some cases the synching may not be easy to achieve, the GPS sync speed has to be faster, than the expected flash speed of light to be able to give the desired results. The factors like the environmental condition and the medium through which the GPS is used is what determines whether the sync speed is going to be higher or lower.

It is not surprising therefore that the majority of the assisted GPS units, which use the Smartphone network with 3G connections, have higher sync speeds when compared to the other bike GPS modules in the market.

8. Look at the bike GPS price range

The purchase of bike GPS may prove to be a thorn in the flesh, especially if you are bent ion getting the best Garmin GPS at good prices. Like in all the majority of cases, prices are a major determinant in the market.

Garmin GPS systems are spread across the market with some of the known ones including the Garmin Edge 800 Cycling GPS Computer-(Certified Refurbished), Garmin Edge Touring Basic Navigator and the Garmin Edge 1000 Bundle which have been reputed to work well for the bike GPS buyers .

Looking at the Smartphone based GPS systems; you are bound to agree that many come at relatively lower prices both at purchase and maintenance. The main reason for this difference is the fact that most of the applications important in the operations of the Smartphone based applications are free.

The Garmin Edge 1000 has been touted as one of the best among the Garmin brands when it comes to its features and the overall price range. Compared to the Garmin edge 800, which though is relatively slower in action yet highly priced, you are better off with the Garmin Edge 1000 Bundle bike GPS.

When the Garmin GPS is compared with the Smartphone applications, you are likely to see that the price range may not be the only determinant of the quality of data you are likely to get. For instance, the Garmin GPS are considered expensive yet they lack the features which the majority of the modern GPS systems have.

The Smartphone applications are far faster when looked at, yet they employ the use of open sourced applications which then make their use relatively cheaper. In addition, the available bikes GPS systems like are seen with the Garmin which are usually rigid, not up to speed and may fail a contrast to the Smartphone counterparts.

Be it as it may, the price of most of the GPS vary according to the quality of service rendered to the user, which has made the issue of price be one of the considerations among the buyers in the marketplace.