Chlorophyll can be defined as the pigment responsible for giving green color to plants and algae. Chlorophyll offers various health benefits, and for this reason, there are many chlorophyll supplements in the market. Chlorophyll supplements are the dietary supplements formulated from chlorophyll and various other ingredients. Chlorophyll supplements can be consumed by anyone, who is in need of adequate nutrients, and it is also for those who want to improve their overall health.

The 4 Scientific Facts of Chlorophyll’s Benefits That No One Tells You

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You can either consume green vegetables to have the benefits of chlorophyll, or you can have a chlorophyll supplement with a strong concentration of chlorophyll for fulfilling your dietary requirements. Many people have the problems in managing their diets, so they prefer chlorophyll supplements. You can find chlorophyll supplements in the form of pills or the liquid form.

 The benefits of consuming chlorophyll supplements

  • Reduces extra cravings: The compounds found in chlorophyll have properties to suppress hunger. Because of reduction of extra cravings, it will help in reduction of weight.
  • Odor reduction: Chlorophyll is effective in controlling your body odor. Moreover, it also alleviates constipation and gas.
  • Enhance healing process: The chlorophyll enhances the healing process of the body. It paces up the healing process and effectively helps the wounded areas to recover.
  • Promotes cleansing process: Environmental pollutants are one of the trending issues in the current world. Due to environmental pollutants, human beings inhale toxic material, which hampers the health. The good news is that the chlorophyll helps in elimination of toxin materials and carcinogen. The study was carried out to test the effectiveness of chlorophyll. The volunteers participating in the study received three servings of the aflatoxin. They were also provided with the meal with chlorophyll tablets. The results were fascinating, as 95% of the toxins were eliminated in a matter of 24 hours.
  • Guard DNA against the impacts of fried foods: There are many adverse impacts of fried foods. Fried foods are not only bad for your waistline, but it also contains various chemicals, which can damage colon tissues along with the DNA of the colon tissues. In the study carried out by the researchers. It was observed that the people who ate fried foods along with chlorophyll were found to have lesser damage to the DNA of colon tissues.
  • Might be a potential ingredient for cancer treatment: Chlorophyll may also have emerged as a new ingredient which can be used for cancer treatment. One of the studies found that the lower amount of consumption of chlorophyll led to higher risk of colon cancer. It may also protect against carcinogens.

10 of the Best Chlorophyll Supplements

 10.Chlorofresh Natural Chlorophyll from Nature’s Way


The first one on the list is Chlorofresh Natural Chlorophyll from Nature’s Way. It is a liquid chlorophyll supplement, which has no real flavor in it. It contains 16 ounces of liquid for fulfilling your requirement of necessary nutrients. It is 100% natural, and it contains no artificial colors or preservations, which makes it beneficial for your health. Furthermore, it also makes it safe to use. Another good thing about this liquid chlorophyll is that it is very easy to use. You can just open it up, and consume it by mixing it up in water or green juice. The proper dose of this liquid chlorophyll is 2 tbsp per day. You can mix it in the green juice and drink it for a better result. It can serve up to 32 times, as the bottle contains 16 ounces of liquid chlorophyll with ½ tbsp per serving. It is very much suitable for vegetarians. This liquid chlorophyll is extracted from premium alfalfa leaves. It reduces digestive tract odors, which is caused due to colostomy or ileostomy. Moreover, it also reduces fecal odor from incontinence.

 9.Mint Flavored Liquid Chlorophyll from Now Foods

It is a liquid chlorophyll from Now Foods, and it comes up in mint flavor. This bottle of liquid chlorophyll can serve over 90 servings. The serving should be 1 teaspoon per serving, and i.e. 5 ml per serving. It promotes cleansing from various harmful pollutants from your body. As it is not possible to completely save yourselves from environmental pollutants, however, it is possible to cleanse the pollutants from the body. Furthermore, the regular consumption of this liquid chlorophyll will help you in reducing your body odor along with bad breath. This chlorophyll liquid is identified as sodium copper chlorophyll. The water-soluble liquid chlorophyll is extracted from top quality Alfalfa leaves through a completely natural process. This liquid chlorophyll provides exclusive value, as it gives 90 servings in comparison to others, which provides around 30 servings. With all these exclusive values, benefits, and convenience in the consumption of this liquid chlorophyll, you should definitely consider this supplement for purchase.

 8.Chlorophyll 100 mg Caps from Now Foods

After two liquid chlorophyll supplements, it is a 100 mg capsule with Alfalfa powder from Now Foods. It contains 90 capsules to meet your nutrient requirements. It is a super green super food for your health. This chlorophyll is extracted from the premium source, and i.e. Alfalfa leaves. The combination of Alfalfa powder and capsules makes this product unique. It comes up with 100 mg of chlorophyll and 250 mg of Alfalfa Powder. Besides chlorophyll and Alfalfa Powder, it contains Gelatin (capsule) and Magnesium Stearate (Vegetable source). This bottle is manufactured and distributed by Now Foods. This supplement will meet most of your expectations you have from dietary supplements. It is also better for those people who prefer capsules rather than liquid chlorophyll. It is very effective in cleansing of pollutants from your body, as your body intakes lots of environmental pollutants, and it is not possible to completely avoid environmental pollutants.

 7.Liquid Chlorophyll from Nature’s Sunshine

It is extra strength liquid chlorophyll manufactured by Nature’s Sunshine. The ingredients used to derive this formula are chlorophyll, sodium copper chlorophyllin, spearmint oil, glycerin and water. Because of the perfect mixture of all these ingredients, it will do a whole lot of good for your health. You might also like the taste of this liquid chlorophyll because of its minty taste. This is a perfect superfood for your health containing various nutrients required by your body. This extra strong liquid chlorophyll promotes the function of cleansing of blood in a natural way, as it is absolutely critical to clean the toxins from the body. The ingredients used in this liquid chlorophyll to strengthen your cells too. Another benefit of this liquid chlorophyll is that it strengthens your immunity system to help your body to stay protected from various diseases. So, you should consider this supplement for consumption because of a whole lot of benefits to your health.

 6.Chlorofresh Softgels from Nature’s Way

It is yet another high-quality dietary supplement from Nature’s Way. This supplement contains 90 soft gels to meet your dietary requirements. This chlorophyll supplement is extremely easy to use as well. Chlorofresh Softgels is derived from the premium source. As it is derived from natural sources, it is completely safe to use too. It is extremely effective in reducing your body odor because of the various ingredients and concentrated chlorophyll contained in this supplement. Moreover, it also plays a role in enhancing the healing process of your stomach, gut, and bowel. The additional ingredients used in this supplement are Soybean oil, gelatin, yellow beeswax, water, and lecithin. It is sweet in taste, but if you want to reduce the sweetness, then you can put in the glass first, pour the water, and stir it for some time. It is suitable for anyone whether you are nonvegetarian or a vegan.

 5.Liquid Chlorophyll from DeSouza’s

It is sodium copper liquid chlorophyll extracted from the premium source, and i.e. Alfalfa leaves. It is a water-soluble form of chlorophyll. It is very effective and safe at the same time. It contains no amount of preservatives, color, and artificial flavoring. It is grown in the pesticide-free environment. This chlorophyll comes up in a glass bottle, and it is very easy to consume. It has some kind of taste, but it is not exactly mint, though. It is recommended to use 1 tbsp per serving according to manufacturers for a better health benefit. It is extremely effective at enhancing the blood cleansing process. Due to the exposure to various environmental pollutants, the body contains various environmental toxins in the body. Moreover, the regular consumption of this chlorophyll will reduce your body odor and bad breath because of the ingredients included in this formula.

 4.ChlorOxygen from Herbs Etc Alcohol-Free

The ingredients in this supplement including concentrated chlorophyll, it enhances the development of RBC (red blood cell) in your blood. Furthermore, it is also effective in increasing hemoglobin capacity. Increased hemoglobin capacity will let you capture more oxygen in the lungs, and it will also enhance lungs function to distribute it throughout your body. The consumption of this chlorophyll supplement can be suitable in high altitude situation. It is also extremely easy to consume this chlorophyll supplement because of its liquid form. It supports in pregnancy by maintaining the level of healthy hematocrit. The regular consumption of this supplement will also lead to better liver protection. It is recommended to consume 100 mg -200 mg of ChlorOxygen Chlorophyll Concentrate mixing it with water per day. Each drop of this soft gel contains 50 mg of chlorophyll concentrate. It will fully meet your dietary requirement, as you expect from a quality chlorophyll supplement.

 3.Liquid Chlorophyll from Benevolent Nourishment

It is a gluten and alcohol-free chlorophyll supplement from Benevolent Nourishment. This product is manufactured in the United States in a registered organic facility. The herbs used to extract this liquid chlorophyll, including the mulberry leaf, are non-GMO. This makes this supplement completely safe and effective to use. Furthermore, the mulberry leaves for this tincture are selectively imported, and it is of very high quality. This product has not yet been fumigated or irradiated. The ingredients used in this liquid chlorophyll are organically grown, ethically harvested, or selectively imported. The quality is not compromised in this liquid chlorophyll, which is the reason it has got highly satisfied consumers. The consumption of this chlorophyll is very effective in body cleansing process, detoxification, and it also decreases bad breath and body odor. It is suitable for athletes, as it improves their performance, fight fatigue, increases energy, and it is a great source of antioxidant. The regular consumption of this supplement helps in digestion, suppressing hunger, arthritis, and others.

 2. ChlorOxygen Softgels from Herbs Etc

It is yet another quality chlorophyll supplement from Herbs Etc. ChlorOxygen Softgels from Herbs Etc contains 60 fast-acting soft gels for fulfilling your dietary requirements. The chlorophyll used to derive this formula is extracted from Stinging Nettle. The consumption of this chlorophyll supplement will increase the level of hemoglobin for better lungs functioning. It will help in capturing more oxygen, and will also lead to a better distribution of oxygen throughout the body. It is also very much recommended for pregnancy, as it maintains healthy hematocrit levels. Furthermore, it helps in liver protection. It is recommended to take 100 mg to 200 mg of this supplement per day mixing it up with water, or you can consume it as directed by an expert. Each soft gel contains 50 mg of chlorophyll concentrates. With all these benefits, this supplement is definitely the supplement to consider for purchase.

 1. Chlorophyll Supplement from World Organics

The final one on the list is 100 mg Chlorophyll Supplement from World Organics. It is a quality liquid chlorophyll supplement extracted from premium source. It contains 16 ounces of liquid chlorophyll. It has nature’s own flavor. You can add this liquid chlorophyll in the glass of water and consume it as recommended by the manufacturer. With regular consumption of this supplement, you will reduce any body odor and bad bacteria. You will also eliminate the various toxins in your body, as your body will have many toxins due to exposure to environmental pollutants.  This supplement contains ingredients, which will help in building up the count of red blood cells (RBC) in your blood. Moreover, this chlorophyll supplement can also help in the protection of your liver by acting as intestinal deodorizer. If you want to lose your weight, then this supplement can help you out. It helps in suppressing your hunger for controlling your diet. So, it is definitely one of the best chlorophyll supplements on the market to consider for purchase.