With growing digitalisation, e-wallets, smart cards etc., businesses need to adapt to newer technology to complete sales transactions. Move over chunky cash registers, now businesses are enabled with fast wireless money transaction over the phones. Plastic money is the new money. Hence, even an individual seller has to invest in credit card readers to process payments. So, the question arises which mobile reader should a business invest in? Technological advancements require us to ponder on several factors to make a decision such as device compatibility, user-friendly operations, accuracy and speed of transactions, data handling and last but not the least the cost factor. Here are 9 most popular products in the market that have been evaluated considering all these factors and a review of additional features in each product. Find the best credit card readers review by DigPerformance down below,  –

Credit Card Readers Review

9. PayPal 4029USRTAM Here V2 Mobile Card Reader

Now handle all your finances related to business through a single account. Pay pal mobile card reader is a safe and secured card reader from one of the most trusted name in the online industry. All the money generated through sales both online and in store and all incomes and expenses can be managed with ease and convenience. Its compatibility with all mobile platforms be it android or iOs or windows ensure its functional every time anywhere. This accepts all types of customer’s cards be it credit card or debit card. It has an inbuilt control mechanism which gives you an update about your business sales in terms of product, time and place. It also generates review reports based on various criteria like product, place, payment and date. You can handle all your location and inventory with this single reader.

8.  Deftun MSR605 HiCo Magnetic Stripe Card Reader

Deftun’s magnetic stripe card reader is designed to offer solution to all your vows related to reading and writing of cards. It offers solution for diverse applications like attendance, ID recognition, time keeping, and also highly secured domains like banking and credit card transactions. It is designed to adapt to both high and low magnetic intensity of cards making it very versatile. Its convenience makes a user friendly product which is compatible with MSR206 also. It has the capacity to manage 3 tracks of data and works simultaneously as the encoder and verifier of the data .It has a USB interface which enables it to connect and communicate with a host system be it a computer, laptop or a terminal. It performs on windows platform. It comes with its own software and 20 blank white cards.

7. Verifone VX520 Dual Comm Credit Card Machine- With Smart Card Reader

The answer to all your business needs now is this new generation smart card reader by Verifone. Built to be compatible on most connectivity platforms like landline, Ethernet, GPRS it can work at multiple locations. It also has an additional feature of battery mode making it more versatile without mobility being a restriction. Its operating platform has been designed by Verix operating system which has made a name in the industry of selling Verix based devices to the tune of over 7 million and still growing. Its VX evolution platform is backward integrated hence making constant training for sales, support redundant. The enciphering, deciphering and processing of data is carried out by the industry’s fastest processor hence generating larger profits by means of more transactions. With memory of over 500 MB a colossal leap from the industry standard of 160 MB it can facilitate additional income by means of value added application.

6. Yosoo MSR90 3 Tracks Magnetic Credit Card Reader

A bidirectional plug and play magnetic card reader which is a superb value for your money. It is designed to feed on 3 tracks of data making it a fast option. The product is compact enabling it to make its place in any small space without interfering in the clarity of card readability. It has a polymorphic USB interface hence enabling it to handle keyboard, HID and RS232 interfaces via a single mode. This Series of magnetic stripe reader is the quintessential solution over an arena of services like Banking, Attendance, POS, Security, Access Control, Student /employee ID , Loyalty etc. It has an alluring visual impact with a Multi Colour LED and a loud buzzer to ensure acoustic feedback. The read head has a life of more than a million card swipes making it a very cost effective option.

5.Square Credit Card Reader for iPhone, iPad and Android

A handy and small plug which is adaptable to all platforms namely a Smartphone or tablet. Using this reader is as simple as plugging your device and downloading an app and your credit card reader is ready to do business. It is a hassle free product with low maintenance charges as there are no contracts or monthly fees to be paid. The square reader is customizable and you can easily realign it the way you want it and track your sales, payments or facilitate faster checkouts. The reader also gives analytical reports which enable you to keep a check and control on your business. It generates sales or revenues information sheets which helps you keeping a tab on your business. The screen can be personalised with your company name and logo and customers can avail of easy tip facility and opt for receiving the receipt via email, message or a printed receipt.

4. Mini Credit Card with 3 Tracks

2xhome presents a mini Credit card reading machine that is fully programmable. It works with all computer interface versions whether Windows or MAC. It has a triple track feature and can be used to process credit cards, licenses, ATM’s and even gift cards. It has a simple plug and use format with the USB cable, which is 5 feet long giving access to a wide distance. It has a dual – directional capability for reading cards. The green LED light indicator shows when it is connected and approval for the swiped cards. Bring programmable, this reader allows the user to toggle between US and non-US keyboard. The user can also configure the separators according to their usage. It integrates with all kinds of programs easily, making it a multi-business use reader. Ideal for point-of-sale transactions and loyalty cards. For the given price point, the quality and service provided by 2xhome card reader is ideal and effective.

3. MagTek Dynamag Triple Track Swipe reader

Magtek offers Dynamag Magnesafe, a triple track magnetic wipe reader that will address all your point of sale transactions with efficiency and ease. With a 6 feet USB cable it is hardware compatible with all PC’s or computer terminals. It has the programmable facility to support other languages. The reader only reads the card, but with the aid of the software the user can classify the data. The reading is fairly accurate and ensures quick turnovers in high frequency businesses. It contains a unique identification number which makes tracking the reader individually possible. The reader allows dual-directional reading of the cards. The reader also had three LED indicators red/green/amber to track the processing of individual transactions. One of the unique features of this MagTek reader is that it encrypts all data giving high level of security. It provides clear information regarding card and card holder details albeit in a masked form.

2. Terminal One by Grovv – EMV and Apple Pay enabled credit card processing Terminal

Groovv Terminal One is all-in-one credit card terminal that processes EMV chip, NFC and also magstripe cards. Its unique self activation makes the set up easy and running in matter of minutes. With a one year manufacturer’s warranty, all this card processing terminal needs is internet connectivity through modem or Ethernet. The company provides 24 x 7 supports to all its users. Being NFC technology compliant, it allows wireless payments through Apple Pay from watches and phones. One of the value-added features of the company is the $99 rebate on completion of over $500 business transactions within three months of installation. The updated technology and easily operable features makes it an ideal credit card processing terminal for any business, whether big or small. The packaging is sturdy and contains everything to set it up. There are no hidden costs included in operations, apart from the monthly fees and commission percentage charged by the company.

1. MagTek Triple Track Multiple Head SureSwipe Card Reader 


Bringing one of the best products for you, MagTek brings a card reader that has three tracks and has a dual head facility. This magnetic stripe reader can read the back of any credit, debit or any other card. It has an 6″ in-built USB cable to enable connecting to the host system. The triple tracks reads and collects data from the cards. The multiple magnetic heads aid in reading from either side of the card. The machine has a configuration that assists the card to be swiped in any direction at a speed of 60 inch per second. Any decoding error is highlighted with a red LED indicator.  It is extremely user-friendly and requires minimum training to use. Being pocket-friendly and with its compact frame, MagTek Card Reader gives quick and reliable transactions to provide maximum ease for your business. Available in black colour, it is the ideal machine to aid your enterprise.

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