Top 9 Best Dog Collars In 2017 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Almost everyone has a pet dog nowadays, and we all want to give them everything we can. For their comfort and safety, no one would ever compromise. One of the necessities that are there if you have a pet dog would be a dog collar. These collars lie around the neck of the dog, and they are available in several different colors and sizes, from which you can choose he one you think suits him the best. These collars can also even be customized, so that in the case of your dog getting lost, they can always come back to you in one way or another. Leashes can also be attached to these collars so that you can always keep them safe, or for simply taking them for a walk out on the streets. But there are hundreds of dog collars in the market, and choosing the right size might get too difficult, so here is a guide of the top 9 best dog collars that you should definitely have a look at.

Reviews Of 9 Best Dog Collars 

 9.Country Brook Design Dog Collar

Country Brook Design Dog Collar

This dog collar is a product by Country Brook Design. This product is available is eight different sizes, and three different designs for you to choose from. It fits the necks of sizes from 15-21 inches. And as there aren’t any proper standard sizes for these collars, you should definitely check the size of your dog’s neck before settling on one dog collar. The breeds for which this collar is highly recommended, or the breeds on whom this suits the best are Collie, French Bulldog and Greyhound. It is totally made in USA, and is manufactured with a material that is extremely high quality, so that it will always provide the best of it’s service. It also keeps the dog comfortable while he’s wearing it, and of course, the safety is never to be left behind. This collar is firm, and thus, would hold for longer periods without falling apart or breaking. There is no buckle, because of which there is an increase in the strength it provides.

 8.All Star Dogs Dog Collar

All Star Dogs Dog Collar

This dog collar is a product by All Star dogs. This might just be the best fitting dog collar you’ll ever find out there, because it is available in 7 different sizes, so that you can choose the exact one for your dog. There is a size chart also given with it, so that you can measure your dog’s neck and then select the best suitable size for him. It is available in a numerous number of designs, each of a different team stitched onto the collar, so that you can always get it customized to the logo of the team you want. It is made of a high quality material, and is very firm and strong, and it can withstand any condition without falling apart. It looks perfectly good on the dog, and apart from that, it keeps the dog comfortable as well. This will help him to not get irritated with the collar around his neck.

 7.Downtown Pet Supply Dog Collar

Downtown Pet Supply Dog Collar

This dog collar is a product by Downtown Pet Supply, and it is highly adjustable, as well as it also contains a metal buckle. The buckle has a D shaped ring, so you can always adjust the collar to the extent where your dog feels comfortable enough. The width of the collar is 1 Inch, and it can be adjusted to fit to dogs with their necks of measurements between 15-19 inches. The collar is available in 4 different sizes, each fitting onto a specific range of measurements, and it is available in 5 different colors so you can always choose the one you think would best suit your dog. The collar is made of polypropylene, which is a soft material, but it is very strong, and will not break. It will always keep your dog comfortable, and it wouldn’t damage as it is resistant to water and doesn’t absorb it.

 6.GoTags Customized Dog Collars

GoTags Customized Dog Collars

This is a product by GoTags, and these are basically dog collars that can have their tags customized in the way you want. You can add up to 4 lines of text onto the tag, in which you can add anything you want. You will then receive the whole collar with the tag just like you want. It is available in several different colors, sizes and customization options from which, you can choose the one you find perfect for your dog. The collars are having metal buckles, so that you can easily adjust the size of the collar according to your needs, and your dog can always remain comfortable in it. It is durable, and has a lot of strength, so it won’t damage or fall off easily and will stay for longer. Each collar will be having four holes, so that you can easily adjust it to whatever extent you want.

 5.Blueberry Pet Dog Collar

Blueberry Pet Dog Collar

This dog collar is a product by Blueberry Pet, and is available in 8 different colors, as well as four different sizes, so you can always choose the perfect collar for your dog. The collar does not stretch, thus there should always be a space of two fingers between the collar and the dogs neck, so that he can breathe easily and stay comfortable. The buckles of the collar are made of a very eco-friendly plastic, and the D shaped metal ring perfectly adds on to the durability of the collar, thus keeping I firm and not letting it fall off or damage easily. It is made of nylon fabric, which is very strong, thus further adding on to the durability of the collar. It is designed with a soft fabric, in a way that the dog will always feel comfortable, while you can attach leash to the collar and can then add further protection as well.

 4.Illumiseen Dog Collar

Illumiseen Dog Collar

This amazing dog collar is a product by Illumiseen, and is actually designed in a way that it has LED Lights all around the collar. This is the best feature any collar could ever have, as your dog can be easily seen by drivers in the dark, and it can provide extra protection to your dog. The lights can work in three different modes, and it consists of clips, that are used to clasp it together, which makes it easy to use and simple to handle. The material is lightweight, in which the dog can always stay comfortable, and it is durable and sturdy, which gives it a very long life, and it won’t fall off or get damaged easily. If the battery gets charged for one hour, it gives 5 hours of illumination. The lifetime guarantee allows you to believe that this will always work perfectly, and matching LED leashes are also available for purchase.

 3.GoDoggie Dog Collar

GoDoggie Dog Collar

This dog collar is a product by GoDoggie-Glow, and is designed in a unique way, so that it has colorful LED Lights all around the collar in the shape of diamonds. This feature is highly useful, as your dog can be visible in the dark, and can thus be protected from any accidents that can harm him. It consists of clips, that are used to clasp it together, and it is also totally waterproof, which makes it even more durable than it already is. The material is lightweight and easy to put on and use comfortably. It has a very long battery life, and it can be charged with the means of a USB charging cable provided with the collar. It can be charged using your tablets, PCs, Smart TVs and phone charges, which make it highly convenient. It used the latest technology, with the lights and the material made out of the best quality, thus making it the perfect collar for you to choose.

 2.KONG Dog Collar

KONG Dog Collar

This dog collar is a product by KONG, and is a collar that is especially designed for medication purposes. This collar can help you dog after injuries or if the dog has any kinds of pain in the neck. It is available in several different sizes, and you can always choose the right one by having a look at the size chart that comes is given with it. It will keep you dog comfortable and help him go through the healing process with it. The material is soft, thus it will keep your dog highly comfortable and it won’t affect any of his senses or his daily functions. It is also easily washable, and is resistant to scratch and bite, which adds on to the durability of the product and gives it a longer life, without damage. This collar is mostly recommended for breeds such as Labrador, Golden Retriever and other breeds like them.

 1.GoTags Customized Dog Collar

GoTags Customized Dog Collar

This dog collar is from GoTags, and it can be conveniently customized in the way you want. You can get anything stitched permenantly onto the collar, which can be the perfect identification for your dog. You will then receive the whole collar, customized just as you want. This dog collar comes with the name of your dog and phone number stitched and embroidered into the collar. It is available in many different colors, so you can always find the one that suits your dog in the best way. The metal buckles that these collars are having can help you to easily adjust the size of the collar according to your needs, and your dog can always remain comfortable in it. It is as durable as it can get, so it will stay with your dog for longer and won’t fall off easily.