Electric battery powered bikes were recognized within several U.N. rights in starring. These electric bikes come with incorporated with an electric motor that is used for impulsion.  A small motor is associated with it to assist the pedal power of riders.

Today, a huge range of these booster bikes are available in global markets. Electric bikes use batteries that are rechargeable, and according to the laws of the countries in which they are sold, they can travel up to 30 KMS with their light verity equipment. These bikes are treated as particular means of transportation and can be defined individually.  Based on our research, we found Watseka XP Cargo, GenZe e101 and Prodeco V3are the best ones which can meet your requirements. And below you will find more details on products choosing tips as well as their deep reviews.

What an electric bike fit for?

Electric bikes are lot more than its name with lots of benefits. The most amazing fact is that they are so lightweight. An average electric bike has weight of around 25 pounds.

You don’t need to pedal them so long as the battery gives it power to run. And also while pedaling; it can be the best option for your exercise. In contrast with further usual bikes, it is not as much of hard on your joints and knees. It provides perfect sitting that is helpful in reducing neck and back pain.

Budget consideration

It is an important factor to think about the budget of electric bikes along that you are going to buy. There is a huge range of electric bikes with different price from cheap to costly. It is up to you to see the various factors including the quality of several parts in it like break, tires and battery.

Some of these bikes are cheap but provide all the facilities and features that you want but they do not work for long time. While buying a bike, you have to keep these things in your mind that a branded bike or a bike with higher price might have parts with good quality and stay in good condition for long. But at some glance you should think about what type of bike you want.

These electric bikes contain electric supportive parts. So it is necessary to take care of those parts once in a while in order to maintain their quality and capacity because if they fail, your bike becomes just a worthless thing for you. The quality of both, bike and their assistance parts, matters a lot for a rider. They require proper care to give you a quality ride with your electric bike.

These bikes come with comparatively less weight. The equipment used in these bikes are small and effective. But if you buy a bike that is weighty, then you have to put more effort to run it. So you must choose one of these with no heavy machinery. The price of these bikes vary according to the built quality and features provided in them. A simple e-bike is available in the markets with starting price of $500 that weights around 30 lb. But when you are going to buy a bike with best quality of machinery and good capacity of battery then it can be cost starting with $1000.

Type of e-bikes

Classifications of these bikes can be done by the method by which they are run. Also the categorization diverges highly according to legal authorities and countries.  There are mainly two types of e-bikes:

  • Pedelec or twist-n-go:

The Pedelec e-bike mechanism uses a sensor that monitors the rider’s speed of pedaling and how much effort they are putting to run the bike. And according to the pedaling effort, it mechanically put in firm quantity of motor assistance. It only happens when the rider is pedaling and motor generates less than 250 watts uninterrupted max. rated power. These bikes can be considered as most conventional bikes. The rider can get its benefits when pedaling is hard like in hilly areas or when rider is not able to put efforts.

Twist-n-go e-bikes do not automatically supply motor assistance. They usually have an on/off switch that is operated by user. When user wants motor assistance, he triggers the switch and the motor starts working to run the bike. These e-bikes work by a throttle by hand and include extra influential motors then Pedelec e-bikes.

  • Hub or crank motor


There are many types of motors for these e-bikes. But it is not easy to choose between 2 main motors- hub and crank. Hub motors are very common for electric bikes and positioned on either rear or front wheel. It can be easily fitted on any e-bike and does not change its fundamental look. Hub motors do not require any extra care so they are suitable for any condition like wind, snow or rain. But hub motors make e-bike quite heavier and sometimes suffers from the overheating problem.

It is a little hard to decide between hub and crank motors as Crank has its own features. The reliable crank motors give more smooth result in performance than others and solve an overheating problem that comes in hub motors. They are very convenient for hilly areas. Not so heavier crank motors provide better balance for your lightweight e-bike. They are very well-liked in Europe.

Batteries and charge

You must have proper knowledge on how to judge for good batteries. These electric bikes runs on rechargeable batteries and there is a huge range of various types of batteries available with these bikes, on the market.

  • Battery capacity:

The capacity of the battery is an important factor while selecting an e-bike. It is calculated in either amp/hr or watt/hr. It broadly determines the weight, cost, and range of your bike. The higher watt hours causes the longer range of bikes also the heavier and more costly bike.

The outcome of different e-bikes may vary with the same Ah battery. You may see that an e- bike giving 30 miles of range and another is giving 50 miles with a same 36volt 10 Amp hour battery. Some other factors are also responsible for determining the range.

To give the entire energy in the battery pack, the grouping of amp hours and volts is Watt hours (the total energy in the battery). This unit helps to compare different batteries with dissimilar volts and amp-hours.

  • Charge cycles:

Charge cycle can be described as the total number of full charges for a battery in its entire life. The numbers of charge cycle vary between different battery types. Each battery has a fixed number of this cycle and the charging of battery depends on the type of charger and battery itself. A complete charge cycle means the battery is charged from 0 to 100%. After completing its charge-cycle numbers, the battery is no more useful. To increase your bike’s battery life, don’t let it be fully discharged. Recharge the battery when it downs to 50% and follows the instructions comes with it.

The manufacturers commonly state battery’s upper limit with charge cycle numbers. Keep these factors in your mind while buying the battery and it will help you to find the replacement battery price before buying.

  • Batteries degrade:

As the time goes, batteries slowly lost their power holding capacity. Most of the batteries usually come with 2 years of battery life. The quality and brand make a lot of difference. If you buy a battery that is high in quality, it may have a long life with holding power. Lithium batteries generally come with 800-1000 charge cycles. So it is necessary to try to buy a battery from a reputed dealer and manufacturer with minimum 1500 to 2000 half charge cycles.

A long battery life is possibly achievable if you take care of battery charging timings. A normal battery gets fully charged within 3 to 6 hours. More than 6 hours charging can corrupt the battery and reduces its power holding capacity.

  • Temperature:

Usually, when the temperature goes down, the battery loses its capacity of holding power and quick startup. The chemical reaction in these batteries happens more gradually. Cold causes voltage decrement in batteries although it works well in afternoon. The capacity of a battery can be decreased up to 20% in cold.  For this reason, you should buy a charger that has temperature compensation feature in it.

  • Types:

Various types of batteries with different chemical combinations are available outside. The main batteries used in electric bikes are Nickel-metal Hydride (NiMH), Lead Acid (pbA), Nickel cadmium (NiCad) and Lithium Polymer or Lithium-ion.

Lead Acid batteries come in low cost and possibly used in around 75% of e-bikes sold worldwide but have no longer days. Nickel Cadmium batteries are popular for their good life cycle and robust individuality with elevated discharge potentials.

NiMH- Nickel Hydride batteries come with superior power density than NiCad and provide a safe upbringing while landfill disposes of. It has totally replaced NiCad in most places and widely used in customer replaceable units.

Lithium batteries come in further types & they are Lithium Polymer (LiPoly), Lithium Manganese and Lithium IRON phosphate (LiFePO4) etc. These batteries have high power storage ability and come in light weight. They are suitable for e-bikes as they provide bigger range in a suitable price.

  • Sizes:

Battery size describes the capacity of the battery to store power or energy and not physical size. It is an important factor to be considered while buying a battery. The battery that has more capacity than another small battery comes in large physical size and quite heavier. These large batteries take more time to charge as they have additional cells and they produce energy for a long time and do not discharge frequently.


There are several types of motors for an e-bike, available in markets. Mainly two types of motors are widely used in electric bikes- Hub motors and Crank or Mid-drive motors.

  • Hub Motors:


Hub motors are the drive systems for electric bikes where the motor is situated into the Hub that propels entire wheel separately from cassette or bike-chain. The bikes use Hub motors can be Pedelec or throttle used. These motors provide the rider, a rest when he does not want to run his bike by pedals. This motor is god for various electric bikes because just using a throttle; rider can switch to Pedelec mode whenever he wants.

Hub motors are of two types. Geared hub motors are very light weight and have very smaller hub shell. Inner gear mechanism assists and allows the electric motor to produce high torque. These motors are very small in size but make noise and while using steel gear motor, the noise becomes louder.Gearless or Direct drive hub motors do not make noise and they are so reliable and give a smooth feel while riding. These motors do not contain freewheel technique because they entirely rely on electro- magnates. In these direct drive motors; electricity production is done by repelling magnates into the motor, the process permits regeneration.


  1. The motor runs front wheel & the rear wheel is run by the rider so this provides an all wheel drive.
  2. You can use any type of gears like chain and derailleur, gears with cogs or internally geared hub along with belt or chain drive.
  3. Rear hub motors are used in around 99% of electric bikes.
  4. The hub motors used for front wheels are very easy to install and remove.
  5. The bike is more balanced with these motors as battery allocation is situated in bike’s center or back.


  1. The front wheel can cause spin while riding on a rough surface like sand or dirt because it is so light weight.
  2. These hub motors (usually higher powered) requires a well-built fork.
  3. Rear Hub motors are little difficult to install.
  4. They are not suitable for long climbs on sheer.
  • Mid-Drive or Crank Motors:


Mid-drive motors are situated in the central point of electric bike’s outline (where usually bottom bracket sits). It uses a chain with rear wheel gear to push e-bike. This motor amplifies its torque by using wheel’s cassette that provides an efficient result. The rider can easily climb high hills with crank motors and while riding, both rider and motor will not be over wielded because of gears. The force and weight of the mid-drive motor are stretch out and associated to bottom bracket’s main tubing, so the back dropouts bear less sprain.


  1. These motors leverage e-bikes lower gears and maintain their RPM’s in proficient range.
  2. Crank motors give distributed and centered weight for good balancing.
  3. The motor wire or hardware is not associated with rear or front wheel so it is easy to remove or fit them.
  4. Some mid-drive motors are well-matched with belt drives and inside geared hubs. Mostly crank uses moving parts, chain & derailleur drive-train.


  1. Some of mid- drive motor systems have sensors and they reduce smoothness of shift when you are changing gears.
  2. You have to shift gears conventionally while climbing for efficient operation of motors.
  3. Lots of mid-drives limits gear range of inside geared hub e-bike because they have single chain-ring.
  4. Most of the crank motors are accessible only with particular frame mounted absolute electric bikes.

The range

When the battery is fully charged, how far you can go with your e-bike is defined by its range. It is an important aspect to be considered for an e-bike. If you are using an e-bike for going on short rides then you don’t need a bike with a higher range. The higher range goes down when the battery loses it capacity or if you ride your bike only by power assistance so you be supposed to buy a higher range electric bike when you actually have to travel for long.

When you go for e-bikes with high range, it automatically increases the cost and weight of bike because the battery with higher capacity comes at a higher price and also it is physically wide and heavier in size. So if you want e-bike in affordable price, choose with small enough range.

In practice, it depends on the amount of your pedaling, ground and your speed on it and how much battery assistance you are using. These are the major factors that decide the range of an electric bike.The more battery assistance you use, the less range you get.

The law

‘The e-bike should give only 250 watts. Non-stop assistance and max. the speed of 25kmph (under electrical assistance). E-bike should have pedals and weight less than 40kg’. It is the EU standard BS EN 15194 that the UK is going to accept. With the complete bunch of impending ambiguities in ‘The Law’, also applies standard policies. The running UK law states 200 watts constant energy of motor with maximum 15 mph support speed.  In Canadian provinces, 32 kph max speed on 500 W motor power.


Routine maintenance is necessary for electric bikes for a smooth and long-time outcome. Many dealers provide long time maintenance for bike equipment. You can also take care of e-bike at home by using basic steps. It makes your bike more efficient and capable. But it is necessary to give your bike a service in service station once in a while because you cannot manage and clean all electric parts yourself.

At a service station, they look all parts and replace the damaged ones. After servicing, you get all parts clean and well tightened and gears and chain greased and properly checked. It improves the outcome of all parts and coordination between them. Also, it smoothens the ride make your e-bike more capable for a long time.

Also, you should take care of its battery and motor and replacement of them when necessary because the battery dies after completing its charge cycles and motor needs proper servicing to work well.

Product reviews

5. Watseka XP Cargo 26 inch Electric Bicycle

The users of this bike are quite happy with its performance. They say that it provides proper comfort while riding and serves smooth results. It has easy to operate functions and good quality machinery that make it a great product for all users. They are enjoying its ride and several amazing features.


  • A good electric commuter bike with high efficiency
  • It comes with a 250-Watt brushless motor operating at 36V 9Ah with a removable battery pack
  • The 6 Speed Shimano Gear Set is smooth as silk
  • Top speed of 14 mph with long range coverage
  • Additional “Variable Speed Assistant” is a very good feature
  • “Smooth Twist” throttle helps on long rides and reduces fatigue
  • Battery removal is not required to charge the battery pack


  • Cannot withstand heavy rain
  • Challenging to put together
  • The bike is somewhat heavy


It rides like an electric scooter on its own power or with pedal assist. The frame on this bike is very sturdy but is somewhat heavy. It is a good option when roaming locally and is comfortable too for  a long ride. The battery lasts long and the acceleration on this is pretty decent too.The final verdict is that it should be okay if you prefer your bikes heavy and powerful.

4.X-Treme Trail Maker High-Performance Electric Bike

Customers say they are enjoying a comfortable ride with numerous features in a bike with lots of fun. Dual disk brakes provide better efficiency and the battery comes with good capacity. The bike is finely balanced and motor assists and sense pedaling automatically. Most of the customers are happy with its high-quality machinery. The bike comes with 300watt hub motor and 7-speed gears that give a pleasant ride. It provides excellent throttle control with reasonable speed in a really affordable range.


  • Light Weight Aluminum Alloy Frame – Lifetime Tech Support from X-treme
  • Shimano Tourney 7 speed Gears – Shock Absorbing Front Shocks & Seat Post
  • Powerful 300 Watt Rear Hub Motor
  • A very attractive bike, with both throttle and pedal assist.
  • Very light weight at 52 lbs
  • Good battery life
  • Reasonable speed, 17-18 mph with battery alone, and faster with pedaling


  • Auto assist when pedaling is not adjustable
  • Replacement parts are expensive
  • Battery level meter not accurate due to nature of Lithium battery


A good bike overall if you get a good price for it. It works fine for short travel and can also replace your car for commuting under 10 miles. The battery is good and works for a good period of time. The looks are also flattering and the assembly is super easy. The portability of the bike makes it  a very good player in the market.The final verdict is that, if you like a bike with vibrant looks and decent efficiency, then this is the one.

3.GenZe e101 Sport e-Bike

The bike has got almost full ratings from its users. Most of them state that bike is really comfortable for all age groups. It gives a nice performance with 18 to 20 miles range with good battery backup. The LCD screen is very useful for knowing distance, speed and time analysis. It is easy to operate a bike with so many features. The weight is lighter than other bikes and has a horn and many other protective features. It almost fully satisfies customer’s needs.


  • Twist and go, pedal assist or traditional analog operation
  • LCD display with speed, distance, time and diagnostics
  • Dual disc brakes, 7-speed Shimano thumb shifter
  • Aluminum frame with 26″x1.75″ wheels, 46lbs total weight
  • travel up to 50 miles with assistance


  • No major cons found, just the perfect bike!


The bike is easy to operate and inhibits features that are of premium quality. The built Is solid and is suitable for all age types. The motor is efficient and the battery too is long lasting. It serves as a daily commuter choice as it can cover long distances in one go and has a twist control system, which makes it even easier to control. The bike is super awesome, and is con-proof!

2.Prodeco V3 Phantom Folding Electric Bicycle X2 8 Speed

The bike fulfills customer’s expectations very well and has got full ratings. They say that all equipment are well fitted and come in good quality. The bike makes easy to climb steep hills and ride on rough roads. It is the perfect combination for pedal ride and motor support. It does not give any noise and tiredness. The assist can be adjustable according to requirement. Most of the customers love the bike and its ride.


  • Superior strength and high-end torque of a 500-watt
  • A maximum range of 38 miles per charge
  • Durable aircraft-grade, aluminum alloy frame
  • Shock-minimizing suspension fork. Very effective on rough roads
  • Lifetime Frame, 2 Year Components Warranty


  • Slightly challenging assembly
  • A bit on the heavy side


It is great for regular commuters who tend to do a lot on the go. The bike is easy to fold and unfold, and can easily be used while taking multiple rides on a train or a bus. Going for a vacation? Just fold it and load it in the car boot and it takes a very little space to fit in. This makes it easier to take it on long rides and use it while on a long vacation.Overall, a good bike, with solid built and good flexible capabilities.

1.2015 EJOE Epik SE Folding Sports Edition Electric Bike

Most of the customers found this bike according to their needs. The bike performs perfectly and a good hill climber for them. They are happy with its pedal and battery support also it is fully adjustable and works for long without any issue. Lots of users found it a perfect product for their physical fitness by pedaling. They are able to reach their destination without any difficulty and with minimum pedaling.


  • Good quality frame
  • No major assembly required
  • Good rigid fork
  • Fast acceleration


  • Heavy frame
  • Not much portability


The e-JOE Epik SE Folding Sports Edition Electric Bike boasts many new features and is easy to maneuver. The bike is a bit heavy for people having small and light frames, but the ride is good. All the points target towards a well-built bike with all the modern features. The pedals are smooth, the battery works great, and the distance is covered swiftly when on battery. Even in manual mode, the pedaling is not that difficult. The brakes stop the whole thing in iffy and the tires provide good traction on a slippery road. The bike is a good choice for people who can handle heavy bikes, and need a good and enjoyable bike ride.