Nowadays, many game developers are offering awesome games for personal computers, psp, tablets, play stations, x-box, and even smart phones. Whether you love racing games, shooting games, strategy games, or others, you want to have the best gaming experience. Sadly, you will lack the best gaming experience when you are using keyboards or keypads to play the games. If you want to have a great gaming experience, then you must be using game controllers instead of using your keyboards or keypads.

Game controller in a simple way can be defined as the device, which is used to control the characters and objects in the game. X-Box and Play Station comes up with the game controllers, but smart phones, tablets, or laptop does not come up with game controllers. To enhance your gaming experience on smart phones, laptops, and personal computers, you can purchase the best game controller 2017.

Benefits of using a high-quality game controller

  • Comfortable: You can play your games more comfortably by using game controllers. Imagine playing a game with a separate device instead of using the small keypads of your smart phone and tablets. It just doesn’t give you the gaming experience you are looking for. While you are playing with your keypads, you have to reach out to different keys to control the objects and players, but with game controllers, you can just push any required button at the right time, making it more comfortable to play the games.
  • Increase your performance: The players who play the games using gaming controllers are likely to perform better than the people who use keypads. The performance of your game purely depends upon the timing. You need to press the right button at the right time to control the players in a right way in the game. If you are late in controlling your players at the right time, you eventually lose the game. With keypads, it is just practically impossible for many people to perform well because you will have a hard time to reach out to various keys to control your player, leading to bad performance.
  • Greater Convenience: The third benefit of using a game controller is because of its convenience. You can relax and sit down in your living room, chair or anywhere, and enjoy the game. You don’t have to sit in an awkward position, and hold the tablets or smart phones to play the game. You will focus more on the tablets and smart phones while you’re playing games using the keypads. However, with game controllers, you will have more focus on the games you’re playing. You can just hold light game controllers easily and enjoy the game.

If you observe the best video game players in the world, you will find most of them using the game controllers instead of keyboard. Game controllers dominate the gaming world.

9 of the Best Game Controllers compatible with Android

By: Digperformance

9.Android Bluetooth Controller from BEBONCOOL

The first game controller on the list is the Android Bluetooth Controller from BEBONCOOL. You can find these game controllers in red, black and red, and blue color. It is an upgraded version of the game controller with L2/R2 button to enhance your gaming experience. These game controllers include two joysticks, a D-pad, start and select buttons, home button, X, A, Y, B buttons, and L1/L2/R1/R2 buttons. You will find it compatible with your device using android operating system like Samsung S6, S7, Note 5, and android tablets. Another great feature of this game controller is its battery life. You can continually play the games with these game controllers for 5-8 hours.  The phone mounts on this game controller supports your smart phones up to 3-inch wide, and it supports phone screen within 5.9 inches. This game controller supports any android system above 3.2 versions. The features in this game controller will provide you with an ultimate gaming experience.

8.Wireless Bluetooth Game Controller from IPEGA

Wireless Bluetooth Game Controller from IPEGA is next on the list. It is a sleek black color game controller designed to enhance your gaming experience. You won’t find any compatibility issues with this game controller. This game controller is easy to hold because of its design. You can instantly use this game controller from IPEGA without installing any driver. This will certainly save you time; you can enjoy your favorite game right away. It has a built-in lithium battery, and this powerful battery will allow this battery’s charge to last for a longer period of time. Furthermore, you can place this game controller in a telescopic holder. Because of this feature, you can play games more conveniently with this game controller. The Bluetooth 3 wireless features of this game controller will work even in the range of 6-8 meters. With all the features of this game controller, there is no doubt that it will enhance your gaming experience.

7.Mobile Gaming System for Android from BD&A

Mobile Gaming System for Android from BD&A is another fantastic game controller specially designed for the Android operating system. It is a simple, stylish, and yet powerful game controller from BD&A with great features. You can download Sonic CD and Pacman for free by Namco after you purchase this game controller. You can think of it as a bonus. Another great software support, which comes with this game controller, is its convenient game search application. You can easily search all types of mobile games for Android Operating System quickly with the free app, which comes with this game controller. This game controller is really portable, and you can easily carry this game controller anywhere you like. Furthermore, this game controller is really precise as well. You will find dual analog sticks in this game controller with shoulders triggers and four action buttons. You will find it compatible with each and every electronic gadget with Android Operating System. With all these features, you can have a wonderful gaming experience with these game controllers.

6.Classic NES Controller from Luxmo

If you love classic stuffs, then you would absolutely love the design of this game controller. Classic NES Controller from Luxmo has a classic design, and it is a wireless Bluetooth game controller. This classic game controller not only supports your favorite android games, but it also supports classic game emulator like the GBA, and PSP. Talking about the structure of this game controller, it is a fantastic dual analog joystick. It has precise cross keys along with 14 other action buttons. Furthermore, it has ergonomics design along with comfortable keys feel. So, it will prove to be a convenient game controller for you to enjoy various games in your electronic gadget. The Bluetooth in this game controller is extremely powerful. It allows you to roam within the range of 10 meters, and you can still control the game objects with this game controller. Another great feature of this game controller is its smart power-saving sleep mode. This will allow you to play your favorite games for a longer period of time by enhancing the efficiency of the battery.

5.Gapo PG-9037 Game Controller from PowerLead

This game controller is another great game controller with amazing features and a superb design. It supports each and every device with Android System above 3.2. This Bluetooth game controller will smoothly operate within the range of 6-8 meters. You will find this game controller compatible with a wide range of operating system and devices like Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Android Operating System. The buttons in this game controller are really awesome, and it provides a brand new look to the game controller. You can instantly use this game controller, as you won’t need any driver to operate it. It comes up with a built-in lithium battery for a long term use, security, and stability. You will find this game controller extremely flexible, portable, and easy to use. This game controller has telescopic bracket, which can support up to 6 inch mobile phones, and 6 inch mobile phones are the largest in the market. You will also have 12 months warranty with this product.

4.Vibration Game Controller from Z.D

The next one on the list is the powerful Bluetooth Game Controller from Z.D. This game controller is compatible with most of the devices. It is compatible with Windows, Play Station 3, and Android devices with an Android Operating System of 4+. You can enjoy the game with this game controller’s vibration feature. You will feel the game on your finger tips because of this feature. This game controller is made in architecture of Play Station joystick, and you will feel like a professional gamer when you start playing with this game controller. It has all the required action buttons, dual analog sticks, and start, stop button enhancing your entire gaming experience. Whether you prefer playing games on personal computers, play station, or your android electronic gadget, this game controller will allow you to play on all these devices. It also supports plug and play for personal computer, and Xinput and DirectInput. Because of these features, it will be able to run on various platforms.

3.Bluetooth Wireless Controller from GameSir

It is a highly stylish game controller with many features. All the exclusive features of this game controller will drastically enhance your overall gaming experience. It contains 32-bit high –speed MCU chip. Due to this chip, it becomes highly sensitive, and it provides on-time response. It supports a wide range of stuffs like icade, X-input, Android native games, and D-input. One of the great features of this game controller is its extremely impressive battery power. This game controller once fully charged lasts for almost 18 hours, which allows you to play games continuously without intervention. The battery used in this game controller is the built-in rechargeable battery. The double shock vibration feature in this game controller will further excite you while playing your favorite games. You will find it compatible with almost any devices like Android/Windows/PS3. This game controller is extremely powerful too with 2.4 GHz/Bluetooth 4.0/Wired Connection. You can definitely enjoy your game to the fullest with this powerful game controller from GameSir.

2.Pro Power Game Controller from BD&A

Pro Power Game Controller from BD&A is another powerful game controller on the list. You will find extra comfort while playing the games by using this game controller. It is a console-style game controller designed for extended play. The power of battery used in this game controller is 2200 mAh. You just need to charge this battery once, and enjoy your games for a long duration of time without having to worry about the charge of the battery. This game controller offers precise control over this controller with dual clickable analog sticks. Along with dual clickable analog sticks, you have shoulder buttons and triggers, four action buttons, and a D-Pad to enhance your gaming experience. Talking about the compatibility issue, you will find it compatible with each and every android device with Android Operating System 2.3+. The tablet stand, which comes up with this game controller can help you play the games more comfortably.

1.Bluetooth Wireless Gaming Control from SteelSeries

The final one on the list is the Bluetooth Wireless Gaming Control from SteelSeries. It has an awesome style and a whole lot of features. You can find home and back buttons on this game controller. This will help in seamless gaming on your android devices with operating systems of 3.1+. You will hardly find any compatibility issue with this game controller. This game controller is perfectly compatible with windows operating system, and i.e. Windows 7+ along with other devices like Samsung Gear VR, HTC, Oculus, and others. It also works fine in stream big picture mode. When you play your favorite games in this mode, you will have an immersive gaming experience. Another great feature of this game controller is the inclusion of the feature like Xinput and Directinput to use it on a variety of platforms. However, you should purchase the Bluetooth dongle adapter separately. You should definitely consider this top class game controller for purchase.

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