Wire free handy speakers for cell phones are gadgets that play any media content from a certain source such as mobile or any other device).  These portable mobile speakers are proficient in playing music at a higher volume by utilizing comparatively lower energy.  Most of the portable gadgets include a lithium rechargeable polymer composed battery. Generally almost all of the best portable speakers are Bluetooth enabled so that you can enjoy music on the go.

How does it works

The drivers influence the air movements through magnets, diaphragms and voice calls. The amplifiers manipulate the signal that increases its efficiency. Many speakers come with radiators that move the extra air and offer better response. Your speakers must be air tight so that the mechanism works perfectly and is composed of durable material to reduce any effect of wear and tear. There is a grill as well that will shield your speaker from external dirt or any other impact.

Benefits of portable speakers

There are innumerable benefits that portable speaker owners have. Some of the advantages are:

  • Light on your pocket – these speakers have a lot of optional specifications and available in ample designs and offerings. Obviously more features they have, more efficient they will be. However, the cost rises according to the features provided as well. The trick to opt for the best speaker is to determine the features that meet your requirements. Paying more for specifications that you won’t be even using is not the right way of purchasing this gadget.
  • Technology used – due to increasing technological advancements, portable speakers are also improvised for better performance. Highly advanced speakers come with certain features that need great toil to understand. Now a day’s manufacturers are offering devices that are much more user friendly and are very cost effective. Research thoroughly before you put your hands on one. However, if you face difficulty in operating your gadget, they generally provide a user manual for better understanding or you can even get in touch with the technology team to get thorough knowledge about the efficiency provided.
  • Bluetooth attachment – yes, your portable speaker have a high chance of having an inbuilt Bluetooth. Almost all of the wireless speakers are now Bluetooth enabled so that you can play your favorite music without even touching it. You can now stream your playlist from any Bluetooth enabled device and play whatever you wish for. Opt for a Bluetooth enabled portable speaker so that the effectiveness and the versatility of the device can be amplified.
  • Charge your speakers anytime – if you have used a speaker before that is battery powered, you probably know that extensive use can lead to discharged cells and your speaker will be dead soon. Some speakers come with rechargeable battery so that you can charge your device whenever necessary according to your convenience. So now you so not have to carry your pack of batteries to keep your speaker blazing. Simply recharge your cells and enjoy your music.
  • Choose your size wisely – many people opt for bigger portable speakers for better efficiency. However this is not always true. Some small sized portable speakers offer unrivaled performance and are also light on pockets. Moreover, you can easily pack your compact device in your backpack and carry easily. Heavier portable speakers may be more effective but they considerably reduce the convenience offered by a wireless device.

Here we provide you a list of Top 10 Portable speakers that are the best in the market. Have a look!

List of best 10 portable speakers for cell phones

By Digperformance

10.SoundBot HD SB510 Speaker with Bluetooth

SoundBot HD SB510 Speaker Water Resistant with Bluetooth, Wireless is an amazing hands free portable device that will make you enjoy music more than ever. It is water resistant as well as highly durable so that you can effortlessly carry it anywhere. It is also compatible with any other device and its inbuilt Bluetooth allows you to play your beloved playlist without getting close! Very appreciated and reviewed, consumers are raving about this product.

9.Kinivo Mini ZX100 Portable Mobile Speaker

Presenting you Kinivo Mini ZX100 Portable Mobile Speaker with Resonator in Black for extra classy look and superb performance anywhere, anytime. It has a compressed structural design that comes with in-built cable for audio that offers excellent portability and very easy storage facility. It has a very sleek and compact body that provides 360 surround sound and can also attach numerous other ZX100 speakers to amplify your experience. With this feature, you do not have to set your speaker at certain angles to get maximum volume. The music will come to you. The battery can be recharged and hence you do not need a bag full of batteries for your trips. It provides you a performance that lasts for 10 hours after a minimal 2 hours of charging. This device is also compatible with your smart-phones or tablets. The body is made p of very high quality that assures you a long lasting performance. Sleek and compact, this speaker is your all time music partner.

 8.XBOOM Portable Mini Capsule Mobile Speaker

This XBOOM Portable Mini Capsule Mobile Speaker in Black with Resonator is the best in its class. It has been rated as the best portable speaker of the year and has also been highly rated by many happy and experienced users across the globe. It has a bass enhancer along with an expansion technology that enables incredible surround 360 degree sound with a 40mm 3W output driver. This speaker gives you a lifetime experience of superb quality. Due to its exceptional compactness, it can be easily carried away and packed along with your other belongings. The best part is you can charge it in very small time duration and enjoy a 12 hours long extended performance. It comes in a water proof pouch so that you can carry it anywhere without any hassles. It can also connect multiple XBOOM speakers simultaneously and provide you an amplified music experience. Long lasting and solid body makes it highly durable.

 7.Amazon Tap Bluetooth Alexa-Enabled Speaker

The bestseller in its category, Amazon Tap Bluetooth Alexa-Enabled Movable Speaker, is an innovative and smarter device. Highly compact and exceptionally powerful, this speaker is a dream come true for music lovers. It provides you a 9 hours long performance and has a long lasting battery life. Additionally it can also connect to your wifi or hotspot and allows you to enjoy your favorite playlist! It can only support 2.4GHz. for an even better performance, it is Bluetooth enabled and permits any other Bluetooth supported device to connect and play. Equipped with passive radiators for bass amplification, this speaker provides you the best sound quality. The Alexa app is also highly compatible with other devices and can be easily accessed through internet. Loved and rated by many experts, Amazon Tap speakers are also very affordable and are very long lasting. Other than this, they also provide you a 1 year warranty period for a hassle free performance.

6.iHome Rechargeable iM60LT Speaker Mini

Bringing to you iHome Rechargeable iM60LT Speaker Mini in Translucent Gray which is well known for its unmatched performance. Highly rated and appreciated, this product is comparatively better than its competitors. The iHM60 speaker is integrated with an approach to sound that provides performance that easily defies its compact size. It can effortlessly connect to your laptop, computer or any other USB powered device through the cable provided and can also be recharged at the same time. It is designed with Vacuum bass to offer surprisingly high volume and an unmatched bass performance so that you do not have to adjust your speaker again and again. Super compact, it can be easily packed along with your essentials and can be carried anywhere easily. Very hard body, it provides long lasting performance. It has refined Twist speakers for expansion. You have the freedom to use both at the same time for stereo effect and use a single speaker for an amazing mono effect.

5.AYL Mini Portable Capsule System Speaker


This AYL Mini Portable Capsule System Speaker with Bass Resonator for all Cellular Devices is an amazing performer at a very affordable price. It provides you unsurpassed quality, sound and long lasting performance. The expandable resonator for bass is engineered to offer exceptional sound quality and volume that easily defies its compact structure. Inbuilt amplifier enhances your audio experience multiple times. With the standard size of 3.5mm jack for audio, this speaker can be easily connected to any source and you can listen to your favorite songs all day long! With a quick charge, it offers you continual 10 hours long dependability. Very unique and highly compact, this speaker comes along with a velvety pouch that makes it even easier to carry it anywhere and play anytime. Awesome quality and performance, this product is a personal favorite.

4.Wireless Speaker with Bluetooth – BLKBOX with Bluetooth

Introducing Wireless Speaker with Bluetooth – BLKBOX with Bluetooth for all devices in Black which is an extraordinary essential equipment if you are always on the go and need a hassle free performance. Loved and appreciated by many customers, this speaker is worth for your money. Remove the other useless speakers and buy this exclusive audio device. Equipped with Bluetooth technology, this device can easily connect with any Bluetooth enabled gadget and you can play your playlist endlessly! Its audio deliverability is beyond comparison and is very effective in comparison to its compact size. Even if you do not have Bluetooth, we got your back. You can plug it with its standard 3.5mm jack and play your speaker with ease. Very compact and light in weight, it can be easily carried anywhere. High quality and long lasting performance, it offers tough competition to other portable speakers available in the market.

3.Portable Shower as well as Outdoor Bluetooth equipped 4.0 Speaker from AYL

Super powerful and amazing Portable Shower as well as Outdoor Bluetooth equipped 4.0 Speaker from AYL is a classic speaker that allows you to enjoy music while you relax in your shower and while you are enjoying your adventurous trips. This speaker can be carried anywhere you want and moreover if you don’t like it, well you can have your money back. It is water resistant, ultra light weight, wireless and can be operated even from a rage of 3 feet. So now you can change songs while you bath without any worry! Charge for just 3 hours and enjoy unstoppable 12 hours of continuous entertainment. At a very affordable price, this device from AYL is very tough and durable. It is a very powerful and efficient device at a very low price. Available in 5 different colors, make this champ your travel and shower partner anytime. Classic and unique, this is the best in its class.

2.Anker Portable Classic Wireless Speaker with Bluetooth

Anker Portable Classic Wireless Speaker with Bluetooth and Powerful Effective Sound with Amplified Bass is the best performing speaker out there! Offering you high definition sound and beyond comparison sound fullness due to its sound system, this speaker is very versatile and highly effective. With a quick recharge, it provides you a back up for straight 15 to 20 hours so that you can listen to your favorite tracks without any worry of your speaker going dead. It can even connect automatically to the device that was last connected, that will help you to directly jump to your playlist without any initiation procedure that is generally involved with other speakers. You can also use it as a speaker for your phone since it can connect from an incredible distance of 33 feet and has a microphone with a pick up range of 2 feet that will amplify the voice. It is absolutely affordable and will provide you an awesome experience.

1.Cambridge OontZ SoundWorks Angle 3 Next Gen Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

You just cannot get better than Cambridge OontZ SoundWorks Angle 3 Next Gen Super Portable Bluetooth Enabled Wireless Speaker! It is one of the best performers in the market and has been extraordinarily reviewed by thousands of consumers. It offers crystal clear audio performance as it is equipped with two drivers that modify and amplify its air movement to provide matchless performance. Even at higher volume it does not distorts the sounds and can be operated from a good distance. It is also Bluetooth equipped that allows you to play your favorite song from anywhere. It is also water resistant and can be carried on any trip due to its compact size and is also light in weight. It also has a Built in microphone that helps you to amplify the sound and can be used as a speaker phone as well.

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