Audio enhances any visual experience, it gives us chill during horror movies, takes us into the stadium during a match and make the visual experience more real. You can get this feel mostly in theatres but if you want the experience in the comfort of your own home then a stereo system is what you need. Many of us consider a stereo waste of money but we don’t realise its advantages, it can be a DJ during a low-cost party, it can be a music troop for Prayers etc. it will take your audio experience to a new and exciting level.

Things to consider while buying the best stereo system

By DigPerformance
  • Brand:

It is always a good habit to buy an electronic product with a well-established and well-loved brand. Such established brands give you a good warranty, exchange offer, and much more such facilities thus providing you with security in case of malfunction or damage. Stereos should be brought with brands such as Sony, Samsung etc.

  • Speakers:

It is very important for you to know various types of speaker and their placement in the house for optimum sound quality. So while buying a stereo keep in mind your house interior, check the speakers and then buy. This way with the advantage of awesome audio you will not bring a stereo that is too big for your home.

  • Accessories:

While buying a stereo make it a point to see the various accessories and the features that come with the device like Bluetooth, CD player, HDMI cable etc.  And buy according to your use of the feature and the use of the stereo in your daily routine.

Product List

Here I present you with 7 stereos reviews available on Amazon that I think will take your audio experience to a new and exciting level:

7.Sony LBT-GPX555 High Power Home Audio System

Sony is a well-known and loved company in the production of music-related technology. Their TVs, mobile are also quite famous and their products are quite reliable and easy to fix. They have launched various stereo systems mini, wireless etc. but I feel when to go we should go with best and what is better than Sony LBT-GPX555 High Power Home Audio System


  • Size: Is quite large in size this can be both a good thing as well as bad thing based on hoe you see it. If you want your speakers to incognito then these are bad and if you loud banging music then this is your go-to product.
  • Design: It has quite a sexy look with its black colour and awesome speaker design.
  • Additional features: This product is a treasure of additional features like a light show, 2 USB inputs, clock with LCD display, special effects of DJ and EQ, the design of a 2-way speaker and a Bluetooth for wireless streaming of music.


  • Out of this world audio experience
  • Awesome light show feature
  • Easy remote control and easy to understand features


  • Very large in size and a bit costly
  • The speaker wires could be longer

I would recommend this product to party person or someone who loves to lounge at the house and watch a game or a movie the television these speakers will give them an awesome feel.

6.Innovative technology ITCDS-5000

This is a beautiful retro looking stereo, it has cool look, and with look, there are some quite good features at a very affordable price. Many may not be familiar with Innovative Technology but they have launched some vintage products that take you to another period. This stereo may come with a retro look but has modern audio.


  • Size: It is not so large in size and can be adjusted easily in your home without much fuss. The speakers too come in a small size but have great audio quality and power.
  • Design: As I said, it has a vintage retro design with the UV meter and all accompanied by two small yet powerful speakers.

Additional features: It has many additional features like Bluetooth, CD player, radio tuner, Bluetooth, FM antenna, remote, 2-way speaker, 3.5mm audio output, 25 Watts amplifier, headphone jack  etc.


  •     Very affordable
  •     Awesome FM connection and pretty decent speakers
  •     Easy to use
  •     Bluetooth and CD player have the same remote

I would recommend this to someone who loves old school stuff and loves retro with its FM and all. This small size stereo is perfect for a small city apartment without much space or as your personal stereo for your bedroom

5.Yamaha MCR 232BL micro component system

Yamaha is not a new kid on the ground; it has had many years of experience in this field. It was and is still a well-respected company that once reined the music product world with its amazing product. It has come forward with this yet another amazing product.


  • Size: It is small in size but can stand head to head with any other beefy stereo system.
  • Design: It comes with a two-way bass-reflex speaker and the CD unit is quite cute and small in size and can be used to dock iPods too. It has a beautiful black finish
  • Additional features: This device may not seem much but it comes with a lot of additional features such as USB port, built it dock, DAB and DAB+ radio, etc.


  •     Small in size with the same audio capacity as big stereos
  •     Midrange is detailed, rhythmic and well handled
  •     Comes with a remote


  •     Not wireless

I would recommend this to people of the 20th century who know the power of Yamaha and to the people who want enjoy awesome music in a compact mode without seeing a large speaker in their home.

4.Sharp XL-HF201P Micro Audio System

Sharp XL-HF201P Stereo takes a basic stereo to a whole another level and gives you the audio experience you desire for. Though this product was released in 2014 it still included in this list due to its awesome performance and affordable price.


  • Size: It comes with two large speakers and CD unit all in black colour and is quite posh looking.
  • Design: The speakers are quite efficient and the CD unit also has a dock for Apple devices like iPhone 5s etc. The knob and buttons are all above the service making it easier to click when the remote is unavailable. And the display of the screen is also quite good.
  • Additional features: It has quite a number of additional features like 3.5mm audio-in port, USB port, lightning dock, FM and AM, Bluetooth, RCA jacks, CD player, remote to operate etc.


  •     Awesome sound output, no treble at high volumes quite consistent
  •     Goes into standby mode automatically when power is down
  •     Has dock alone station for iPads and other tablets
  •     Has many additional features like USB port, iPhone input etc.


  •     If any case on iPhone the lightning connector on dock won’t work

I would recommend this product to people looking for a baseless stereo with many modern features in a single stereo for an affordable price. It saves your power but has just okay-okay speakers

3.LG Electronics CM4550 700W 2.1 Channel Mini Shelf System

This is a very badass looking stereo by LG, it is perfect for an awesome party. LG is quite a popular brand; they brought about this product in 2015 and it still going on quite well.


  • Size: This stereo is quite big in size but with its many features we can adjust the size.
  • Design: With a total output power of 700W, we may feel that the design might not matter but LG has designed the stereo with a rocking look. It looks very cool and the black colour with red here and there is quite attractive.
  • Additional features: This stereo comes with eye-boggling number of additional features like Auto DJ, Dual USB, Bluetooth that facilitates wireless Audio Streaming, CD player, audio of 700 W, wireless sound sync etc.


  •     Beautiful and cool look and design
  •     Awesome sound quality
  •     Wireless Audio streaming through Bluetooth


  •     Suitable for hip hop not so much for rock music
  •     Mostly compatible with LG TVs only, not so much with other companies

I would recommend this product to the party people out there who enjoy a good DJ music, some rock or for people who enjoy the loud rocking music of their favourite artists.

2.Sony CMTSBT100 Micro Music System

Sony makes a comeback but that is to be expected, the products of this company are very trustworthy. This stereo from Sony brings a power packed a punch in a small size.


  • Size: With two large black speakers and a silver main unit it has a very sophisticated and posh look. It not so large in size, so it is easy to adjust in your home.
  • Design: This music system has powerful sound quality and it LCD display with white backlight. The whole design would be more appealing and enticing if the main unit had a docking station.
  • Additional features: As like many Sony products this too is a bundle of additional features like 6 Ohms front-speaker, FM/AM tuner, CD player, WMA playback formats, MP3, speaker with dual 2-way bass reflex, LCD display with white backlight, USB port helping to connect to various devices, remote to operate etc.


  •     Can adjust bass/treble for custom sound.
  •     Compatible with many devices
  •     One-touch listening with NFC


  •     A bit complicated to understand
  •     Small one, but the remote doesn’t have to eject the disc button

This device is suitable for people who would like to enjoy a good movie or a rocking party at home. The size makes it easy to handle and adjust to the house

1.GPX HC225B Stereo Home Music System with CD Player

GPX is a well know company which has for almost 30 years produced some amazing audio and video devices. This is a small and affordable stereo with good music output. What appealed to me most about this device are its look, size and easy handling with the added bonus of a cheap price.


  • Size: Small and compatible size making it easy to handle and to find a place in your home.
  • Design: The LCD display with white backlight on the small and cutesy main unit to the small and easy to handle speaker this device has a very compatible design. It gives a sophisticated and posh look.
  • Additional features: This small music system comes with a bundle of additional features like CD player (which is on top), FM/AM radio, has a 2-channel stereo sound, Audio of 3.5mm, plug in your smartphones or MP3 players, AC power cable built in, battery backup, digital clock, alarm, etc.


  • Its small size and very affordable price
  • Good audio output for such a small sized device
  • Easy to set up and use


  • No bass and has a high-pitched treble
  • Wires are bit short so they need to be placed at a certain distance only
  • Some of the products in the market have loose knobs

I recommend this product to someone who is looking for a cheap and mediocre stereo system, which will be used mainly for radio, some music is fine as well.

With a good stereo system, your home can become a disco, a stadium taking your audience experience to a whole new level. So select the best stereo system according to your needs, buy it and have an awesome audio experience at your price range. You can check and compare all the current prices of the Stereo Systems by clicking on them. You can also read all our reviews on the Digperformance’s Electronics category  and enjoy similar products reviews.