The 4 Scientific Facts of Chlorophyll’s Benefits That No One Tells You



Natural products are more and more raising attention to their great benefits for our health. Chlorophyll is one of them and seems to be able to improve our health condition in many ways. I have spent several days to research in the scientific database to see what is the current research results on those benefits. I also try to reveal the truths if these benefits are proven or require more clarities. However, what I have found can unequivocally say that not all these benefits are so confirmed. Please take a look before you convince yourself.

What is Chlorophyll? What is its common form in the supplement? 

Chlorophyll should not be strange for people who have learned some science facts from their high school classes. As we know, it is crucial for plants and aid in their photosynthesis process to provide the necessary energy to survive.

It is also beneficial for our health mainly because it is an excellent source of antioxidants, vitamins, and therapeutic chemicals.

There are mainly two ways to consume chlorophyll. The first is from vegetables, most vegetables contain chlorophyll, but the number of different plants may differ. You may not consume enough just by eating vegetables. However, the more effective way is taking supplements. It will provide you with a sufficient amount of chlorophyll with ease.

However, bear in mind, in most chlorophyll supplements, the main component is chlorophyllin, which includes copper other than magnesium.

What is the health benefits of chlorophyll?

For many people who do not have enough scientific knowledge about chlorophyll, it will be wise to remember that chlorophyll mainly has 4 types of benefits for our health.

1. Skin benefits

Chlorophyll has been studied by many scientists and is proven to own several vital interests for our skin.

      a. Boosting skin wound healing.

Based on the recent study,  chlorophyll can suppress the growth of bacteria and decrease the inflammation. Another scientific report compares different the derivatives of chlorophyll in would provide healing and reveals that papain urea copper chlorophyllin (PUC) and papain-urea can stimulate the growth of cells of the wound and also boost the vessel formation and collagen I deposition.  All these characters can prove how the chlorophyll helps wound healing.

       b. Repairing photoaged skin

The prolonged exposure to the sunlight causes photoaged skin. The study has investigated the ability of sodium copper chlorophyllin complex to repair photoaged skin. The result of the research shows that sodium copper chlorophyllin complex is beneficial for improving biomarkers of photoaged skin.

        c. Useful for Acne and large pores

One study provides sodium copper chlorophyllin complex to the ten volunteers, and three-week research clearly shows statistically significant improvements on all clinical efficacy parameters of acne and large pores.

2. Blood benefits

Chlorophyll is also called “Green Blood” from recent research. It has structural similarity as hemoglobin and is found to be able to regenerate or act as the substitute when hemoglobin is in deficiency condition. The wheatgrass which contains 70%  chlorophyll as its chemical constituents are utilized in certain clinical conditions such as hemolytic anemia and thalassemia. Although the direct relationship between chlorophyll and these diseases is not pointed out, the high density of chlorophyll must contribute to the results.

3. Deodorant benefits

The deodorant properties of chlorophyll have been explored by scientists for many years; however, the results are not clear and even a little bit mixed up. One study at 2004 states chlorophyllin can significantly reduce the number of trimethylamines. On the other research, the chlorophyll is active on removing lower body odors for old people who are living in the nursing house. Although the deodorant property is not so confirmed, today’s deodorants and mouthwashes still utilize chlorophyll.

4. Detoxification benefits

In many online sources or advertisements, the chlorophyll is exaggerated to have established the effect on curing cancer; however, based on recent research, chlorophyll can only help to reduce cancer cells’ growth in lower toxic exposure. It will bind the poisonous chemicals in the gastrointestinal tract, and until they get removed, it will separate from them. However, in higher density toxic exposure condition, the chlorophyll will increase the risk of cancer in contrast. As a result, we could only conclude that chlorophyll can be protective if and just if it is at lower yet relevant carcinogen doses condition.


Based on the above facts, we can only conclude that chlorophyll has proven benefits for our skin and blood, and we need to consume them only when we are living in relative lower toxic exposure environments. If you are working in chemistry or medicine field, it may bring you to reverse results in some conditions. All in all, try to consult the doctor before you want to consume it.


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