Wearing a hat in winter is like a topping on winter wear as they are a popular accessory for women in winters. Wearing a hat is beneficial for women in both the weather. During winters, it protects by keeping the wearer warm and dry and during summers, it protects from the sun, which reduces the risk of skin cancer and the possibility of sunburn. The hat is one of the most important protection in winters. The hat keeps us warm by not letting the heat escape out of our head and it is the perfect way to escape cold and flu. Hats not only add charm and extravaganza to your personality during winters but is also best suited for those who want to stay warm, comfortable and cozy during winters.

Benefits of wearing Hat

  • Hair protection: As the hair constantly needs moisture, it is advised to wear hats in every kind of weather conditions. The hat protects the hairs from the sun in summers as the direct sun rays make the hairs frizzy and dry. During winters, hat protects from snow and mist as it can destroy the texture of hairs and can cause hair strands to fall out.
  • Style statement: Hat is a part of the fashion world and hence can be chosen from a number of styles for summers and winters. People also wear hats to adorn a style or a particular look.
  • Older people: Old people use hat regularly as they need more protection and are more prone to dizziness and lethargy. Old people also usually have less hair on their head so they do not have necessary protection required from sun rays.

Types of Winter hats for women

The fabric used in the winter hats is warmer than that of summer hats which are made up of fur or fleece. There are different styles of winter hats available to suit every occasion.

Colors also play an important part in choosing the hat to be worn. Bold color, patterned hats are more suitable for casual occasions like leisurely activities such as skiing.

Neon colors are used for the situations where you may need to be rescued like running or cycling at night.

Dark and neutral colors are more favorable for formal wear.

The other different styles of hats are:

  • Beanie Hats: These are made up of acrylic or polyester and is a most popular winter hat. These can also be found in plain colors and simple designs. These are best suited for oval shaped face as it won’t increase the length of the face.
  • Bobble Hat:  These are more popular among kids and is usually like a beanie hat with a ball on top made up of fur.
  • Trapper/Aviator Hat: These are the warmest winter hats with ears. The aviator hats are made up of leather with fur on head and ears. The cap has ear flaps to provide extra protection in winters.
  • Deerstalker: This hat is associated with Sherlock Holmes hat. This kind of hats was originally worn in rural areas. The hat is made up of tweeted wool with satin lining. This is  a kind of helmet-shaped hat.
  • Fedora: This is a winter hat with a brim made from wool. The cap has a tapered grown that adds length and is suited for people with shorter face shapes.
  • Fur Hats: These are associated with glamor and are popular as a formal winter hat. These are best suited for round shaped face.

List of 13 winter caps for women

13.Knitting wool warm Beanie Skull Cap Winter Hat for women by Spikerking

The cap is made of 100% soft spun acrylic fabric. It gives a feel of the hand-knitted product. It has a luxury ball or pom-pom on top of it, which adds extra flair to the product. The knitting of the product is nice and is very tightly woven. Apart from being warm, it is a fashionable hat. The wool used in the cap is soft and is not itchy at all. To make the cap more trendy and cute, there are 3 large buttons on it.

12.Cat Ear Crochet Cap Braided Knit Women’s Hat by Springwell

The product is made by Springwell which is a US seller and delivers top quality products. The cap is made up of knitting wool. The size of the cap is as Head Circumference = 22”, width = 9.8”, height = 8.7”. The fabric used is very nice and soft and is best suited to protect ears from cold. It is so pretty and cute that some people also use I when it is not cold. The hat has real value for money as it is extremely adorable and equally durable.

11.Warm Winter Cable Knitted Hat with Visor for women by Newsboy

The cap has a universal size which fits all. It is 100% acrylic with almost 2 inches of the brim. It has double layers inside and outside of the hat which keeps it warm. It has lower sides to cover ears properly during cold days. This hat is best suited for mountain climbing or any kind of activity in snow or snowboarding. The hat is super comfortable with a very light weight. The hat is versatile for almost every kind of head shape. It has an additional brim to keep the sun out of eyes. The hat is stretchy and has a lot of space. Along with this, it has enough material to pull down the cap till ears and with glasses  also it is very comfortable to wear it as glasses does not push it up and away from the ears, which is usually a problem with many hats as it leaves the gap for cold air to enter into the ears.

10.Wool Cloche Bucket Winter Hat with Satin Flower and Marilyn Vintage Style by Sakkas

Sakkas offer trendy, fashionable, comfortable, designer-inspired products with an affordable price. This elegant winter accessory is a 100% wool hat with a satin headband on it and flower accent. It is a versatile hat and is suitable for any head size. The dimensions of the hat are: 22” circumference, 5” deep crown, 2” front brim and 1” back brim. The hat is well constructed with a drawstring inside it for a perfect fit. It works well with any old-fashioned and modern outfit. The hat is trendy and designed with surprisingly low prices.

9.Acrylic watch hat for women by Carhatt

Carhatt has produced best winter wear products for over 120 years. This hat is made up of 100% acrylic, a rib-knit fabric which features traditional styling. It stretched for a comfort fit and one size is suitable for all. The hat provides excellent warmth on a cold day. It is long enough to cover the ears and stays in place without any frequent requirement of readjustment. Carhatt beanie can never be a wrong choice and is perfect for hiding your earphones under the hat. This product is suitable for both men and women with many color variants to choose to fit your style.

8.ANDI ROSE’s Knitted Baggy Slouch Beanies Skullies Beret Cap with Buttons for women’s winter Ski Party

This is a popular and classic button knitted beanie suitable for every season. It is not tight, but will slouch and large enough to cover the ears. The cap will keep you warm and also will match with your style statement. This is great for outdoor activities like skiing, snowboarding and even for daily wear also. The baggy hat looks great on girls, women, and ladies. It has a versatile single size which is suitable for all as it has an elastic fit. It is made up of acrylic. The cap is very comfortable to touch and wear. It can be matched with any dress to look good and to keep you warm in winters.

7.Snowboarding Knit Beanie Hat for Women by Upspirit Fashion

This hat is made up of outstanding craftsmanship and quality. It has a fashionable unique design made only for girls. It keeps warm and is a cute winter wear. The hat is made up of acrylic and is available in many colors. The circumference of the hat is 54 – 58 cm. It is perfect for running around and also covers the hair rollers. It is nice and cozy and looks good with everything you wear. The hat is sufficiently big for a large headed person also because it can also be slouched a bit.

6.Exclusively Cable Knit Two Tone Warm Thick Slouch Unisex Beanie Cap by NY Fashion101

This cap is a high-quality product by NYFashion 101. It is thick and soft and covers the ear properly in extreme cold. This cap is perfect for outdoor activities like skiing, simple walk and snowboarding throughout the cold weather conditions. It gives an excellent comfortable fit along with stylish, trendy, slouchy look. This is made up of 100% soft, stretchable acrylic and one size is fit for everyone.

5.White Ivory Slouchy Oversized Thick Beanie Winter Cap by Cambridge Select

This is ribbed cable knit warm unisex, thick and soft beanie cap. This cap is large enough to be worn in winters which cover ear properly. This is a comfortable fit and is perfect for all outdoor activities such as snowboarding or skiing. It looks stylish with almost any outfit. It is made up of 100% soft quality acrylic with a head measurement around 22.3”. It serves its purpose and is well suited for keeping head and ears warm.

4.C.C.Warm Trendy Oversized Cable Knit Slouchy Beanie Hat by Funky Junque

This is a nice warm hat for winter wear. This oversized cable knit beanie cap comes in a fashionable design. A single size fits all easily. The measurement of the hat is as it is 10 inches long and 9 inches wide. The cap is made up of 100% acrylic and is suitable for both men and women. The hat is a bit oversized due to its style and to give comfort. It can be worn in a variety of ways as it can be pulled down to neck to beat the chills of winters and can also be worn by rolling the ends up and placing it back to your head. It is a beautifully designed hat which complements your face, style, and outfit and keeps you warm.

3.Slouchy Knit Thick Black Oversized Beanie Hat by Luxury Divas

This cap is made up of 100% Acrylic and is available in a variety of colors and combination. These hats are great for cold and windy days  and even for bad hair days. It does not slip like most of the beanie hats do as it has snug on the head. The size is not too big to fall and not too small so that no one can wear it. The cap is beautifully designed and gives the warmth required. The hat is versatile with a one size fit and with stretchable material. It is made up of high quality and one of the soft material. The hat is perfect for both men and women. The circumference of the hat stretches up to 24” to make space for every head size. The dimensions of the hat are the 10-inch width, 10.5 inches long.

2.Women Snow Ski Warm Wool Knit caps with Visor by Hindawi

The hat is made up of high-quality material and is very much warm and comfortable to wear. The comfortable touch and design of the cap make you look beautiful in the winter. It has an extra layer of fleece inside it for giving extra warmth. It can keep your head and ear warm in the chilling weather of -30 Degree wind. It is a warm and delightful product which is perfect for extra cold days. The cap is required to be worn as per the head size. The cap looks good with almost any outfit and makes you look trendy and fashionable.

1.Chunky Soft Stretchable Knit Trendy Warm Slouchy Beanie Hat20A by CC

This hat is made up of thick and soft material and is large enough to wear over the ears. It gives an excellent comfortable fit while keeping you warm. The product is perfect for outdoor activities like skiing, snowboarding and for looking stylish as well. The cable knit done on the hat makes it look different from all the beanies and makes it look more fashionable. It is made up of 100% acrylic ad is suitable for both men and women. The head measurement is the as 57cm length and 22-3/8 inch width. The cap can be easily home washed with cool water.