No Xmas tree can be complete without a set of beautiful decorative lights. They add all together different dimension to aesthetic and décor of home and celebration. Not only for Xmas tress and Christmas celebration, these led decorative lights just go with every occasion. They can even be used to lighten up the inside of room in day to day life. This decorative Xmas lights come in different shape and size with different way of powering them. Some run on solar power, some run on batteries while some needs to be powered by externally by connecting them to power socket. All together, they also work on different mode. Some works on flash, some on steady and some on both. DigPerformance bring to you 9 different light sets of best decorative lights to choose from

9.HDS 200 LED Christmas lights

This decorative light by HDS-TEK is perfectly suitable for Christmas decoration and looks very pretty when put on Xmas tree. It runs on solar power and hence saves great deal of electric power and money associated with it. There are total of 200 Led lights attached to a string with super length of 65 feet. It has two different modes of functioning, either you can put it on steady mode for continuous lighting or you can leave it on flash mode. Also, it comes with a feature which allows the light to turn itself on automatically at dusk and in a similar manner turn itself off automatically by day time. You can just put it anywhere on outdoor and it will function completely on its own. Also, these lights have capacity of 1800mah which means on steady mode they can run for 10 to 20 hours and in flash mode they can run for 16 to 30 hours. All in all, they are eco-friendly and waterproof.

8.100 lights lighting set by Novelty Lights

This mini light set of 100 lights by Novelty Lights are suitable for any purpose- indoor or outdoor. It has a very classy look and is completely old school, giving you nostalgic feeling of childhood. It is a blend of old design and new technology. Total length is of 34 feet which is long enough to completely cover any Xmas tree. Also, each light is placed at a distance of 4” from each other as opposed to standard 6”, giving it even more denser look. The string and wire is available in four different colors- White, Green, Black and Brown. Moreover the lights are placed in series parallel which means even if there is damage to one bulb and it burns out, there wouldn’t be any disturbance to other bulbs and they will stay lit. All along, the set contains two extra fuses, one flash bulb and two replacement bulb, ensuring no stoppage to continuous lighting whatsoever.

7.Solar powered outdoor string lights

String lights by easyDecor comes in a flower shape, giving it altogether a different look and it goes very well with almost any décor. All along, it features 8 different lighting modes and has a memory function which ensures it remains on the same mode even after turning it off and on again. They can be used in indoors as well as outdoor and has feature to turn itself on automatically at dusk and turn itself off during day time. The stick attached to the solar panel can be stacked into ground or mounted on wall. The lights are solar powered and panels absorb the solar radiations very efficiently, it can get full charged in only 5 hours and can run for 8 hours at minimum depending on the mode it has been set on.

6.LED solar string Christmas lights

This solar LED lights by Addlon consists total of 200 light beads installed in 72 feet long string. The 72 feet length gives the freedom of lighting multiple Xmas trees together and it can also as easily cover almost the whole garden or any other outdoor. The lights are completely waterproof and hence, there is no reason to worry about lights getting damaged due to rainy weather. It features two different modes of lighting- steady and flash. All along, lights are powered by solar energy with the help of solar panel that come along, making it completely friendly and offers a great saving on electricity bill. They are very easy to install and there is no requirement of external wiring or batteries. The lights can get fully charged under radiation of sun in 6 to 8 hours and can run for 8 to 15 hours depending on the mode it is working on.

5.300 count mini light set

Holiday Wonderland’s Christmas multi color mini light set has total of 300 light bulbs installed in it. The length of lead wire is 18 inches and each bulb is installed at spacing of 3”. Also, the green color of wire blends well with the Xmas trees. Package contains 2 string light sets of 150 bulbs each. Light blinks in multiple color like gold, green and blue and give very aesthetic presence to the tree it is put on to. The bulbs are very long lasting and can be used for just every type of decoration. Lights work in steady mode and they can as easily be made to blink by replacing the bulbs with blinking bulbs that come along with it. Also, the bulbs are arranged in a manner as to ensure even if some of the bulbs burn out, other keeps working completely well. Package also includes replacement bulbs for burned out bulbs.

4.Shower rain LED lights by Omgai

It can easily be called most beautiful light out there: the bulbs are assigned in a way as to get turned on and out in a particular sequence, giving it a look of falling snow under the dark sky or meteor shower in the sky and the multi color of lights just adds to its beauty. Led lights are installed in tubes and the set includes total of 8 tubes with every tube being 30cms in length. Also, each tube contains 18 led bulbs in it and combination of 8 tubes give 144 led bulbs in total. The whole light is waterproof as well as dustproof and resistant to corrosion, making it very durable and long lasting. Also, either it can be used independently or can be connected with other string lights. It runs on a voltage of 110-220V and works very efficiently when connected to any socket. The energy efficient design makes sure it consumes as low power as possible.

3.Holiday Wonderland’s mini light set

this mini Christmas Holiday Wonderland’s light set comes in very clean and elegant design. The entire string length is of 24.75 feet having 100 bulbs installed in it. Every bulb is at a distance of 3” from each other, giving the light set very dense and intense look once it is illuminated. The wire color is green which blends well with Xmas trees, giving it more aesthetic look. The lead wire is of 18’’. All in all, you can even connect three different light sets together if you want even more intense lighting. Also, to ensure continuous lighting, package comes with replacement fuss, extra regular bulbs and two flasher bulbs. It can be used indoor as well as outdoor.

2.Everglow light set

Everglow clear and clean light set with white wire that can be connected end to end contains 100 bulbs in total. Total string length is 20 feet, of which 18 feet being the lighted length feet. It works on two different modes- flash mode and steady mode. The lights are protected via safety use which means even if some of the bulbs burn out and stops working, the rest will remain lit. Not only for Christmas, it also goes well with many other activities like indoor decorating and weeding. One of the perks of being clear light set is the wire is always hidden, giving the décor very clean and elegant look. The set contains replacement bulbs and burned out bulbs can very easily be replaced by simple lush-in mechanism.

1.Oak Leaf String Lights

Oak leaf string light package contains 2 sets of Micro Led lights and the best thing about them is they run on batteries. You can simply just put them anywhere on top of tree or inside glass bowls without worrying about powering them externally by connecting wire to sockets. The battery does the job. 2 batteries are required to light them which come included along with the package and can last for 64 hours nonstop. The lights are very warm and soft and give the indoor very aesthetic presence. Each set is made up of 30 individual Led and the light glow comes in different colors- blue, white, warm white and few more. Also, the string has been designed in very fairy and starry manner and the material used is complete heat insulated to ensure safety and damages when there is long term usage. The wire is completely flexible and can easily be molded into any desired shape. To show the manufacturer trust in the product, they provide you with 30 days money back guarantee.

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