Electric breast pumps are very helpful for nursing lactating mothers. Your newborn baby must be fed with your breast milk because it contains all the necessary nutrients. But it gets very difficult to take care of little ones if you are trying to strike a balance between home and work. Electric breast pumps are a dream come true.

There are mainly two kinds of electric breast pumps. One is for hospital purpose and the other could be used for personal use. The main difference between both the pumps is the first one can cater to many users and the later one is designed for single user. Powered by motor, these pumps extract the milk through a plastic instrument that latches itself to your nipple. They help to pump both the breasts at the same time and avoid soreness. They are perfect for daily usage and are very popular among new working mothers.

How to Choose the Perfect One

If you plan to use it intermittently, a manually operated breast pump will be sufficient for you. But if you a working individual, electric breast pumps will serve you the best. While you choose your breast pump make sure that you choose the right shield that will fit you perfectly and will imitate the effect of your baby’s suckling without any discomfort.

  • Breast Milk Storage – Store your milk in a baby approved milk container or storage bag. Do not store it in plastic or glass containers as that may diminish the effectiveness.

If you are planning to store the milk, put it in a refrigerator. Freshly extracted milk is best for your baby in the first four hours. You can store the milk in a refrigerator for five days.

No matter how long you pumped, discard the unused milk once you have fed your baby.

Hygiene plays the most important role and remember not to use or touch the device without washing hands to avoid any contamination.

  • Important Aspects

Although it is a miracle machine, electric breast pumps come along with its own limitations. You may not be able to use the breast pump everywhere and won’t be able to store it anywhere. You have to keep everything handy so that effectiveness is maintained.

Spend time with your baby and breastfeed once in a while. Incorrect or very prolonged usage can sometimes result in lower breast milk production. No matter how convenient it gets, allow your baby to breastfeed as it keeps your milk production ability intact.

We bring you the most thoroughly researched list of best 11 Electric Breast Pumps. Go ahead and choose the one best for you.

List of Best 11 Electric Breast Pumps

11.Lansinoh Dual Electric Affinity Breast Pump

Lansinoh Dual Electric Affinity Breast Pump – is very comfortable to use and very soft on breasts. Comprising of Lansinoh comfortable and fit breast flanges for a soft, protected fit and dual phase technology for producing enhanced milk flow, the Affinity Breast pump is one of the most improved and light on pocket breast pumps that is available is presented to you by the most trusted company. Designed to avoid spills, it offers you high standards of hygiene to keep you and your baby healthy. BPA free product ensures that the milk is free from any contamination.

10.Lansinoh Electric Double Pump for Breast feeding

Every new mother is different and has different requirements. Lansinoh Electric Double Pump for Breast feeding was specifically created for those mothers who tend to pump many times in a day. It consist three adjustable pumping settings so that you can select your preferred rhythm and pump more milk in a much less time. The best part is you can also pump directly into the bottle and feed simultaneously. No need of storing milk for future use if ou don’t want to. Free from BPA, get this amazing breast pump soon.

9.Medela Pump Backpack In Style Improved Breast Pump

Being the best in class, this Medela Pump Backpack In Style Improved Breast Pump is very affordable and a powerful device. In comparison to other breast pump, it is equipped with Medela pump. When operated in expression phase, 2 phase technology helps you to produce more milk in a comparatively lesser time. It also has a touch button that helps in easy operation. Available in an elegant bag made up of microfiber, it holds all of your pumping essentials so that you can use it as required. It is battery operated and hence is very handy and portable. Carry it anywhere and throw away your pumping worries. Want to adjust the settings of electric breast pump as to your comfort level? It has a single knob for adjusting the settings of both speed as well as vacuum. You can set the rhythm of the pump to imitate your baby’s suckling. It also has a cooler set for your breast milk that aids you in storage.

8.Double Breast Pump from The First Years, Quiet Expression

The first years has launched Double Breast Pump from The First Years, Quiet Expression for supermoms who are taking care of both work and home. Quick to use, effective and multitasks to make your pumping sessions enjoyable. This breast pump from Quiet Expressions is a double pump and pumps very silently and discreetly. This helps you to pump even at your workplace without any worry. It is operated by a handle that can be used to pump both of your breasts simultaneously with one hand and keeps your other hand free for other tasks. The breast shields are very soft and flexible and provide a great fit for a no soreness procedure. What else? The suction works at 8 different levels so that you can pump in the rhythm that suits your body. Carry all your essentials in a fashionable tote bag that comes with it.

7.Medela Swing Breastpump

Interested in getting a Medela breast pump – it is the best after all – but sadly it goes out of budget? Don’t worry, we got you covered. The Medela Swing Breastpump is the tiniest, feather light, and a big bonus on your pockets.  This is a single breast pump from Medela with dual phase technology for effective pumping. It is also very handy and can be taken anywhere. You can easily clip it to your accessories or simply carry it away. This pack consists of everything to get started whenever and wherever you want. And everything can be carried in a drawstring bag. It pumps your breast just like your baby would have. A speedy rhythm in beginning, followed by a much slower and relaxed pattern.  One of the best in the market, this device is very effective and affordable. It is a great value for money with a super powerful pump to give you a good overall experience.

6.Breast Pump Freestyle from Medela

The Breast Pump Freestyle from Medela is a solid, very light breast pump along with a super 3-hour battery that is rechargeable for pumping according to your ease anywhere. This breast pump is created for mothers who generally pump multiple times in one single day. It has amazing considerate specifications to tailor make your breast pumping sessions, that involves a dual-Phase Expression mechanism that is proved to generate extra milk in a lesser amount of time, as well as adaptable velocity cum vacuum features to guarantee a relaxed pumping session, a button with touch, additional two different sizes of Personal Fit flanges for your breast for comfy and effective pumping. Difficulty to see at night? It is fitted with a display that has a digital backlit feature makes it ideal for late at night pumping sittings. It also has a timer that permits you to easily track your every pumping experience and a button that memorizes your rhythm so that you can easily get back to that.

5.With Medela Pump Stylish and Improved Breastpump

This kit from Medela contains 2 pump tubings, 4 valves, 2 25 mm breast shields and 6 membranes. It is also available in 7 different sizes. It is a FDA approved medical breast pump that has compliance with FDA standards for containers and medical instruments belonging to class 2. The products are thoroughly tested and the reports are available online for your satisfaction. It is also free from BPA and is packed in a solid corrugated sealed package. It uses very high quality products and is very safe and hygienic to use. You can also store your milk in other baby recommended bottles as well. Perfect and absolutely effective, this breast pump is an absolute favorite.

4.With Medela Pump Stylish Improved Breastpump Model with Cooler Set

Difficulty at work? Now With Medela Pump Stylish Improved Breastpump Model with Cooler Set you can collect milk at work with ease. This is especially designed for working mothers who have a job and find it difficult to breastfeed their kids and have to pump multiple times regularly. It offers you two great advantages. One is you can carry your favorite pump anywhere with ease and secondly imitates how your baby sucks on you. It has been proved to provide 18% more breast milk when double pumped and provides you ultimate comfort. It is also absolutely safe for babies and mothers. This product is a unique offering from Medela and is highly recommended for working mothers. Along with it you also get a cooler set for better storage. Keep your baby fed and yourself satisfied with this amazing Medela Pump product.

3.Double cum Single Electric Breast Pump with S2 from Spectra Baby USA

Double cum Single Electric Breast Pump with S2 from Spectra Baby USA is equipped with S2 that offers multiple amazing specifications and is created to completely cater to the requirements of mothers who want to own an efficient, tough breast pump to maintain milk supply while also integrating features to make it much more easier. Like other pumps from Spectra, the S2 is a technique that works as a barrier that physically stops the milk from touching the body of the pump so that the hygiene is maintained. This technology is of hospital level and maintains your milk supply. Very flexible and equipped with touch feature that controls the pump digitally. What’s more? You can set the speed of the pump to suit your body. This helps you to mimic your baby’s suckling rhythm. It also includes a timer and a light for night. Very comfortable and effective, this is very highly rated and reviewed by mothers.

2.Harmony Manually Used Breast Pump from Medela

From the trusted house of Medela, we bring you the most preferred and recommended manually used Breast pump for comfortable regular usage for nursing mommies. Light as a feather, it is handy and discreet. It is electric breast pump that can be latched on both breasts simultaneously and provides a great fit so that you do not get any after use soreness. Equipped with Dual Phase Expression expertise it is very easy and comfortable to use. Soft to touch, it comes with ergonomic handle that makes milk pumping a breeze. It is also compatible with breast flanges and the best thing is the parts that connect to your breast are free from BPA. The kit contains a manually operated pump, a bottle of 5oz with lid, a stand for your bottle, collared nipple, cap and two membranes from superb efficiency. This is a premium product and offers best performance in its class.

1.Hands-Free Breast pumping Bra from Simple Wishes

Presenting you a unique product from Simple Wishes that helps you to pump milk without any hassles. Hands-Free Breast pumping Bra from Simple Wishes allows you to feed your little one without using your hands. It is lead free pumping device that is attached to a bra that helps you to pump milk from your breasts without any manual effort. Black in color, this product is available in XS to L size suitable for anyone. Flawlessly designed it offers superior comfort and ease and allows you to do your chores while it does its job! Additional Velcro panel of 10” at your back to adjust according to your preference as your body undergoes changes and does not slides of your body. It can be customized according to your bust size and has a zip in center front that permits a sidewise movement of 1 inch so that the flanges can fit properly.