Trying different items is a passion for most of the cooks around the world. Among them, covering the Asian region is a ‘must-have’ knowledge for an expert chef. However, finding the books that are written with expert instruction is a tough job online. So, here are eleven books that will make you an expert Asian cook.

11 Best Asian Cookbooks Reviews

11.Land of Fish and Rice

This is more of a book, this is a journey. The writer has taken initiative to introduce that part of China, we have known of, the part that matters for cooks and food lover throughout the world. While going through this book, you will realize what an expert touch has made this book so rich in information and presentation. There are so many varieties of the dishes than our commonly known Chinese recipes that you will love to try them. Covering a wide range of their culture, this book has also included some new and unique recipes as well. From vegetarian dishes to drinks, all of them are made so delicious and with simple recipes that it will be a fun and easy thing to try them. A very informative book that is highly enriched with photographs.


This is quite an introductory book to sushi. This is a complete guide on Sushi. Once you go through this book, you will know everything about Sushi. For those, who are completely beginner in this field and wanted to be an expert, this is a great book. An expert touch is everywhere in this book. Most of the recipe books are a mixture of recipes from a different category. However, this book is not like them. In fact, this is a pure Sushi recipe book where you will find information and the best technique of making Sushi at home and restaurants. This is the best thing about this book. With amazing picture and well-instructed language, anyone can be a Sushi expert. If you are looking for only one book to know about Sushi, this is it. A highly recommended book for Sushi lover.

9.The Asian Kitchen

Well, this is a whole comprehensive guidebook that covers almost all of the corners of the Asian subcontinent. This is the specialty of this book. If you are not familiar with all those Asian herbs and techniques of cooking, this book will be a great help. It discusses about the specific use of all the herbs and how you can use them in your kitchen. Starting from a beginner to a well known chef, this book will satisfy everyone with a vast knowledge. The range it covers is amazing and the author has described all the recipes in language so you can (if you are from another region) understand them well. If there’s only one book to suggest on Asian cooking, this is it.

8.Lucky Peach Presents 101 Easy Asian Recipes

This book is for those who want to learn Asian cooking within a short time. This book will not make you an expert in Asian cooking, but it will definitely help you to learn the basics as soon as possible. In this book, Lucky Peach has combined the most basic recipes of the Asian subcontinent that can be easily prepared. You will love this book for its authenticity and easily illustrated recipes. There are exactly 101 recipes that cover Asian subcontinent as well as the surrounding countries to give the reader a thorough idea about basic recipes. Important tips are given at the end of every recipe. Well, you may not find all the ingredients familiar, but to help you get an idea, this book has added pictures of less known ingredients. With this book, cooking Asian food items is easier and time saving.

7.The Everything Easy Asian Cookbook

This book is full of delicious recipes that are given in a detailed manner. If you are looking for a variety of recipes that are mostly related to this region, then this book will help you reach your goal. Kelly Jeggers, the author of this book, has included almost all of the recipes that are found in the kitchen of Asian countries. However, she has also included different categories to give a vast knowledge about different food items. Kelly, who is a famous food blogger, is well known for her writing style that gives a clear concept about the recipes. Picture are also given to understand and have a better idea of what you are going to make. Asian recipes with a variety of categories- if that’s what you want, this is the right book for you.

6.The Asian Grandmothers Cookbook

Most of the children of the new generation are not that lucky to get their grandmother’s special dish. This is where this book will hit you. You will get a special flavor of all of these dishes. All of the dishes are described in a manner that you will feel your grandmother’s presence right beside you in the kitchen. With all the items, there are pictures attached to make a clear vision of your dish. Even there are pictures of ingredients are given with clear instruction so you can understand the difference between them. Not all the noodles are made in the same way, not all of them tastes same. So, once you go through this book, you can call yourself an expert in Asian food items.

5. Maangchi’s Real Korean Cooking

This is a complete book for anybody interested in Korean cooking. The author  Maangchi has experienced all her life most of these recipes. She has now made her own recipes full of Korean traditional food. You will experience almost all of the items famous and cover the basic items in Korea. She has used English and Korean languages so that it can be understandable to all of the people around the world who wants to learn Korean cooking. It is an authentic book and a perfect choice for a beginner in Koran cooking. There are so many photographs to make you familiar with the dishes so you can select your one to make. Maangchi has brought Korean dishes in front of the world with the same authenticity. Buy your one now if you have decided to be an expert on Korean dishes. Highly recommended for Korean cooking.

4.Katie Chin’s Everyday Chinese Cookbook

This is not only a recipe book, but also an inspiring book for all the cooks around the world. Katie Chin, the author of this book, has added all the stories belong to traditional families and has added some memorable events with them. You will find this book interesting enough than another simply written recipe book. Cooking is not only a task for the cooks, rather it is the lifestyle of the region, their culture, traditions and mostly to express their emotions. Katie has hit that point and that is why, this book has been appreciated by the readers who are not even related to it. Also, she has maintained the standard of writing recipes by detail information about the item, how to change it with other ingredients and how to keep it authentic.

3.Quick & Easy Asian Vegetarian Cookbook

If you love to try a wide range of food and different items, I must say this book is for you. Meat lovers are everywhere, but what if you get some more tasty vegetarian items that are completely belong to Asian region? This will change the intention of the meat lovers for sure. All the with authentic recipes of quick and easy Asian recipes are here to try in your kitchen. Vegetarian items have their own flavor with different use of spices. In this book. All the items including traditional curry, a wide range of rices, fires are included. You will be amazed to see the techniques of using different herbs in all the items. A ‘must-read’ book for veg and non-veg lover.

2.Asian: A Visual Step-by-step Cookbook

The specialty of this book is in its writing style. This book is illustrated with pictures so that even a new cook will understand the procedure in an easy language. Pictures are the best thing to teach you in your kitchen. So, when you have a ‘step-by-step’ book to teach you Asian cooking, then it is just as easy as boiling water. You will feel like someone has taken over your kitchen and cooking each and every dish for you. Have fun while cooking with no more confusion in the procedure.

1.Steamy Kitchen Cookbook

Most of the people often left his kitchen with depression and search for that one book that will make him or her a better cook. I guess, your journey of searching that one book finally gets an end here. Some of the books are filled with ingredients that are not even heard ever. Except that you are a challenging cook and love to use ‘hard-to-find’ ingredients in your items, you will love this book. The ingredients are very well known and interestingly, you will use them in a different way for the first time to make something different. While most cookbooks are filled with photos that seems to be completely stranger once you make them, this one is not like them. Most of the people who have tried these recipes have appreciated this book only for this special reason. Easy to understand and quick to make- that is all you are going to find in this book.