Many a times, out of nowhere, your vehicle won’t start due to unexpected inoperativeness of the vehicle battery, that’s when the jump starters come handy. Gone are the days when you looked for another vehicle power source for jump starting, these portable and fully power-packed jump starters comes with cables to set up a temporary connection to the on-board battery of the jump starter that delivers the necessary cranking power to your discharged vehicle battery encouraging it to crank the engine. In a single charge, it delivers several jump starts for cranking up the engines. They generally have lightweight construction ideally framed to be portable enough and are compact in size to fit into any backpacks, glove compartments, and pockets, so on. Many of them also have Output ports to act as a Power Booster as well, charging your electronic devices like laptops, tablets, phones, so on.  It is certainly a very effective and competent way to boost up the stopped vehicle, every driver should carry one for handy use.

Top 11 Jump Starter Review

11. Schumacher Portable Jump Starter and Instant Power Source

With a Peak Amp of 1200, Schumacher introduces this XP2260 model of a Portable Jump Starter that also doubles as an Instant Power source with 1 USB port provided to charge phones/tablets, etc. It has an ON/OFF switch to activate or deactivate the jump starting process with a built-in charger for the inner battery; you just need to join the extension cord to the plug and recharging starts automatically as and when needed. There are LED indicator lights to show the status of battery, whether it needs charging or when charging is completed.  There are 2 Sure-Grip crocodile clamps that can be fitted with both top and side-mount batteries. The cable remains flexible without any trouble even in the coldest climate. The internal battery is a sealed lead acid type that can be stored anywhere and requires no maintenance. There is also an inbuilt work light, inbuilt air compressor, inbuilt inflator/deflator and a Digital display for added value.

10. PowerAll Handy Jump Starter and a Power Bank

PowerAll introduces this Portable Jump Starter and a Power Bank with a Peak Amp of 400 with an inbuilt High Capacity internal battery of 12000mAh. It also acts as a Power Bank that comes with charging adapters to charge any 2electronic devices instantly like phones, tablets, cameras, etc. at a time simultaneously via two 2.1A USB ports provided. Compact in size, this Jump starter can be carried around easily anywhere and fits into backpacks, pockets as well for maximum suitability. Other protection features in this jump starter consists of over-current protection, protection from short-circuit, overload protection, anti-voltage feedback protection, over-charge protection. There are 3 lighting modes, that is, ultra-bright LED flash light, strobe light, SOS signal light included to assist the users in dark or in emergency situations that can lasts up to 120 hours of time. When fully charged, this jump starter can capably jump start your car about 20 times. The packaging comes all-included with 8 distinct charging adapters to adapt with most of the electronic devices, jumper cables, AC and DC chargers.

9. Antigravity Batteries 2-in-1 Jump Starter and Power Source

Antigravity Batteries offers you with AG-XP-10 Multi-Functional Jump Starter that also acts as a Power Supply to charge most of your electronic devices. It is provided with 4 ports; 19V for Laptops, 12V standard output for DVD Players, GPS unit, etc., and two 5V USB ports for mobile phones, tablets, cameras, mp3 players, so on. It can jump start the Diesel vehicles up to capacity of 7.3L, any car, trucks, motorcycles and gas engine vehicles as well, has a inbuilt high capacity battery of 18000mAh. It has 300 Amps of starting current with Peak Amp of 600. For added bonus, it also features aninbuilt high-power110-Lumen LED flashlight with a steady beam mode as well as 2 distinct flash patterns. Ideal to be carried anywhere, this jump starter is very light with just 18 ounces of weight and has the dimension of 9”length x 3.2”width x 1.2”height; can easily fit into backpacks. When not in use, it automatically turns off to save energy. Other aspects include battery status indicator, over-charge/over-discharge protector for durable battery life, Leather case to store jump starter and Jumper clamps.

8. Stanley JC509 Jump Starter

JC509 Jump Starter from Stanley has instant starting current of 500Amps and Peak Current of 1000 Amps to instantly jump start your car whenever its battery fails. For this, connect the provided clamps to the car battery and turn the jump starter ON. It can also proficiently jump start trucks, motorcycles, tractor, boat, etc.As a Portable Power supply, it has a 12V DC output and a USB port to charge any 2 electronic devices at a time like tablets, mobile phones, etc. whenever needed on the go. A 120psi Compressor with a SureFit nozzle included will come to aid if the vehicle is running on low tires and needs to be pumped up. For added benefit, the high-power LED light can rotate around 270 degrees to assist the users in the dark easily. To protect the jump starter, it has a Reverse Polarity alarm to notify whenever it is wrongly connected. To charge this jump starter, you will just need an extension cord to be plugged in; there is battery status indicator as well for aptness.

7. Jump-N-Carry JNC300XLJump Starter and Power Source

An Ultraportable 12V Jump Starter from Clore Automotive has a cranking current of 225 Amps and a Peak Current of up to 900 Amps. This Jump-N-Carry JNC300XL model of jump starter is equipped withAWG Cables and Full size clamps to penetrate the battery corrosion and jump start your immovable cars easily. As an added perk, it also has a high-power work light to assist the users during night time. The DC output port can easily charge your 12V electronic devices instantly. The Jump Starter features the exclusive Clore PROFORMER battery and is shockingly very light weighted with just 9lbs. but can start all heavy-duty vehicles from passenger vehicles, 4-cylinder, 6-cylinders to larger ones as well. It has a LED indicator to notify whenever the battery needs charging. The cable reach attainable here is about 27” with each lead, when combined can reach over 54” which makes it perfect for an apposite connection.

6.Anker Car Jump Starter and Instant Power Bank

Super-compact in size, this Jump Starter and a Portable Power Bank from Anker has a 400 Amps of Peak Current. It can adeptly jump start the gas engines of 3L capacity, diesel engines of 2.5L capacity or 12V engines as well for about 15 times in a single charge. The inbuilt power-packed 10000mAh battery of this jump starter can quickly get fully charged in just 3 hours via the provided charger. For advanced security of the user and the jump starter, it has protection equipped into it against Reverse Polarity, short circuits and surges. There is also an Emergency Flashlight that is inbuilt to help the users during the night. It has 2 USB charging ports to power up any 2 electronic devices simultaneously as and when needed. The jump starter is so lightweight and petite that it can easily fit into any backpack or gloves box as well. The product is backed with 18 months of warranty for best after-sales support.

5. Schumacher Pro-Series Jump Starter and Power Supply Unit

Schumacher’s PSJ-2212 DSR Pro-Series Jump Starter and the Power bank unit has a 330 Amps of cranking current, 275 Amps of Cold cranking current and 2200 Amps of Peak current. It is equipped with certified grade 22 Ah of high-power AGM battery to skillfully jump start your stopped vehicles. To act as a Portable Power Supply unit, it has a 12V DC power output to charge your electronic devices instantly that have respective 12V accessory plug. Whenever the jump starter’s battery goes down, an inbuilt 3A automatic charger will recharge it for uninterrupted usage. The durable and sturdyclamps of this jump starter have replaceable copper jaws for suitability. Some other remarkable features here include a Reverse Polarity alarm for whenever the jump starter is wrongly connected for added safety, Rubber base to damp complete vibrations, 4 gauges 50” of jumper cables, polypropylene vented case that is certainty long lasting for additional protection.

4.NOCO Jump Starter + Genius Boost Power Bank

Ultra-compact in size but power-packed, this GB40 Lithium-ion Jump Starter from NOCO offersstarting power of 7000 Joules and the Peak Current of 1000 Amps that can jump start the vehicles for about 20 times in just a single charge. Extremely safe and spark-proof technology integrated into it makes it easy to be used as and when needed; also can be carried around anywhere due to lightweight. It has Reverse polarity protection to save the jump starter if wrongly connected to any battery. With this you also get a super-bright 100-Lumen LED Flashlight having 7 different modes, SOS and strobe signals included, to guide the users during darkness. It has LED indicator lights to show the battery status, a 2.1A USB output port to charge electronic devices like tablets, mobile phones, etc. on the go and a 2.1A USB input port from which the Genius Boost itself can be recharged via any powered phone charger or laptop. Ideally designed for gas engines having 6L capacity and diesel engines having 3L capacity, it can jump start varied cars, boats, lawn mowers, trucks, ATVs, motorcycles, so on.

3. Brightech – Handy Car Jump Starter and a Power Booster

Incorporated with Smart Jump Technology, SCORPION Portable Car Battery Jump Starter has Jump Start current of 200A up to 400A and claims to be operational in cold climate of -4 degrees Fahrenheit and hot climate of 140 degrees Fahrenheit as well. It has the weight of just 14 ounces making it perfect to be carried around anywhere and is petite enough to store in glove box. Do not underestimate its size as it can jump start V6 and 2.5L Diesel engines effortlessly; also compatible with gas/petrol engines having 3L or lower capacity. It is integrated with a compact but powerful Lithium battery of 10000mAh capacity. The ‘Smart-Jump’ technology has protection features to secure it against short circuits, anti-recharge and over-charge; has 5 blue LED indicators to showcase the battery status. SCORPION features output ports to power your devices like laptops, mobiles, tablets, etc. all in one small unit. The inbuilt flashlight has SOS signal modes for emergencies. It comes with a zippered case to accommodate all the equipment easily into it. It is backed with an impressive 3 years of warranty period. It can work on RVs, lawn mowers, SUVs, motorcycles, etc.

2. Truck PAC ES1224 Jump Starter with AWS

Clore Automotive, yet again, hosts this Truck PAC ES1224 Jump Starter that has 12V/24V operative ability that can be switched via a knob with 3000 Peak Amps (12V) and 1500 Peak Amps (24V). It has 60” of 2 AWG cables that has an easy and comfortable reach with industrial grade of hot jaw clamps provided for strong connection and maximum power transfer. It features twin ES Series Batteries that offers high output current, extended cranking power, several jumps in a single charge and a durable sturdy design. Integrated with the unique AWS-Advanced Warning System, it notifies the user if senses any harmful jump starting circumstances. The jump starter itself is very robustly constructed and has durable components included to sustain daily wear and tear during any sort of climate conditions; can function in cold weather of -20 degrees Fahrenheit as well. It comes with an impact-resistant case to offer long lasting security, automatic charging ability and LED indicators to display battery status. A DC output is included to power any 12V electronic devices while on the go.

1. Jump-N-Carry JNC660 Jump Starter

Jump-N-Carry JNC660 12V Jump Starter from Clore Automotive has 1700 Amps of Peak current and 450 Amps of Cranking current with assimilated Clore PROFORMER battery technology that offers powerful cranking power, extended cranking time, several jumps in single charge and has a long lasting construction. There are 2 AWG cables provided that can reach up to 46” for a comfortable and easy-going connection and the industrial grade hot jaw clamps allows maximum power transfer by penetrating battery corrosion smartly. To charge your electronic accessories during the travel, it has a 12V DC output port provided. Inbuilt charger enables fully automatic recharging of jump starter whenever needed, just leave the unit plugged-in. The jump starter has heavy-duty case to withstand shop fluids or daily-use weariness durably. To check the battery status of the jump starter, you just need to press the provided button and the voltmeter will show the reading. Over-load protection is offered here with the automatic circuit protection design.