Grain mill is basically equipment which is useful to breakdown the cereals or grains and process them producing flours with fine texture or even rough one. There are two major types of these grain mills, one hand operated and second electrically powered ones running on motors. The hand operated mills come with handle for hand-crank action and are best suited for small batches of flours used in home. Electric ones run on high power motors more suitable to be used for large scale grinding of flours as they have the capability of holding and grinding more grains within very few minutes. There are plenty features available in the design of these grain mills; some just have hopper and mill chamber, others have channeled rollers to breakdown large and hard grains. You can choose from these according to your requirements and use. To help you find the right one here is the list of top 12 grain mill review.

Top 12 grain mill review

12.Grain mill with premium quality

Ideally made for grinding corns, this premium quality grain mill is also capable of grinding nuts, wheat or other grains, coffee, herb seeds, poppy and pepper as well. It is a manual type of grain mill with no electric mechanism whatsoever. The capacity of the container at the top is large enough to accommodate adequate amount of grains. The rate of grinding of this mill is known to be 1 pound per minute. It is very easy to clean as it enables you to dust off the remains quickly and also prevents the grinder from getting rusty. The handle is made up of hardwood to ensure constant easygoing operation. The product is made from cast iron with silver color of body. Claimed dimension of the mill is 16” height x 8”width x 10” depth.

11. Manual Grain mill by Back to Basics


This grain mill from Back to Basics is supposed to be operated manually. The cone-shaped grinding burrs in this grain mill are made from cast stainless steel for long-lasting use and have the ability of self-aligning making it so much superior than other available heavyweight or large hand grain mills. It can be adjusted to grind from coarse to fine flour easily and different grains can be processed here like wheat, rice, corn, oats, barley, herbs, nuts, peppercorns, coffee beans, dry spices, etc. The grind mill is meant to be clamped on the tabletop or counters; comes with rubber pads to prevent the mill from getting scratched or marred. The grain hopper has the capacity of filling about 4 cups of grains. The design is very compact in size, fits easily in the drawers or closets and the product has 2 years of warranty.

10. CHARD GM-150 Grain mill

This model GM-150 of grain mill from CHARD facilitates the user with long term use as it is made up of tin-coated cast iron which is well-known for durability. The grinding burrs are adjustable and precisely grinds desired texture from coarse to fine. The grain mill comes included with a largely sized hopper that continues with the milling even while refilling. The poly handle provided is very easily cleaned and does not split. This grain mill has the capability of grinding corn, soy beans, nuts and many other grains as well. It is ideal for using in home for small scale baking flour batches or beer brewing. It has a clamping system that needs to be mounted on any tabletop or counter that is up to 1.5” thick. The whole mill can be easily disassembled for quick cleaning.  The dimension of this product is 8” x 5.8” x 17”.

9. Victoria Hand Grain Mill

This commercial grade manually operated grain mill from VICTORIA comes with high hopper for large scale grinding. The body and the clamping system are constructed out of cast iron and the proficient blades provided are made from stainless steel that has the ability of self-sharpening. It has sanitary tin double-coat and is in compliance with the international regulations. It can grind grains like rice/barley/wheat/oats, etc and nuts, meats, spices, coffee beans, cheese, vegetables, etc. with any desired texture from rough to fine powder as well. The clamp is meant to be mounted on the countertop and it also consists of a conventional screw for easiness during milling operation. The dimension of the product is 5.5” x 6” x 23”.

8. Blossom Hand Grain Mill

Ideally made for milling flax seeds, this manually operated grain mill can also grind other hard dry grains like oats, sesame seeds, etc. easily. It crushes and grinds the hard outer shell of such grains effortlessly. This grain mill is constructed from BPA-free polycarbonate with ceramic body making it resistant to dust or rustiness. The base automatically opens and closes to make the milling process hassle-free and mess-free. The procedure of milling is very tender and controlled so as to preserve the aromatic flavors and natural oils from getting flawed, be it for small scale or large scale grinding. The grain mill can be easily disassembled for easy cleaning. The dimension of the product is 2.6” x 5.5” x 2.6”.

7. VICTORIO VKP1012 Manual Grain Mill

VICTORIO offers this VKP1012 model of hand operated grain mill that is capable of grinding all types of grains like wheat, rice, oats, barley, quinoa and many other hard dry grains available. The grinding burrs have ability of self-aligning and are accurately machined to provide durability and carry out smooth milling operation. These burrs are cone-shaped and made from stainless steel. The front dial is provided for the user to regulate whether the milling should be rough or in very fine particles. The hopper provided has the capacity to hold 2 cups of grains and can be mounted easily on any 2” thick countertops. The whole assembly is very compact in size, can be stored easily in the cabinets or drawers and use whenever needed. It is also very suitable to be used in homes to make your own breads, cereals or any desired bakery products.

6. Blendtec 52-601-BHM Electric Mill

Blendec introduces this 52-601-BHM model of electric grain mill, preferably made to be used in home, claiming that it can grind up to 24 cups of natural whole grains into flour within maximum 8 minutes. It has adjustable settings for speed control and a simply designed on/off switch. It has transparent container with the capacity of 60 ounces to store the grinded flour. It is powered with a 10Amp direct-drive motor and it has a Micronetic milling compartment made up of stainless steel that has the proficiency of self-cleaning. This grind mill is constructed with long-lasting and high quality materials with finest electronics that does not overheat when used for a prolonged period of time. The dimension of the product is 9” x 9” x 10.5” and it comes with a 6 year limited warranty for motor.

5.  VICTORIO VKP1024 Superior Grain mill

Another model VKP1024 by VICTORIO of a superior quality grain mill is perfect for home use so as to grind whole grains that are small, dry and hard like rice, barley, wheat, quinoa, etc. It is also suitable to grind flour for making bread at small scale. Front dial lets the user adjust the quality of flour from rough grinding to very fine flour. It has a stable attachment provided to mount and clamp the grain mill easily on any surface that has thickness of about half to 2”. The large sized hopper at the top has the capacity to store about 4 and half cups of grain. It is not recommended for large grains or beans. The milling chamber is made up of stainless steel and is cone-shaped; built to be very durable, if used for home milling. It is supposed to be manually operated, but it can be also powered with motor if the user desires, that is available separately. The product has 2 years of warranty period.

4. Millar’s B3 Grain mill


The exclusive grain mill from Millar is 100% made in USA. It is made from 7” x 1.50” elongated and hard stainless steel rollers that are very sharp, durable and do not rust easily. Hopper included has the capacity of 10lbs and the grinding is done within 40 seconds; hopper has rubber edge guard for its protection and black oxide hardware finishing. Ball bearings, shaft bearings included for precision grinding. Front and side plates are made from aircraft aluminum. It features side knobs with 6 adjustable reference marks on each side. Also, it comes with dial adjustment lock to fix gap sizes of rollers to achieve different textures of flours to be grinded and also has mounted rails made from aluminum that rests on the container to be grinded into. Long enough handle is provided for hand-crank operation. It also comes with a muslin cotton grain bag. It can grind wheat, corn, barley and many more grains.

3.NutriMill Classic 760200 Grain Mill


This classy looking unique grain mill from Nutrimill has advanced technology adapted with complete control on the milling texture due to adjustable motor speed, robust milling heads and a Force Flow sound/air chamber design for noise reduction down to about 50%. The motor cooling ability is enhanced for efficiency and long-lasting use. It also is capable of maintaining the temperature of the milled flour up to 118° to preserve the nutrients in it. This grain mill is powered with a 1200W motor of 10Amp, 1-3/4 hp and milling heads construction is made up of stainless steel to offer all textures from medium, rough to very fine; making it better than other impact mills. Up to 5 cups of flour can be easily grinded in it, and it hardly takes a minute to grind. It comes with a hopper to hold the grains up to 12 cups and increase its capacity, an air filter and a separator cup as well. The product is backed with a limited lifetime of warranty. The knobs and large capacity bowl provided are all ergonomically designed to provide ease to the users. This bowl can hold up to 20 cups of flour. It can grind wheat, quinoa, all types of beans, lentils, etc.

2.WonderMill Electric Grain Mill

WonderMill has this electric grain mill powered by 1250W, 1-3/4 hp motor that can easily grind wheat, rice, any other small grains and also legumes or large beans. It has a very clean design that works quietly and is very easy to use. Made up from stainless steel, this high speed grinding grain mill does not overheat the flour keeping it nutritional. It has a very low maintenance and hassle-free mechanism with no gumming, blocking or glazing. It can produce very fine flour to very rough one as well. It has the ability to grind about 100 pounds of flour in 60 minutes. There are no tiny parts in this grind mill; hence cleaning it, is very simple job. The flour receiver provided here has the capacity to hold 12 cups of flour; which can be also later used as a storage container. The small grain adapter provided here helps the filling of hopper slowly as required. This grind mill has qualified the certification from UL, CSA and CE. The product has lifetime of warranty period.

1.Marga Grain mill

This model of grain mill from Marcato’s Marga can grind grains into fresh flours as well as cereal flakes within very few minutes. It is made up from chrome-plated steel with anodized aluminum rollers to prevent it from getting damaged and smartly removes any particles from getting in the mill, making the food safe and healthy to eat. It has adjustment dial with options to change the textures to 6 forms; from very fine flour to medium and rough one. It can grind oats, barley, rice, wheat, rye, etc. and many other grains. The metal hopper can be attached with included magnets for user to easily clean the mill and easily assemble it. Through lower slide you can easily view the grinding operation. The grain mill comes all included with hand crank, clamping system; can be powered with Pasta drive motor if desired which is available separately. The dimension of the product is 6.5” x 5.5” x 8.5” and is backed with 10 years of warranty period.