Over the years, the need to reduce the gap between affordable table saws and the professional saws has lead to a new design called the Hybrid table saws. Every woodworker knows the importance of both affordability and performance. This makes the Hybrid table saw a very convenient saw for the hobbyist interested in quality features. The significance of good features is a priority for anyone who is serious about woodworking. If you have desired the features of a cabinet saw but could not manage the price; hybrid table saws offers those features at a very affordable price range. This kind of table saw is as the name suggests, is a hybrid between the cabinet saw and the contractor saw. An example of a hybrid table saw that you can consider investing on is the Shop Fox W1819 3 HP 10-Inch Table Saw with Riving Knife.


Shop Fox W1819 3 HP 10-Inch Table Saw with Riving Knife

List of features

  •     It features precision ground and polished cast iron table that is essentially meant to help make cuts easily and comfortably. Also comes with wings and huge cast iron trunnions.
  •     It also has safety features that are designed to make your woodworking smooth, precise and safe. They include a blade guard, quick release riving knife, and a splitter assembly.
  •     T-fence system that provides nylon runners which can be smooth gliding with positive phenolic face and
  •     Magnetic Switch that is equipped with thermal overload protection.
  •     It features a miter gauge that is easily adjustable and comes with anodized fence extension and flips stop.


  •     Horsepower: The motor power on this table saw is 3HP with a cutting capacity of 29-1/2-inch.
  •     Enclosed Base: The enclosed base has the motor placed inside and this reduces risks of particles getting in contact with the motor while working.
  •     The blade can tilt to the left up to 45 degrees, the ease of alignment is good for working on things like chamfers or bevels.
  •     Easier Alignment: It is easier to align the blade to the miter slot, due to the fact that this saw has massive trunnions.
  •     Miter Fence – The miter fence offers support when working and is more suitable for longer wood pieces.
  •     Can cut several pieces of wood


  •     Very heavy – The table saw weighs about 507lbs making it less portable. This is a heavy duty machine that is not suitable for job site woodworking.
  •     Price – The price of the table saw is a bit on the high side. But for those interested in good quality, it is a worthy investment.


Shop Fox W1819 3 HP 10-Inch Table Saw with Riving Knife is one of those cabinet table saws that just doesn’t disappoint. It is a full package of high performance, quality construction, and impressive features. The rip capacity that this table saw offers is ideal for any serious professional looking for high-performance cabinet table saw. It offers dado capacity and a depth cut of 3-1/8-inches. Like all cabinet table saws, you are guaranteed high powerful performance. The features on this table saw also ensure that you enjoy durability in order to enjoy your money’s worth. A good table saw for high-performance woodworking!


Safety is a priority in any kind of profession.  When looking to purchase a table saw like the hybrid saw, you are advised to consider safety features. This will not only help you avoid unnecessary injuries but it will also help your machine last longer.  Important safety features like the flesh sensors, riving knife, magnetic off switches, and foot switches.  Kickbacks are a major concern for most woodworkers, and that is why the riving knife is a safety device that can help minimize the chances of kickbacks. Between the splitter and riving knife, the latter is a better safety device for your table saw.


There are several tables saw features that are generally important to consider when buying any table saw. Keep in mind that the higher the amps of your table saw motor is, the more cutting power it will have. To be able to have expandable rip cutting capabilities, you should look for a table saw with extendable fences. Another important thing to consider is the safety feature; this will guarantee you a safe working experience and also enable your table saw to last a bit longer.

When choosing a table saw, you have to ensure that you choose one that matches the space you have availed for the power tool. It is also important to know your budget because not all the table saws cost the same. Also, ensure that your volt wiring is able to accommodate the kind of table saw you desire; this is mainly because table saws run on different volt power. The bottom line is, the table saw you settle for should be compatible with your needs.


Purchasing a hybrid table saw is one of the most important investments for any woodworker. For this reason, it is important to consider the features you want carefully.  Compare features and understand the table saw and its advantages before paying for it. Here are some features to consider;

Riving Knife

A riving knife is the most important safety feature you should look for on your hybrid saw. This will be useful in preventing kickbacks that are known to cause injuries. Although most saws come with this feature, it is important to ensure that the knife is positioned same as the blade.

Dust Control

Air full of saw dust from woodwork can cause very serious health complications if inhaled frequently. Most hybrid saws come with a 4” dust port, which is effective in dust collection. It is important to check and ensure that everything is in place.

Good Fence

Hybrid saws come with a good fence, but it is important to ensure that you are getting good quality. A quality fence can determine whether you get a good fit or not.

Safety Measures

Ensuring that your table saw is safe to use will save you the frequent visits to the emergency room. Invest in devices such as a riving knife, flesh sensors and much more.


For the different cuts and applications of blades, there is a variety to choose from. What you want the blade to do for you should be a big determinant when buying a saw blade. There are certain applications that can only be done using specific saw blades. One example of a saw blade is the Hollow ground blade: it is used when you want to make a clean smooth cut through, materials such as acrylic. Another one is the Combination blade that can be used in ripping, mitering and crosscutting.