The era of the Selfie officially began in 2013, and is now a trend that is here to stay. With selfies evolving from pictures being taken from the back camera, to the front camera to groupies, they have now become a norm for every person owning a smartphone. So popular did the trend become, that there are numerous ” Best Selfie” contests, and to top it all off, the word has been included in the Oxford dictionary with the definition: “A picture of oneself taken from the front camera, and posted on social media”. Also evolving to such an extent, that apps such as Snapchat and Prisma are built on the backbone of a selfie. Something any Selfie enthusiast already knows and every amateur selfie-ist should be knowing, is that the perfect Selfie involves a lot of technical details; a few of them being the angle, the arm length, and being able to include every person in a wide frame. In a bid to ease out these technicalities, the Selfie Stick was born. Now a possession of many, the Selfie Stick has been both praised and ridiculed. Nevertheless, it is an undoubted revolutionary innovation, and a blessing for the Selfie generation.

The Top 10 Selfie Sticks Review

10) Spigen Selfie Stick Wired

This jet black Selfie Stick model from Spigen has a wired format, and connects to the device via headphone jack. Since there is no need for Bluetooth, there is no need for a charger, making the product easy to use at any time with no worries. The design is compact and portable. A 360° swivel ball lets the user take selfies from a wide range of angles, making the selfies flawless. The handle is foldable, and spans from a minimum of 7.2 inches to a maximum of 31.5 inches, which is quite long. It is compatible with all Android and Apple phones version 3.0 and higher. The fastening is made of rubber, making sure that the device put in use is not scratched or deformed.

9) Jamsonic Monopod MPOW iSnap

The wireless Selfie Stick from Jamsonic has a large battery life of 20 hours. It comes with a built in Bluetooth remote, and the picture clicking is done by a button on successful Bluetooth connection between device and Selfie Stick. The handle length ranges from 0.77 feet to 3.4 feet which is about 23 to 103 centimeters, and a swivel cord of 180°is present for adjusting angles. Rubber padding at the handle ensures grip and stability, and the product is compatible with all Apple and Android phones, that have a maximum width of 5.5 inches. Also, the company offers 45 day cash back return and an 18 month warranty.

8) Stalion Extendable Monopod Selfie Stick

Available in Black, Blue and Pink, the Selfie Stick from Stalion comes in a wired format with a shutter button, eliminating the need for a charging cable or dependence on battery. The length of the Stick spans from 7.7 feet to 32.3 feet, which is about 230 to 940 centimeters and the range of angles are all in a 270° swivel ball. The product is compatible with Android phones of version 3.0 and above, and iPhones of version 4.0 and above. Apart from this, the product is sold with a lifetime warranty.

7) iGenio Cable Monopod Selfie Stick

A Black colored product, iGenio has its Selfie Sticks designed as both wired and wireless, and the buyer can choose from both. Apart from the wiring, every other feature is the same. Both have a maximum length of 39 inches, and support all Android and Apple phones of version 3.0 and above. The unique policy of the company is that from every purchase of the Selfie Stick, a portion is given to support NGO SightSavers International that works towards helping people who have lost their eyesight. Apart from this the product is sold with a lifetime warranty.

6) CamKix Bluetooth Selfie Stick

This Selfie Stick from Camkix comes in Black, Green, and Hot Pink colours. The design is very compact, lightweight and on complete folding the Stick measures 11 inches. The maximum length is 40 inches. The product supports universally all windows, android, and iOs pones with a maximum width of 3.25 inches. The swivel ball allows rotation up to 180°, giving a decent range of angles. The Selfie Stick is wireless and Bluetooth operated, and so comes with a Bluetooth remote and a wrist strap for easy functioning. The product comes with a 24 month warranty.

5) TaoTronics Selfie Stick With Remote Shutter

Taotronics has made its Selfie Stick model universally compatible with all mobile phones, which are within the screen size of 3.5 inches. The battery once charged, lasts up to twenty hours, giving an estimate of three thousand selfies until discharge. The maximum length of the rod goes up to 31 inches, and a swivel ball with a rotation capacity of 270° ensures a large range of selfie angles. The package comes with a Bluetooth remote, a user manual and a wrist strap, to ensure that the usage of the product is smooth and there are no accidents. The product also has a warranty with it.

4) MPOW iSnap Extendable Tripod Selfie Stick

MPOW is a Selfie Stick brand fast gaining popularity with the features. This particular model comes in Black, Blue and Hot Pink colours. It is of the wireless kind, and comes with a Bluetooth device connectivity. This is a one piece design so you don’t need to install every part of the product. The rod length ranges from a minimum of 7.1 inches to a maximum of 31.5 inches. And the U-shaped clamp design makes it even smaller, saving a lot of your space. The charging backup lasts for up to twenty hours. Included in the delivery package, is a charging cable, a wrist strap to ensure grip, and an 18 month warranty, with the 45 days guaranteeing cash back.

3) Anker Extendable Monopod Selfie Stick

Compatible with all iPhones and Android phones ranging from sizes of 2.2 inches to 3.3 inches, Anker’s model of the Selfie Stick comes in a black colour. The battery life is 20 hours, and guarantees an average count of 3000 selfies in a sitting. The rod reaches up to a maximum length of 31 inches, and is foldable, keeping it compact when not in use. The design is that of the wireless kind, and so the device is connected via Bluetooth. The packaging box includes a user manual, a Bluetooth remote, a wrist strap, and an 18 month warranty for the product, the first 45 days with a cash back policy.

2) ThrillPro Monopod Selfie Stick

ThrillPro’s take on the Selfie Stick has a light weight design and is compact, making it quite portable. The mounter is universal, with an adjustable lock up that enlarges to a maximum of 80mm in width, allowing even digital cameras to be used with the Selfie Stick. The build is of a wireless one, and so there is no need of charging. This makes the product even more travel friendly as there is no need of electricity. The base of the Monopod comes with a small attachment site for extra handles, which transforms a Monopod Selfie Stick to a tripod camera stand, this little feature making it a handy device to own. The package includes a user manual, a wrist strap, an extra leg for the conversion to a tripod and the warranty card. The product also has an 18 month warranty.

1) Fugetek Selfie Stick FT-568

Available only in the color black, the Fugetek version of the Selfie Stick is compatible with all mobile phones, digital cameras, DSLRs, and tablets. An adjustable lock up spans up to a large 4.2 inches, letting a variety of devices to be set in the mount. The battery life is that of up to 300 hours in just one hour of charging. The device is operated wirelessly, and so connection is through Bluetooth. A rubber handle ensures grip and stability during usage, avoiding any accidents. The rod extends from about 7.5 inches to a fairly large 49 inches in length. The product comes with an 18 month warranty with the first 45 days guaranteeing cash back.

Things to consider before buying a Selfie Stick:

  • Phone Specifications – all Selfie Sticks nowadays are compatible with every single phone model; however they each have a specific maximum width, so care should be taken to choose the right one. Apart from phones, a number of Selfie Sticks are also compatible with cameras, and this feature in many ways could be a boon to photography enthusiasts. Also look out for a lock grip, which usually has a set length, though recent models are slightly adjustable. The lock grip is what decides whether or not the phone has to be removed from its protective case before each click, or can be used without any such hassle inducing action.
  • Wired or Wireless – the wired or non wired factor specifically needs to be kept in mind depending on the frequency of your need for a Selfie Stick. They are commonly also known as Bluetooth or Manual, respectively. The wired versions just need to be connected to the now universal 3.5mm headphone jack to be ready for use, while the wireless needs to be connected to the device’s Bluetooth. The Bluetooth versions are easy to use once connected, but if what the user wants is a “capture the moment” scenario, it is advisable to go for the wired, to avoid any time consumption due to weak connections between the devices.
  • Charger and Battery Life – as is the case while buying phones, if the Selfie stick being purchased is electronically controlled (by Bluetooth remote), it has to be charged, and the battery life has to be looked into. Most sticks come with their own charging cable, and a fewer recent models are compatible with all USB chargers. The battery life of an average Selfie Stick is 20 hours, and a rough estimation suggests tha that is enough time to click 3000 selfies. This specification matters especially if the user has to travel frequently and may not have regular access to a charging portal. A battery powered Selfie Stick, however, comes with the added responsibility of remembering to carry along the charger, and so it is advisable to either go for the manual design or for a USB compatible port.
  • Folding Ability – the ability of a Selfie Stick to be folded up or retractable leads to it being compact and easy to carry. A few Selfie sticks come in a set length, but every new model has a feature of adjustable length. Typically being extendable up to 30-40 inches, the minimum length of the Stick is usually around 7-8 inches upon retraction. Apart from portability, the length affects the Selfie angle, and a longer length makes group selfies easier, while a shorter length could be used for more intimate ones.
  • Monopod or Tripod – the Selfie Stick is essentially an inverted version of the stands used by photographers traditionally. The mount is the inverted stand, and has two types: Monopod and Tripod. The tripod is much more secure than the Monopod, as it holds the device from all ends safely, ensuring it to not fall down. The Monopod is a little trickier, and not as safe as the predecessor. Price wise, the tripod is costlier than the mono. However, presently, most tripod Selfie Sticks are compatible only with a few select phones, and the Monopod is a safer bet for universal compatibility.
  • The Shutter Button – after connecting and focusing the camera, the only thing left to do, is click. Since the phone is now out of your reach, this is totally dependent on the Selfie Stick. Wired sticks generally have a camera button on the handle since they are directly connected to the jack or are used with timers, while Bluetooth versions come with a separate remote control to allow the user to click on just the right moment.