Just as technology is paving its way into all walks of life, how could Sports be an exception? A decade ago, no one could have thought a traditional game as Golf could offer any scope of interference by modern technology. A rapid increase in the popularity and competition in golf in the past decade has resulted in the advent of modern technology into the way this game is played. Players today are taking advantage of a number of gadgets that enable them to stay ahead of the curve. One of such gadgets is a Rangefinder that facilitates a player to unmistakably determine the distance at which a certain point is situated. Rangefinders today use Global Positioning System (GPS) to provide impeccable results to help in performance enhancement of the player.

Presently, there are numerous GPS Rangefinders available in the form of handheld devices, smart watches or other devices. So, making a choice out of the options can be rather tiring. To make this choice easier, here is the 9 Golf GPS Review to level up your game.

Golf GPS review

9.Approach G6 by Garmin

This incredible product by Garmin is a perfect example of the phrase ‘good things come in small packages’. In spite of being relatively smaller than its competitors, Approach G6 is quite big on features. There has been no compromise on durability due to smaller size. More than 40,000 golf courses come pre-installed in the device that offer a detailed view and can be updated anytime without paying anything extra. The maps offer a high level of contrast and have been improved to provide detailed representation of the course hole by hole facilitating easier layup decisions. A scorecard too has been incorporated within the device that keeps count not only of the scores but also offers statistics. Touch-targeting is a very interesting feature of this device that displays the distance between two points by a mere touch of the finger. Also, the user can manually pin point the target where he wants to hit the ball and get exact measure of yardage. Hence, the user can evaluate the force and club he requires to put the ball where he intends to.

8.NEO Ghost by Bushnell

An easy to use, pocket friendly NEO Ghost is everything what a golfer asks for in a Rangefinder. This value for money rangefinder features super easy to use interface that has been designed keeping in mind the needs of professionals as well as amateurs. Not only does this device come with 35,000 courses preloaded into it but it also recognized the course you are headed to owing to the GPS accuracy this product offers. Auto hole advance feature enables a hassle free experience without having to manually calibrate the device for the next hole. The clear front, centre and back distances never goes wrong in letting the player to strategize his hit for a perfect shot. The hazard distances are given for each hole that takes into count as many as four hazards per hole so you never have to worry about your ball landing where it should not have. The USB charging cable comes in handy as it can be charged from a laptop or car too.

7.Approach G3 by Garmin

The Predecessor of Approach G6 has still not lost its shine especially in North and Latin America. This compact waterproof GPS Rangefinder has been every golfer’s best friend since a long time now. The detailed maps even feature the hole by hole preview of the course, therefore the user does not have to physically present at the course to prepare for his next game. The special “Green View” function is what differentiates it from the rest. Green View not only facilitates in a better understanding of the course graphically, but even provides and accurate yardage between two points for a perfect shot. Unlike the past, the Approach G3 users no longer have to worry about the view being blocked by trees because this device comes with a special feature of “Tree Line Coverage” that lets the user to foresee how he can prevent trees in the course to line in his fairways. Not to forget, this device never leaves you hanging in the game with 15 hours of battery backup withdrawing its power from 2AA size batteries.

6.Swami 4000+ by IZZO

Swami 4000+ is the most basic golf GPS rangefinder making it one of the cheapest (not in quality) Golf GPS devices that are available in the market. This product is mostly like its predecessor Swami 4000, except for an added feature of distances to hazards.  Featuring  a 1.8 inch color touchscreen, the interface is both simple and useful. The features like preloaded courses and hole by hole advancement make it the best buy in GPS Rangefinder segment. Also, point to point different calculation is a high end feature that has also been incorporated into this device. But what brings this device above its competition apart from its price is its ability to enable the user to edit the course as per his needs. Another feature that most devices don’t offer is multilingual interface. Swami 4000+ comes with four language settings that is a great positive point for in the international market.

5.VS4 by GolfBuddy

VS4 is a perfect blend of compact size and functionality. Measuring less than 2” and weighing around 29g, this product has a lot to speak for itself, literally. VS4 comes with a voice guidance feature that interacts with the user in 8 languages (English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Japanese, Chinese, Korean). More than 38,000 courses come pre-installed in this device with not only front, centre and back distance measurement of the green but also the shot distance, thanks to the impeccable GPS technology housed in the unit.  The interface has been designed to gain the maximum functionality without having to input too many commands to the device. Most of the features like course recognition and hole by hole advancement function automatically thus making the device not only user friendly but also competent to any other expensive and sophisticated GPS Rangefinder.  Being really small and self functional, the battery consumption of the device is fairly less enabling it to last 10 hours.

4.Hybrid by Bushnell

The one of its kind device, Hybrid Rangefinder by Bushnell promises (and delivers) the best of both the worlds by blending the accuracy of laser technology into the convenience of Global Positioning System, this device is sure to keep both traditional players as well as modern players happy. It claims to be the only GPS enabled Rangefinder to accurately measure distance nearest to 1 yard. The Hybrid uses Pinseeker Technology that prevents any error by eliminating any clutter from the background of the flag thus producing accurate measurements. The range of measurement varies from 5 yards to 1,000 yards. This device features more than 30,000 courses pre-installed with automatic identification of the course owing to the high sensitivity sensor mounted in the unit. The course maps can be customized as per the requirements of the user giving him the ability to add personal hazards an targets. A whole new course can also be added which takes it to the extremes of course map customization. The device lasts upto 15 hours with a single charge.

 3.NEO XS by Bushnell

NEO XS from Bushnell is an entry level Golf watch that is low only on price and weight; not on features. The most important feature for any GPS device is course coverage that this watch satisfactorily delivers. With the inbuilt coverage of more than 30,000 courses, and 5 language options in the menu enables it to qualify as an international product. Basic GPS features like Distance calculator and shot calculator are accompanied by Preloaded Hazards that count up to 4/hole is a high end feature surprisingly available at this price. The watch comes with a factory fitted Odometer which measures the movement of the player along with the speed and time elapsed during the play. The watch has an additional feature of automatically shut down the GPS during tee time that saves up a lot of battery. The company claims the watch has 16 hours of battery backup which is decent for atleast 3 rounds.

2. Approach S2 by Garmin

Approach S2 represents the evolution of GPS viewfinders from a handheld device to a watch. This device features a monochrome LCD display that is 1” in diameter. However, the small size display does not limit the possibilities this golf watch has to offer. Housing a High-Sensitivity receiver, this device provides impeccable precision when it comes to Yardage be it for shot distance or F/M/B distance. The most important feature offered by the device is Yardage to layups and doplegs. Approach S2, in spite of having a small screen manages to provide a decent score card and statistical evaluation for the player which is another major breakthrough for the golf GPS devices. This device offers coverage of more than 40,000 courses in almost whole of the world which can be updated anytime without any extra expenses. Other features include automatic time and date updating, alarm setting and rechargeable lithium ion battery. The watch can also be synced to a computer.

1. Voice by GolfBuddy

A mere 1” screen did not stop GolfBuddy’s Voice from being on top of the list. With a fully functional voice guidance system, this product not only talks, it talks in 8 languages. The biggest specialty of this device is that it is not at all sophisticated and works equally fine for both an amateur and a pro. The features such as Auto Hole Advance and the tracking of shot distance without actually having to manually command the device makes it exceptionally user friendly. The Voice is known to feature the widest course coverage in the world which counts to around 40,000+ courses. The device features two options to view the field. The user can choose to go hole by hole or check the overview of the course with the green view.   There is no extra fee charged for accessing the course database and the updates are also provided for free by GolfBuddy.  Small design screen size also saves up the energy which cause the device to easily last 9 hours with a single charge.