A corded telephone is the one which is connected to the provider’s cable through a wall hike. Here, both the base of the telephone and the handset are connected to each other using a cord. It provides a very clear and dependable network especially when the power is out. They are linked using set conducting threads which makes it immovable. They are available in both wall clasped and desktop forms. You should be seated or standing in one location only to have a proper communication with the person at other end of line. These linked wires are not a mess but sometimes can act as a stumbling block. It can be only accessed from the place where it is kept. Sometimes during the call the wires can be entangled, so better to stay at one place and attend the call. You may also have to repeat some of the calls if the call takes time. On hearing the ring of the telephone, people need to walk up to it and then answer. It is designed for home as well as office use. There is a different range starting from slenderized looks, modern cast, retro based view, classic, premium and much more.

Benefits of Corded Telephone

  • Low cost: These types of telephones are a great option in terms of affordable buying as its connection is very basic.
  • Sound feature: The quality of the call is much better. There is no loss in the sound during the call as the plugging is direct. It doesn’t even have reception issues. It promises the clarity in the speech.
  • Soundness: It is very reliable and safe to use with ultimate transparency. They don’t have battery run issues or call dropping problems.
  • Power failures: The corded telephones have their power source direct from the phone line. So even in the caseof power cut offs they will function properly. It doesn’t face deflated battery issues even during high usage. It is free from range issues.
  • Mobility: Some of these phones have speaker option making it little bit of mobile. With this versatile feature you can make hands free calls.
  • Caller ID:This interesting feature is very useful especially in office. You can see the name as well as the number of the caller even if other call is going on. It does have a small display screen on top of it.
  • Memory:Nowadays many of these corded telephones have storage facility to save few contact numbers. Depending whether it is used in homes or office, this memory can save upto 25 contacts.
  • Multiple line ability:Most of the corded telephones used in offices are capable enough to hold more than one call at the same time. In other words, you can simultaneously talk with more than one person at a time.
  • Sleek look: Some of the modern corded telephones are light in weight, easily accessible with smooth and stylish designs.

Top 11 Corded Telephones

11.AT&T Corded 2-line Telephone

This AT & T ML17929 corded telephone offers 2-line operation, that is, calls can be received and dialed from two distinct phone lines to ensure flexibility in home or workplace; it is also compatible with a headset of 2.5mm jack to enable talking hands free. Some other features of this corded telephone includes caller id, call waiting facility, capability of storing 100 names/numbers of contacts, speed dial storage up to 18 numbers, expandable to handsets,speakerphone to multitask as you speak, viewing caller id history of previous 99 names/numbers, conferencing up to 3 people including you, recorded messages have device time and date label, hold facility, setup menu has three languages English/ Spanish/ French options and easy redialing or storing of frequent calls. The caller id flashes name, phone number, time and date as well; the ClearSpeak speaker phone is dial-in based enabling hands free talking and easily do other work while on call.

10.AT&T TL86109 Corded Expandable Phone

The AT&T TL86109 corded telephone is energy stared and claims to have digital technology (DECT 6.0) enabling high quality range, clarity of sound and noise-filter technology; the phone has the ability to perform intercom between hand set and base phone, call can be transferred using intercom, 2 cell phones can be connected through Bluetooth or one cell phone and a Bluetooth headset can be connected to the base phone to easily manage calls through them; has answering machine which is digital with recording availability of up to 14 minutes of time, can be expanded up to 12 handsets, has lighted keypad and LCD with high-contrast view. Other impressive features of this telephone include viewing caller id/waiting call, screening of call and its intercept, has quiet mode command, conference can be held between an outside call of landline and minimum 4 handsets (cordless), speed dial storage of up to 9 numbers, compatible with headsets of 2.5 mm jack, indicator light to view waiting voicemail, quick redialing of previous 20 recent numbers, setup menu with English/French and Spanish language options, the telephone can be easily placed on the table and has answer with any key option.

9.CL2940 Corded Telephone from AT&T

CL2940 model from AT&T is a corded telephone with volume control command in speakerphone having an extra large tilted LCD display especially for people who are visually impaired and old people. It also offers extra-large sized buttons and loud ringer, caller id/call waiting facility that works on 4 AA batteries, clarity and loud sounding audio assist feature, volume control command for both ringer and receiver from high, medium, low/off, ClearSpeak speakerphone in dial-in base unit, 3 emergency dials, setup menu in English/French and Spanish languages, caller id history that can store up to65 names/numbers and also capable of working without AC power. Corded operation saves you from misplacing handsets, the phone system is very robust making it durable and it can be fitted effortlessly on any wall or counter. Audio assist feature for speakerphone increases volume temporarily to provide clarity and loud voice. For people with hearing impairment it offers compatibility with hearing aids.

8.TrimLine corded telephone 210M by AT&T

This model from AT&T is very simple in design made easy to use andconsists of lighted keypad, speed dial storage up to 10 numbers, volume control command for ringer as well as handset. Simple corded phone does not get lost like handsets; are very sturdy and long-lasting. The base of the phone can be easily placed on any surface or mounted on walls; the phone also features 12 numbers to be easily redialed that are recently called, 9 number storages on speed dial, 3 one-touch emergency dials, a directory card to check all settings ofmemory dial, redial feature to quickly call last recent number, high/low/off ringer volume settings, 3 volume settings for handset as well. Lighted keypad enables operating phone in even darker areas and mute command lets you to mute your side of the call and listen other side of the conversation. This product comes with a one year of warranty period. It is a complete phone system with a handset, base for telephone, line cord (length-7 foot) and coiled cord for handset as well.

7. Cortelco Wall Telephone

It is a single-lined telephone to be mounted on wall and connected to universally accepted RJ11 pigtail plug. It tone dials and has volume control commands on both handset/ringer. It is simple in construction, easy to use and comes with 5 years of warranty period. It has traditional looks and compact in size to fit easily on any wall, is portable and the ringer rings with single-gong. This 255415-VBA-20M model from Cortelco delivers satisfactory performance and enables clear conversations on calls.

6. VTech CS6649 Corded telephone including 1 Handset

VTech presents CS6649corded telephone model that has equipped digital technology with a DECT (Digitally Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) frequency band 6.0that helps to transmit the voice of calls through different channels. This technology enables clarity and loudness in voice, high quality performance, saves from wiretapping and does not let it interrupt with other wireless routers. Some other attributes of these telephone include caller id/call waiting facility, stores 50 numbers in calls history, comes with speakerphones for both handset/base, quiet mode facility, can be expanded up to 5 handsets using single jack, ECO mode to save power, line power mode, answering system which is digital, huge lighted display for base as well as handset, carrying intercom amongst base telephone and handset, indicator light to show waiting voicemail, is easily mountable on wall or can be kept on counter, easy retrieving of messages from handset and is compatible with hearing aids to facilitate people with impaired hearing.

5. CL84102 One corded and one handset telephone by AT&T

It features DECT  (Digitally Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) 6.0 digital technology to enable clear, loud and high quality voice calls with noise-filter, caller id/call waiting flashing, caller id announcement by both base unit and handset, recording through digital answering machine up to 14 minutes, storing caller id history of 50 numbers, HD audio experience with equalizer to customize as per your convenience, can be expanded up to 12 handsets, 50 names/numbers storage in the directory and keypad is backlit with a good quality contrasted LCD. This telephone’s base is tilted for better angled view, offers line power mode, intercom can be performed between base and handset, enables conferencing between outside call line and minimum 4 handsets, maximum 9 numbers can be stored for speed dialing, light indicator shows a waiting voicemail, setup menu offers English/French and Spanish language options and this telephone is also compatible with a cordless headset by AT&T itself. The telephone can be effortlessly mounted on the wall or even placed on the table.

4.AT&T Standard telephone CL4940

This model from AT&T consists of a caller id/call waiting flashing facility, a answering machine that is digital, display with extra-large buttons and fonts, visual light indicator when phone rings for people who are visually impaired or old people, tilted angled display to provide better view, keypad is backlit, ringer with loud volume, line power mode, speakerphones, Audio Assist feature to enable temporary volume increase and high quality sound frequency to hear clearly, Mute option to mute your side of conversation and hear other party voice, easy redialing of previous recent call, volume control command for ringer/speakerphone as well as handset and English/French/ Spanish language options to set up menu. It can be easily mounted on wall or placed at a table and is compatible with most hearing aids like T-coil to help people with hearing impairment. It also satisfies standards of TIA-1083 regarding compatibility for hearing aid and reduced noise.

3.Panasonic corded telephone KX-TG6672B and 2 handsets

This Panasonic corded telephone features DECT 6.0 plus system with 2 cordless handsets and 1 corded base unit, digital answering machine that can record messages up to 18 minutes, caller id announcements, handset with headset jack to connect, handset locator facility, eco-mode to save power, good battery life up to 13 hours to talk and 11 days when on standby, backlit LCD display and keypad with white lights, hold/mute commands, call blocking command, intercom between handset and base unit, 4-way conferencing facility, redial memory of names and numbers up to 5 from history, phonebook memory up to 100 numbers, silent mode command, any key answer command, alarm clock facility, ringer id facility to set for different contacts, caller id memory of up to 50 numbers, LCD display has 2 language options of English and Spanish to set up menu and telephone has the ability to be mounted on wall easily.

2. Panasonic landline telephone with 2 handsets

This Panasonic model of cordedsingle line telephone comes with 2 cordless handsets. It features DECT 6.0 Plus; a technology that helps to ensure high quality range and clear voice calls with smart noise reduction. It includes digital answering machine, qualified volume of handset with a volume key, a big LED light on the handset to know when call comes, a large backlit LCD display with big font size and numbers on backlit keypad to enable easy reading, it even has the capability to connect up to 6 handsets to it, handset has headset jack to it and a handset locater to ensure you don’t misplace it. The voice answering machine comes with a remote control and has the ability to record messages up to 18 minutes. Other features include smart eco-mode to save power, hold/mute options, any key answer option, redial memory up to 10 numbers, privacy/silent mode option, alarm clock facility, caller id announcements, set up ringer id for different contacts, call block option, intercom between base unit and handset and even conferencing between outside line and 4 cordless handsets.

1.Panasonic Corded telephone KX-TGF352N:

Its base unit is very easy to use, has 3 one-touch dial buttons ideal for calling frequently dialed numbers, good battery backup to provide when the power goes off. It has the capability to block around 250 numbers with clicking just one-touch ‘call block’ button on the base unit or handset, phonebook that could store up to 100 numbers,it can enable the user hear clear voice even if it is being used in a crowded and noisy place due to its noise reduction technology, has alarm clock facility, it has a built in monitor for babies which can detect baby crying and send alerts, it has battery backup of 13 hours for talking, has bright tilted LCD display of 3.4 inches with lighted keypads to enable reading and operating in even dark areas. The digital answering machine is capable of recording messages for up to 17 minutes and the phone is also compatible with key detector.