Swimwear has changed recently from unassertive fragments to Speedos. Earlier in 1900 it was all about modesty as it was not legal for men to go bare chest on the beach. Gradually the laws changed and by 1970s men hugged Speedo briefs. The strictest Swimsuit regulations were in the U.S. in late 19th and early 20th centuries. Over the years, the length of men’s swim shorts have changed as earlier long shorts have been more in demand, but now again bathing shorts are coming back into the trend.

List of top 11 Men’s swimsuit

11.Kanu Surf Baracuda Swimming Trunk for men

This product has a combination of performance fabrics, excellent design and fun which makes it an essential wear for the beach. It is available in a vast variety for all men, boys, girls and women. The trunks are made up of very soft material with a true fit. Many of the Kanu Surf’s products are UV Rated which gives a great deal of comfort by allowing sun protection which is chemical free. It is an imported, machine washable and made from 100% polyester. This trunk has a feature of elastic waistband with side stripes and cargo pockets.

10.Basic Marina Core Watershorts for men by Speedo

These are full of comfort, lightweight shorts which makes it a necessity to be worn in the sun or sand. It is made up of 100% polyester and with a special Speeddry fabric which makes the water, dry off quickly and gives extended durability. The product has specialized feature of UPF 50+ which provides UV protection from harmful rays. The shorts have a straight fit which does not make it too voluminous when water drenched. The material is soft and flexible, which makes it easy to move while swimming. The softness of the product is described in terms of the texture as it has a slight velvety touch on its surface. It contains deep hip pockets to make space for whole hand deep inside the pockets in order to carry cash and any other document while travelling. It has a leg pocket also with a strong Velcro to keep glass case and wallet.

9.Endurance+ Solid swimsuit with Square leg made up of Polyester for men by Speedo-

These are designed using a Speedo Endurance+ which is a durable and comfortable fabric. The material will not fade, and stretch over the time even it is exposed to body lotions or pools containing chlorine. This fabric has tendency to survive comparatively longer than conventional fabrics used for swimwears. It also contains UPF 50+ for protection against harmful radiations. The brand already excels worldwide in swimwears and is popular in giving extra fit, quality and technical improvements with a hassle-free lifestyle swimwear. All the products from Speedo pass through sophisticated testing analysis to make it technically fit and to make it best for any activity like fun, competition, games or relaxation. The square leg cut provided in the product covers a larger area than conventional swimwears. The product has exclusive characteristics due to the reason that Endurance+ fabric does not contain Lycra. Lycra is added to give stretchy properties to nylon but chlorine destroys Lycra and leads to sagging suits. Ensurance+ is a blended polyester with 50% PBT Polyester.

8.Volly Swimming Trunks for Surf Runners by Speedo

These shorts are the basic shorts for men from the Speedo’s products. It gives an excellent fit for the shorts styled above the knee. It has an elastic waist with a mesh liner and a draw cord for providing a secured fit. It is a perfect combination technically for a beach or pool due to a water repulsive polishing it has which absorbs limited water and dries readily. It is designed to provide comfort and better performance, while running, swimming, exercise or any other pool activity.  The latest technology employed in the shorts makes it dry twice faster than the ordinary shorts and also protects from UV rays.

7.Basic core Rally solid volley swimming trunks for men by Speedo

The trunks are designed to enjoy a volleyball game on the beach or any recreational swimming. It has UV 50+ protection to protect against harsh rays. The mesh line and the vent makes you feel comfortable against sweat. The product has two side pockets with mesh and a pocket with zipper. It is made up of microfiber, which is 100% polyester. The product is hand washed or machine washable separately in cold water. Bleach which does not contain chlorine is recommended whenever required. The length of the trunk is 19”. The life cycle of shorts will be around 1.5 to 2 years subjected to heavy washing and use.

6.Speedo’s swimsuit Eco solid Jammer made up of PowerFLEX for men

This product is made up from PowerFLEX fabric which is made up of nylon fabric containing 78% Econyl. This nylon is produced from consumer waste. The fiber used in the product contains 22% Lycra and 78% Econyl which is a recycled nylon. It retains its structure for a longer time in comparison to traditional swimwears. It has a classic quality and excellent performance with a simple style and innovation. It has a benefit of providing compression. It gives additional resistant of 30% against fiber breakage in chlorine environment. The product is environment friendly and is best for swimmers. The Lycra used in the product is 275B grade, which provides superior elasticity and long life to the product.

5.Monaco Swimming Trunk for men by Kanu Surf

Kanu Surf in itself is a swim and surf lifestyle brand which is popular for its functional apparel containing great prints and colors. The product is made up of advanced comfort technology with UPF 50+ and quick dry fabric. It has 2 side pockets and 1 to 2 cargo pockets. The seams have triple stitching for extra life and durability. The length of the product is approximately 17 inches. The product is available for both dad and the kids so that both can smash the beach as a team. These are made up of 100% polyester and easily machinewash.

4.Speedo’s Rapid Slice Jammer with Xtra Life Lycra for men

This swimsuit is designed with en engineered fiber that provides five to ten times more durability than ordinary Lycra. The material has high resistivity to oils, chlorine and lotions that will provide a helping hand in lengthy training sessions. It has to retain its shape for longer period of time and is available in different colors. The product is perfect for any competitive and leisurely activity. It provides better compression of the fabric during swimming which helps in reducing fatigue. It has flatlock 9 thread technology, which provides seams with longer durability and extra comfort. The product is ideal for any kind of water activity. The product is made up of fiber containing 26%  Lycra and 74% Nylon. The Lycra used in the product is Xtra Life which lasts longer to give the proper worth of the money.

3.Speedo’s Solid Jammer made by Endurance+ Polyester for men

This product is made up of Endurance+ fabric which offers multiple advantages of UPF50+(ultraviolet protection), fade resistant and less prone to stretching and degradation. The suit is an ideal for aggressive swimming. It has an Endurance logo also on the lower part of the right leg. It has a longer length for assistance in muscle compression and making more efficient during swimming. The endurance polyester used is of excellent quality for new swimmers and it gets stretched almost after about 4 months. The product is designed in such a way to make easy bends for flips and turns and to move in and out of the pool. The quick dry property is an added advantage as working out for the second time in a day with a wet outfit is an awful feeling. Endurance+ is made with flatlock 9 thread technology  provides stronger seams and proper fit. The fabric is environmental friendly and has no effect even after repeated exposure to chlorine or oil. The fabric is basically a blend of polyester with 50% PBT polyester.

2.Baleaf’s swimsuit with square leg and Gradient style for men

Baleaf  is an established brand with 26 years of experience in cycling equipment and clothing. The fabric used in the product is a blend of 80% nylon and 20% spandex.The fit is good and the material easily passes water test for quick drying. The fabric is nice, lightweight and more stretchy. They are of perfect fit from the waist, but can also tie the drawstring as well if required. This is the best product with great comfort in affordable prices.

1.Ispeed’s Jammer swimsuit for men’s fashion

Ispeed is the most energetic brand providing the most innovative and economical sports goods since 2013. The quality of the product is a technology employed in it. Apart from swimwears it also offers swimming goggles and training gloves, etc.  The product is made up of a blend consisting of 82% nylon and 18% spandex. The product is also a perfect fit for gym training with good drawsittings and thick material. An efficient focused workout can be done with this product.

Buying Tips

Swimsuits are designed for water sports like surfing, swimming or certain sun based activity like sun bathing. These are generally classified according to their length and slackness of their cut. These can be skin fit or loose fit but often contains a double layer of fabric in case the outer fabric gets wet and become transparent.

Types of Men’s Swimsuits

  • Trunks: These are most common in North America and are made up of nylon or polyesters.
  • Boardshorts: These are the longer trunks with length upto the knees. It was specifically developed for board sports like surfing, paddle boarding etc.
  • Swim  briefs: These are called Speedos and are V-shaped swimsuits popular in Europe. These have been in demand for many years.
  • Square cut shorts: These are similar to swim briefs or boxer briefs. It covers from waist to upper thigh and has leg openings which are less revealing than swim briefs.
  • Jammers: It resembles bike shorts and is worn by competitive athletes like swimmers as these are skin-tight knee length suits.
  • Wetsuits and drysuits: These are insulated swimsuits made up of neoprene and are available with different thickness and styles. These being quite close fitting are used in Scuba diving, surfing and water board sports.
  • Rash Guards: These are loose swimsuits and can be worn as an alternative to wetsuits during summers and hot weather. It also offers UV protection.
  • Swim Shirts: These are the only upper body version of rash guard and are popular among casual bathers.

Checklist before buying a Swimsuit

There are few factors that play a vital role while purchasing a swim suit. For a hotel pool there are no such technical specifications to be considered, but while going for a water activity  or surfing, there are certain requirements that must be fulfilled. The choice entirely depends on the social principles of modesty and the latest trends.

  • Know your body: The shape of the body will help to decide as to which kind of swimming costume will suit best. Take the measurement of the hips, waist and the bust before selecting a perfect swimsuit. Choosing the correct color and fabric will highlight best features. Use bright colors to highlight a feature and use solid colors to hide a feature.
  • Leg movement: Loose shorts are not a wise decision for exercise and walking as it can chafe quickly. Even athletes opt for tight fit swimsuits.
  • The amount of actual swimming to be done: Square cut shorts are the best option for the man who likes swimming or lying out in the sun.
  • Sun protection: It is better to consider an option which can cover the upper and lower body both for being more sporty.
  • Visual Impressions: A comfortable wear is best suited if not trying to impress anyone. Conservative length, dark colored stripes are perfect for a professional look. Body fit styles look practical and sharp in longer cuts, but in smaller cuts, these just look sexualized.
  • Fabric and designing: There must be a mesh in the swimsuit otherwise it would necessitate to wear an underwear. The elastic waistband must have a drawstring also to avoid revealing after deep dive.