Leaf blower is a gardening machine that blows leaves or pieces of trash with the help of accelerated air. They come in many types like handheld, electric or gas powered, with backpack straps, etc. They can be used for both indoor as well as outdoor purposes, that is, light duty and heavy duty tasks; both professional and home owners can easily operate them to clean their respective areas. They are usually designed as noiseless and with low emissions to fit-in in all conditions of operation. A fan that is placed in the housing of blower rotates when it is gas or electrically-powered which then intakes air from the surrounding and accelerates it through narrow nozzles up to required high speed to blow leaves. CFM (cubic feet per minute) and MPH (miles per hour) are two factors that define power of leaf blowers; the greater these values, the powerful will be the blower.

Types of leaf blowers

  • Gas or electrically powered leaf blowers: Light duty leaf blowers are usually electrically powered. Some of them are cordless or corded so as to be plugged in and others are installed with batteries. Batteries need to be charged when used for long period (max 20 minutes) and corded blowers are constrained due to length of cords. Electric leaf blowers make less noise, they do not need fuel tank, hence, become compact in size and easy to handle and are suitable to use for all small duty tasks like clearing front yards, sidewalks, garages, etc. Gas powered leaf blowers usually have high power performance as compared to electric ones, they are larger in size, have usually 2-stroke or 4-stroke engines with low emissions but they do tend to make noise comparatively. These blowers can be used to perform heavy duty jobs like professional blowing of landscapes as they can be carried far away from electric output.
  • Backpack and handheld leaf blowers: Small blowers designed for light duty tasks are usually handheld. But these blowers can cause fatigue to the operator if used for long time, hence, the backpack that comes with hip belt and wide shoulder straps are more comfy to use in such situations.
  • Light, medium or heavy duty leaf blowers: Light duty, medium duty and heavy duty are three types in which a blower can be categorized. Light duty blowers have low CFM, are usually battery or corded electrically powered and are suitable to clean leaves from small yards only. Medium as well as heavy duty blowers have higher value of CFM, are capable of blowing even wet and stuck-in leaves and are gas powered. These blowers can be carried at fair distances to clean landscapes as they are not limited with cords, are generally noisy compared to electric ones and come with a backpack to avoid fatigue to operator after prolonged use.

Top 9 Leaf blowers

9.BLACK+DECKER Cordless LSW36 Blower 

This cordless leaf blower machine secures a 40V rechargeable battery of lithium-ion. The battery recharges pretty fast, is compact in size, has long life span, secures charging when not used and powers up the machine to run up to satisfactory time so as to complete the desired work. The Power control command decides the speed needed for peek run-time. Air speed in this leaf blower is about 120mph. It is very suitable for removing bits and pieces of trash from sidewalks, decks, balcony, gardens or garages. The tube of blower has inbuilt scraper which enables you to clean even firm particles of trash. The machine in itself is very lightly weighted, can be easily carried along, has soft and firm grip handle with less noise of electric motor and comes with a 3 year warranty. It works great to blow dry trash or leaves, but might be frustrating for wet trash. It is very desirable to use this blower for light duty jobs of cleaning as it has a compact and simple assembly, is noiseless and fairly low weight. It also has indicating lights to show how much charge is left in the battery.

8.BLACK+DECKER Cordless LSW20 Blower

This model of B&D blower has a 20V rechargeable lithium-ion battery. These batteries have durable and longer life span, fine performance and have the ability to withhold the charge when not plugged into charging socket. The blower is capable of blowing dry trash or leaves from your front yard, driveways or sidewalks. It is very light weight, easy to handle and won’t cause hand fatigue. The blower tube is inbuilt with scraper to enable the machine to move even wet trash. It comes with a 2 year warranty, 20V lithium-ion batteries and a good quality charger. The good thing about these batteries is that it can also share its power with other cordless B&D tools as it is compatible with most of the equipment of cleaning.Although, it might be a tough job to blow leaves from garden areas with this model, it is most suitable to blow debris and leaves from other residential areas. The weight of blower is 3.7 pounds which is very light to carry around making it ergonomic and it also creates less noise.

7. WORX WG545.1 Blower

It’s a multi-purpose cordless convenient blower that holds 20V powered battery. This lithium battery recharges very quickly and is durable for long run-time. The blower comes with 3 yearlong limited warranty period, is very lightly weighted as 6.2 pounds making it comfortable to carry around for blowing and the assembly is very compact in size so as to fit-in anywhere easily. It accelerates air flow of 80 CFM, that is, the velocity of amount of air that goes through blower in one minute and has air speed of 120mph. The impressive fact about this blower is it comes with 8 distinct attachments thatenable you to complete different types of cleaning jobs all around your residential area like clearing junk or drying stuff; it is mess-free with no cords and easy to handle.These attachments include narrow and long tube for focused blowing of leaves or debris, a dust brush, one short tube, an elongated hose to attach different nozzles, a detail brush to clear dust from minute areas, etc.

6. BLACK+DECKER Blower BV3600

The B&D BV3600 powerful model works as a leaf blower as well as a vacuum as it comes with a bag to collect the junk, a 2 year warranty and electric power source. For this, it comes with 2 selections for speed, a 12 Amp of motor to operate this blower that does 3-in-1 jobs of blowing, vacuuming and mulching. This speed selection control helps you to even blow wet leaves and clean the garden trash which is quite troublesome in other low powered leaf blowers. The air speed that it delivers is 250mph which is quite good for medium duty work. The tool does not need to be changed every time you vacuum or decide to blow the trash which makes it very convenient. It creates less noise comparing to other gas powered blowers. The blower’s vent has a speedyspiral movement of air that blows even stuck-in and wet leaves. This blower also incorporates a withholder that prevents the movement of cord while working and ensures the extension is not disturbed when plugged-in.

5. Husqvarna Leaf Blower with backpack

Husqvarna offers this gas powered blower with a combined backpack strap that has belt to fit on hip for comfort while working and to avoid fatigue of handling. Its exclusive 50cc X-Torq engine specifications include 2.1 HP;7500 rpm of max power speed, 2-stroked, consumption of fuel is low, comparatively lesser polluted emissions and air speed accelerates up to 180 mph which is pretty good to blow stubborn and wet leaves too. This blower is suitable for residential use as well as for professional work at landscapes; it satisfies the air pollution standards that are stated by CARB (California Air Resource Board), comes with 2 year parts and operation warranty, is fairly ventilated, has cold starting due to air purge provided, offers 692.17 CFM, all control commands are provided on the tube for easy processing, is designed to be used for hours as it owns 42.27 ounce tank, bears cruise controlling command so as to maintain constant fan speed throughout and the handle has soft but firm grip which is adjustable for ideal operation.

4. Makita Handheld BHX2500CA Blower


The Makita brand gives out this handheld blower with 1 year warranty for the battery & charger and 3 year warranty on tool. It is powered by strong 24.5cc, 4-stroke engine that is highly suitable for commercial level duties, does not require fuel mix and has 17.7 ounce tank capacity. It is very fuel efficient, satisfies all exhaust emissions standards that are set by CARB (California Air Resource Board) and EPA (Environment Protection Authority), engine automatically decompresses to help induce cold starting, has low noise operation due to high capacity muffler provided, is compact in size, comparing in its department it has low weight to perform efficiently, provides cruise controlling command to ease operator’s job and has soft firm grip to reduce hand fatigue of operator as well as damp the vibrations. Other features include 1.1 HP of engine, air flow of 356 CFM, easily accessible air filter and spark plug for quick maintenance and air speed of 145 MPH.

3. Greenworks Electric Blower with Single speed

This model represents single speed corded blower that has electric start with 7 Amp two-speed motor to perform high speed leaf blowing jobs at both outdoor and indoor areas like your house, garages, decks, sidewalks, gardens or landscapes. It comprises of simple design assembly, lightly weighted body for customer’s comfort, safety cord lock to secure it in its place and ensures it’s unplugging while working, and 4 year repair warranty for any defects in parts or operation.The best thing about this electric blower is that it has zero exhaust emissions, which is very beneficial for the daily heavy duty tasks as the operator does not have to inhale harmful emissions every day. On the other hand, this product has air flow of 160 MPH to blow piles of leaves with ease, very low noise and damped vibrations, 150 CFM, EnergyStar approval from EPA and low maintenance work making it efficient to use for longer period of time.

2.  Hitachi Handheld Leaf Blower powered by Gas

Hitachi introduces RB24EAP Handheld leaf blower that performs in excellent ways to remove all debris and leaves. It is gas powered with a low emission 23.9cc engine that is 2-stroke and 1.13 HP with long life durability and high performance. Also, it accomplishes exceptional air volume of 441 CFM, air speed of 170 MPH with tapered nozzle to enable focused blowing, has a good 7 year consumer warranty, is lightly weighted and well-proportioned to prevent tiredness of operator, has an air purge to clean the system for quick starting of the machine and is well-suited for clearing both light duty as well as heavy duty landscape work too. A huge two-finger command is provided for ease and convenience of user. It is designed to satisfy the terms and standards about exhaust emissions stated by CARB. When used for non-rental work, it delivers a 2 year warranty and for rental work it gives up to 1 year of warranty period.

1. Toro Electric Leaf Blower-51585

Toro-makeelectric leaf power blower delivers meritorious performance with its strong 7 Amps of motor that originates air velocity of 160 MPH. It has a  2-speed control command of air for execution of different tasks, very light weight of 4.6 pounds, delivers 155 CFM of air volume, desirable for clearing leaves and junk from decks, garden, driveways or sidewalks; it cleans even the gutter of leaves and comes with a 2 year warranty. The speed control switch is located right on the handle so as to be easily reached by operator’s thumb making is easy to use. Lower speed of 130 MPH in this blower lets you sweep even narrow and small areas while high speed can be used to complete heavy duty tasks (high peak power when at full speed). Noise level of this blower is impressively low, mainly when at lower speed; lightly weighted and has no odor.