The laptop is nowadays one of the most important tools and almost every other person owns a laptop. Many times carrying a laptop becomes hectic and heavy. But a bag tailor made for carrying a laptop is all you need to carry it everywhere. If you do not use your own mode of transport, then carrying a laptop in public places is very tiring.

Laptop bags help you to carry your laptop related essentials with ease. They come with internal padding that protects your laptop from any damage. There are many laptop backpacks that are too classy and trendy. For people who do not prefer anything but leather, leather backpacks are also available with impeccable designs and colors for that corporate look.

However, there are few essential factors that you must look out for while buying your own laptop bag.

What all you must know before buying laptop bags?

  • Your bag will be exposed to light, dust and maybe even raining. Buy those bags that securely cover your laptop up and do not have any point for water seepage. Laptop bags come in several kinds of fabrics and offerings. Choose the one that suits you the most.
  •  Do not worry about the wear and tear. Laptop bags are made keeping in mind that they will be used on daily basis by most of the consumers. However, the more carefully you keep it, more durable it will be. Try to avoid pushing it or places that can put scratches in your bag as that will diminish its life.
  • What all you can carry and what not depends on what size you choose. Other than your laptop, it can comfortably provide enough space for your everyday essentials. If you are still studying, there will be an adequate area provided for keeping books or bottles, wallet, cell phone, etc.
  • Are you comfortable carrying it? Choose a bag that you think you can carry longer that your average schedule. They come in different shapes and sizes and provide comfort while carrying.
  • How good is the protection that your bag is providing? Some bags have thicker internal protection in comparison to others and some provide better outer covering. There is also open end as well as zipped bags for your extended comfort.
  • Choose the kind of sling you want. Some laptop bags can be carried like school bags, while some can be hung across your shoulder. Both of them come with adjustable straps to suit any height or body type. If you are involved in heavy communication and you have to travel a lot, go for the laptop backpacks that are very stylish and useful.

We provide a list of most highly reviewed and rated handpicked Laptop backpacks for men for saving your time and effort. Go through the list and find your favorite!

List of top 11 laptop backpacks for men

11.V7 model CBP21-9N with 16″ Tablet or Laptop Backpack Professional 2

Who doesn’t need a laptop bag? And if it is also stylish that is a plus. From the unique professional house of V7, we present you V7 model CBP21-9N with a space to accommodate 16″ Laptop Backpack Professional 2 that is ultra stylish and very long lasting. If you hustle everyday with your tablet or laptop, this bag is your dream comes true. With an amazing rating of 4.3 out of 5, it has received reviews from over 700 customers. It has a separate and dedicated partition for your laptop that comes with a Velcro strapping. It comes with finely designed shoulder straps that are well padded for added comfort. The laptop compartment holds 16” space. It also has an added section for your regular items such as wallet, business cards, keys, cell phone, etc. It also comes in a variety of sizes and designs to suit your choice.

10.Canvas Backpack for Men Vintage Looks Rucksack Leather Bag

This awesome vintage collection from Bluboon is a classic laptop bag and can be used for any purpose. Made out of Canvas, this bag is incredibly stylish and very durable. It has received a rating of 4.1 out of 5 and has also been reviewed by 846 users online. It is also available in amazing seven other colors and has a separate division for holding your laptop. The compartment can hold up to 15”. Other than that, it also comes with additional space for your other essentials and makes it very easy to carry. It also has genuine leather strips and lasts much longer than ordinary rucksacks. This bag has a flap in its front and suitable to be carried as a school bag. Very trendy and rugged, this bag is for sporting a tough look for men. This backpack also offers side as well as front pockets for more space so that you can keep your every essential close by.

9.JanSport Originals Right Backpack Navy

Incredible right pack navy backpack from Jansport is the best in its category. Stunningly designed, these backpacks are available in ecstatic 32 other color ranges as well. Jansport is a well-known house and produces premium quality backpacks suited for every individual. This backpack has a color combination of navy and brown and has received an overwhelming rating of 4.4 out of 5. 955 customers have also posted their satisfactory reviews online. It can provide support up to 10.5” x 11” for the section completely dedicated to your laptop. Do not want to open bag again and again? It comes with a front utility pocket so that you can keep your frequently used items handy and safe. Padded shoulder straps help you to stay comfortable even during the longer duration. Suede leathered Bottom and premium quality Cordura makes it very tough and long lasting. Additional front stash spaces can be used for any purpose and adds extra space.

8.Under Armour Hustle Storm Backpack

From the renowned design house of Under Armour, this backpack for men is incomparable. Beautiful Forest Green colored, Under Armour Hustle Storm Backpack, is a unique product in this list. It is also available in 17 different colors and provides unmatched style and comfort in every sense. It has been highly rated, 4.6 out of 5, and received impressive responses from 1094 happy users across the globe. Consisting of 81% Polyester and 19% Nylon, this backpack is ultra strong and highly durable. It is backed up of advanced UA Storm water resistant technology, which keeps your items dry no matter what weather conditions you face. The laptop space can hold up to 15”. The bottom of this bag is very toughly paneled to prevent it from external wear and tear. Adjustable straps help to tightly fit any body shape or height.

7.Access High Sierra Backpack

Presenting you high-class access backpack from the globally acclaimed company High Sierra. High Sierra is famous for producing fresh, stylish and supreme quality products that you can choose with your eyes closed. It has maintained an amazing rating of 4.4 out of 5 and heavily reviewed by more than 1300 people worldwide. This mercury or moss colored backpack has unmatched quality and look. It is also available in 18 different colors to suit every individual. Specially made for people who communicate a lot and has to carry their laptop almost all the time everywhere. Heavily padded, cushioned and completely protected laptop partition to minimize any possible external impact. It can accommodate 17” laptops and also has an additional sleeve of 12.5” for storing tablets or other smaller frame gadgets. It has padded straps so that you can carry it with ease.

6.SwissGear ScanSmart TSA Backpack for Laptop

Have a look at this amazing offering from the house of SwissGear, widely acclaimed for launching high-end products and provides best quality products that you can ever have your hands on. It is an absolute favorite and is recommended by many professionals. It has received a rating of 4.4 out of 5 and is reviewed by above 1440 people from everywhere. One of the most amazing features that it holds is that it can be unfolded to achieve a flat position clearing the laptop section. It also has modifiable straps to accommodate laptops of any size but is best suited for 17” gadgets. It also has air flow maintenance system for added comfort and protection. An absolute value for money, it also has added straps so that you can carry it comfortably anytime and anywhere.

5.Swiss Gear Scan Smart Lightweight Backpack for Laptop

SwissGear has a legacy of producing ultimate products and this backpack is no stranger. SwissGear Black SA1908 TSA ScanSmart Backpack for Laptop is an innovative and high-quality offering that will fulfill your every requirement and provides the best value for money. Overall Black, this product is an incredible addition to your travelling accessories. It is an 18” laptop bag and is heavily cushioned to protect your laptop from outside damage. It has mesh pockets that help you to store bottles of any size and shape. It has an overall rating of 4.5 and is appreciated by 1476 satisfied customers locally and internationally. It has airflow backing mechanism, a holder for spectacles and additional space for carrying your regular items. It also has attached media and audio pockets that keep your gadgets absolutely safe. Strong and sturdy, this backpack is a value for money.

4.Targus Backpack with 17” Laptop Space Drifter II

This backpack from Targus is a favorite among many online customers. Amazingly designed and superbly strong, Targus 17” Laptop Backpack Drifter II in Black and Grey is the best backpack for a stylish corporate look. It has been highly rated as 4.2 out of 5 and appreciatively reviewed by around 2229 customers. In a combination of black and grey, it provides a rugged masculine look and is very durable and tough. It is also available in blue and black perforated colors as well as size options are also available. Securely zipped compartments for carrying for everyday items and heavily padded laptop division that fits 17” laptops with ease. It also comes with side bottle pockets and a front pocket to keep your essentials close by. High water resistant body allows you to carry it in any weather without any worries.

3.Swerve High Sierra Backpack

Add a dash of cool to your look with Swerve High Sierra Backpack. It has all the features that you need for everyday life. The Swerve range has a high capacity for storage and has a space that can accommodate all of your accessories. It is also available in 33 different impeccable colors to suit every lifestyle and age. The most spacious partition offers entry for both your tablet as well as a laptop. This double way entrance helps you to reach your laptop without knocking off other items inside your bag. It has an Airflow back side panel that offers, even more, comfort and security.

2.Looped Backpack from High Sierra

Another beloved offering from High Sierra, this looped backpack is for the ultimate love for travelers and explorers. Worried if you will ever find your favorite colored backpack? This range of backpacks will take care of that. Available in a wide array of 36 colorful patterns, High Sierra offers varied choices for every individual. Made up of 100% polyester, this bag provides extra protection to your gadgets. With dedicated spaces for your different everyday carrying items, it also provides space for storing 12.5” tablets or other accessories. There is also a giant hook in the front and comfortable bottom straps to attach any other gear during travelling if necessary. Is your bag getting too baggy and sluggish? This High Sierra Looped Backpack also has compression belts on its sides to keep things inside your bag from getting knocked off.

1.SwissGear ScanSmart Travelling Gear Backpack

Do you think that your backpack is too small or compact? SwissGear ScanSmart Travelling Gear Backpack is the answer to all your problems. Extra spacious and securely protected, this backpack from SwissGear is the most loved and heavily purchased product on this list. Made up of polyester fabric, it contains a massive compartment for holding all your accessories styled with extra big zippers and modifiable compression side belts along with extra padded back panel for increased protection. It also has advanced air flow technology and padded shoulder straps that could be adjusted to suit any individual. With a storing ability of 17” laptop or other gadgets, it also offers superior hold up that is damage protective. Along with a front pocket, you do not have to open your bag frequently. Its shoulder straps come with reflective material that helps you during night. It has a dedicated media pocket for your other gadgets as well.