Cell phones are an essential part of modern life due to their enormous capabilities. That is the reason we usually become attached to our devices and do whatever is best to extend their lives. Cell phone stand is also an important item, just like cell phones. These stands work as a mobile shelter for the phones, which protect our cell phones against physical damage and secure the phone in a fixed location. The stands also provide us with the flexibility to access the phone easily.  A cell phone stand can be installed anywhere, from a person’s table to an individual’s car, bike or a motorcycle.

Cell phone mounts account for various benefits and is a great way to access one’s phone in a moving vehicle. It makes watching movies while at home or while travelling easier. While using the phone as a GPS device, the user can see the cell phone clearly. Cell phone mounts can also be used to charge the phone.

Types of Cell Phone Mounts

 These products broadly fall under two categories and the one you buy depends on the usage

  • Stands: Stands are generally defined as something that holds the device on any surface. Cell phone stands are great mobile accessories for those who are fond of to prop up their phone on bed, coffee table, computer desk or anywhere. There are cheap versions also available that can be soft, beanbag crafted with slide resistant materials or it can be made of plastic that can be folded for travelling purpose. Some of the examples include tripods that can be adjusted with respect to height and angle.
  • Car and Bike Mounts: Mounts can help to support the smartphones to anything. They attached to the dashboard, windshield, air-conditioning vents to help you while driving and not to distract you to attend a call or to see the GPS.

Bike mounts are also available in the market that helps while you ride, keeping your phone in a convenient glance-able position.

List of 11 Cell Phone Stand

11.Universal Cell Phone Stand by YOSH

This product from YOSH is available in many luxurious colors and is made up of polycarbonate plate.It can rotate to 360 Degrees and can easily fit any flat surface. It has high viscosity as it uses advanced, sticky Pressure Sensitive Adhesive. This adhesive gel pad can be reused after washing and air-drying and no sticky residue is left after detaching. It has multi-functional application of anti-drop, anti-theft and holds the device firmly. This is a well made quality product fro your cell phone with a durable ring and strong adhesive.  It can be easy to read, watch movies from our cell phone once it is propped up. The ring can also be used to carry the cell phone when both the hands are occupied. The hook can be mounted in car to hang the cell phone on the hook as per your convenience while driving. It is an exceptionally cool item to have.

10.Geekercity’s Portable Cell Phone stand for PC Smartphones

It has a combination of premium quality rubber with durable plastic which is the reason for its robust quality. This combination gives the stand the strength required to resist vibrations on the road and minor impacts as the product can be easily folded to carry anywhere. It  is a lightweight, convenient and a simple design product that can be used with a variety of smartphones. It has non-slippery rubber surface which protects the device from scratch. It can hold the phone in both the landscape as well as the portrait mode and thus it becomes convenient to watch movies and read books. It does not take too much of space and is a great product if you have a small desk at work. Its compact structure is acquired with many features which makes it multi-functional and advantageous over other smartphone stands.

9.iXCC Aluminium Stand for tablets and Smartphones

This is a nice sturdy, high-quality, easy to use, adjustable stand for performing various activities like watching videos, photos, reading, video recording, chatting and much more. It is a product with light weight, but higher strength as it is made up of aluminium alloy and silicon. It is perfectly compatible with any smart phone,4 to 10 inch tablet, chrome book etc. It gives 315 Degrees rotation to adjust the stand to almost any angle and each viewing position is stable enough to support the device and not to make it fall down. Rubber padding is provided which protects the device from scratches or any damage. The design is compact, portable and very much attractive. This type of stand is handy enough for office and home both to rest any cell phone and tablet.

8.Honsky Thumbs Up Multi-Angle Universal and Flexible Cell Phone stand

These are the helping hands manufactured by Honsky to hold cell phone and tablet. This product is available in a variety of colors. It can hold any smartphone or tablet with size ranging from 3.5 inches to 8 inches. This is a cute, compact and effective design to be used as cell phone holder, iPhone Holder, iPad Stand. It is made up of high grade and recyclable ABS plastic which makes it durable, long lasting and flexible for stretching. The viewing angle of the phone can be easily adjusted by sliding the cute hands of the stand up and down. It can support the phone in horizontal as well as vertical position. The soft plastic used in the stand protects from scratching.

7.ZVE Uniform Cell Phone Stand with 38mm iWatch Cases

 This product is designed with elegance and fashion spirit to stand out from the masses. It is made up of high quality, durable aluminium metal and is a nice product to keep everything tidy and organized. It has a black hole at the back of the stand to allow the charger to pass through and can prevent the cords from getting entangled and thus minimizing the risk of cable breaking. A rubber pad is given to protect the device from any scratches. It can accommodate many products available in the market and can also fit large cases. This stand has a sleek and modern design which works perfectly with almost all devices. The stand does an excellent task by holding a smart phone/ tablet and a watch in a safe ad secured way.

6.Esonstyle Portable Aluminium Cell Phone Holder for Smartphones and Tablets

 This is a super nice stand which can fit anything from iPhone to Tablet. The product is made up from high quality aluminium and gives easy angle support for watching videos and photos. This is a portable universal stand that can be adjusted into both landscape and portrait mode. The angle supporting system makes sure that the mobile stays put while watching movies and videos. This is one of the lightest stand available in the market weighing only 100 grams. 4 rubber pads are provided at the bottom of the stand which prevents the sliding and slipping of the device and make it safe. The stand can hold loads up to 11 pounds. The design of the stand is complemented by black matte finish which adds style to you and your device. Using this product will give the uniqueness on your desk along with services required from the product.

5.PhoneProp Durable Flexible Stand High Grade Silicone Stand for Smartphones

It is a simple one piece stand that can be used for holding a variety of smartphones and many other mobile devices. It has no plastic or metal moving parts that can eventually break. The product is available with multi color options  and is made up of durable food grade silicone that will protect the device against scratches and any physical damage.The silicone material is easy to clean and handle and there is no risk of wear and tear in stand. It has a universal fit which can accommodate any product easily.  This stand is perfect for iPhones and all other devices with similar screen size. It is light in weight, which makes it portable and easy to carry all around as it has no attached wires and connectors to carry. It has a universal design which gives an added advantage as there is no need to buy a new stand every time a new device is purchased.

4.Stalion Bracket Holder for all Smartphones Tablets and e-Reader

This is a safe and stylish stand and is a perfect dock for all smartphones, tablets and e-Readers. It is made up of metallic finish aluminium metal with a sleek, modern look to keep your device spotless. It has a rubber base for giving an outstanding desktop grip. There is a center cut in the device which helps in management of charging wire and cords. Rubber stoppers are also given at the base to prevent the sliding of the device. It is compatible with all models of e-readers and tablets with size up to 10.1 inches. The stand is perfect for watching videos, movies, TV shows and is a great device for playing games. The device sits comfortably on the stand at a view angle of 120 Degrees and can also be charged easily while lying on the stand. The size of the stand allows you to use different devices in either horizontal or vertical direction.

3.iKross Portable Collapsible Smartphone Holder

This product is an excellent holder for smartphones and MP3 players. It is a light weight product weighing only 28 grams an can be easily folded with dimensions around 3.75 inches long, 2.50 inches wide and 0.25 inches thick. It has non-slippery base that prevents the slipping of the phone while operating. It can be easily adjusted to 4 view angles in both vertical or horizontal mode. It can be kept in any bag as it compacts nicely once it is folded. This is a sturdy stand with ability to accommodate any device and at numerous angles. It is an ideal stand to hold your device at home, office or travel. It is a perfect solution for watching photos, videos, surfing web.

2.Lamicall S1 Stand for all Android Phone

 The stand is designed with a simple concept and no mechanical parts that might break and can cause wear and tear in the stand. The hooks of the stand has sufficient height to adjust the smart phones as per your convenience. The device is rubber protected to prevent any scratches and sliding. It is compatible with any device from 4 to 10 inches like iPhone, Galaxy, Sony, Nexus, Apple. The product is made up of environment friendly black aluminium alloy with smooth edges and is light and portable. The color of the stand is cool, simple and elegant. The earplugs an be inserted in phone while lying on the stand. It is a compact stand which stays appropriately wherever it is being put. It can be adjusted at right angles, even you are sitting or standing.

1.Aibocn Multi-Angle Aluminium Stand for Smartphones and Tablets

It is a portable aluminium stand for Smartphones and Tablet at the office or in the home to watch videos and to read. The stand is made up of high quality, durable aluminium which can handle loads up to 12 pounds. It has a considerate design having rubber pads to protect your device from scratches. It is a one-piece, compact design that can be easily folded to carry in a bag. The stand is compatible for all gadgets from 4 to 10 inches. It gives horizontal and vertical support to the device with freely charging facility in sideways. The device can be adjusted at different positions in up to 9 different angles. This is a most useful accessory for any phone or tablet. All the features in your gadget are easily accessible any time through this case. The plug covers are given that protects the device from dust and debris. The elastic strap is given to ensure that the product is safely folded for transport purpose.