A rotary tool proves very beneficial and handy for anybody who is regularly involved in work like cutting, polishing, sanding, carving and the like in the workshop. This tool also proves to be very helpful for people who believe in doing up the small nitty gritty repairs in their homes themselves. Hence, many do- it – yourselfers do prefer having a rotary tool in their homes as well.

Product Reviews

We have for you here a review of the top rotary tool brands which are available in the market today.

6.Black and Decker RTX – B 3 Rotary Tool

This is one of the best brands available in the market today.


  • This one is an RTX speed rotary tool.
  • It comes with five accessories, a storage bag, a wrench and a user guide. It has a universal collet system. All the standard accessories of the rotary tool are accepted and hence this tool can be used quite conveniently.
  • The tool has a high torque motor of 2.0 Amp. Thus it provides much more power than other leading brands. Tasks can be finished in no time and the tool will never slow down because of the load.
  • The tool can be used for a variety of tasks like sanding, carving, cutting, polishing, cleaning, drilling or sharpening.
  • The flip lock and spindle lock system can be conveniently used to change the accessories.
  • Three speeds of 12000, 24000 and 30000 RPM are included.
  • The tool has a rubber over molded grip which provides increased comfort to the user when he holds it for work.


  •     This rotary tool has a powerful high torque motor. Thus a variety of tasks can be performed smoothly,
  •     Its use saves time. The speed never slows down due to overload.
  •     All kinds of attachments fit easily.
  •     It provides a comfortable grip.


  •     The speed selector can be a little difficult to adjust at times.
  •     The design of the tool can be improved.
  •     Users have also felt that the product quality can be improved.
  •     The accessories included should also be upgraded.

On the whole, the Black and Decker rotary tool is definitely a good one to go for. Its high powered motor provides good power which in turn enhances performance. A variety of jobs can be done smoothly. The variable speeds are also very beneficial for completing jobs quickly. The nice and comfortable grip it provides also help the users hold and manoeuvre the tool effectively.

5.Dremel 4000 Variable Speed Rotary Tool

Dremel is one of the most popular and oldest rotary tool brands in the market today.


  •     The Dremel 4000 rotary tool comes with a variable speed of 5000 to 35000 RPM. This enhances the performance of the tool. A variety of tasks can be easily performed using this excellent rotary tool.
  •     It has a powerful motor and electronic feedback circuitry.
  •     The speed dial features are easily understandable.
  •     The tool has a 360-degree grip zone which provides great comfort to users. The tool can also be manoeuvred easily.
  •     All Dremel rotary tool attachments and accessories can be used with this rotary tool.
  •     The product comes with a two-year warranty.
  •     Two Dremel attachments and thirty Dremel accessories come with this tool.
  •     The product also comes with a carrying case.


  •     This rotary tool is ideally suited for small detailed tasks and comes very handy for the do-it- yourselfers.
  •     A number of tasks can be performed conveniently with the variable speed. The speed has to be simply adjusted according to the kind of work and the material on which the work is being done.
  •     It works very gently on your material at just the right speed.
  •     It comes with a great number of accessories which the users find very handy.
  •     Its ergonomic design provides comfort to the users.


  •     The tool is a little noisy.
  •     The tool has low torque. Hence, users should never use force to do their tasks.
  •     The tool also has low amps. Hence it is not the one suited for heavier work.

This rotary tool would definitely be a good one to go for if one needs a tool for doing light and detailed work. The variable speeds at which the tool works is a plus point. The work is done perfectly and at just the correct speed which is required. This, in turn, enhances the overall performance of the rotary tool. The variety of accessories available can be used to perform a number of jobs easily. All in all, it’s a great rotary tool for users.

4.Dremel 7300 Two Speed Rotary Tool

This one is most certainly one of the best cordless rotary tools.


  •     This is a small rotary tool which is cordless and ideally suited for light jobs.
  •     This tool can be used with all Dremel bit accessories.
  •     The tool has a 1/8 inch collet.
  •     This tool has two speeds of 6500 and 13000 RPM.
  •     The plastic housing of the tool is quite lightweight.
  •     This cordless 4.8-volt rotary tool comes with eight accessories, wrench, charger, and battery.
  •     It weighs 1.4 pounds, is eight inches in length and has a two-year warranty.


  •     This cordless rotary tool is portable and can be carried anywhere for completing work.
  •     The tool does all small and intricate work perfectly.
  •     It has a nice and compact design.
  •     It is not very noisy.
  •     It is quite sturdy and long lasting.


  •     The battery doesn’t last too long.
  •     Attaching the accessories becomes difficult at times.
  •     The tool doesn’t have very high power.
  •     The product quality can be improved.

The Dremel 7300 two-speed rotary tool is best suited for delicate and intricate work. It is not meant for doing any heavy jobs. The tool really works well for fine tasks. This cordless tool can be carried anywhere for completing tasks. This tool is quite affordable too. Hence, it’s a great purchase for doing small jobs.

3.Dewalt DW660 Cut-Out Rotary Tool

This rotary tool is one of the best cut out tools available today.


  •     This rotary tool comes with a high power 5 amp, 30000 RPM motor.
  •     It has one dry wall cutting bit and collets of 1/4 and 1/8 inches.
  •     The tool can be easily switched on and off using the turn on/bump-off switch.
  •     It has a slim and compact design.
  •     The switch is dust sealed.
  •     It also has a tool-free bit changing system.


  •     This cutout tool has a high power motor. Thus, it is best suited for heavy, professional jobs.
  •     The tool has a slim design.
  •     The dust-sealed switch prevents the entry of any dust particles.
  •     The bit changing system enables the easy changing of accessories.


  •     This rotary tool is a little bulky and cumbersome to handle.
  •     The tool doesn’t have an ergonomic design. Users often don’t get a good grip of the tool when they hold it for work.
  •     Users have also found this tool a little inconvenient for cutting a drywall since a lot of dust is blown from the air vents.
  •     The switch is not easily reachable.

The pros of this cut out rotary tool surely outweigh the cons. This cut out rotary tool is surely one of the best of its kind. Heavy and cumbersome jobs can be done very conveniently using this tool. The high powered motor works very well. The bit changing system is excellent and users have found it really handy in completing a number of jobs without much hassle.

2.Dremel 8220 Cordless Rotary Tool

This cordless rotary tool from Dremel is a good quality product which can be used conveniently for performing a number of tasks.


  •     This cordless rotary tool can be used with all attachments and accessories of Dremel.
  •     The collet lock is an excellent feature which can be used conveniently for changing accessories quickly.
  •     It has a 12V MAX lithium battery technology. This gives the tool a 33% greater run time when compared to other rotary tools.
  •     It has a slim design.
  •     The 360 ⁰ grip zone gives the users a very comfortable grip when they hold the tool.
  •     The tool comes with twenty-eight accessories, a carrying case, a one-hour charger and a 12V max lithium ion battery.


  •     The tool has a powerful motor. Thus it gives excellent performance at all speeds.
  •     The tool is cordless and hence portable.
  •     A variety of tasks can be completed using this tool since it can be used with all Dremel accessories and attachments.
  •     The ergonomic design provides comfort to users.
  •     This rotary tool is ideally suited for doing heavy tasks.


  •     The rotary tool doesn’t have an LED light tip. Thus, it might be difficult to see smaller work.
  •     The tool is a little noisy.
  •     The battery is not that long lasting and seems to slow down.
  •     This rotary tool is a little hard to control.
  •     Users also feel that the chargers provided should be of a better quality.

This cordless rotary tool from Dremel definitely does have a number of plus points. It’s a great tool to use if portability is the priority of the users. The tool can be conveniently carried anywhere for completing tasks. The accessories can be changed quickly with the collet lock. Hence, work can be completed fast without any hassles. The powerful motor works well and a number of tasks can be done with ease using this rotary tool.

1.Dremel 200 Two Speed Rotary Tool

The Dremel 200 rotary tool is a great product which can be used for performing a wide range of jobs.


  •     This rotary tool comes with a two speed setting of 15000 and 35000 RPM.
  •     The speed control switch is very easy to use.
  •     The tool has a cool running ball bearing construction. This does not make the tool very noisy.
  •     The motor brushes of this tool are replaceable.
  •     The tool has a sleek and compact design. It is quite lightweight.
  •     The tool comes with attachments of a lawn mower and a garden tool sharpener and fifteen accessories.


  •     The two-speed settings are very convenient. The low-speed settings can be used for cleaning and also for the use of brush accessories. The high-speed settings can be used for jobs like cutting, routing or sanding.
  •     Almost any kind of material can be cut using the cutting accessory of Dremel.
  •     The tool can also be conveniently used for jobs like engraving, polishing, grinding or sharpening.
  •     The ball bearing motor ensures that the tool has a longer life. It also doesn’t make the tool very noisy during operation.
  •     The tool is very light and comfortable to use.


  •     This tool is not very suitable for doing very heavy work.
  •     Users also feel that the motor could be a little more powerful.
  •     This tool does not come with a case.
  •     The quality of the attachments can also be upgraded.

This two-speed rotary tool can perform a wide variety of tasks. The two-speed settings can be appropriately set to accomplish the required job. The ball bearing motor is surely an advantage. It ensures that the tool provides long lasting service. The motor brushes are also of good quality and replaceable. This, in turn, extends the life of the tool altogether. The tool is easy to handle and can be controlled easily during work.

This comprehensive review of the best rotary tools available in the market will surely prove helpful to users who intend to buy a good quality tool for their varied jobs. All the features, pros, cons and the functioning of these tools have been elaborated upon. This will surely aid users and guide them in making the right choice.

List Of Tips Help You To Make Better Choice

A rotary tool is a very versatile instrument which can be used for quickly doing a number of jobs in the workshop or at home. The tool comes as both corded and cordless. There are a number of attachments available which can be used conveniently for jobs like drilling, shaping, cutting, smoothing, engraving and much more. The tool works equally well on wood, metal, plastic or glass.

Type of projects it can be used for

  •     A rotary tool comes with a variety of attachments. Hence, innumerable functions can be performed using a rotary tool.
  •     Engraving, cutting, polishing, shaping wood, plastic or fibre glass has become a lot easier with the rotary tool.
  •     A rotary tool can be used to nicely polish taps, handles of doors, silver, coins or anything else which seems to have lost its lustre.The right attachment should be used to prevent any unwanted scratches in the object while polishing.
  •     The rotary tool also proves helpful while installing skirting or wooden panelling in rooms. The metal cutting attachment can be used to pull out screws or nails which refuse to come out.
  •     A rotary tool also proves beneficial for sanding jobs. The right attachment can effectively smoothen rough edges.
  •     A rotary tool can also be used very conveniently for engraving. There is an etching attachment which can be used for engraving in almost any kind of material.
  •     The router attachment and router bit can be effectively used to cut special edges on wood or metal.
  •     The appropriate rotary tool attachment can be conveniently used for any kind of woodwork as well.

Users can benefit from a rotary tool in hundreds of ways. The various attachments can be easily used for a variety of jobs.

How to choose a good rotary tool?

The market today offers a number of brands of rotary tools. Users are often left confused as to which brand to buy. Whether the user is a professional or he is someone who needs it for his household jobs, a few things should always be kept in mind while choosing a rotary tool.

Here’s taking a look at a few things which the users should look out for a rotary tool.

  •     Speed: All the models of rotary tools come with a number of speeds. The speed depends on the type of attachment and the material on which work is being done. For most of the recent models of rotary tools, the speed settings have been made such that it provides maximum performance in a number of tasks. A good rotary tool should have a good speed setting and a wide speed range.
  •     Basic or Cut Out: Rotary tools can be basic or cut out. The appropriate type of rotary tool should be chosen depending on the work which is to be done.

Basic rotary tools are used for work which involves detailing, like engraving, cutting, shaping, smoothing etc.

The Cut Out rotary tools have a larger motor and are much heavier compared to the basic rotary tools. This rotary tool is usually used by professionals for more cumbersome and heavier tasks.

  • Corded or Cordless: A rotary tool can be either corded or cordless. If portability is to be given priority then the cordless tool should be chosen. It doesn’t need to be connected to a power source. However, a watch has to be kept over the battery which shouldn’t run out in the middle of a task. The cordless tools are also a little heavier when compared to the corded ones.

A corded rotary tool is much lighter when compared to the cordless ones. A big plus point of the corded tool is that it gives uninterrupted power supply.

  •     A number of attachments: The number of attachments which a rotary tool comes with should also be kept in mind while choosing the rotary tool. A few brands come with a greater number of attachments. Hence, the appropriate rotary tool should be chosen depending upon the tasks which are to be performed and the number of attachments required for it.
  •     Easy bit changing:If a complex task is to be performed using a rotary tool then it will require frequent bit change. A few brands of rotary tools have spindle locks and these rotary tools are best suited for such complex tasks. Hence the suitable rotary tool should be selected according to the complexity of the task.
  •     Good grip: A good rotary tool should provide a good grip to the user. Hence, this should be seen to while selecting the rotary tool. Some rotary tools come with cushioning to provide a good grip and easy manoeuvring.
  •     Motor brushes: The motor’s brushes of the rotary tool should be replaceable. The brushes will get worn out after some time. Hence, if the brushes are replaceable then the tool life will also be extended.