Everyone loves ice cream. Not only is it delicious, it can make any person of any age group instantly happy in seconds with its ability to bring back childhood memories. Though for years popsicles have been made at home by simply freezing flavored water, it was a little harder to be able to create the perfect ice cream that one could scoop out and have in a cone. In the tech-savvy age, it becomes easier to indulge in this cold dessert treat with the invention of ice cream makers. These machines not only help produce ice cream easily at home in minutes but also let the user make ice creams of their choice of flavors and in some cases, even toppings. They are a handy gadget for hot summers, and for dinner parties. And, after all, who doesn’t like something that’s homemade? All of this, along with the fact that ice cream makers are a source of joy, makes them a wonderful buy for any family.

Benefits of owning an ice cream maker:

  1. Time: the ice cream is produced within 20-30 minutes, saving a lot of time of the user. Using the machine, ice cream can be produced at any time, whenever needed. This especially comes in handy during large-scale gatherings or get together, where a large quantity of ice cream may be needed in a short while.
  2. Ability to personalize: ice cream machines cater to the fact that each person has a preferred flavor or combination of flavors of ice cream. Specific ingredients can be selected and added, making the resultant ice cream much healthier due to the absence of any artificial additives or allergy causing elements . This feature also means the ice cream will be fresh, which will, in turn, make it tastier. Also, most ice cream makers come with different settings for varied levels of churning; enabling the user to create sorbets, juices, soft serves and even crushed ice.
  3. Efficient: the machines are portable and travel-friendly. The hand churners can be used anyplace at any time, while the electric ice makers just need to be plugged in. Any quantity of ice cream can be made, and the machines are easy to master, making them user-friendly. They are also fairly durable, making their lifespan longer, a feature that benefits the buyer financially in the long run.
  1. Bonding: keeping in mind that ice cream is enjoyed by everyone, an ice cream maker is a wonderful way to bond with family and friends. Being easy to use they can be taught to children who can experiment with flavours and can also make family time much more fulfilling with everyone taking a try at making their perfect ice cream.

Top 10 Ice Cream Makers:

10.ICE-45PK by Conair Cuisinart

The ICE-45PK by Conair is available in two colors of pink and white. The ice cream maker machine is automatic and comes with a double insulated freezer bowl. Also added in the product are three topping dispensers, which can make the ice cream all the more enjoyable. Also attached is a cone holder, which compliments the topping disposal feature. The parts are easily detachable making it effortless to clean the device, resulting in it being easy to maintain. The machine makes 1.5 quarts of ice cream within 15 to 20 minutes, which is equivalent to around 6 to 8 servings. It can also make soft serves and sorbets. The appliance comes with an instruction booklet and a three-year warranty. Also added is a recipe book with a variety of delicious recipes to experiment with.

9.ICE-102C Igloo

This ice cream maker by Igloo is available in white, red, black, silver and as stainless steel. It is a counter top design and is easily portable, so it’s a wonderful asset for parties or holidays. The time of production is as less as six minutes, making the machine time efficient. It also has a storage unit and a fairly large reservoir which produces about 2.3 quarts of ice cream. Drainage areas enable the excess water to drain out leaving the resultant product less messy. LED controls enable the user to choose a setting with a timer, after which the machine operates independently and does not need to be constantly monitored. The overall product design is compact and it works at a voltage of 120V. It comes with a warranty.

8.Dessert Maker Yonanas

This easy to use dessert maker by Yonanas comes in a sleek color which is a combination of black and silver. It is absolutely hassling free to use, with the only action needed to be done is to push a plunger down the chute to juice the chosen ingredients after which the churner does the rest of the work. Any fruits or nuts can be chosen to be transformed into ice cream, yoghurt, soft serves, sorbets and even juices, in whatever amount is needed. The appliance is completely dishwasher friendly, and therefore the maintenance is swift and trouble free. Included in the package is a recipe booklet with a number of creative ideas. The company also offers a warranty with the appliance.

7.KICA0WH KitchenAid Ice Cream Maker

The KICA0WH by KitchenAid is available in two sizes of 2 Quart and 7 Quart, both in a colour of white. The package includes an ice cream dasher for churning, a frozen bowl, and a bowl adapter. The product design is compact making it both portable and easy to store. The usage of the machine is easy, with the only thing needed is to put the ingredients into a priorly frozen freezer bowl and then attached to the dasher. It takes about 25 minutes to produce ice creams, sorbets, or any other kinds of desserts. The appliance is dishwasher safe and so easy to clean. The company provides a one year warranty along with a recipe booklet.

6.ICE-100 Compressor Cuisinart

The ICE-100 is automatic and has the design of a compressor. The unique feature of this model by Cuisinart is the presence of two paddles. The gelato paddle is for creating authentic gelato products, while the ice cream paddle manages to churn ice cream to a wonderful consistency, and apart from that also manages to make yoghurts, sorbets, and soft serves. A 60-minute countdown timer with a touchpad screen and LED controls enables the user to select a time limit based on the kind of dessert chosen to be made. An added bonus is 10 minutes keep a cooling system that keeps the dessert considerably cool after it has been made. A see-through lid can be opened during the churning process to add condiments such as brownies, fruits, and so on to run them through the dessert to make it tastier. The product is easy to store and the package includes a recipe book and a one year warranty. It can produce numerous batches of ice cream in a setting making it efficient.

5.Vintage ICMP400BLUE Nostalgia

This product by Nostalgia is blue and has a vintage look and design. It has a four-quart capacity to create ice creams, yoghurts, sorbets, gelatos and all other kinds of desserts. An automatic electric motor makes it easy for the ice cream to churn to the right consistency with absolutely no effort from the user. A see-through lid allows a monitoring to make sure the dessert is not over or under churned. The parts are secured into place while working, allowing the machine to be compact and non-messy during use and also when being stored. A carrying handle makes it portable. Being dishwasher safe makes it easy to clean. The plastic bowl provided should be layered with ice and salt before churning for optimum results. The ice cream made can be stored in the very same container for as long as needed. The product takes 25-30 minutes to produce the dessert, and condiments can be added while churning for an extra freshness. A recipe book is included in the package for experimental ideas.

4.68330N Hamilton Beach Ice Cream Maker

The Hamilton Beach ice cream maker gives 4 quarts of ice cream in about 20-40 minutes which is quite a less time for that quantity. This makes it an ideal model for parties or for large scale production of a dessert. The device is completely automatic, and absolutely no labour is needed by the user during the process. The machine can make ice creams, sorbets, yoghurt, custards, and any other kind of dessert. The product design is compact and has a locking lid which makes it easy to store the churned ice cream in the bowl itself. The process only needs the user to put in the ingredients, ice, and some rock salt, after which all the work is done by the machine. Extra condiments can be mixed during the churning. The company offers a one-year warranty on the product and the package includes a user manual with recipes. An important feature to note is that the churning stops automatically as soon as the chosen dessert reaches the required consistency.

3.ICE-20 Ice Cream Maker Cuisinart

The ICE-20 by Cuisinart is electric and has a capacity of producing 1.5 quarts of ice cream. The production time is about 20 minutes for 1.5 quarts, and the machine works independently with no need of adding of ice or rock salt by the user. The lid is transparent, making it easy to monitor the process. An easy lock keeps the lid in place reducing any risk of a mess, and also allowing storage of the dessert if needed. The parts are easy to clean making maintenance easy. All sorts of desserts can be made, where the process of adding ingredients and switching the machine on is the same, only the time needed for the required consistency changes. Since all the work is done by the machine, it is user-friendly. A three-year warranty is provided along with user manual with recipes.

2.Pure Indulgence ICE-30BC Cuisinart

The ICE-30BC Pure Indulgence is another ice cream maker model by Cuisinart, available in silver and brushed metal (a tinge of red). The machine is completely automatic, therefore user-friendly. A heavy duty motor ensures production of numerous batches of ice cream, each within 25 minutes. A locking lid enables the dessert to be stored if needed, and a large ingredient spout helps to add ingredients during the churning process. Rubber feet at the bottom of the product ensure that it is nonslip and therefore sturdy on any platform it is placed upon. A storage unit is provided for the cord where it can be folded up when not in use. The double insulated freezer bowl provided in the package has a capacity of 2 quarts, and the machine is provided with a warranty. The user manual included also has a few recipes for the user to experiment with.

1.Conair ICE-21 Cuisinart

This automatic ice cream maker by Conair Cuisinart can be ordered in three colors of white, red and pink. The duo be insulated freezer bowl eliminates the need for the user to add rock salt and ice and has a maximum capacity of 1.5 quarts. A unique mixing paddle helps the dessert to be made quickly, within 15-20 minutes. A compact design makes storage of the unit easy. An easy lock lid helps to minimize mess and store the freezer bowl when needed. A large spout enables the user to add ingredients into the dessert during the churning. The heavy duty motor makes sure that consistent use does not overheat or break down the machine, and therefore it makes the product efficient. The machine is automatic and so needs no effort to operate. Easy clean parts that are dishwasher safe make maintenance hassle free. The rubber feet ensure nonslip grip on the platform while the machine is in use, and a cord storage helps to keep the cord safe when the machine is not in use.

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