Digperformance(DP) 1000$ Excellent Student Business Idea Scholarship

Digperformance.com is a professional online shopping guide site. We provide professional reviews and insights about products selling online and help people to find the high quality product meet their reqirements.

For example:

7 Smartphone Virtual Reality (VR) Headsets That Take You To A Whole New World

I am also a student just couple of years ago, and I know how the creative ideas are important for each student. Therefore, I want to create this scholarship program to award those student who has talented business idea in their interested field.

No matter you are a high school, undergradutate or postgraduate student, as long as you have a unique and intelligent “Business Idea”, you will receive this scholarship.

So, let’s talk about the details here:

1. In order to be qualified, you must submit at least 500+ words article which must be written by yourself, any copied idea or content, will be detected and refused.

2. The topic of your article must be a creative idea to solve problem or provide better solution to your interested field. There is no restriction about which major you study; various type of factors in the content will give you extra score, such as graphic, charts, scientific data, and etc.

3. All applicants should include their name, student id, name of school and department under their title of articles in order to release the scholarship to the right person.

4. The deadline is within 3 monthes, once our site receives 50 articles, then we will start our evalutation process.

There will be 5 finalist and one winner, the finalist will gain 50$ for their work, and winner will get 1000$ scholarship.

Please send your article directly to contact@digperformance.com, we will get back to you as soon as possible.