Stockings, also known as pantyhose are tight elastic attire that covers some portions of the leg or the whole leg. These stockings can enhance a woman’s beauty and appearance so easily. They are worn by most of the women nowadays not only because of the amazing good looks they offer but also for some other purposes such as keeping their legs warm, cover blemishes and for medical reasons.

Below is a review of 10 most popular stockings among women now a day. You will be able to find a number of great features listed inside these reviews and they will definitely help you decide which pair to buy for yourself.


Product Reviews:

Below are some reviews of top 10 women stockings which are highly recommended by a large number of users.

10.Dreamgirl Women’s Silicone Lace Top Thigh-High Stockings

These Dreamgirl Women’s Silicone Lace Top Thigh-High Stockings provide an exceptional look for a stylish women.You can attract people with a super sexy appearance when walking wearing them. They are 100% Nylon made and very durably. These stockings include a silicone lace top which enhances the overall look of the stockings and helps to stay up easily. The sheer hosiery includes Spandex to fit better. These stockings are available in four sizes (Plus, One Size, One Size Queen and One Size S-L) and come in 3 colors (Black, White, and Red). It has got an impressive number of 1158 reviews with 4.1 out of 5 stars rating at

9.HDE Women’s Fun Pattern Printed Tattoo Pantyhose Stockings

These elegant stockings are made with a combination of 90% Nylon and 10% Spandex.They are pattern printed stockings which allow you to show off your legs attractively. The fun designs on the pantyhose also add some flare to your outfit. Wearing them in some colors like beige and semi-opaque will give your legs very smooth appearance. They are available in one size which fits most women and very comfortable. These stockings have been able to receive 1046 customer reviews and 3.9 average rating at

8.Dreamgirl Women’s Sheer Thigh-High Stockings

This is another most popular stocking you will find in the market these days.A number of satisfied buyers have rated it with 4.1 stars and left 1014 reviews at Amazon.They are made with a blend of 85% nylon and 15% spandex which adds more durability. These stockings come with a silicon lace top which grips the thighs tightly and enables to hold up easily. They also stretch well and fit perfectly on your thighs. These stockings are 12 x 3 x 10 inches in size and available in two colors as black and white. They also come in two size options as One size and One size Plus. They are ideal for a night out with friends and can be paired with different costumes nicely.

7.Hanes Control Women’s Toe Silk Reflections Stockings

These Hanes Silk Reflections Stockings are made with 100% Nylon and offer some great benefits for all women. The specialty in these stockings is that they include a control top which outlines a smoother belly, rear and hips. And the reinforced toes save your feet from any picks, runs and snugs. These stockings come in a wide range of colors to match women with any skin tone.  It has been able to score significant 3.7 average customer rating and 742 reviews at  Hand wash is recommended for this product to make it last long. These excellent stockings suit well for any formal or casual event and make it a great experience wherever you go wearing them.

6.Leg Avenue Thigh-High Opaque Women’s Stockings with Bows

This high quality, fabulous stockings can improve the confidence of any woman wearing it. It is made with 100% Spandex so that you will feel very comfortable when wearing it. These stockings stretch well to put up your feet and hand wash is recommended to maintain durability. There’s a scalloped silicone lace top at the opening to gain a perfect fit. Whether you are attending an official event, party or just hang out with friends, these thigh high stockings will become an ideal choice. It comes in a variety of 13 colors and two sizes as One size and plus size. There’re a stretch band and a nice satin bow at the opening which adds the more fashionable look to anyone who is wearing them. The high-quality Spandex material will make these stockings last long and they will hold up well for regular use.It has gained an impressive rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars and 465 reviews on Amazon.

5.Hanes Women’s Silk Reflections Thigh-High Stockings

These stockings are sheer thigh high stockings that come with a lace panel at top. They are made of 100% Nylon and the top lace panel ensures that it holds up well without sliding down. They are available in 7lovely colors as Barely There, Barely Black, Jet, White, Little Color, Soft Taup and Pearl. There are 3 size options to select from and all sizes are made for a perfect fit. Machine wash is not recommended for these stockings. These awesome stockings have got 4.1 average rating and 440 customer reviews at

4.Leg Avenue Women’s Industrial Net Pantyhose

This is a popular pair of fishnet stockings among women which can give your legs a stunning look. They have gained 4.5 out of 5 average customer rating and 398 reviews due to their popularity. They are made of 100% Spandex and therefore offer a comfortable sensation to the wearer.These stockings consist of an industrial spandex net which makes them very strong and extremely durable. They are available in 8 vibrant colors and two size options as 1X-2X and One size. One size is the size that fits most women. These stockings need to be hand washed as machine wash can damage the fish net.

3.Truform 1772, Compression Women’s Stockings

These excellent stockings come as a combination of 80% Nylon and 20% Spandex. They are designed with an open toe for more comfort and to inspect extremities easily.Itis a similar product to Truform 0865 Compression Stockings and very useful for your leg health. The knit in heel increases durability of the stockings and the stay up top ensures maximum comfort while wearing. The Snug fit always keeps the stockings in place. It has received a remarkable 4 out of 5 ratings and 384 customer reviews at Amazon.

2.Leg Avenue Nylon Opaque Women’s Thigh High Stockings

These gorgeous stockings are capable of making you stand out among other women at any occasion. These are made of 100% Spandex and come as thigh high stockings. They are available in a number of bright colors as well as black and white. There are also two sizes as one size and plus size while one size fits most of the women. Hand wash is recommended for these stockings in order to avoid any damage to the fabric. It has been rated 3.8 stars out of 5 and 281 reviews by impressed clients around the world.

1.Trasparenze Women’s Sara All Sheer Stockings

This Trasparenze Women’s Sara All Sheer Stocking is another popular pair of stockings in the market. They are made with high quality 20 Denier Italian yarn which makes them more strong and durable. These stockings come in nine appealing colors specially the Playa color which comes very much similar to the natural skin tone. It includes a soft welt and a reinforced toe and perfect for wearing with a garter. Satisfied buyers around the world have rated it with 4.4 stars and given 268 interesting reviews. These charming stockings are suitable for wearing at any occasion and definitely improve your appearance in a great deal.

Wearing a pair of quality stockings with a correct match will always leave women looking smart and presentable. Some of them can give you even more glamorous look and make you appear extremely attractive. So pick the one that looks perfect on you and unveils the real beauty in you.

Basic Knowledge To Help You Get The High Quality Stockings

Types of stockings

There are different types of stockings available in the market today. You need to know the difference and the features of each type clearly before buying one for yourself.

1.Thigh High Stockings

Thigh high stockings are usually sheer and Nylon made. Some of them have a silicon layer at the opening to stay up well while others need a garter belt to hold them up. Thigh high stockings mostly come in colors like black, navy, nude, and white.

2.Sheer Stockings

Any stocking which shows the skin through it can be referred as sheer stockings and they are usually made of 15 deniers or less yarn. These stockings are perfect for hiding scars, blemishes and other flaws in the skin giving a smooth and flawless look for women’s legs. The most popular Sheer stocking colors are nude and black whereas off-white, navy and dark brown are also available for sale.

3.Lace Stockings

Lace stockings have got some nice woven lattice patterns in their design and usually elastic.These stockings are made from silk, cotton or other synthetic materials and come thigh-high or full-length variations. They are also available in many colors as black, white, red and neutrals.

4.Opaque Stockings

Opaque stockings are made with 15 deniers or higher thick cotton, lycra or knitted wool and no skin is shown through them. They come in bright colors, neutral shades or patterns and also available in many designs such as stripes, polka dots, florals, holiday-themed, etc. These opaque stockings can be layered with lace stockings or fishnets as well.

5.Fishnet Stockings

Fishnet stockings have got their name because their woven mesh looks like a fishnet. Holes in the fishnet vary from tiny to few centimeters wide and the tiny holed fishnets are the ones that are suitable for work. Fishnets with large holes are good for night outings with friends. They come in a range of colors while black, red and nude are the fast moving. These fishnet stockings are often worn with sexy or glamorous outfits.

6.Textured Stockings

Textured Stockings have some patterns on them such as lace, embroidery or applique. Sometimes they also come with beautiful designs like floral, polka dots or stripes. Women can wear textured stockings together with a plain colored dress to add some flair to it.

Things to consider before buying a pair of stockings

Stockings come in various colors, shapes, patterns and prints and made with different materials like nylon, cotton, spandex or silk. However, you need to make the right selection according to your particular needs and desires. Therefore, in addition to the above-mentioned types of stockings, there are few more things which are worth considering before you put the pair of stockings in your shopping cart


When it comes to thickness, you should choose stockings with different thickness levels according to the weather. High denier stockings are thicker than low denier ones. So high denier stockings are best for cold days in winter where as low denier stockings are great for hot summer days. And also you need to select low denier stockings if you want to show your skin through the stockings.


You also need to consider about the color of the stockings as it can change the look of your outfit. Here you need to decide whether you want a natural color that is similar to your skin color, want to standout with a colored or patterned stockings or want a classic black one.


Here you need to have a look at the toes of the stockings. It will also depend on the shoes you are going to wear with them. Stockings with open toes are good for sandals and peep toe shoes while reinforced toes are better for enclosed shoes.


The size of the stockings is also an important concern as women need to buy stockings that fit them properly. While some brands provide stockings with different sizes, some provide only one size that fits most women. There’s a size chart available for brands that come in multiple sizes and they help customers select the stockings with the correct size.