A car video recorder is a camera device made essentially to record ongoing events while driving to be used later as evidence in the case of emergencies or just for treasuring your journey experience. These devices are vitally designed to be slim, compact and with a less-complex mechanism to offer systematic user convenience and minimum distractions while driving. Some of the common key points that generally all the recorders possess nowadays includes windshield mounts, rechargeable battery with USB cords, HD resolution, movable to cover maximum angles, compatibility with memory cards to store the recorded videos handily and much more. You can choose as per your expediency to ensure efficient use in your cars.

Things to consider before buying a car video recorder:

  • Quality:  The HD resolution is very necessary feature while buying a dash cam. If you want your cam to record events that are happening few distances away sharply with all the minuscule details then consider a high-resolution recorder (720p/1080p) with fine fps capability (30 or more).
  • Size and color: Different recorders come with different sizes. If you have a small windshield then there is no point in buying a large cam. Further, an LCD screen makes the cam even big, so accordingly select the one that suits your windshield size well. If you are distracted easily then skip buying the cam with LCD screen. Black color generally blends in and is unnoticeable; should be preferred as it can helpfully report the theft, bad drivers, abuses, etc.
  • Storage: If you are the customer that frequently goes on adventures or journeys using your vehicle and wants to capture those moments then consider buying a recorder with ample storage capacity with loop recording. If not, then a normal 8 to 16 GB SD card is enough.
  • Processor, Lens, Sensors: The fine the processor, lens and sensors capabilities, the better is the quality of the recordings. Try to choose the cam with inbuilt sensors to secure recordings, high-quality processor and lens with a satisfactory focus to record decent quality videos.

Top 12 Car video recorders

12. Falcon Zero Dual Cam recorder

This car video recorder showcases some impressive features like a 3.5 inch LCD screen which show live/preview of recordings, automatically starts recording as soon as vehicle starts on and stops when vehicle is turned off, both the cameras have rotating ability up to 180 degrees and viewing angle of 120 degrees with high resolution (1080p) angle lens to enable wide range for recording. Night vision option is provided for interior recordings or pictures with an inbuilt microphone and speaker. It is compatible with 32 GB SD cards (included), TV and HDMI HD output as well.  Also, it has a loop recording option where you can set a time span or continuously record and automatically replace old files with new ones saving SD card space. This cam recorder can be clamped on the rear view mirror easily to get a better recording access and cover all the angles of the front, back, and sides. The entangling of wires is made effortless here by providing a long power cord that goes right into cigarette lighter socket via interior cabin; they have also provided cord clips for convenience and the product has 1-year warranty.

11. Transcend DrivePro Car Cam

Transcend introduces this car video recorder with a charming and thorough Full HD recording of 1080p@ 30 fps with 7-layer glass lenses for sharpness. It has a motion G-sensor which senses impacts and automatically saves the ongoing recording through emergency recording mode. 2.4 inch bright LCD screen enables to view live recordings as well as playbacks. Some other impressive aspects of this recorder are easy installation, 160 degree of coverage angle with a huge f/2.0 aperture adjustment for day/night light conditions, transcend 16 GB high speed Class 10 SD card included, loop recording option, a wireless smartphone connectivity option to watch, download and share videos handily with a iOS/Android app, microphone and speaker in-built to capture high sound recording, video port for TV connection to watch recordings and supports 13 languages. For installation, you will have to mount it onto the windshield, connect it to the lighter socket, set up time in the cam and it is good to record all the ongoing events.

10. Rexing Dash Camera Recorder

The Rexing V1P dashboard camera recorder features dual channel camera for both front and rear view recordings. It is waterproof, has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 Full HD with H. 264 photography compression technology to make it easy to store and share recordings. The camera has 170-degree access to angles and a wide- range 6-layer glass lens to ensure maximum coverage for recordings.  The WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) technology supported cam ensures capturing of difficult lighting condition scenes too. The recorder has an advanced design with a 3M adhesive mount and a 2.4 inch 4:3 TFT LCD screen to view ongoing recordings as well as a preview of previous recordings. It has a loop recording option to save SD card space and replace old recordings with new ones automatically and a G-sensor feature that detects impacts and automatically saves the ongoing recording and locks it to the memory. The cam is compatible with multiple languages and supports up to 128 GB Class 10 microSD cards (not included).

9. WheelWitness HD PRO Dash Recorder

WheelWitness HD Pro Car video recorder comes with a striking 2560 x 1080p/ 2306 x 1296p Full HD resolution making even minor details viewable. It supports WDR/HDR Technology which is best for night vision and records videos with a balanced exposure that can capture dark and light sides of one scene effectively. Other remarkable aspects of this cam includes free 16 GB microSD card with a USB adapter, 3 mounts (2 adhesive and one suction cup)to be efficiently used in multiple vehicles, GPS to know your location via Google Maps alongside your recorded video, 3-inch 16:9 TFT color LCD screen, 170 degree wide range lens for maximum coverage, loop recording, an extra bracket for mounting,has easy installation by inserting SD card in the cam, plugging it into the socket and it starts recording automatically as vehicle is powered. It has dominant Ambarella A7 processor with a motion detector that lets you record emergency clips and saves them automatically. It supports up to 64 GB SD card, has H.264 video compression technology, the bracket that can be folded for easy storage, HDMI/USB port, and 1-year warranty.

8. Canany CY6000 Full HD car video recorder

Canany CY6000 action video recorder is a unique device with some influential aspects and efficient for different uses as while skiing, diving, surfing, drifting as well as in cars. Anti-shaking feature favors hand movements while recording resulting in clear videos. It has 2.0-inch LCD screen that shows Full HD recorded clips and also captures 12MP high-quality pictures @ 30fps with the help of 170-degree wide range angles. It has 2 rechargeable batteries for long durability while recording, supports up to 32 GB of SD card and has a built-in Wi-Fi which can be operated by downloading ‘OK CAM’ app for both iOS/Android, after installation you can open the app and operate the camera easily; you can also watch the recorded videos/pictures on mobile/computers easily through Wi-Fi. The product includes a waterproof camera with waterproof casing, can be mounted or put on for recording all adventurous scenes easily.

7.AUSDOM Dash Video Recorder

AUSDOM AD282 Dash cam recorder comes with a 2304 x 1296p Full HD video recording resolution @ 30fps with an Ambarella A7L50 chipset + OV4689 Lens that views super clear and high-quality clips and pictures with an f2.8 focus; and a wide angle range of 130 degrees horizontal and 150-degree diagonal coverage. It has a parking monitor aspect which automatically starts recording as soon as it senses some impact or shaking and an Auto Accident Capture (G sensor) aspect where it captures critical clips just before the accident and automatically locks it to the memory card. The 2.4-inch TFT LCD screen views ongoing recordings as well as playback of previous recordings. Some other key features of this cam consist of a compatibility with 64 GB SD card for maximum video storage with included 16 GB free SD card, loop recording, HDR technology for finest night vision recordings and a 1 year of warranty period.

6.AUTO-VOX D1 Dash video recorder

This car video recorder from AUTO-VOX features 1080p high-resolution recordings with a 140-degree wide range angle coverage. It comes with all-included distinct attributes like a GPS mode which shows your location too while watching previous recordings, a hands-free mode that starts recording when the car is powered and turns off when car is stopped, a G-sensor to sense accidents and saves recording instantly to the memory card, WDR technology with a f1.6 six-layer glass lens to capture recordings of bad lighting conditions as well by providing a well-adjusted high quality exposure, free 32 GB SD card to store continuous 6 hours of recording, a compact charger with USB port, a date and time stamp to ensure the genuineness of recordings in case of disagreements, a suction cup to mount and the ability to turn the screen black when the camera is recording to prevent the driver from getting distracted which can play backed later on the 2.7 inch screen.

5.TaoTronics CD05 Car video Recorder

TaoTronics introduces this CD05 model of Dashboard Car recorder which has the capability to record sharp high quality clear videos of up to 1920 x 1080p resolution @ 30fps with a coverage of 150 degrees wide range of angle without hindrance. The ongoing recording, as well as previous recorded clips, can be viewed on a 2.7-ich LCD color screen. It showcases a supreme 6-layer glass lens with WDR technology to provide good exposure light for night vision recordings balancing the light and dark areas smartly in one scene. The cam can be effortlessly mounted on the windshield with a suction cup provided, carry out loop recordings to save space on the SD card, adds license plates to the recordings, changes the formats of video easily, adjusts white balance and you can easily lock or mute videos by just one click. The product comprises of Auto Accident Detection G-sensor that detects thuds and rapidly locks the recording to the memory card for later evidence. The recorder has a USB cable for charging, 32 GB SD card included, parking monitor, GPS module, Novatek NT96650 chipset, HDMI support and 30 days money back and 1-year replacement warranty.

4.Z-Edge Ultra Full HD Dash Video Recorder

Nominated as the best dash cam of 2016 by Wirecutter, this Z-Edge Ultra Full HD Dash Cam offers high-quality recordings with a 2560 x 1080p resolution at 30fps with an angle coverage of 145 degrees with minimum distortion. It automatically starts when the vehicle is powered, saves energy by turning off LCD screen via timer provided, loop recording facility replaces old clips with new ones to save SD card space, manual and automatic video saving option prevents recordings from getting deleted  and a G-sensor to detect impacts and save videos on spot. Accelerometer provided here enables crash detection recording to capture important events and parking mode enables 24/7 surveillance of surroundings. Impressive aspects of this device includes a OV4689 color CMOS image sensor and processor to capture minor details sharply (license plate), a 3.0 inch scratch-proof LCD screen, Ambarella A7 processor, long USB cable to go through interior cable efficiently and battery power for durable record timings,  a suction mount with screw-in attachment for enhanced fixture that fully adjusts accordingly, free 32 GB Kingston SD card, 2 USB ports, 30 days cash back guarantee and 18 months of warrant period.

3.Rexing V1 Car Cam

Rexing V1 model proposes a high resolution 1920 x 1080p Full HD video recordings with 6-layer glass lens that covers a wide angle of 170degrees. Other than that some key features of this model consists of a modern and sophisticated design, loop recording ability that saves SD card space, G-sensor that saves clips automatically during accidents, H.264 photography compression technology to store and share high quality videos easily, WDR technology to provide good lighting recordings during night vision or bad lighting conditions, 2.4 inch 4:3 TFT LCD screen to preview recordings, supports various languages, 3M adhesive mountable bracket, USB power cable, Novatek NT96650 chipset, compatible with up to 128 GB SD cards (not included) and also supports audio recording.

2.REXING S300 Dash Cam Pro for Cars

REXING S300 Dash Cam Pro for cars has a high resolution Full HD 1920 x 1080p recording capability @ 30fps with wide-ranging 170 degree coverage and a night-vision AR0330 image sensor with 6-layer glass lens of f2.4 focus + 1 infrared lens to prevent fogging. Some outstanding aspects of this model involves loop recording function, big 2.7 inch LCD screen, free 16 GB of micro SD card, thin design, Novatek NT96650BG chipset, WDR technology to provide a stable exposure to record dark areas of scenes with fine shadowing, minor details coverage and highlights, G-sensor and emergency lock button to secure recording instantly, supports up to 32 GB SD card, included Li-polymer 3.7V 110mAh battery to adjust to changing temperatures backed with MSDS report and PONY Lab certificate, a suction cup and 3M adhesive pad to be mounted on windshield. It comes with a 1 year of warranty period, first class support for customers by quick reverting within 24 hours and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

1.KDLINKS X1 Dash Cam

KDLINKS X1 Dash cam ranks first in the list as it showcases some impressive attributes like a full HD 1920 x 1080p high resolution video recording at 30 fps with angle coverage up to 165 degrees through 6-layer glass lens with f1.6 focus, WDR technology to capture all minute details in high quality with finest exposure for darker areas, supports loop recording, inbuilt GPS to track your location in previous recordings on Google Maps with KDLINKS player software, has a 2.7 inch large LCD screen and thin design to view past recordings and ongoing recordings as well, free 8 GB SD Card, emergency lock button and G-sensor to sense accidents and secure recordings by automatically saving to memory card,  automatic recording when car is powered, fine quality Li-polymer 3.7V 120mAh battery to adapt all temperature conditions, one year warranty period, suction cup included to be mounted on the windshield (extra suction cup also included), car charger with long cord included and a fine customer service with replying  facility within 24 hours for all requests.