Spirulina is blue green algae which grow naturally in fresh as well as salt water. It is considered as one of the incredibly healthy and nutritive foods which fall into the category of super food. Many of the vital nutrients which our body requires can be found in Spirulina.  It’s a great source of proteins, minerals, vitamins and critical fatty acids, specially prosperous with vitamin K and beta-carotene. It acts as an energy booster as well as a natural detoxifier.

Within this article, you will be able to find a list of top 10 Spirulina brands in the market along with a common review for each of them. But before that, there are several factors towards which you need to draw attention.

After being aware of the major concerns when buying spirulina, carefully go through the below reviews to decide which brand is exactly matching for you.

Top 10 Spirulina Supplement

#10 Organic Spirulina Powder by Now Foods

This is a certified organic superfood which offers you amusing health benefits. Adding 1 tablespoon of this wonderful Spirulina powder into your meal will become a perfect health plan that you make.  It is a rich source of vegetable protein and GLA which is a well-known fatty acid with numerous health benefits. Furthermore, it offers optimal levels of minerals, vitamins, trace elements, amino acids, cell salts, and enzymes. This great Spirulina powder supports almost every organ and appropriate functioning of the entire body. Some of its top health benefits include: increased vitality and energy, support for immune system, support for brain, weight loss and eye health. This organic spirulina powder is tested and verified to be free from contaminants and other heavy materials.

#9 BulkSupplements Spirulina Powder

This pure and clean Spirulina powder by BulkSupplements comes from China. It’s a good source of vitamins and minerals with no fillers. It’s available in a sealed zip pouch made with foil and scientifically tested and verified for purity. It’s also brimming with irons, proteins, necessary fatty acids, vitamin B12, chlorophyll and beta-carotene. Some of these nutrients are only included in large amounts in the meals of non-vegetarians and nutrients such as chlorophyll and beta carotene performs a valuable task in helping the body to get free of toxins. They also help to stimulate a better immune system by acting as antioxidants. This precious Spirulina powder contains ten times of beta carotene than carrots which is considered as the top source of beta carotene.

#8 Real Herbs Spirulina Capsules

Real Herbs Spirulina Capsules are perfect adding to your regular nutrition intake. It consists of more than 100 varieties of nutrients and aids to improve your cellular and body health. It is free of the awful after taste that is common for spirulina powder and therefore you can enjoy this healthy super food forgetting about the after taste. These Spirulina capsules include the maximum dose per capsule so that you can consume fewer pills and gain more effect out of it.  It is made as a vegetarian-friendly product by encapsulating inside hypromellose capsules which are appropriate for vegan usage. This high-quality capsules are a good source of bioavailable iron and also a good way of supplying vegetarians with essential animal proteins and irons they miss in their diets. It is one of the most popular Spirulina supplements in the market with highest customer ratings.

#7 Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica by Nutrex Hawaii

Hawaiian spirulina Pacifica is another most nutritious and concentrated supplement which comes as a pack of 400 capsules. This pure green super food is loaded with beta-carotenes, proteins, essential minerals and vitamins. It includes great amount of iron and carotene more than Spinach and Carrots. These spirulina are grown using deep ocean water which is a spring of naturally formed nutrients. And also they are ended up as a finished product in a small period of 30 minutes after taking out of ponds. This amazing spirulina tablets helps to increase immune function, eye health and energy while upholding a proper cholesterol level. It’s a vegan product free of lactose and glutton.

#6 Organic Spirulina Powder

This organic spirulina powder is one of the purest sources of spirulina processing several organic certifications. It is manufactured in 100% raw form containing a high nutrition profile. There are more than 100 trace level nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, essential fats, amino acids and antioxidants. This spirulina powder is derived from blue-green micro algae and a fully vegetarian supplement. It delivers a wide range of health benefits for the whole body while restoring health systematically at a cellular level. It supports for the improved health of your brain, heart, cells, skin, immune system and blood. This superb spirulina power assists in alkalizing your body and thereby maintains a proper PH balance.  It also helps to detoxify heavy metals and protect the body from exposure to radiation. It’s a safe product which is absolutely free of contaminates, heavy metals and bacteria.

#5 Spirulina Dream Organic Food Bars 

Spirulina Dream food bars consists of organic Spirulina that is enriched with nutrition, multivitamins, vegetable proteins, and minerals. It is an irresistible gluten-free nutrition bar which provides you with organic super foods in each bite. This food bar also includes raw cashews, sunflower kernels, dates, agave nectar, raw almonds and flax seeds making it more delicious. There are also a certain amount of fiber and Omega-6 which offers some additional health benefits.  It’s an organic certified vegan food bar which doesn’t include any animal products.  It is also totally free of refined sugars, trans fats, and hydrogenated oils and contains a low sugar level. These organic food bars are ideal for those who are looking for some healthy food on the move or a meal replacement. It is the most delicious organic super food bar available in the market at an affordable price.

#4 BRI Nutrition Spirulina Supplement

You can gain all benefits of Spirulina without its bad after taste by using BRI Nutrition Spirulina Supplement. They have removed that issue and encapsulated pure Spirulina into a 500mg veggie capsule. As a wonderful vegetarian super food, this spirulina supplement is capable of detoxifying your body and increasing energy. They are created by nature and sunshine remaining their raw form and no machines have been used. BRI Nutrition only use technically tested ingredients and follow strict manufacturing practices to produce this supplement. Besides all the batches are retested to ensure the purity and safety of the ingredients that are used. This excellent supplement not only provides you vitamins like K1, K2 and B12, but also some phytonutrients and amino acids. It is also full of antioxidants and helps to improve your immune response and energy. This product is a best seller in the market with number of 5 star ratings from impressed clients.

#3 Organic Spirulina Tablets by Triquetra Health

Triquetra Health’s Organic Spirulina tablets are one of the finest sources of Spirulina available the market. They are grown according to stringent organic agricultural standards so as to offer users a great product of Spirulina rich with nutrients and bioavailability. These Spirulina tablets are certified by 4 main organic certification bodies including Ecocert, USDA, OCIA and Naturlland. They are grown using fully plant-built nutrients without using any chemical or animal fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides during the farming process. They are also totally free from contaminates such as heavy metals, Mold, Yeast, BMAA, E. Coli,  Pheophorbides, Microcystin, Irradiation and Chemical Treatments. These organic Spirulina tablets are the only USP confirmed spirulina product and it assures that every set of tablets are consistent with same quality, strength and purity.

#2 Hawaii Nutrex Hawaiian Pacifica Spirulina Powder

This Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica Powder by Nutrex is a fully natural green super food rich with beta-carotene, protein, and many other essential minerals and vitamins. A portion of 3 gram of Hawaiian Spirulina offers more antioxidant action than 5 portions of vegetables and fruits. It contains more 3900% of beta-carotene than in carrots, more 2300% of iron than in Spinach, more 300% calcium than in whole milk and more 375% of protein than in tofu. It is also more potent than blueberries and spinach when comparing phytonutrient levels. This Hawaiian Spirulina is manufactured maintaining its excellent antioxidant quality throughout all stages of production. Moreover their drying system provides 2 times antioxidant quality than other Spirulina products. This Spirulina power comes properly packed using glass packaging with sealing caps and Oxygen absorbers in order save its precious nutrients from oxidation. It is extremely useful for your eye health, better cholesterol levels, immune function, cellular health and improved energy. It’s a highly recommended product among large number of buyers.

#1 Organic Viva Labs Spirulina Powder

This high-quality Spirulina powder has become the most popular product in the market with the highest number of reviews and ratings. It’s all in one nutrition container which provides many cellular compounds, minerals, vitamins and other vital fatty acids for maintaining a healthy life. This Spirulina is grown under optimum sunlight in order to essence the maximum level of chlorophyll. Chlorophyll plays an important role in detoxification by cleansing cells in the body for a vigorous vision, brain, digestive and metabolic health. Furthermore, this wonderful supplement helps to delay the signs of aging. Being a vegan protein source, it also supports better muscular health, regeneration of cells and repairing tissues. The difference between this Viva Labs Spirulina powder and other Spirulina products is that they are cultivated in fresh water pools under clean air and adequate sunlight so as to preserve its exceptional nutrition profile. Moreover, it’s thoroughly purified and filtered prior to drying at the harvest time. You can enjoy this Viva Labs Spirulina Powder on its own or mixed with other savory or baked foods to improve its nutrition and flavor further.

Things to consider when buying a spirulina supplement

You may have already heard about the amazing health benefits that Spirulina offers. But all Spirulina products are not created equally. Different manufacturers develop Spirulina in different ways using various methods which can have a big effect on Spirulina itself. Therefore with numerous brands of Spirulina available in the market, it would be a tough task to pick the best one. There are few things you need to concentrate before buying spirulina as mentioned below.

  • Spirulina has been made available in many forms such as tablets, powder, energy bars, etc. in the market. You can buy it in powder form if you wish to take it mixing with other foods. You can buy Spirulina tablets if you’d rather have a couple of tablets daily.
  • You have to make sure that the spirulina you buy is free of heavy metals, bacteria, and pollution. You also need to know its source as spirulina engrosses toxins from its surroundings.
  • It’s better to buy a spirulina supplement with no additional ingredients. You need to be sure that it is free of additives, preservatives or fillers.
  • Check the product description to ensure if the spirulina product has organic certifications and grown naturally without using any pesticides, herbicides or other harmful chemicals.
  • You also need to concern about the smell and taste of spirulina. It has usually got a sea weed smell which is normal. But it will give a different smell if it consists of other wild algae. And also if the spirulina tastes too sweet, strange or sour, it’s not good spirulina.
  • The color of pure spirulina should be dark green. If some product has got a dull color or tiny spots, you should not buy it.
  • Fine quality spirulina should remain soft as fresh flour and got a low level of moisture. If it looks wet or sticky, discard it quickly.
  • Don’t buy spirulina products with very little information on the product label. You won’t be able to determine if the product is reliable without sufficient information.
  • Purchase products of a known company. Buying spirulina products with a reputed brand name will provide you more confidence in using that product. It’s better if that company has local services or contact numbers.