What is Lutein?

Lutein is just another name for the carotenoid vitamin. It is associated with vitamin A and beta-carotene. There are various foods that contain a lot of lutein, and they are orange, corn, broccoli, grapes, and spinach. Lutein is one of the important nutrients needed for our body. It helps in the prevention of eye diseases like macular degeneration, retinitis pigmentosa, and cataracts.

Its benefits are not only limited to eyes, though, but it also extends its benefits to the prevention of breast cancer, heart diseases, and type 2 diabetes. It is absolutely critical for you to maintain the optimum level of lutein in your bodies to remain fit and healthy.

Why should you consume Lutein Supplements?

If you want to consume lutein supplements, you should also be clear about the benefits of consuming lutein supplements. There was a research carried out by the National Eye Institute, and it further clarified the importance of using supplements for protection against blinding eye diseases.

Here are some of the important reasons to consume lutein supplement:

1.Maintain adequate level of lutein

With our aging process, the body gradually decreases the production of lutein resulting in adverse impact on your eyes, brain, and other body parts. In order to maintain the adequate level of lutein, it is recommended to consume lutein supplements. According to the research, 15-40 mg of lutein is required for better health.

2.Reducing the risk of suffering from various diseases

Prevention is better than cure, so it is a wise thing to consume lutein supplement. With lutein supplement helping you to maintain the optimum level of lutein, it leads to a reduction of risk from eye diseases like macular degeneration, cataracts, and it also strengthens your eye’s overall health. Moreover, there is also some evidence of higher lutein supplements reducing the risk of breast cancer, diabetes, and other diseases.

There are various researches backing up the benefits of consuming lutein supplement. Furthermore, there are no toxic side effects of consuming lutein, so you don’t need to worry too much about consuming it.

Choosing the best lutein supplement

The task of analyzing and selecting the best supplement for you out of the various products available in the market can be quite time-consuming. Keeping this thing in mind, here is the list of lutein supplement for you to choose from:

1.20 mg Lutein Vitamin Supplement for Healthy Retinal Tissue-Zenwise Labs

This is the first one in the list. It is not only beneficial for having healthy eyes, but also for the beautiful skin. This product has proved itself in maintaining healthy retinal tissues along with better vision and freedom from fatigue. An antioxidant included in this supplement helps in enhancing the eye functions and protects from radical damages. Zenwise Labs nicely formulated this product in an FDA-registered facility, and it is GMP and NSF certified. In today’s world where you have to spend more time on laptops and other electronic devices, there is an increased importance of a lutein supplement. The supplement designed by Zenwise Labs are not only limited to certain age-groups. Whether you are a teenager or an adult, this supplement will help you.

2.Premium Vision Health With Essential Vitamins by VitaStrength

Premium Vision Health provides necessary nutrients like vitamin A, Zinc, Bilberry, and 20mg lutein for a great vision. This company is so sure of its quality that it is even providing 30 days money back guarantee if anyone faces any sort of problems with this product. It is also the product that is manufactured in the United States. Being an FDA certified company; you can be absolutely assured of the quality of the product. This product will prove to be an essential part of your eye care. The perfect formula used in this supplement will protect your eyes as you go through your aging process. Moreover, it will provide the vital nutrients for the production of the healthy cells. Not only this product will help you to keep your eyes healthy, it will be equally beneficial for your entire body and to support your cardiovascular health.

3.Eye Pro MD by Be Whole

The fifth one on the list is Eye Pro MD by Be Whole. It is another desirable lutein supplement which is very beneficial to consume. This product uses one of the most effective carotenoids in the whole world, making it very beneficial for your eye health. The Lutein and Zeaxanthin along with the Astaxanthin used in this product work effectively to preserve and improve your eye health. Moreover, Eye Pro MD helps in preventing retinal damage caused by oxidative stress. The formula used in Eye Pro MD uses Omega 3 ALA to drastically maximize the absorption and Carotenoids delivery into your eyes. The purity of this product is absolutely unquestionable. Made from one of the purest Earth grown nutrients, and tested by the third party, it is one of the top quality lutein supplements. Another important feature of this product is that it is a complete plant-based supplement made for eye health.

4.Lutein Eye Vision Support by Zenesis Labs

Lutein Eye Vision Support by Zenesis Labs is another quality lutein supplement in this list. One of the attractive things about this supplement by Zenesis Labs is that it is providing 120 capsules, and i.e. exactly double of what other competitors are providing. Talking about their features, it is an excellent supplement for those who are having problems with blurry eyes. Furthermore, it provides a relief to tired eyes as well. The study of Harvard also backs up the use of the supplement as it proves that 6 mg per day (This product has 20mg per serving) will reduce the chance of certain eye diseases and discomforts by 43%. Bilberry is added in this product, and the studies show that anthocyanosis des in bilberry reduce retinal inflammation. Antioxidants in this product will further enhance the health of your eyes. Hence, this product by Zenesis Labs is another product to be considered.

5.TruNature Vision Complex by TruNature

TruNature Vision Complex by TruNature is a good product with lots of great feedback, as it was able to satisfy many of its users. The impact of the product goes by its name, and i.e. Vision Complex. The Lutein and Zeaxanthin found in this product help in maintaining the healthy vision of your eyes. Nowadays, the electronic mediums cannot be avoided, and your eyes need good care to remain healthy for a long time. However, the carotenoids in this supplement will help you to maintain your eye’s health. After using this supplement, it acts like a protective filter against harmful ultraviolet rays which have the potential to damage your eyes. Furthermore, the antioxidant is another beneficial ingredient added in this product for your better eye health. When you are in the process of selecting the right supplement for you, this is yet another product to be considered for consuming.

6.Alpine Lutein 30

Alpine Lutein 30 consists of 30 soft gels, and it is clinically proven for healthy vision. Many of its users are well-satisfied after consuming this supplement. Among the reviews, there are no side effects seen regarding this product. The zeaxanthin, which is found in Alpine Lutein 30 helps in improving eye health. The pills are really small, and this makes it really easy to swallow. The good thing is that it dramatically reduces the stress in your eyes, providing a good relief to your eyes. Taking good care of your eyes is a must, and this supplement consumption will not only help with your good eye health but also will lead to improving your current eye health by providing crucial nutrients required for your eyes.

7.Formulas Lutein by Jarrow

This magnificent product by Jarrow is the best seller on Amazon due to its exclusive quality. The product helps in enhancing visual function. It contains 60 soft gels which are easier to digest by the body, and it provides 20mg of lutein per serving. When we take a closer look at this product, it has the highest number of reviews and also many people who have tried this supplement are immensely satisfied with this supplement. Furthermore, this supplement is clinically documented increasing the reliability of the product. You don’t have to doubt on the quality of the product, as it is one of the best quality lutein supplement. Jarrow’s formulas lutein provides eye health benefits, cardiovascular health benefits along with regulated cell growth. This product is suitable for all age groups who are concerned about healthy vision.

8.Vitamin and Mineral Supplement by PreserVision

The tenth one in the list is Vitamin and Mineral Supplement by PreserVision. It is another top quality product with its own specialty. Yes, this is a lutein supplement, and it is especially designed for the patients who are seeking for AREDS-based formula. Some people should avoid beta-carotene like smokers, and this is a product, especially targeting this group of audience. It is amazingly easy to consume, as it is soft gels, and it is better to have one soft gel each in the morning and at night before sleeping. It should be taken with meals. If you are looking for minerals and eye vitamins, then this product can provide you with the nutrients.

9.Lutein Optical by Vitamin Co

Lutein Optical by Vitamin Co is another nice product to consider. It contains powerful carotenoids which are very beneficial to your eyes, and this product has all the necessary nutrients needed for better eye health. The regular use of this supplement will do a whole lot of good for your health, and you can experience it by yourself like others who have tried it. This product has been able to satisfy many of its users, and this product holds very good reviews from its users. You should protect your retina for better vision. So, to protect your retina, it helps in preventing your eyes from ultraviolet rays for better eye health and healthy vision. Cardiovascular health is also enhanced with the use of this supplement. So, you can enjoy all these benefits with the use of this product, and there is a money back guarantee for those who encounter problems with this product.

10.Restore Supplement by EyePromise

Restore Supplement manufactured and distributed by EyePromise is one of the most reliable supplements. It has been validated scientifically since 2001, and today is 2016. This company has a long history of satisfying its users who consume its supplement. Moreover, this supplement is even backed up by many doctors with over 45 million plus doses have already been consumed till now. Manufactured in the United States, it contains top quality zeaxanthin, which is highly beneficial for healthy vision and overall eye health. One of the great added values of this product is that it increases MPOD and i.e. Macular Pigment Optical Density. Moreover, it also has a money back guarantee for those people who encounter problems with this supplement. So, saying all this about the product, it is one of the supplements to be considered for improving your eye health.

11.Formulas Astaxanthin by Jarrow

This is yet another great product from Jarrow. It contains 60 soft gels, and it is easier for you to consume this supplement. Talking about the first benefit of this supplement, it enhances the inflammatory response increasing the pace of your healing. The supplement contains all the nutrients needed for the better eye health, and it is not only limited to eye health with this supplement. In addition to eye health, it also enhances the joint health in the body. So, it is already proving to be a valuable product. The benefits have not finished yet, though. Another added value of this supplement is that it helps your skin to protect it from the sun exposure. With all these benefits promised by this product, it has been able to provide the benefits as promised with many satisfied users.

These are the some of the best lutein supplements to consider. Hope you are benefited with this detailed article. It is always better to be health conscious, and using lutein supplement is definitely the way to have a better health.