Solar powered battery charger is an incredible method of being environment friendly as well as efficient as they are an amazing source of alternative energy that is renewable and sustainable. Perfectly suited for adventurers and explorers, if you are using solar powered charger then you do not have to worry about your charger no matter wherever you are. If you can see the sun, you are sorted.

Kiss your pack of batteries goodbye with these solar chargers. They also very affordable and are widely available. If you are skeptic about them, stay assured that they offer great performance. The composition of solar chargers is quite light in weight and is very long lasting. They disperse a very minimal amount of heat that will offer no discomfort. They are engineered in such a way that they recognize changing weather patterns and will shield your battery from overheating. Available in various sizes, they can be of great utility during natural calamities or during massive power outrages. Solar power chargers work best with solar charged panel. Many chargers modify themselves according to the gadgets attached and due to constant electricity flow; they charge it at their most efficient level. Some are even water resistant and shock resistant that keeps your charger shielded from any electrical hazard. It is perfect for hiking, camping or any other outdoor adventures. Some can charge even your phone and laptop together! This means even if you are lost in a forest, you can share every detail and locate yourself to find your way home! The best part is it is powered by the sun and sunlight is something that reaches the whole planet. Absolutely safe and highly efficient, it is a must buy for any outdoor lover.

What are the Benefits?

  • Stay Connected Anywhere – It is not rocket science to understand the advantages that solar battery chargers offer. You do not need any exterior source of electricity to charge your battery. You are absolutely free to go anywhere! Wherever you can find the sun, your phone will be charged. Solar energy powered batteries gets recharged by solar energy which means the energy exuded by the sun. So even if you get lost somewhere, you will be saved because literally the whole earth receives sunlight. This is the biggest benefit it offers.
  • Go Green – Additionally, this also provides you some gentler advantages. They are absolutely environment friendly which means, they do not emit harmful emissions, any non biodegradable waste or any hazardous byproduct. It works by the transmitting the energy from photons to electrons that allows them to move freely. Electricity tends to serve as a carrier for the energy produced that is created through photoelectric mechanism. This is a rather gentler method of creating electricity than the traditional methods.
  • Be Gentle – Other sources of generating electricity are through burning coal or other elements that create ill effects on local settlers as well as make the environment suffer. Since coal is much cheaper way of creating electricity therefore it is used widely across the globe that contributes to the creation of sulfur dioxide in the environment. This creates long term illnesses through many generations. Additionally they also give out mercury induced byproducts.
  • Word of Caution – AVOID LETHARGY! Yes, get up and recharge your phone if you have a dead battery in the morning. The only thing that can stop your solar super charger from charging is lack of sunlight. It cannot recharge your cell at night or on days when it is too cloudy or devoid of sufficient sunlight. Although in case you got lost on an island, your solar buddy can help you to find your way back home!

Stay calm! We got your back. Presenting you a thoroughly researched list of 8 most widely acclaimed Solar Battery Chargers at great prices online!

List of Super Amazing 8 Solar Battery Chargers

8.Nekteck Solar Battery Charger 20W along with Dual Port USB Charger with Solar Panel

Nekteck Solar Battery Charger 20W along with Dual Port USB Charger with Solar Panel is a powerful device designed to offer incredible performance. It has 20 watts efficient solar panel that enhances the rate by almost 24 % which is adequate to charge 2 devices simultaneously. It even charges your device superfast. Equipped with advanced technology, it has the ability to recognize each device connected and increase the speed of charging to almost 3.0A overall. Plan your adventures with this solar charger as it is highly compact and very light in weight. It gives you the freedom to charge your cell phone anywhere you want where there is adequate sunlight. Additionally it is designed for outdoor adventures and the canvas is ultra tough and long lasting. Moreover, even humid or moisture ridden weather conditions cannot effect the exterior of your panel. You will even get 12 month Warranty period along with this. Very affordable and super durable, this solar charger is worth your money.

7.Zacro Wall USB Spare Travel Charger for Cell Phone

Presenting you Zacro Wall USB Spare Travel Charger for Cell Phone which is designed as a wall battery charger. However this charger is designed for Samsung Galaxy S5. It charges super fast and is very long lasting. Charge your phone any time you want. The biggest issue faced by traditional battery charger users is that you cannot talk while you charge. With this charger with USB port you can talk endlessly while you charge your cell phone superfast without any messy signal quality or heating up issues. Constant flow of electricity protects your device from any damage influenced by battery over charging, shock issues or any other electrical hazard. It is also very handy and portable with a plug for A/C. It offers superb performance and very effective in comparison to other cell phone chargers. Heavily reviewed and widely purchased, this solar powered battery charger is a unique and harmless way of charging of your Samsung S5.

6.X-DRAGON Dual 14W USB Solar Panel Charger

X –Dragon presents you Dual 14W USB Solar Panel Charger equipped with iSolar Advanced technology that modifies itself to attain highest  efficiency level. This technology modifies itself according to the flow of electricity so that you can get fastest charging solutions with the help of direct solar energy. This makes it highly desirable among many customers and it widely acclaimed by many reviewers. Although ordinary solar chargers increase the efficiency level by 15%, this solar panel charger helps in achieving almost 25% effectiveness. With two USB Ports, you can recharge two devices together including your ipad mini. Very sleek and very efficient, it is very handy and use can carry it anywhere. It is suitable for both external and internal use. It is loved by many experienced users and is also highly rated.  X – Dragon is well known for its brand quality. Within a very pocket friendly range, this amazing product is a dream come true.

5.Solar Charger from X-DRAGON Super 40W Portable Charger Foldable

Solar Charger from X-DRAGON Super 40W Portable Charger Foldable is a super charger that is immensely powerful and loved. Equipped with advanced technology, it modifies its electricity flow so that you can charge your phone at the maximum speed possible. It can charge up to 2.5A under the influence of direct daylight. Built with extraordinary solar powered cells, it can maximize its efficiency to almost 25% which is much more in comparison to other normal solar chargers. It can charge your laptop and other devices at the same time without any over-heating issues. The powerful and sleek design enables it to be carried anywhere. Compact and efficient, this charger will charge all your devices including your laptop. Perfect for internal and external usage, this solar charger comes has a powerful solar panel that doubles its efficiency. In an absolutely affordable range, X – Dragon presents you a super long lasting charger.

4. Instapark Solar 10W Panel Charger Portable along with Two USB Ports

Changing virtually unlimited source of solar energy to greatly required battery potion for your portable devices and numerous other USB handy devices when on your adventurous trip or if there is a massive power outrage or natural calamity, this Instapark Solar 10W Panel Charger Portable along with Two USB Ports is a lightweight and solid USB solar powered charging mechanism that effortlessly fits in any carriage, luggage, purse or backpack. It merges three sun powered panels adding up to 10 watts and is foldable enough to get compressed in a pack which is of the same size as a hard covered book but is comparatively sleeker and lighter. Different than nearly all of the solar battery chargers with rickety circuit system therefore needing a pack of batteries for energy storage purposes and charging other devices, this is a intelligently formulated and flawlessly engineered and comes along with two USB ports so that you charge our cell phones and other electrical devices at the same time without any hassles.

3.Advanced Version of Sunpower Charger from Nekteck 6000mAh High-Efficiency Solar Power Bank

This super charger from Nektech has the following features:

Twin Sunpower Panel Battery: The primary dual panel transportable solar battery charger, with double level effective Solar Battery panel, the energy exchange rate augments to 21%-24%, offering additional energy to recharge inner battery in comparison to regular solar battery charger.

Compressed, handy & trendy design; Simply fits in your luggage to offer immediate power; it has Football grain design that has anti-slip shielding result ; ideal for extended trips, sudden road excursions, rock climbing, camping or at any time you require to recharge your cellular phone devices anywhere you are.

The flashlight is LED and it performs flawlessly in low light or darkness, particularly for urgent situations. Just push the key two times, the flashlight will be initiated; Four LED condition of charge prompters that will signify the charging initiation and vice versa.

Highly durable and long lasting, this charger will eliminate all of your electrical issues effortlessly.

2.Portable 5W Solar Battery Charger, Portable Solar Kit

BLKBOX Solar Battery Chargers are ideal instruments to recharge any cellular phone, GPS, Tablet or any other USB related device. Utilizing BLKBOX solar battery chargers are an incredible method to hold on to your mobile power on throughout the day. Therefore there is no chance that you will run out of charge even when you hiking or camping. BLKBOX is an amazing addition to every crisis kit, while the electricity is away, you can now recharge your cell phone by means of the sunlight. BLKBOX has a goal to offer the most recent technology gadgets at the lowest feasible costs. Highly acclaimed and loved by adventure loving consumers and have shared their valuable experience online. Super Powerful and efficient, this handy solar kit is an absolute favorite. It charges your cell phone superbly fast and shields your phone from any electrical soiling. So go and grab this ideal solar battery charger that is way better than its competitors.

1.Solar Battery Charger and Sunpowered Power Bank of 10000mAh for Explorers

Introducing Solar Battery Charger and Sunpowered Power Bank of 10000mAh for Explorers that can be extensively used for indoor and outdoor purposes. It cannot be damaged by water or shock and is also dust proof. It also has a compass and 2 flashlights that are LED. It is ideal for outdoor adventures such as mountaineering or camping or in case of any emergencies. It also twin USB ports at its side that is suitable for most electronic devices. It identifies the gadgets and adjusts itself accordingly so that it can use the sunlight to charge your devices super fast. Absolutely long lasting and sturdy design contributes to its amazing durability. It is also compact and lightweight that makes it very convenient to carry anywhere. At a very good price range, this solar battery charger is a star performer. Got stranded in the woods or lost in the mountains? Your super fast solar battery charger is at your rescue.