Cookbooks are to help you at the time you are entering your kitchen and find yourself completely ready for the cooking challenge (for many!). Reading cookbook reviews may also enlighten your recipes once again that you are familiar to for a long time. They help to introduce a new taste, new flavor, new environment and even with some different new cultures through their food. Here are ten best reviews of cookbooks to help you bake.

10.Surprise-Inside Cakes

If you are a beginner in this bake world, you are looking for some easy instructions with simple lines. In order to increase your efficiency with baking, with simply instructed recipes, you will also find that spark to create something of your own. Clear instructions with pictures is the specialty of this book for all your important occasions where cake does matter a lot. Different types of recipes of different cake meant for different events will fulfill the need of a book and some innovative ideas as well. Celebrations for family, love, kids, friends is made easier with this book. The writer of this book, Amanda Rettke, is a passionate baker and also a photographer. You will find her excellency in both the field once you go through this book. From the name, you can guess it very well that not only the outer decoration, but actually the inner element of surprise is waiting for you inside a lovely cover.

9.Bake It Like You Mean It

Isn’t it great to have a picture tutorial for each of the recipes? That is where this book will help you like a private tutor. Sometimes words can be confusing and rather difficult to find out the exact meaning of the words the author wants you to understand. Pictures in a sequence can save you actually from wasting time, money and obviously depression that comes after a disaster you create in your favorite kitchen. You will find some amazing techniques used by the author to make the baking a fun and easy thing to do.  No matter what is the occasion, you can bake a recipe from the book and offer it to your loved ones. With some corrections about quantities, this book can be your successful baking tutor.

8.Sally’s Baking Addiction

The author ‘Sally Mckenney’ is known to have a special affection for sweets and she has turned this specialty of her into some great recipes that you will find in this book. Beginners can have a clear picture with each and every recipe for a better learning. With each of the recipes, you will find important notes and hints that help you thing something absolutely flawless. People who are afraid of taking risks, these recipes with no wild ingredients and no such weird taste that may be a part of experiments, can be of great help. With beautiful pictures, every time you know what will be the outcome of your recipes. Very clear instructions for quantities with understandable units of measurements and simple lines for each   and every part. There are 75 recipes in this book each with a picture on the next page so you just don’t need to go through the whole while making a  definite recipe.

7.Baking: From My Home to Yours

To be inventive, you need to be fearless of your creations, even the weirdest one. The writer influences more on making mistakes to create something newer, than to always create an obstacle in your imagination. You will find completely clear instructions of her recipes, but still the taste can be your own creation as she left a space in every recipe for creativity to mix. In each recipe, you will find more than enough details, clear instructions and finally a great outcome. While you are trying to make any of these recipes, you will find the author’s note in every section. This woman (the author) has a great urge to create new things with inventory ideas that may seem to you quite fresh and not the usual ones, but try them and you will surely not be disappointed.

6.The Cook’s Illustrated Baking Book

It is a whole new baking world that has been accepted for good taste, decoration and specialty of every recipe by everybody. You can call it an ‘encyclopedia’ of baking world as it contains every single detail you need to know about baking. This book is divided into many sections in order to provide better knowledge and proper concept about everything. Baking basics are included in this book, so the beginners may have some introduction to this world. They have illustrated everything like layer cakes, cakes made with different ingredients, snacks, bread and actually everything. Having as a collection, this book can help you in your dilemma even for following other recipes. The best thing is, these recipes are tested many times to avoid any kind of weird outcome and to introduce some extreme quality baking dishes.

5.Bouchon Bakery (The Thomas Keller Library)

With a very clear measurement unit, both in grams and cups, you will find it helpful while suffering in your kitchen. This book has nice photographs that give you the idea of what you are making. You will also find some stories that actually are entertaining with creative ideas. Learning is fun when, you know there’s a detail section of every confusing terms and may turn you into a great baker. I should also add that this book will be more fruitful for a professional one rather than a beginner. Because, you may need a lot of ingredients in your kitchen than having a basic kitchen setting only. If you are interested playing with colors and tastes with your advanced kitchen, it might help you in this case.

4.Baking and Pastry: Mastering the Art and Craft

You may find it helpful if you are comfortable with measurements by weight as the author has concentrated much on weight rather than volume. The recipes are quite wonderful, even for the beginners to understand and written in an easy way, so you do not need to know it all about baking before you can start with this book. You will find a detail illustration of every recipe and of course, there are some wonderful pictures to help you out in the midst of any confusion. Something special about this book is having some background information about baking and other items as well. So, if you are kind of a bake-lover, this book will add to your passion for sure.

3.The Back in the Day Bakery Cookbook

This is a wonderful book to start with as you will fall in love with the recipes that include every single detail. You may assume that the authors, Cheryl and Griffith, are standing right beside you in the kitchen to guide you for everything you need. The recipes are tasted and accepted thoroughly by almost all of the readers and bakers. They have described the recipes in a conversational way to be understood easily and all the recipes are too simple with not much weird ingredients. You can find them right in your place and make something irresistible. They have added beautiful photographs in every next page of the recipes. So you do get an idea about what you are going to make and how.

2.Josey Baker Bread

Not only for the professional bakers, but also for the beginners, this book is extremely helpful in every way. It shows you step by step procedures for each of the recipes to get a clear picture with photographs. With picture tutorial, it is going to be easy and simple for everyone interested in baking. He has described in a simple way how to go for complex layers with different ingredients. Important notes are there to solve confusions. People who are not willing to go for a bread maker and wish to try their own bread, Josey shows the way through this book. He also left a space for you to experiment and not being afraid of the typical baking mistakes. A different journey can be started for your special occasions with this book.

1.Bread: A Baker’s Book of Techniques and Recipes

This is not that type of a book where you can find all about baking, but surely it has some specific tips to master in baking. It has some of the core techniques for baking and recipes that eventually will turn being your own as you go through all of them. Mostly for those people who are looking for European bread baking techniques, this is surely going to help. It is a classic one for the home bread maker as well. This book has a targeted audience who are commercial and trying to make specific recipes, but you have an opportunity to expand as a bread maker at home. The quantities are also given for both home and commercial uses. A specialized book on European bread, a clearly illustrated description for each recipe and aimed for commercial uses – in short, a must-read book to buy.