What are diaper bags?

Diaper bags can be defined as the bags with many pockets specially designed to store each and everything you need to store while taking care of your baby. When you carry your stuff in a normal bag, it is almost impossible to carry all the stuff needed to take care of your baby. In a diaper bag, you can store almost everything like diapers, wipes, hand sanitizer, changing pad, snacks, bottle, and other necessary stuff.

The trend of buying diaper bags among women has been increasing over the past few years. Due to its advantages and features provided for the mothers and babysitters, most of them purchase diaper bags for their convenience. You can find these bags in any color and various sizes. It’s all about the basic information of diaper bags.

Things to know before purchasing a diaper bag

It is always better to know about the product you are purchasing to choose a perfect product, which will exceed your expectations. In the world of information technology, you will find almost all the information needed, but the thing is you should know which information to collect. In this part of an article, you will find all the information you need to have before purchasing a diaper bag. Before purchasing something, you should obviously know the benefits of purchasing it. So, here are the top benefits of purchasing diaper bags:

  •     You can store everything you need on diaper bags.
  •     You have the privilege to carry more items with style.
  •     You don’t have to carry any extra items after carrying diaper bags.

The benefits of carrying a diaper bag.

Let’s take a look at the types of diaper bags to choose from:


Traditionally designed backpack with compartments and special pockets to carry essential things required for the baby. It is comfortable, and it evenly distributes the weight to your two shoulders.

Messenger Bag

These bags can be a good option for dads. It has a flap to cover and a single strap.


The third option available to you is Tote. It is a purse or handbag combined with one large strap along with another set of smaller straps.


The final one on the list is convertible. Its strap can be adjusted to convert the style. An example can be a conversion of backpack to a messenger bag.

These are the types of messenger bags available in the market. Now, let’s take a look at the factors to consider before purchasing a diaper bag.

If it is comfortable to carry.

  • Size of the bag.
  • Side Pockets.
  • Zippers and external storage
  • The design of the bag.

Top 10 Diaper Bags in the market

After grabbing the necessary information about diaper bags, let’s take a look at some of the best diaper bags in the market.

10.Gray Heather from JJ Cole

The first one on the list is Gray Heather from JJ Cole. It is a stylish backpack, which is very comfortable to carry. Gray Heather has multiple pockets and three carrying options, and it makes it fully functional. This backpack from JJ Cole is made up of high-quality fabrics, and i.e. 100% coated polyester and 100% polyurethane. It has a huge spacious interior and multiple organizational compartments. This makes it able to carry a large number of baby essentials and other items as per required. With these bags, you can have easy-access to the things you require because of the front zippered pockets. The exterior bottle pockets in these bags make it further more convenient, as your bottle won’t consume extra space in your bag. Another great feature of this bag is that its shoulder strap is adjustable and removable too. Furthermore, it also contains coordinating changing pads and grip stroller attachments. Hence, it is all about Gray Heather.

9.Grand Central Stations Diaper Bags from SoHo Designs

It is a unique 7 different pieces set, diaper bag. This bag is reliable and stylish at the same time. Furthermore, it is also a very convenient diaper bag with a reliable zip-top closure along with a carrying strap. You can store all the baby essentials in this diaper bag, as it offers a large main compartment followed up by multiple pockets. It also offers small personal purses containing a zip closure and carrying strap for mom. This bag also adds padded changing stations which match each other. In case you have many small extra items to store, you can keep it in two accessory cases included in this bag. It is obvious that you may carry bottles of various sizes, and keeping this thing in mind, this bag has insulated zipper bottle bag in order to hold any size of the bottle. This bag also has a grips strolled attachments pair for making it more convenient.

8.Diaper Bag from Babyboo

This diaper bag from Babyboo comes up in a navy blue color. It is extremely suitable for moms who want to look stylish. You will never look like holding an outdated bag even after months of holding this bag because this will always look stylish. If you want to go out for traveling, then this bag will be an ideal bag to carry on the trip. It is designed in a simple and comfortable way keeping various factors in considerations. The quality of material used in this bag is simply outstanding. It uses a luxury durable cotton canvas which makes it lasts for a longer period of time. The space to store your stuff in this bag is huge, but despite huge space, it has a very light weight. This bag has 1 main compartment, 1 bottle pocket, and 5 additional pockets to store the essentials of the baby. It also includes changing pads and stroller straps for additional convenience. This company is so much confident about its quality that it provides a money back guarantee to those who find problems with these bags.

7.Front Stripe Diaper Bag from Carter

The next one on the list is an extremely stylish stripe bag from Carter. Talking about the design of this bag, it is striped, and it is eye-catching too. The materials used in this bag are 100% quality polyester. This bag has the capacity to store all the baby essentials as per your requirement, as it contains 8 organizer pockets in this bag. The zip down changing pad which is removable makes this bag even more convenient for its users. The manufacturer of this product has understood the needs of the moms, so to satisfy them, it has not only added side bottle pockets, but it also includes interior mesh bottle holders. This will manage the space in your bag. It also contains stroller loops for more convenience. When you are carrying this bag with you, the things stored in your bags remains organized because of its features, which will make it easier for you to find the things that are needed at the very moment.

6.Gotham Smart Organizer System from Graco

This backpack diaper bag from Graco is simply awesome. This bag not only has an attractive design, it also has many attractive features. It comes up in black/gray color, and it does suit both dads and moms. This backpack diaper bag is made up of a quality polyester. It is a really smart organizational system as the name suggests. It contains a wipes case dispenser and separate storage pockets. The wipes case dispenser will allow you to manage your baby wipes in a more convenient manner. Furthermore, the separate storage pockets will allow you to carry all the essentials for your baby. Whether you want to travel a long distance or a short distance with your family, it is suitable for both. The top handles along with the adjustable and padded shoulder straps add extra comfort when you are carrying this bag. It also includes diaper changer pad.  Hence, it is all about this attractive backpack.

5.Satchel Diaper Bag from JJ Cole

It is another great diaper bag on the list, adding to your list of options to choose from. This bag is made up of three materials. It is made from 100% polyester, 100% polyurethane, and 100% laminated polyester. You will find this bag really great to store your baby essentials. It has 7 exterior and 4 interior pockets to store your items. It will be more than enough to store your essential items. The bottle pocket in this bag is designed to save more space in the bag and to make it more convenient to carry the bottle. It also has a padded shoulder strap which is removable to add extra convenience. Another good feature added to this bag is the grip stroller attachment. It also has coordinating changing pad. The things you need will be easily accessible because of its open and zippered pockets. Hence, all these features make this bag a nice diaper bag to consider for purchase.

4.Weekender Tote from Hip Cub

Weekender Tote from Hip Cub follows the list after Diaper Bag from JJ Cole. This diaper bag is not only fashionable, it is also fully functional. This thin stripe bag can be found in 3 attractive colors, and they are gray, black, and navy white. The tan accent in this bag completely matches up with the color of this bag. Your diaper bags are for keeping your kids essentials, and as it is for the kids, it also goes through a lot. Keeping that fact in mind, the manufacturer has made this bag from high-quality durable materials. It is made up of top quality cotton and polyester. The exterior part of this bag made from cotton is really very easy to wipe for keeping it clean, and its interior part is also easy to keep clean, as it is made from wipeable polyester. Hence, with all these great features, this bag should definitely be considered for purchase.

3.Versa Diaper Bag from Skip Hop

The third one on the list is Versa Diaper Bag from Skip Hop. This is an extra spacious bag with the expanded center, making this spacious bag 20 percent larger. You will find this bag really comfortable to carry and it hangs nicely on a stroller. This bag can be worn over the shoulder. One of the good things about this bag is that it fits on any stroller because of its non-skid stroller. You will find this bag very light and soft because of the top quality materials used in this bag. This bag comes up with a fashionable changing pad too. It has a huge space to store all the baby essentials with two roomy, eleven pockets, secure zip closure, handy zip phone pocket on front, and insulated bottle pockets. This bag is also BPA, PVC, and Phthalate free. The lining of this bag is water resistant.  Thus, all these features make this bag really awesome.

2.Duo Special Edition Bag from Skip Hop

It is yet another stylish bag with French stripe from Skip Hop. The design and color of this bag are really attractive and will grab the attention of the people. It has rolled handles with adjustable stroller strap making it easier to carry and hang. This bag also has a questionable changing pad. The main compartment of this bag has a zip closure for keeping your things safe in the bag. You can store all your baby essentials in this bag with nine pockets. Another good thing about this bag is its personal zip pocket to keep your important personal items. Furthermore, it also has two hidden, insulated pockets for extra storage. The materials used to manufacture this bag are of really top quality, and it is also environment-friendly. It is free from the materials like BPA and Phthalate. It hangs perfectly on the stroller, and you can carry this bag over your shoulder. It wraps up the review of this high-quality bag.

1.Black/White Strap Diaper Bag from Skip Hop

The final bag on the list is yet another top quality diaper bag from Skip Hop. It has got a very attractive design and color with black and white strap. You will find this bag very stylish and it is also perfectly capable of storing all your baby essentials. So, you can basically have a useful bag to carry all your essentials with its great style being a plus point to provide you with extra satisfaction. You can hang this bag very easily with its stroller straps, and it also includes matching changing pad. This bag is spacious, safe, and secure. It has got 1 main compartment and it comes up with secure zip closure. In addition to 1 main compartment, it has got 7 other pockets, 2 side pockets that are very suitable for bottles, 2 external pockets to keep wet things, and 2 internal compartments. They are so sure about their products that they even provide the 90 days money back guarantee if anyone faces the problems with this bag.