Pruning shears, also known as gardening shears, are one of the most used hand tools that make your gardening tasks more convenient. But when you are looking out for the best shears for your gardening jobs, it may be a daunting experience to try and sort through the numerous varieties available.

Therefore, we have gathered the top 10 highly recommended gardening sheers in the market nowadays and presented a comprehensive review about each of them. With these reviews you will be able to find a lot of useful information that will make your decision much easier.

Top 10 Gardening Shears

#10 Gardenite RazorPass Bypass Pruning Shears

These smart, heavy duty pruning shears are the favorites of many gardeners with their superb forged aluminum body and higher tensile strength. These forged pruners are a lot more superior in quality than other die cast pruners and also holds a longer life span and cutting force than die cast pruners. It consists of Japanese sk5 carbon steel blades which are of best quality and allows cutting thick branches with much ease. This excellent shears comes with a narrow and wide hand setting which is perfect for small as well as large hands. It also features a wire cutting notch which enables cutting small thin wires without any damage to the cutting edge. Its sap groove avoids the blade from sticking while pruning and also makes cutting easier by removing sap and wreckage after each cut. There’s a micro precision adjustment system which provides an accurate adjustment for the cutting head throughout the whole life span of the tool. You can also adjust the tension if the cut is not sharp or clean. Moreover, this Gardenite RazorPass shears possesses a shock absorption system which softens the effect upon each cut. You can reduce your hand and wrist fatigue considerably by using this excellent tool.

#9 Trusty & Reliable Garden & Flower Shears

You can enjoy the benefit of hassle free pruning with this high quality bypass pruning shears. These Trusty & Reliable shears are specifically built to meet the standards of Green Thumb Gear gardening shears. There’s a jagged center nut for proper alignment which assures that the line of your hedges will look fine at a close up as it looks from afar. Its blades are made out of carbon steel and will easily slice through a variety of stems and branches. These shears also comes with shock absorbers and a light-weight built to shield your wrist. The manufacturer offers 100% money back guarantee for this product for a period of 90 days. These wonderful can turn a weary job into a pleasant outdoor excursion regardless of your gardening expertise.

#8 Planted Perfect Pruning Shears

This easy and efficient gardening sheers will help you create a lovely garden without all the work. It offers smooth and sharp cuts all the time and made to be very comfortable with ergonomic design. It has got a soft grip which is perfect for small and large hands and doesn’t cause any arthritis aches, blisters or calluses. Its forged manufacture makes it long lasting while the high quality carbon steel blades eliminate loose or imprecise cuts with the aid of a powerful screw system. These shears are convenient to clean and sharpen with a minimal number of moving parts. There’s also a sap groove which helps the pruners to remain sticky free. This perfect pruning shears are backed by 100% money back guarantee from the manufacturer.

#7 Fiskars 9124 Bypass Pruning Shears

This professional pruning shears are perfect for cutting light branches and stems with its completely hardened, sharp steel blade. It’s slanting cutting head helps to reduce your wrist fatigue and enables easy cutting even at difficult angles. An interesting factor about this shears is that it allows to adjust blade tension according to the strength of your hands and the material you are cutting. It’s less friction coating enables the blade to slide through the wood without mixing up with sap and other wreckage. That feature greatly helps to protect the blade from rust while its integrated sap grove ensures smooth operation. These shears possess a highest cutting capacity of 1 inch diameter and offer a clean cut for a green growth. Moreover the ambidextrous design of its handles assists for a comfortable right or left handed use.

#6 Ultra Snip Pruning Shear

This is another most popular pruning shears in the market with lots of 5 star ratings from impressed users. These shears are designed for cutting flowers, cutting smaller plants and shrubs, deadheading and many other light pruning jobs. It consists of high grade upper and lower stainless steel blades for an accurate cutting up to 5/16 inches. Its handles are 6.7 inch in length and features comfy rubber grip which helps to lessen hand stain. There’s also a smooth carbon spring which gently releases the blades after each cut for the same purpose of reducing hand strain. This excellent ultra-snip pruning shear is backed by 100% money back guarantee.

#5 Titanium Pruning Shears

If you are frustrated with so-called high grade pruning shears that made your gardening tiresome, these Titanium pruning shears are the ideal choice for you. These are kind of heavy duty bypass pruning shears with highly durable blades and powerful cutting performance. They are constructed with Japanese grade high quality stainless steel which makes them last longer than other conventional hand pruners. These shears consists of a defensive Titanium coating which reduces the friction of the trimmer for a convenient cutting and provides long-term protection against corrosion. It also features a sap groove which helps to control the sap and thereby keep the blades clean after each cut. There’s also a cutting notch that is integrated into clippers for accelerating planting and protecting the cutting edge from snips. These superb bypass pruning shears have been designed ergonomically with long anti slip cushioned handles and shock absorbing swabs. It has got a strong but lightweight forged aluminum body and its fitness with mid to large sized hands reduces hand fatigue, wrist strain and repetitive hand movement injuries. These versatile gardening shears are ideal for your general yard, farming or multipurpose pruning.

#4 Pruning Shears by G & F

This is a highly recommended set of pruning shears by G & F. They are well suited for lawns, gardens and parks and any other professional landscaping use. Crafted with high quality Manganese steel, its blades are sharp as well as long lasting. These amazing pruners are not only used for cutting flowers and branches, but also capable of cutting thin metal and thick cardboard. They also feature an advanced spring design and comfortable and secure switch lock. This is another model of Pruning shears which is built considering the ergonomic design with a wrapped sponge, aluminum handles and more convenient grip for a user friendly operation. These shears are available in two sizes as cut 1” and cut 1.25”.

#3 Power Drive Ratchet Pruning Shears

These Power Drive Ratchet Pruning shears are the best tools for an effortless cutting with their smart mechanism to allow light work of hard cuts. The ratcheting process of this shears enables to perform the whole cut in comfortable steps than doing it in one go. Its blades are made of hardened and heat treated carbon steel which has made them to be ultra-strong and does not require frequent sharpening. Furthermore they are coated with Teflon® which is resistant to sap and other adhesive materials. These brilliant pruning shears offer a 5 times power as your hand’s power with its excellent ratcheting mechanism and thereby enables you to effortlessly cut thick branches that will be impossible with other regular shears. Furthermore they are built with ergonomic design in mind and it will be very useful if you are already having arthritis, carpal tunnel or have got smaller hands. You can order this product with a great confidence as it is backed up with 100% satisfaction guarantee.

#2 Fiskars Traditional Bypass Pruning Shears

This is another best seller product among massive number of pruning shears in the market. This pruner is perfect for variety of common pruning tasks: specially for cutting light branches and stems. It consists of completely hardened, accurate ground steel blade which always remain sharp even through the heavy duty use. It’s less friction coating enables the blade to slide through the wood avoiding sticking up with sap and fragments and thereby protects the blades from corrosion. These great bypass shears features a sap groove, ambidextrous lock, double layer grips and an enclosed spring. They have got a highest cutting capacity of 5/8 inch diameter and its steel construction makes it highly durable. Fiskars offers a lifetime warranty for this reliable pruning shears.

#1 Fiskars  Micro-Tip Pruning Snip

This Fiskars Pruning Snip has become the number 1 pruning shear on the list with its supreme quality and outstanding performance. This pruning snip makes trimming, shaping and dead heading so easy with its action design which releases the blades after each cut in order to decrease hand strain. Its stainless steel blade offers an accurate ground edge that remains sharp for a longer time and makes a clean and healthy cut to the tip. It also includes a soft grip handle with touch points for a safer and comfortable grip. Moreover it is designed in a way that is convenient to use by people who have arthritis or less hand strength. This award winning pruning snip is 6 inches in length and comes with a lifetime warranty.

How to choose the best gardening shear for you:

Gardening shears are available in different types, designs, sizes and prices so that it can be a bit confusing to select the right one. First of all have a look at the basic types of gardening shears mentioned below.

Types of gardening shears:

  • Bypass shears

This is the most popular type of gardening shears. They are capable of giving you a clean cut with two curved blades which move passing each other as a pair of scissors. One of those blades is sharp and it cuts as it moves by the other unsharpened blade.

  • Anvil shears

These shears have one straight blade which cuts when it closes onto an anvil (flat) edge. It acts in a similar way to a knife on a cutting board. Anvil shears are usually little heavier than bypass shears which are tricky in getting into tight areas. As the blade of anvil shears often crushes the stems while cutting, they are better for cutting dead wood than living plants.

Ratchet shears are also a type of anvil shears that has got an additional smart mechanism to make light work of hard cuts.

Important features you should consider in order to select the perfect tool:

  • Quality of steel blades

Shear blades are usually made of steel and sometimes coated with a non-stick material that is resistant to fluids and other sticky substances. Therefore you should look for a blade made out of high quality carbon or hardened steel. They are more durable as well as do not require frequent sharpening. In fact, low quality blades haven’t got a sharp edge and will make pruning a cumbersome task for you. They are also more likely to damage the plants while cutting.

  • Availability of replacement parts

Replacement parts are available for high quality gardening shears directly from the manufacturer or distributor while some low quality and cheap shears doesn’t allow replacements for the parts that break, damage or wear out.

  • Ergonomic Design

If you are planning to prune regularly, you’ll admire if these tools are designed in a way that reduce wrist pain, need low pressure to close and in overall make your shearing experience more pleasant. This ergonomic design helps to achieve that with angled blades, smooth grip handles and a little curved shape.

  • Ability to disassemble

Some shears can be disassembled for cleaning and sharpening the blades. Dirt, sap and other residue deposit on blades and between handles over time making it difficult to open and close the shears. Therefore it’s very convenient to clean and sharpen the entire blades if it can be disassembled.

Except the above basic features, it’s also worth considering about the locking mechanism the shear offers and the strength of the springs between the handles.