Baby Bottles are generally bottles, having a teat (or nipple) to drink directly from, and these bottles are being used widely around the world, normally by toddlers and infants, as they can’t really drink from a cup, or in many cases, if the mother isn’t breastfeeding. Baby Bottles have, since a long time ago, become one of the essentials in a baby’s life from the time he’s born, and then these bottles stay with him until he becomes a toddler, until he is old enough to be able to drink from a cup or a glass. These bottles play an important role in a child’s life, as it is the source by which they’re going to drink milk, which is the very main requirement of the child in his first days, or any other liquid. Also the nipple makes it easier for the child to drink milk – almost feels like breastfeeding for the baby! – Or switch between breastfeeding and bottle feeding without any confusion.

Benefits of Baby Bottles

  • Baby Bottles are easy to carry – Whenever you’re going out for shopping, or a picnic, you don’t need to worry about anything. A baby bottle can sit perfectly into any bag, and thus, you can pull it out and give it to your child whenever he wants it. See? No trouble at all!
  • It is easier to feed with Baby Bottles – In the cases, when the mother chooses not to breastfeed, or simply can’t, these bottles are the literal saviors! And generally, it is easier to feed with these bottles in public as well as home, with no pain, bite marks or other consequences that might follow breastfeeding, and affect the mom.
  • Best for storage of liquids – If you’re going out, you don’t necessarily have to keep a thermos with you. Just simply put the liquid in a baby bottle and close it tightly, and then you can take it wherever you want to. You can store water, milk or any other liquid in this way!
  • A way of measuring exactly how much liquid your baby drunk – This is a super useful benefit, because like this you can record when you feed him again, or normally how much does he has to feed before he is full. Generally, baby bottles come with a scale that measures the quantity of the liquid in that bottle, which proves to be highly useful.
  • Easily washable – There are equipment available in market that efficiently do the work of cleaning these bottles thoroughly, without a chance of any germ being left on the bottle. These bottles can also be sterilized, to further ensure the safety and cleanliness, so that your child can have a pure, germ free and healthy drink, without any chances of getting ill.

12 Best Baby Bottles For Your Child

12.Playtex Ventaire Bottle BPA Free

This baby bottle, a product by Energizer, is especially designed for babies who are switching between bottle and breastfeed, or have upgraded from breast to bottle feed. These bottles come with a leak proof, break proof guarantee and it is very easy to clean these bottles, as they are dishwasher safe. They also come BPA free. This product is available in varying colors, to suit the requirements of a boy or a girl, and also two different sizes; 6 oz. and 4oz. The package includes three bottles of the same size, with wide necks for easy refilling. The nipples are of a natural shape and provide fast flow for the growing baby to drink. The cap which comes with these bottles makes it convenient for travel or for storage, without leakage.

11.Dr. Brown’s Polypropylene Wide Necked Bottle (Set of 3)

This product by Dr. Brown, unique because of its wide neck and natural flow that can make feeding quite easy for the child, comes in a packing of three bottles. It can reduce feeding problems e.g. spit up, colic, gas, and burping. It also guarantees to maintain the vital vitamins and other nutrition present in the milk. This Baby Bottle is confidently claimed to be free of any kind of harmful substances e.g. BPA, Lead, PVC, and phthalate. The baby can drink milk comfortably and easily from this bottle, and as it is easy to wash and clean it, there is no danger of germs to corrupt the baby’s system and keeps him healthy and happy. The wide neck of this bottle enables us for easy refilling. This bottle also comes in three different sizes.

10.Playtex Gift Set VentAire Bottle BPA Free

This is a gift set, which includes 5 imported Baby Bottles, efficiently made out of good quality plastic. This product consists of two 9 oz. bottles and three 6 oz. bottles, alongside extra nipples which vary between slow and fast flow, extra caps, as well as extra vent disks. The angled shape of this bottle supports feeding in a semi-upright position to prevent ear infections. These baby bottles especially prevent colic, gas, burping and another discomfort from affecting the baby. This bottle has a new and improved silicon vent that improves the flow of the liquid, making it easier for the baby. Being BPA, PVC and phthalates free, as well as easy to clean, this product hardly lets any germs or impurities harm the baby’s health.

9.Philips AVENT 8 ounce Glass Bottle, 3 Count

With this product by Philips AVENT, Bottle feeding almost feels like breastfeeding to the baby. Its smooth silicone nipples, designed to be relating to the shape and feel of the breast, don’t let the babies notice if you’re switching between breast and bottle feeding. There are no extra hard to clean parts, which results in easy cleaning of the bottles. The material of these bottles is made out of high-quality glass and is resistant to heat and thermal shock. It is totally BPA, PVS, and phthalates free, making sure to keep problems, like colic, away from the child. The easy filling is made possible due to the wide neck opening of these bottles. The soft, flexible nipple prevents nipple collapse, and apart from that, these bottles are compatible with all Natural Nipples by Philip AVENT.

8.Philips AVENT Classic 9 Ounce Polypropylene Bottles (Set of 5)

This product by Philips AVENT is one of those that are highly recommended by moms worldwide. This is a pack of five wide neck bottles, each consisting of only three pieces so that it is easy to assemble the bottle, available in 3 different colors and 10 different sizes. Cleaning of this bottle is super easy and so, germs are kept away. It is free of BPA and many other dangerous impurities that can harm the child’s health. It is especially designed to keep away problems such as Colic and gas. It provides you with a range of flow rates so that we can control them according to the child’s growth and development. As the child stays healthy and full, he stops fussing and stays in a good mood most of the time!

7.Dr. Brown’s Standard Glass Natural Flow Bottles, (Pack of 3)

This product by Dr. Brown’s is imported, originally manufactured in the USA. This pack consists of three bottles, all made of glass and comes with an option of two sizes to choose between. The flow that is provided by these bottles is pressure free, which makes it almost identical to breast feeding. With these easy to clean, BPA, PVC and phthalates free bottles, diseases and problems like colic, spit-up and gas are prevented. Its super efficient vent system removes air from the milk, maintaining its natural nutritious value, and therefore resulting in a healthy and natural feeding of the baby. It also prevents the fluid in the ear. This product, alongside the bottle, comes with a cleaning brush as well, so that cleaning is made easy and efficient.

6.Medela Bottle Set for Breast milk, 8 Ounce

This product by Medela is eligible with all the Medela breast pumps, to enable easy pumping and storage of breast milk, and then afterward, feeding to the baby. This product is especially designed to maintain the nutritious value of the breast milk, which is very precious, as well as essential for the baby. The product is easy to wash, dishwasher safe, so that it can be cleaned thoroughly and keep the germs away from the baby. It is suitable for long time storage, and the exact amount of milk that is pumped and stored can also be measured by the ounce and millimeter markers, present on the bottle. It is BPA free, therefore keeping the milk safer and much more nutritious for the baby. These bottles are available in two different sizes, 5 oz. and 8 oz.

5.Dr. Brown’s Baby Bottle Newborn Feeding Set (BPA-Free)

This product by Dr. Brown is especially designed for the ease of newborns. The packaging includes three 8 ounce and two 4 ounce standard baby bottles, along with five level-1 soft silicon nipples, and two level-2 nipples as well, to provide a faster flow when the baby grows. No pressure is needed for the milk to flow, and it flows regularly, alternatively making it much more natural and comfortable for the baby. It also includes five internal vents, along with two travel/storage caps as well. The bottles are easy to clean, and the three brushes that are included in the package help in keeping the bottles clean. The bottles are BPA free, and problems like Colic and gas are kept away from the child, as the vent system removes air from the milk and, ultimately, the nutritious value of the milk is saved.

4.Tommee Tippee 9 Ounce Fiesta Bottle (Pack of 6)

This is a product by Tommee Tipee, which includes 6 baby bottles of 9 ounces each. The nipples are carefully designed, so that the texture of the silicon feels very much like the mother’s breast, and allows a smooth and comfortable switching between breast and bottle feeding. The venting valve does not allow much air to pass, keeping it out of the milk, and the slow flow nipple helps avoid discomfort for the small child. The bottles have accurate markings, which can help in the measurement of exactly how much milk the baby needs, avoiding over feeding, as well as under feeding. The curved design of these bottles also helps to hold it easily, without a chance of slipping. The BPA and phthalate-free bottles, and their easy to clean property help keep diseases like colic and gas away.

3.Comotomo Green 5 Ounce Natural feel Baby Bottle

A product by Comotomo, this bottle is designed to be exactly identical to a breast so that it would mimic breastfeeding and in that way, there are very fewer chances of rejection of bottle feeding by the baby. It is available in two different colors, Green and Pink, as well as two different sizes, 150ml, and 250 ml. The very wide neck of this bottle and compatibility with dishwashers and sterilizers helps in super easy and effective cleaning of the bottle, keeping germs and impurities at bay. This bottle is also heat resistant, and it can stay in microwaves or boiling water. The material used to make this product is 100% hygienic, medically approved silicon. There are special anti-colic vents present in the bottles that prevent extra intake of air and, thus keep the child safe from problems like colic and gas.

2.Comotomo 8 Ounce Baby Bottle (Pack of 2)

This pack from Comotomo consists of 2 Baby Bottles, each 8 ounces. These bottles efficiently mimic breastfeeding, making it impossible for the baby to fuss or reject bottle feeding. Its wide neck helps in easy cleaning of the bottle, even without a brush, with bare hands. It is proved to be dishwasher, sterilizer, microwave safe, as well as heat resistant. This product is made out of a BPA, PVC and phthalates free material, which is 100% hygienic according to pharmaceutical standards. Its super efficient vents keep the air out of the mild, hence protecting the baby from Colic and gas. The bottle’s shape is carefully designed so that it is easy to handle and feed. These 8 Ounce bottles come with medium flow, level 2 nipples, which help in a faster flow for a growing child.

1.Philips AVENT Gift Set Natural Infant Starter

This product by Phillips AVENT is a perfect starter for new mothers, a complete box containing all the things a child needs. This set is imported and comes with three 4 oz. bottles and two 9 oz. bottles. A formula dispenser, a pacifier, and a bottle brush are also a part of this set. It is a very natural way to feed the baby, the nipples designed in a way that it goes easily while the baby’s switching between breast and bottle feeding. It has an anti-colic twin-valve design which keeps air out of the milk and ultimately keeps the child healthy and happy. The baby bottles and nipples, both are made out of a safe and hygienic material, and they are super easy to clean and wash.