Calcium is one of the essential nutrients needed for our body. The majority of people when asked about calcium associate it with the strength of bones. Yes, they are absolutely right with their answer. Calcium helps to strengthen your bones, and it improves your bones health, however, there are many other benefits attached to the calcium. Our heart, nerves, and muscles need calcium too for proper functioning. Next time when you are asked about calcium, do mention its other benefits as well.

You need from 210mg-1,200 mg of calcium depending on your age and gender according to the research. Calcium Supplements help to provide the adequate amount of calcium for your body. You can get calcium naturally from milk, yogurt, cheese, tofu, and others; however, there are many people with lack of calcium in their body due to not being able to take care of their health because of various reasons.

Why Calcium Supplements?

Now, you have enough knowledge about calcium, so it’s time to talk about the benefits of having calcium supplements. Among the various benefits of having calcium supplements, here are some of the major ones:

1.Preventing Osteoporosis and other Bone Related Diseases

Everyone wants to have a better health, and you want to have a better health too. The study shows that around 55% of the people above the age of 50 in the United States suffer from bone related diseases, and it is alarmingly high. As the saying goes, “Prevention is better than cure,” you should take a good care of your health to prevent yourself health hazards. In today’s busy world, it is very difficult to take a good care of your health, and to fulfill the gap of the nutrients, supplements will help you out.

2.Maintaining the level of calcium

There is an adverse impact of having less calcium in your body. The problem of short height is basically seen among the people with less calcium in their body. Furthermore, the adults have the problem of low bone mass and other bone related diseases due to the lack of calcium. In order to maintain the adequate level of calcium in your body, it is better to have calcium supplements. Yes, you can get calcium from many varieties of foods, but the problem is that you just don’t consume it as per requirement.

These are some of the benefits of consuming calcium supplements, and for making sure you consume the better calcium supplement, you should check out this list of the top calcium supplements in this article.

12 of the Top Calcium Supplements

To choose the best calcium supplement to consume among the various calcium supplements available in the market, here are the top calcium supplements to choose from.

12.Calcium Supplement from New Chapter

The first one in the list of top calcium supplements is the New Chapter’s Calcium Supplement. With many great reviews from many of its users, it is one of the best calcium supplements to consume. This plant sourced, a whole-food calcium supplement will drastically reduce the risk of bone-related diseases like osteoporosis. Furthermore, this supplement also contains other crucial ingredients for bone strength, healthy heart, and joint flexibility. Another great feature of this calcium supplement is that it is easy to consume and digest these tiny tablets. New Chapter’s Calcium Supplement is Non-GMO Project verified, and it is 100% vegetarian, which means it is suitable for both vegetarians and nonvegetarians. It also contains essential 70+ whole minerals and magnesium. Its plant calcium, including fermented vitamin D3, helps in the absorption, and vitamin K2 sends direct calcium in bones.

11.Citrate Effervescent Powder: Thorne Research

Another one in the list is the Citrate Effervescent Powder by Thorne Research. This powder mixed with water provides optimally observed citrate. The good thing about this product is that it is incredibly easy to consume, and it is rich in calcium and magnesium. Many people who have used this supplement are highly satisfied with this supplement. In addition to calcium, glycinate minerals, and ascorbate, it also has added benefits of vitamin C in this supplement. Talking about the manufacturer, Thorne Research is well known for its top quality products. It is in this industry since 1984 satisfying its huge customer base. Moreover, the quality standard in which it manufactures its product is simply outstanding. This product contains no Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO), binders, coatings, fillers, or any substances that result in impair absorption. It is also GMP certified for sports professionals making it an ideal choice for the sportsperson. So, you can use this supplement for all its benefits.

10.Calcium Magnesium Tablet by Nature Made

Nature Made’s Calcium Magnesium Tablet is among the few brands carrying USP certified seal. This is a proof of the reliability of the product, and you can trust on its label. Calcium is an essential nutrient needed for the people of all age groups, and you can trust this calcium supplement to provide adequate calcium needed for your body. Whether you are a teen or an adult, you need adequate calcium in your body to prevent from the adverse affects of insufficient calcium in your body. It will reduce your risk of bone-related diseases like osteoporosis with adequate levels of calcium in your body. This calcium supplement is scientifically formulated supplement for healthy bones. Each tablet of this supplement contains 133 mg of calcium, 5 mg of zinc, and 200 IU of vitamins which are required for your body. So, Calcium Magnesium Tablet by Nature Made is a product you should consider to consume.

9.Vitafusion Calcium

Vitafusion’s Calcium Supplement is specially designed for adults. If you love to have gums, which provide adequate vitamins for you, then choose this calcium supplement. It is helpful for improving your bones and teeth health. It contains 500 mg of calcium, and also 1,000 IU of vitamin D3, which are absolutely critical nutrients for your body. Talking about the taste of this supplement, it contains natural fruits and creams flavors, which enhance the taste of this supplement.  Rich in calcium and vitamin D3, each serving of this calcium supplement provides as much calcium as two 6 Oz glasses of milk, so you can be assured that this supplement will provide adequate nutrients for your body. In this world where you have very less time, you can have this supplement to fulfill the needs of your body, and it also has a great taste which is a bonus.

8.Calcium 600 by Nature Made

Yet another wonderful calcium supplement by Nature Made. Enriched with vitamin D and calcium, this supplement will provide the necessary nutrients needed for strong bones and teeth. Moreover, this supplement will also reduce your chance of suffering from osteoporosis. This supplement has been able to prove its worth to many of its users fulfilling their needs of adequate calcium and vitamin D for stronger bones and teeth. Another nice feature of this supplement is that it is well absorbed, so you should not worry much about its absorption. Talking about the company, this company has a very good reputation in the market. So, considering the reliability of the brand and the product, this calcium supplement is definitely one of the best supplements to be considered for consuming.

7.Kirkland’s Signature Calcium

Signature Calcium by Kirkland Signature is another calcium supplement on the list. Kirkland’s Signature Calcium contains vitamin D3 to help with absorption of calcium. As we have discussed in the earlier part of an article about the benefits of calcium, this calcium supplement contains adequate calcium with vitamin D3 for healthier bones and teeth. Furthermore, the nutrients contained in this supplement will also lead to healthy muscle contraction. Deficiency of calcium leads to many bone related diseases, and with the use of this calcium supplement, you can prevent yourself by reducing the chances of various bones related diseases. Several good reviews of this product from many of its users prove its reliability.

6.Gummy Bites Calcium by Caltrate

Each and every person would love to have something delicious, and it would be a plus point if it is really beneficial for the health. With Gummy Bites Calcium, you have the chance to have something really delicious, and it is also beneficial for your health. This is the calcium supplement recommended by the experts, so you don’t have to doubt on the quality of this supplement. Furthermore, the verified users are satisfied with this calcium supplement too. You will have the various options to choose from in this supplement; you can choose from black cherry, orange, and strawberry according to your taste and preference. The benefit provides to your bones is the thing to consider as you consume calcium supplement for the healthy bones. It reduces your chance of suffering from bone related diseases due to the adequate calcium provided by this supplement. If you are worried about this gum sticking to your teeth, then you would be happy to know that it’s nonsticky too. So, you can consider this delicious way of consuming calcium supplements for your consumption.

5.Calcium and Vitamin D3 Supplement from Caltrate

It is yet another top calcium supplement from Caltrate. It contains 60-count soft chews for your consumption. Caltrate Calcium supplement comes in two delicious flavors, and they are chocolate truffle and vanilla cream flavor. Not only equipped with taste, it also equips you with the entire necessary nutrient that is required for you to toughen up your bones. It is a delicious way to improve your bone and teeth health. One of the attracting features of this calcium supplement is that it can be consumed with or without food anytime or anywhere due to its easiness to consume. It also includes 800 IUs of vitamin D3 to help in the absorption of the calcium. You just need one to two soft chews for fulfilling your requirement of calcium in your body. After saying all these about this calcium supplement, it is one of the calcium supplements which you need to consider for consumption.

4.Calcium Supplement from Country Life

Calcium Magnesium Potassium from Country Life is a supplement designed for better bone health. It is also equally useful for reducing the chance of suffering from bone related diseases. With 180 tables, it provides 90 servings per container. The formulation of the minerals on this supplement is very scientific, and it may also provide a whole lot of support to your cardiovascular health. Another good thing about this calcium supplement is that it includes specific free forms of amino acids and also other carriers for smooth mineral transport. The adequate level of calcium provided by this supplement will improve your overall health, and will let you have strong bones, teeth, and also a better heart. With many good reviews about this calcium supplement, it is definitely one of the best calcium supplements to choose from.

3.Calcium Citrate Powder from Bulk Supplements

This calcium supplement from Bulk Supplements is a very good product. It is a pure and clean powder with no fillers. This product is also tested in the lab, and it guarantees purity. Many of its users are well-satisfied with this calcium supplement. This factory sealed zip pouches have many benefits to offer to your health. Calcium Citrate Powder from Bulk Supplement has higher calcium and absorption capabilities than most of the other calcium supplements. Another good thing about this supplement is that it comes in the form of the salt-like compound, and it is developed from calcium and citric acid. It can be used in an additive in food as well in addition to its health benefits. It provides adequate calcium required by your body for stronger bones and teeth. It is also very useful for those who have weak and sensitive stomach who cannot intake calcium carbonate. It could also be digested well by those people having a gastric acid deficiency. So, it is all about Calcium Citrate Powder from Bulk Supplement.

2.Signature Calcium Citrate from Kirkland

Another calcium supplement in the list is Signature Calcium Citrate from Kirkland. It contains various essential nutrients like magnesium, zinc, minerals, and vitamin D3, which help in the absorption of calcium. It is recommended to have 2 tablets per day, and each serving has 500 mg of highly absorbable calcium. It enhances the strength of your bones, and teeth, making it much stronger. Furthermore, it also reduces the risk of suffering from various bones related diseases like osteoporosis. It contains no amount of artificial flavors, yeast, gluten, and preservatives, making it a safe supplement to consume. It is a scientifically formulated supplement to help you to build up a healthy body. Zinc and Magnesium found in this supplement helps in the formulation of the bones in your body. This easily absorbable calcium supplement provides plenty of benefits to its users.

1.Natural Science Calcium Bone Strength

Naturo Science Calcium Bone Strength has a lot of benefits to offer to you. This supplement is formulated from an advance formula providing benefits to your joints and bones. One of the exclusive ingredients found in this supplement is FruiteX-B. It is a quick acting support complex with high amount of calcium fluoroborate. The supplement is carefully formulated in order to help you with maximum absorption. It is one of the better supplements available made from plant-derived calcium. This advanced formula contains three vital ingredients, and they are Aquaman, MK-7, and FruiteX-B. This advanced formula is beneficial for joint pains, inflammation, bone fractures, and others. This calcium supplement offering a variety of benefits has been able to satisfy its users, and it is likely to satisfy you too.

After knowing about these calcium supplements, you are now able to choose the best calcium supplement for your consumption. The calcium supplements in this list are all reliable with excellent reviews from its users.