Morning routines for running or jogs are a popular trend among many women who follow a healthy lifestyle. But do you know that running shoes play a very significant role in keeping you fit and avoid any soreness? There are many running shoes available in the market but it is necessary to select the best-suited shoes for you.

When you try to buy running shoes, you will be amazed by the ample collection of bright and attractive shoes. But along with your favorite color, there are few important factors that you must pay attention to. Experts have concluded that shoes play an equally vital role as the rest of your running regime.

Shoes that do not fit properly or are uncomfortable can lead to severe feet soreness or muscle ache. We provide you thoroughly researched factors to consider before choosing one for yourself!

Important Aspects of Selection

Take Care of Your Heel – Do not opt for those shoes that sit very tightly around your heel. They should fit comfortably and snugly. When you tie your shoes, the slipping of your heel is minimized while going through the last eyelet. The slight movement should be there or the friction might hurt your heel. Remember that any kind of discomfort that you feel while wearing it will be multiplied while running.

  • Upper Part or Instep – How your shoes feel on your instep or the upper parts is also very important. Generally, people feel discomfort because they shoes are too tight or there is no space between. The reason for lacing up is that it holds the shoe in your feet as it is supposed to be. Before throwing away your pair, try lacing up in a different way to feel the difference.
  • Shoe Girth – The girth or the width determines the movement of your feet from one to another side without crossing or reaching the insole. Many times new shoes cause shoe bites or extreme soreness in our little finger. The reason is your shoe does not have enough space and your toes are facing much more friction than they should. You must be able to pinch the material where your foot is widest.
  • Shoe Length – during different times in a day, your foot swells and reacts to its surroundings. Mae sure that there is at least a space of a width of a thumb between your longest finger and the shoe. After your shoes are laced up, you must be able to move your feet freely upwards and downwards. This pace protects your foot from any front foot problems.
  • Flexibility – the flexibility of your shoe or the flex points must align to your own feet flexibility. If you press the tip of shoes against the floor, you will see that the shoe creases where your feet generally does. If it is improper, it can lead to pain and even muscle strain near your calf.

Do not need to worry; we present you a list of most popular and highly reviewed women’s running shoes to save your time and effort!

List of 12 running shoes for women you must buy

12.Brooks 15 GTS Women’s Running Shoe Adrenaline

Get your adrenaline pumping with this sporty, lightweight and amazing Brooks 15 GTS Women’s Running Shoe Adrenaline. It offers the same luxury and performance as the Brooks Women Adrenaline Range and provides same comfort and support to your feet. It has received an overwhelming response of 720 customers and has also received a rating of 4.3 out of 5. It also has a mesh that makes it very comfortable and keeps your feet sweat free while training. It gives an ultra smooth toe to heel touch due to its absolute caterpillar pad.

11.Nike Running Shoe for Women Revolution 2

Another revolutionary product from the house of NIKE, Nike Running Shoe for Women Revolution 2 is a step ahead. It has a synthetic fabric and along with mesh to give it added comfort and athletic support. It enhances your performance by providing improved traction. It offers around 2.6 inches arch to shaft measurement. It also has a rubber sole that makes it strong and durable. This product provides absolute breathability that prevents your feet from sweating even during your toughest sprints. It has received a loving response from around 737 users across the globe and is maintaining a rating of 4.4 out of 5. It also has a padded bed and comfortable midsole for ease of movement. It has also been heavily preferred by professionals. It comes in many colors and sizes to suit your style statement.

10.Women’s Running Shoes Guide 8 from Saucony

Saucony is one of the most valued brands for running shoes. They offer a variety of shoes for walking and jogging purposes, with the guaranteed quality feel, performance, and sizing. Saucony has researched for years about the biomechanics and performance of best athletes.

Women’s Running Shoes Guide 8 from Saucony is an ideal partner for expert or professional runners. PowerGrid Technology offers receptive cushioning mechanism from heel to toe of your shoe. It is also designed for minimal impact and an incredible support mechanism for a smoother midstance. It also provides the feature of a spacious forefoot that allows runners to pick up pace instantly. It also comes with amazing flex points that reduce the chances of muscle strain or feet soreness and fits any individual.

9.Women’s Running Shoe 3 Speedcross 3 for Trail by Salomon

This edition from Speedcross Women’s running shoes mingles super light upper body along with damage free upper mesh and sturdy body for a snug and strong grip on slippery and difficult terrains. They are few changes that have been incorporated in this product. For a better control, the front-foot part has been considerably lowered to almost 50%. This reduces any chances of a foot injury. The weight is also lowered and the stowage is ideal. It is even more durable and is ideal for training.

8.Champion Gusto Women’s Running Shoes

Champion Gusto Women’s Running Shoes by the renowned house of Champion is one of the best in this list. Comfortable and stylish, this shoe is a preferred one. It has a mesh on the upper part as well as on the sole for increased breathability. It also offers a unique look. The laces are fit enough to go on any walk of your preference. There is also an additional collar for that extra comfort. It is also cushioned and has an insole that is memory foamed. It is also extremely flexible that fits snugly on your feet. It has a rating of 4.3 out of 5 and is also appreciated by 859 customers.

7.Nike Cross Training Printed Women’s Shoes with TR Fit

Presenting you a supreme quality shoe for women from the renowned sports house of NIKE. NIKE is well known globally for its international benchmarked standards and premium quality products. It is best suited for new trainers and joggers and provides extreme comfort. It has a mesh support that makes it more breathable for your feet and well as improved zonal maintenance. It is specifically created for providing multi-way feet movement and neoprene stimulated interior sleeve offers enhanced comfort and ease. It has received a rating of 4.2 and has been reviewed by more than 900 consumers. The shaft to arch measurement is 2.64 inches approximately and is suited for every runner.

6.ASICS Running shoes for Women 3 GEL-Contend

This premium shoe from Asics is very popular among many people worldwide. It has received an impressive rating of 4.5 out of 5 and is reviewed by 1363 buyers. Made up of synthetic textile, it is an imported product and has many features that make it one of the best. It also comes with a rubber sole for comfortable running. It also has a reflective feature for visibility in a dim or low light. For new joggers or medium joggers, it comes with a neutral trainer that is ideal for light jogging. Its tongue is very lightly cushioned and has a added collar for that extra mile in comfort.

The gel cushioning technique protects your feet from any shock and provides smooth running. In order to contain orthotic, it has a sock liner that can be removed if not needed.

5.Running Shoes for Women with GEL-Nimbus 17 from Asics

Get ready for the amazing Women’s Running Shoes for Women with GEL-Nimbus 17 that will take sporting to the new level. The 17 GEL-Nimbus technology makes it feel light as a feather and its seamless FluidFit design prevents any kind of feet soreness or blisters. It also comes with rearfoot as well as forefoot cushioning mechanism reduces the impact and provides extraordinary comfort and support. It has a synthetic fabric that improves its overall look. It also has a breathable mesh for maintaining dryness and comfort. It also has flexible spots that align perfectly with your feet. It has maintained a rating of 4.6 and has been reviewed by 1400 customers.

4.Women’s Running Shoe 5 with GEL-Venture by Asics

The house of Asics brings a range of athletic products that offer a healthy life and a healthy body. These ecstatically colored ranges of women’s running shoes are an absolute favorite. Keeping the feminine and bubbly side of a woman in mind, Asics has designed this rugged running shoe in mesh with vivid overlays. GEL-Venture 5 has an advanced technology that provides an ideal fit and perfects for everyday running. It has high abrasion rubber that makes it very long lasting. The Rearfoot cushioning system makes it comfortable no matter what terrain you run on. Detachable sock liner that can accommodate orthotic. It has received a rating of 4.5 and is widely appreciated by 1415 happy buyers. It comes many other choices to suit your preference. Make of this yours soon!

3.Women’s Running Shoes Tri 10 with GEL Noosa by Asics

Women’s Running Shoes Tri 10 with GEL Noosa by Asics is one of the most amazing running shoe available online. It has a synthetic fabric and a strong rubber sole for that extra comfort. The heel measure is approximately one inch that makes it suitable for any individual. It has been appreciated by 1681 customers and has received a rating of 4.3 out of 5. This shoe has a mesh in the forefoot area that makes it breathable for your feet and has advanced technology for pace efficiency. Ideal for professional runners and athletes and has amazing speed features. It is specifically designed to prevent any itching or feet soreness. It also has a detachable sock liner that can be removed if not necessary. Duomax technology gives it an incredible stabilizing effect.

2.Women’s Running Shoes from Salomon Mission XR

This is one of the most outstanding products from Salomon which is widely acclaimed and is very popular among professionals. Women’s Running Shoes from Salomon Mission XR are one of the excellent products from this company that has been reviewed by 2768 customers across the globe and has received a positive rating of 4.5 out of 5. It is very light on feet with high sustenance and is very comfortable while training. Sensiflex and Sensifit technology makes this product very flexible and aligns to your feet for enhanced performance and is ideal for short or middle length run. It has a mesh on its body that makes it more breathable. It also has a Contagrip outer sole for any running on any type of terrain.

1.ASICS Running Shoes for Women with Gel-Noosa

Asics presents you the best acclaimed running shoe you will ever come across. It has received an incredible acknowledgment from above 4,440 satisfied buyers worldwide and has received an impressive rating of 4.5 out of 5. It delivers outstanding performance as well as the revolutionary GEL-Noosa technology and seamless design that are ideal for triathlon professional runners. Its open forefoot mesh provides breathability and prevents your feet from sweating. Exceptional laces and tongue help to get the smoothest transition for mid stance. Its outsole is created out of organic and inorganic components that enhance traction even on slippery surfaces. It has a perforated sock liner for improved feet dryness. DuoMax Technology increases firmness and support. Elastic laces help you to put on shoes very easily and go for your favorite sport anytime.