We keep hearing about dietary fibres and many of us have wondered what are they actually? Is it something to be talked about and how it can help us? Very good questions indeed. And today we have tried to answer some of these questions as well as others and also help you choose the best fibres available in the market to supplement your diet and make sure your body is happy with the food its getting and you never feel low on energy or feel uneasy due to improper intake of your food.  Let us then go ahead and see what wonderful benefits these fibres can offer us.

Things to Know about Dietary Fibres

It is important to know as to why we need fibres in our food and what we need to keep in mind while buying one. Fibres are actually higher forms of carbohydrates like glucose or other simple chemicals but they are lot more complex than sugar and therefore are not easily digestible. You might ask if they are not digestible then why we need to take them. We need to take them because

  • Fibres are of two kinds- Fibres are actually of two categories- Soluble and Insoluble. Soluble fibres dissolve in water and help the body in lowering cholesterol by absorbing bile acid used in formation of cholesterol and keeps our arteries clean from any plaque formed on the walls.
  • Insoluble Fibres make us feel Full- The other category- that is, insoluble fibres clean our bowels and move the contents of small intestine through to the large intestine and out of the anus. As these are indigestible they pass out in faeces and you don’t suffer from constipation unless adequate fluids are not taken. Also as they go down our digestive tract our body feels full and we are satisfied for a longer duration.
  • They prevent diabetes- Studies have shown that proper intake of fibres in our body reduces blood glucose level to a manageable amount and prevent spikes in sugar concentration thereby safeguarding us from diabetes in the long run.
  • They can prevent Cancer- Although it is still being debated and studied, some studies have shown that the movement of fibres through the intestinal tract keeps certain harmful materials out of our body which can trigger uncontrolled growth of intestinal cells and thereby lead to Cancer.
  • Buy Fibres which are FDA approved- Certain fibrous products have been deemed necessary for our body and hence the US FDA has approved the sale and purchase of fibres under given conditions to promote good public health and community welfare.

So with all these points in mind let us go ahead and see what we have

Product Lists

8. Nutricology Fiber Celllulose for Diet

Today we are starting with Nutricology’s Fibre Cellulose. As we have already seen that cellulose is mainly the indigestible part of a vegetable and passes out of the body eventually let us see what it can do. Like many other products in the market this product can be mixed with protein shake or it can be taken without any water. Reason why water is not advised due to its insolubility in water. Also it helps in proper functioning of bowel and its movement through the intestine and then out of the anus helps keep it clean and no undesirable products are left behind. Unlike soluble fibres it doesn’t lower cholesterol levels so people who are looking for supplements to lower their cholesterol level should opt for something else. Also it is gluten free so people who are intolerant to gluten can easily use this. You can take this supplement before your meal or if you are seeing any health practitioner about it take it as per advisement. Also its price will encourage people to give it a try and see the benefits for themselves.

7. Jetsu’s Inulin Powder derived from Chicory Root

Jetsu has brought us this wonderful fibre, Inulin. Inulin is a naturally occurring fibre found in plants and its actual name is Fructo-Oligosaccharides or FOS in short. This is a soluble fibre so that it can dissolve in water and helps in the absorption of bile acid and hence keeps the blood cholesterol level in check. And due to low cholesterol levels our arteries remain healthy and we don’t have to suffer from any heart conditions. It provides feeling of satiety in our body as it passes down our gut dissolved in water and we tend to feel full for a longer time. It also curbs blood sugar level so that we are spared of lifestyle diseases like diabetes. The contents of this product is strictly vegan and so people can easily take it without any concern for its contents. Also like many other supplements its gluten free and is easily helpful for people who are gluten intolerant. Due to its low sugar content it is helpful for people who are on a strict diet for controlling blood sugar. It is a good prebiotic as well as it promotes the growth of helpful intestinal bacteria which are essential for maintaining good intestinal health.

6. Pure Encapsulations Dietary Supplement- OptiFerin-C

Optiferin- C is a product which consists of many nutrients which promotes good health and provides proper iron consumption in our body. As we are already aware that iron is needed in haemoglobin which gives the blood its colour and binds to the oxygen delivered from lungs and transports it to various parts of our body. So if iron deficiency is there in our body we develop conditions of anaemia. So it is quite important that need to take proper amount of iron in our body. The chemical which is found in this product has been extensively studied and has been concluded to be safe for people suffering from low iron content or intolerant to pure iron chemicals. It is also an important constituent of myoglobin which forms the bulk of our muscles and ferritin which is a naturally occurring storage protein for storing iron and is mainly found in intestines and liver. Women who are involved in rigorous physical activities or who are expecting the contents of this product is an excellent iron supplement for them. It also has Vitamin C which promotes good health of our gums and mouth and aids in proper absorption and maintenance of iron levels in our blood.

5. DrnaturaUnifiber with naturally occurring Fibres

Unifiber brought from Drnatura is a high source of insoluble fibres and is great for people who have a chronic affliction of constipation and not getting enough fibres to push through the intestines and clear out the bowels. Also it is beneficial for people who are suffering from haemorrhoids or diverticulitis and has been shown to be quite effective against them. The dosage of these products always need to be checked with a health practitioner as they are the people who can properly guide you how to take these supplements in your diet and promote good bowel health. It doesn’t have any artificial sweeteners added in it so that it is helpful for people who are on strict sugar controlled diet. It has many competitors in the market so you need to be careful which product you are buying to prevent buying a spurious one which can be really harmful for our good health. So like any customer who is well aware of the products they are buying keep away from the spurious ones and buy the original supplements.

4. Nutricology Ox Bile.

Nutricology’s yet another marvellous product Ox Bile acts as a supplement for bile in your body in case you have any medical issues with your liver or if your gall bladder has been removed. As studies have shown that this product compensates for the shortage of bile in your body and along with other fibres found in your food keeps our bowel healthy and doesn’t allow any unnecessary fat to be accumulated in our body and helps in the proper utilisation of the nutrients in our food. People who are on strict diet can always use it to supplement their daily diet and reduce the amount of unnecessary fat in their body. It is also very helpful in curbing constipation and promoting good bowel health. So if you are suffering from low bile production or if your gall bladder has been recently removed you can always go for this supplement which is sure to help you compensate for the bile deficiency and maintain your health.

3. OmniGreen (OG) Labs Fiber Supplement

 OmniGreen Labs have brought this Fibre Supplement for us which according to them provides all round performance of a dietary fibre and promotes good health as well as improve cleaning of our bowels and reducing the level of glucose in our body. It is great for people who are on a strict diet and cannot get sufficient nutrients from their daily intake. It has no artificial sweeteners added to it so that it is deemed safe for people who have high intolerance towards sweeteners. It mixes well in water or any beverage or you can sprinkle it onto food which normally wouldn’t have sufficient nutrients. Its fine structure promotes better absorption in our body and helps in keeping the blood cholesterol level in check. So it promotes good arterial health in our body and safeguards us from any type of heart diseases. It can also be used in food for children and as it has no smell or taste they will hardly notice it and will help them in maintaining a good health and grow to be healthy individuals. That definitely is one of its best features and cannot be ignored easily.

2. Metamucil Dietary Fibre Capsules

Metamucil has got many dietary fibre supplements in their product line and this product is one of them. This product delivers the required fibres in our body through capsules which deliver about 1.8 grams of soluble fibre in our body. It means the fibres which are getting in our body are soluble in nature and form a gel like solution after mixing in water and give us the satiety feeling in our stomach and we don’t feel hungry for a longer period of time. It has been produced following industry wide practices and has been approved by many international agencies on human health. Naturally being approved by the US FDA many doctors also tend to take this supplement with your daily food to maintain your fibre consumption and ensure your health remains in good steads. It includes psyllium husk which is shown to have a big impact on our blood cholesterol level and keeps it under check. But people who have allergic reactions to psyllium husk should be cautious and take proper directions from your doctor so that you don’t suffer from any side effects. Unlike other supplements in the market this product does include some sweeteners and is great for people who don’t like their food to be completely devoid of any taste.

1.Metamucil’s Supplement with Psyllium Fibre

Metamucil has yet brought another great product for us in dietary fibre category which has occupied the top spot in our list today. As we are already aware that psyllium husk improves the health of arterial walls by reducing the formation of cholesterol in our body as well as absorb it from our body on its way out so that our heart doesn’t have to exert itself to pump the blood throughout your body and keeps it healthy. It also absorbs excess sugar and carbohydrates from our body and slowly releases it to our blood so that there are no sudden spikes in our blood glucose level and we don’t have to face the agony of avoiding sugar rich foods due to diabetes. It also mixes well with water and forms a gel which induces the feeling of fullness in our body. This also ensures that our intestines remain clean and healthy and promotes healthy bowel movement. Due to all the benefits it offers it is naturally offered by doctors as a useful dietary supplement.