A car is a big investment that hits our savings hard but there is always the worry that the car will be stolen or tampered, so to alleviate your fears just install a car security alarm in your car. Car security alarms are electronic devices that you install in your vehicle thereby protecting the car from any tampering or attempts at thievery by emitting loud sounds or bright lights startling the thief.

Product List

Check out the 8 best car security alarms that protects your car from sneaky robs

8.Avital 5103L Car Alarm and Remote Start System

This car alarm system by Avital is very efficient and easy to install without the need of any technician, you just have to follow the instructions carefully. Avital 5103L comes with two 4-button remotes as one as a spare and this lets you operate your car without opening it. The remote allows you many features that look after your comfort like you can start your car from a distance there making the car nice and toasty before you enter it, you can even pop open your trunk without the need to open the car and you can unlock your car from several feet away without any physical contact thereby saving time when you’re in a hurry. This alarm is equipped with a dual zone shock sensor that for minor disturbances emits warning chirps and in case of major disruptions or serious impacts the alarm trips off instantly alerting you of the attempt. This alarm has three modes silent mode where you can turn off the alarm temporarily; valet mode enables the alarm with the remote and finally panic mode where the alarm emits loud sounds and flashes your light instantly alerting you. The price of this awesome car alarm is very affordable.

7.Viper 5901 Full Feature Car Alarm With Remote Start And 2-Way Pager


This car alarm by Viper has reliable and impressive features making it easy to use. This alarm come with a remote that has a LCD display screen that alerts you about everything that happens with you like when the car’s door is open ‘Door Open’ text will appear on the screen of the remote. Viper 5901 is equipped with three shock sensor that informs you even when minor disturbances occur and you can even reset the alarm via remote of your within the range of your car. When the alarm is tripped even your remotes emits sound alerting you the only disadvantage is that the remote cannot be kept on silence. The smart remote with four buttons allows 24 different functions and options like starting your car from a distance, disabling and resetting you alarm etc. and this remote can be easily recharged, for which you just need a USB port. If you’re willing to splurge a little more money Vipers offers a smart start feature where you can transform your smartphone into a remote. The price of this alarm is a bit high but for a product with such good features that is kind of expected.

6.Scytek MobiLink 777 2-Way Car Alarm Vehicle Security System

This car security alarm is very easy to use and install. It comes with a pair of chrome 2 way remotes (one as a spare) that have 4 buttons for various controls. This remote is multi-functional thereby can be used for functions like locking and unlocking the door from a distance, starting the car so you can enter a warm during the harsh winter, opening the trunk of the car without opening the car and disabling and enabling the alarm with just a click of the button from a distance all such features ensure your comfort. This alarm has GPS tracking thereby allowing you to track your car in case it gets stolen; the possibility of this is quite slim as this alarm emits loud sound in case of some disturbance to your car. The notification of any such events will be sent to your phone making the use of this alarm easier. Scytek MobiLink 777 is compatible with many vehicles and is available at a reasonable price.

5.Python 991 Responder LC3 SST Security/Remote Start System


This alarm has the functions of a basic alarm and is easy to install. This alarm comes with a Responder SST remote that is two way and a companion remote that is one way. The Responder SST remote has a LCD screen with tones and vibration, this remote allows you to set the alarm from a distance, unlock the car and set a temperature that you choose with just a push of the button and the remote also informs you of any attempt at intrusion or the displacement of the car. The alarm has a door sensor and offers you a choice of six different sirens that ring when the door is opened. This alarm is equipped with shock sensors that allow you to get alerted from the remote if the car is moved even slightly and you can reset the alarm with the remote. Python 991 car alarm ensures the security of your car from potential chance of theft though the price is a bit high.

4.AVITAL 3300L LCD 2-Way Security System.

This car alarm system is very easy to use and suitable for the aged and near sighted due to the large LCD screen of the remote. The alarm comes with a 2 way remote that allows you easy access to your car with just a click of the button, some of the functions that you can perform with remote are unlocking the car from a distance, setting the alarm, disabling the alarm, setting the temperature in the car etc. The car alarm security system is equipped with a six-siren alarm and a shock sensor that informs you when your car is disturbed even a little thereby protecting your car from theft, jacking etc. The LCD screen of the remote allows you to see where the car is being tampered. This system is very easy to install with a quite reasonable price.

3.PYLE PWD901 LCD 2-way Remote Start/Security System

This car alarm is filled with many useful features and is quite easy to install. This alarm comes with a small four button remote that has an black lit LCD display screen that display the outlay of the car and areas where it has been tampered with in case of an attempt at thievery. This remote allows you to unlock your car, set the alarm, set the temperature in the car, disarm the alarm etc. with just a click of the remote’s button.

The alarm is equipped with a shock sensor alerting you of the slightest tampering to your vehicle and the remote’s LCD display gives you the detailed information of where the car has been tampered. The alarm is easy to install with just the detailed manual thereby eliminating the need of a professional to install it. PYLE PWD501 has a transceiver with extended range allowing the car to be controlled with the remote from a distance and the alarm is available at a reasonable price

2.Code Alarm Ca1053 Vehicle Security Car Alarm

This car alarm is very easy to set up and use. The alarm comes with a pair of four button transmitters/ remotes (one as a spare) that have a range of up to 1500 ft. This remote allows for various functions without the need of touching the car like unlocking the car, setting the alarm, silencing the alarm etc. The alarm is equipped with dual stage impact sensors alerting you with the waterproof sirens at the littlest impact and the alarm also enables you to locate your vehicle in case the thief is successful though the chance of that seems very slim. With their warranty of life Code Alarm ensures that the customers are protected by spending a very little money.

1.Pyle PWD701 4-Button Remote Door Lock Vehicle Security System

This affordable alarm protects you vehicle from any harm. This alarm comes with a pair of four button remotes/ transmitters (one as a spare) that allows you to open your car, set the alarm, opening the trunk etc. with just a click of the remote’s button. The alarm deters thief from stealing with its features like glass break sensors, 2 additional outputs, LED status indicator, dual stage impact detector, six tone sirens of 120dB, flashing parking lights, additional trunk and hood protection etc. all these features alert you of any attempts of thievery. This system can be installed very easily without the help of a professional.

Benefits of Car Security Alarms

In today’s world filled with crime it is very important to protect your belongings from the sticky fingers of thieves.  Many do this by appointing bodyguards but to protect your cars a body gaud is too much so car security alarms do the job.

Car security alarms are very affordable and if you follow the instruction carefully you can install the alarm yourself thereby saving the money that you have to spend on the servicemen.

A car alarm system emits loud noises and bright lights scaring the thief and some alarms come with GPS also so you can find your car in case the thief is successful.

Installing a car security alarm is beneficial in both economic and security sense.

Things to consider while buying a Car Security Alarm

– Categories: There are two categories of car alarms, the basic one where the alarm protects the car from being stolen without the need of the driver’s presence and the Two-Way Pager alarm that has the functions of basic alarm with the additional feature that alerts the owner when any tampering takes place with the car. So choose according that fits in your budget.

– Anti-Theft Features: Anti-Theft Features that you have to look out for are

  • Automatic Window Roll-Up – This feature allows the car to roll up the window when the driver exits the car in case the driver has forgotten to do so. This may not seem as such an important feature but it closes a venue of access for the thief.
  • Immobilizing Technology – This feature immobilizes the car thereby preventing the thief from driving away with your car though the damage of windows or any other such avenues may happen during the attempt but the huge loss of the car can be prevented.
  • Alarm Noisemaker – This is one of the most basic feature found in car alarms it enables the car to emit loud sounds alerting everyone about the attempt at thievery and startling the thief.
  • Code Hopping – The signals from the driver’s remote are intercepted by the thief thereby making the theft of the car easy, so the code hopping feature prevents from such interception thereby making the car more secure.

– Owner-Access Features: Owner-Access Features are not important for the security of the car but they ensure the comfort of the owner. These features are:

  • Trunk Release – This feature allows the owner to open the trunk of the car without opening the car.
  • Car-Location Technology – This feature enables to activate the noisemaker from a distance thereby allowing you to identify your car in a herd of cars.
  • Keyless Entry – This feature allows the owner to unlock the car with just a push of the button on the remote from a distance.

– Compatibility: Before buying a car security alarm make sure that it is compatible with the model of your car otherwise it is just a waste of money.

As they say ‘Precaution is better than cure’ so take the extra precaution of protecting of your car from thieves by installing any one of these alarms and security systems we have listed. So waste no more time and select an alarm from our list based on your budget and preference and then place your order on Amazon.