If you want to flash your teeth with a smile, then the best thing you can do, is to upgrade your manual brush to the electronic toothbrush.

Nowadays, Dentists recommend an electronic toothbrush for the various reasons, as they are more effective at removing plaque and stains than manual brushes. Also, help you to polish up your teeth making them brighter white to keep your mouth fresh and happier. However, electronic toothbrushes are more expensive as  compared to manual brushes. But it is a worthwhile investment, as they play an important role to keep your teeth healthier for the following reasons.

Benefits of Electronics brushes:

  • An electronic toothbrush can do faster brushing as compared to a manual brush to keep your teeth and tongue cleaner and healthier.
  • An electronic toothbrush can work easily for deep cleaning and the most important part, it does the work for you.
  • An electronic toothbrush is a great way to fight against gum diseases and gingivitis with painless cleaning.
  • As they can remove stains and debris between gaps, that is why electronic toothbrush can help you to get rid of bad breath as well.

Things to consider before buying an Electronic Brush:

  • Brush head – The first thing we should see is the brush design. How it is good for our teeth and whether it takes care of our gum or not. The plaque removal capability with different features of brush head should be considered before buying.
  • Design – The design of the toothbrush plays an utmost important role. So before buying, we should see if it works well with the interior mouth and reaches every corner easily.
  • Battery Life – Having good battery life is a must for every electronic component. Nobody likes to outrun of battery in the middle of something. Especially electronic toothbrush should last long enough to work perfectly for a week or two before it needs charging again. The replaceable battery will be a good option for the long life of electronic toothbrush.
  • Battery Indicator Light –  It is very useful feature. It indicates you with light when charging is required or complete.
  • Multiple Brush Modes –  Some brushes comes with a gentle mode for sensitive teeth, along with quick clean, high-speed, polishing, and gum massage modes.
  • Pressure Sensor –  It prevents recession of the gums by turning off if you apply too much pressure.
  • Timer  –  Using timer option, brush shuts off after the idle brushing time of 2 minutes or sounds an alarm. Some models also include reminders to move the brush around the mouth.
  • Ultraviolet Sanitizer – Built-in sanitizer can kill bacteria and viruses while brush charges
  • Travel Storage Case / Charger  –  To increase portability, Small case will be useful to protect toothbrush. Multiple voltage chargers may require for international travel.

Now let’s get to know the top 9 electronic toothbrushes.

Top 9 Electronic Toothbrush Reviews

9.Philips HX5910 Sonicare Elite Electronic Toothbrush with Quadpacer

The premium edition of the product from Philips comes with a quad pacer which ensures you move the brush throughout all the sections of the mouth. It beeps exactly every 30 seconds indicating that now you have to move the brush to the next respective position. This is a new smart feature which enables you to brush exactly 2 minutes which is termed to be the idle time of brushing by dentists. This special package includes two sets of handles, three brush heads, and two chargers to ensure you don’t have to depend on the other for charging. The brush head is angled providing perfect cleaning of the teeth also it is slim to reach every part of the mouth where previously traditional brushes were unable to clean. It has an additional massage mode for keeping the gums healthy. The smart brush gradually increases the speed for proper cleaning and is soft on gums and teeth. It completely removes tobacco stains, coffee stains and plaque from teeth making it cleaner and whiter.

8.Oral-B Pro 5000 Smart Series

This smart brush as the name says is smarter than other brushes as it has the amazing Bluetooth connectivity features which are connected to you mobile and it sends regular feedback with each use. The brush head includes floss action feature which ensures cleaner and healthier gum and teeth. The gentle modes present in it remove dirt right from the gum-line like no other brush would do. It has a pressure sensing technique which lit up automatically if it detects over-brushing and warns immediately. The system has 5 modes that are: Daily clean, gum care, Sensitive, whitening and Deep clean which gives the user the freedom to choose between these modes without manually controlling it. It has 3D action cleaning feature which oscillates, rotate and pulsates and it helps in breaking more plaque stick to the gum-line and removes them gently. Bluetooth-connected smart features provides real-time feedback on any harsh actions and it keeps a daily database and behavior on the Smartphone connected. The bristles are micropulse zigzag in nature which reaches the place where traditional brush won’t reach.

7.Philips Sonicare Essence toothbrush

This product is new to the market and has already placed itself in the category of ‘Amazon bestseller’. Making a best seller itself means its trending tremendously and that is not easy. Philips Sonicare HX5611/01 electronic toothbrush is rechargeable in nature that means no worries of replacing batteries! Just put it back on the charger stand and it is ready to use whenever you want it to use. It has angled neck brush head which enables reaching places where traditional brushes were unable to reach. Two-minute smart timer ensures a professional brushing time is maintained. The full charge of this product lasts for full two weeks, isn’t it amazing!  It sprays dynamic fluid action which helps both teeth and gum line. The bristle changing reminder ensures you change the brush head after a certain time and it beeps. It guarantees 2x more removal of plaque and unwanted substances from teeth and keeps it healthier.

6.Oral-B Pro Smart Series 7000

This is another great product from Oral-B with Bluetooth connectivity and new high-tech features. It has 6 modes of working as Daily clean, gum care, sensitive, deep clean, whitening, and tongue cleaning. The whole system is rechargeable in nature and can have awesome sensors to warn the user in real-time with the exclusive Oral-B app linked via Bluetooth. For precise cleaning the bristles are angled in a particular way and cross action brush head ensures plaque removal more neatly and keeps teeth more healthy and white. It has another facility of run-time feedback which includes brushing on your important areas. It works on 3D cleaning facility just fine reaching the difficult areas and sensing each and every action and a countdown timer which switches ON when the brush is picked up. It helps you to maintain the brushing time of complete 2 minutes which is professionally advisable. For superior functionalities and proper oral-care, it is highly recommended.

5.Philips Sonicare DiamondClean

This is another Philips’s creation, Philips Sonicare HX9362/68  boasts to clean more plaque and keeps gum healthy recommended by most dentists. The brush head of this product is designed in a diamond shape which is perfect for removal of more plaque without harming the gums. Light on gums and hard on teeth this is what the working principle of this product. This package consists of a sleek glass for helping its user. Also, it is easy to carry and so is travel-friendly. It guarantees whitener teeth is just 1 week of use and also healthier gums in 2 weeks of use which is  why it has become one of the leading brand and most popular models. It accompanies a USB chargeable travel case which is always ready to use while traveling. Now never run out of power with this awesome product by Oral-B and smile with confidence.

4.Philips Sonicare version 2 series

Now plaque control is easy and efficient with this Philips HX6211/30 Sonicare toothbrush. This rechargeable toothbrush is another product from the Philips Sonicare 2 series. This product removes up to 6 times more plague than the traditional brushes by breaking them into small pieces. It works on the principle that a gap is necessary between the brush head and handles so as to give the mobility to the brush head’s movement. Also, includes a smart timer which beeps and encourages smart brushing of minimum recommended time of 2 minutes. The dynamic cleaning technology helps to rejuvenate gum and protects it while the brush head moves 31,000 times per minute and cleans more across the teeth and gum-line. The rechargeable light feature lets you know when it is time to recharge. The carved brush head simply sets on the teeth and the slow action formula starts from the slow mode and gradually increases the speed for better feel.

3.Philips Sonicare HX5661/30

Taking oral care is way easier with Philips Sonicare Essence series. The product is solid pink in color and attracts every age, especially girls to have one of these. It has some good features like soft-gripped handle which ensures proper handling is maintained and to provide a comfort feel. The sonic technology used in the toothbrush flows the fluid along the gum line and between teeth to remove plaque. Package contains one e-Series brush head which reaches every corner of the mouth and keeps dental problems far away. With regular use of this brush, gum lines strengthen and it fights plaque 2 times more effectively than the standard brushes. The two-minute timer makes it a habit of the user to stick to the idle brushing time. Angled neck and soft brittles provide reaching to the places where ordinary brushes can’t reach. The power lasts up to two weeks from one charge. The product comes with a two-year warranty which proves the quality and confidence.

2.WaterPik Total Oral Package

The amazing package from Waterpik is a total protection to Oral care. The package consists of one electronic toothbrush and one flosser creating an all in one gadget for oral cleaning. The Waterpik WP-900 total oral package challenges healthier gums in just 14 days. It has other great features of an automatic feature of the pressure controlling in flosser, who provides proper flossing around the gum line and protects it from hard water pressure. The package contains premium toothbrush travel plastic case to ensure you can travel with it wherever you go and use it. The brush has zigzag action bristles which provide easy removal of plaque and floss.

1.Oral-B Black 1000 Pro series

In our list, this is the most popular electronic toothbrush of the whole time with the highest reviews and most people successfully used and liked this product around the globe. It cleanses up to 300 percent more plaques and another unwanted particle throughout our teeth compared to the traditional toothbrush. The cross action of the bristles helps cleaning more of the plagues throughout the gum line and the teeth providing a healthier gum for future and cleaner, whiter teeth. It is clinically proven to be more effective in breaking of plagues by 300 percent. The brush rotates to break up and clean sweep the plaque available between the gum line and the teeth. The self-timer is set to 30 seconds to make sure the user switches the brush top every quadrant of the mouth. The fast action of the rotating brush oscillates and pulsates to provide a perfect action for the removal of maximum plaques throughout your mouth. The bristles here are angled each at 16 degrees to create a 3D cleaning experience. There are two modes to it –the first one is for them who brushes too hard, and the second one is a dentist-recommended mode which takes care of the oral cleaning very strictly. Best thing is it is brought to you by the no. 1 Oral brand of all times that is Oral-B. Dentists prefer Oral-B over any products in the market. So users can easily trust the product too.