Winters might be fun and, but what follows afterwards is every glass surface getting frost over it due to the severe and relentless winter. And it is just as difficult to scrape that ice frost from the surface, but not anymore with the ice scrapers. These are normally very compact and durable tools, made mostly of plastic, and their brass blade can help in scraping it off very easily and efficiently. They come in different colors and sizes, but most of them work to be quite hard on the ice, while they protect your glass and fragile surfaces as well. If not sure which one to choose, the following is the list of the best ice scrapers review you can choose from.

Top 11 Ice Scrapers Review:

11.Hopkins Ice Scraper

This ice scraper is a product by Hopkins. It is a blue colored, small rectangular scraper which functions in three different ways, and at the same time, is compact enough to be stored in pockets or bags easily. It features an ice scraper, an ice crusher and a squeegee. The scraper can be effectively used whenever there is a need to scrape off ice from car windows, glass, or any other surface that can get frosted by snow in winters. The crusher helps in easy crushing of ice for different purposes, and the squeegee can help you clean. Anyone could not imagine so many functions in such a small products, but here it is! The product is also guaranteed to provide the best of its services, and does its work with amazing efficiency.

10.Ka-Bar Ice Scraper

This ice scraper is a product by Ka-Bar, and is a ice scraper that is quite wide, which is definitely made to scrape off ice from large surfaces easily and faster. The wide front of the scraper helps scrape off a large amount of ice at a time, and other than that, it is light weight, so that handling as well as carrying it is easier. The shape is compact enough so that it can be stored easily, covering lesser space. The product is wholly made in USA, and is solely designed in a way that ice scraping is not a difficult task any more. You can scrape off ice from whatever surfaces you want, which can surely be a pain in winters, as things get frosted very often.

9.BirdRock Ice Breaker and Scraper

This ice scraper is a product by BirdRock, and is designed amazingly, so that it features an ice cutter as well as a scraper. It has jaws beneath the scraper, which enables it to be able to cut the ice first, so that after that you can easily scrape the ice off the surface. It is light weight and compact, efficiently designed with technique so that handling it, as well as carrying and storing it is easier. It has a rubber grip, so that it won’t slip out of your hands, and the thumb grip makes sure you are holding it steady and hard, so that you can easily scrape off the ice. The hanging hole, at the bottom of the scraper, makes it easier to store it, as it can be hanged anywhere, taking just a little space with its compact design.

8.HR Designs Pivoting Brass Ice Scraper

This ice scraper is a product by HR designs, and it is a modern looking and technically designed ice scraper. It has brass blades, which efficiently help in scraping the ice over the surface, and are definitely nonabrasive. The ice scraper has a unique feature, which is a pivoting head. The head pivots around, according to the user, so that ice can be scraped off the surface much more easily, efficiently and faster. There is a foam grip over the handle, making the users grip over the scraper much steadier. With one push of a button, the blades can be locked in place; either close, open or the pivoting position. The brass blades have an ability to flex, when it comes to curved surfaces. The highest quality materials are used to make to scraper, so that it is as long lasting as guaranteed.

7.Hopkins Bearclaw Ice Scraper

This ice scraper is a product by Hopkins, and comes in carrying colors. The best feature about this is the simple flat design, that doesn’t only prove to be easy to hold and use, but it also makes it easier to store and carry it whenever and wherever you want to. The material used to design this is totally durable, and can manage the pressure of the ice when scraped off the surface. It is long, with the bottom curved so that the ice can be scraped with that part of the scraper. It is the best if you want to use it on the windshield or the windows of your car, which normally get frosted while winters. Ice scraping is made easy with this simple, affordable and easy to use product.

6.Hopkins Ice Chisel Scraper (Varying Colors)

This ice scraper is yet again a product of Hopkins, but has a very unique and effective design, and comes in varying colors. The handle of the ice scraper is covered with foam grip, so that it is impossible for the user to lose grip while he is using the scraper. It has a double blade system, which make sit have two blades, opposite to each other, so that you can scrape ice off effectively. It has a leverage point, so that the power can be added on, and this product thus proves to be the best when it comes to winters, and how things get frost over them. It can be effectively used on car windshields, or windows around the house. It is very cheap, and just as much effective.

5.Primary Automotive Ice Scraper

This ice scraper is a product by Primary Automotive, and is molded and designed in the best and the strongest way possible. With the thick plastic, it is totally durable and resistant to any kind of force, which means it scrapes off the ice without breaking. It consists of teeth on one side of the scraper, with which you can cut the snow, and then you can use the scraper to scrape the snow easily off the surface. The design alone is enough to show how strong and durable this ice scraper is. It has a foam covered handle, so that the grip of the user while scraping the ice is maintained, without the user getting blisters on his hands. It is especially known to scrape snow off any surface easily, efficiently and fast. The packaging includes a small bag as well, in which you can out the scraper and store it for later use easily.

4.Desired Tools Ice Scraper

This pack of 2 ice scrapers, one red and one blue, is a product by desired tools. These two ice scrapers come together at an affordable price, and they are also highly durable and strong, so that they can scrape snow off any surface, very easily. It is light weight, and has a foam grip to maintain the user’s grip on the scraper, and also protect the hands from blisters. It can work easily against the toughest of the ice, and the scraper works efficiently as it’s longer than a normal scraper. It comes with a one year warranty as well.

3.Joe Snow Ice Scraper

This ice scraper is a product by Joe Snow, and is designed in a very compact design, which is lightweight but not weak. It is durable and strong, and can work against the toughest of the ice. It has a simple, flat design, which makes it easier for the user to handle it. The brass blade makes scraping ice faster, easily and efficiently. It is compact enough o be stored away easily in a small place, and has a perfect grip so that the user can hold it easily while scraping off the snow.

2.Hopkins Ice Crusher and Scraper

This ice scraper is a product by Hopkins, and is most definitely a very creatively and technically designed tool. It is having a compact shape, which helps storage of the tool easier. It is a two in one tool, which means that it consists of a crusher, which can crush ice easily, and then can later be scraped away by the scraper part of the tool. It is modern looking, and has a foam covering that enhances the grip of the user, enabling him to scrape the ice away much more easily and efficiently.

1.CJ Industries Brass Ice Scraper

This ice scraper is a product by CJ Industries, and comes in carrying colors. The blade is made of glass, so that scraping the ice off is extremely easy and affordable as well. It comes in 7 types of packs, including different numbers of scrapers in it. It has a simple and flat design, and the best grip any scraper could ever offer. It scrapes the snow off easily, without adding to much pressure, and the technique with which it is designed to be long and lightweight makes it even easier to scrape. It is also compact, so storing it is a lot more easier as well.