Whether you are one-man-army who likes doing everything by yourself or the one who occasionally uses some pliers and hammer, or even if you are a professional with a lot of tool works, you must have invested some of your hard earned money on the tools. So, it is always a good idea to invest a little more on stowing them in the right tool box for durability of the tools, ease of transportation and convenient workability with the tools.

Portable Tool Boxes:

 1.Eclipse/Pro’sKit SB-2918 Pro’sKit Multi

The function is suitable for rotary and dermal tools which are smaller and limited. Its dimensions are – 11.42 x 6.89 x 6.89 inches.

The Eclipse/Pro’sKit SB-2918 Pro’s Kit is a multi-functional tool box which stores tools which are relatively small in size i.e. dermal tools. The kit is made up of material known as polypropylene which has the property of high impact resistant which make safer to store tools inside it. A small removable plastic storage compartment is provided in the kit in which small items can be placed and organized. Because of its dimensions, the kit is easy & comfortable to handle. Office, auto, home or craft are ideal situations for this kit. If you use limited set of tools for daily use and moving them is the main feature is what you are looking for then this kit is an excellent friendly asset.

What We Liked?

  • Made up of a polypropylene material which is High impact resistant.
  • Ideal for office, auto, home or craft.
  • A removable plastic storage box is inside for organizing small items
  • Comfortable and rugged handle.

What We Didn’t?

  • The dimensions might limit stowage of a long hammer or bigger tools.
  • Plastic material – not heat friendly.

 2.Stanley 028001L 28-Inch Structural Foam Toolbox

Hand carries tool box with metal latches suitable for a larger list of tools, on the move.

The Stanley 028001L 28-Inch Toolbox is made up of a structural foam with a patented water seal which makes excellent at water resistance. It has a large storage compartment which is ideal for carrying power tools, hand tools and medium-to-large items; this professional storage tool box includes a portable half tray in which large objects can easily fit in. The storage box is also provided durable metal latches for an lockable design which protects the tools kept inside in it. Due to its spacious feature, it is most likely useful for seasoned professionals. It is made up of metal and plastic combination, which gives it the merits of both the materials. The top of the lid has a V groove with ruler which helps to hold in materials like lumber and pipe for easy cutting.

What We Liked?

  • Extra large capacity; portable tote tray-3/4 length design for large tools.
  • All round water seal for protection of the equipment inside.
  • Ergonomic design hand lifting recesses are there in the body of the tool box for carrying heavy loads.
  • V-grooves are integrated on the top lid which is suitable for pipes and lumber.
  • The removable tray with handle inside facilitates option for getting more tool space.

What We Didn’t?

  • About 30 lbs of weight might be optimal for the handle. Although there is a lot of space for tools, it is always good to consider the weight to avoid handle breakage.
  • Not a heat friendly tool box as the material design is molded plastic.

 3.Keter 22 inch Portable Plastic Tool Box & 25-inch Utility Cart

It comes under the plastic body, portable, rolling tool box. Its dimensions are – 25.4 x 14.7 x 17.7 inches. With the dimension like such, it also can be called rolling work-station.

The Keter 22 inch Portable Plastic Tool Box & 25 inch Utility Cart is an excellent tool storage body to move around house or lawn while having maintenance. It helps to transport tools for tasks around the house or yard safely and quite easily. It has large 5.7 inches rubber track wheels attached to the bottom unit which gives smoothness to the transportation of box. The set is designed in such a way that large or bulky tools could fit in easily in the bottom chest and small or light tools can be stored in upper chest or box and the remaining spares can be stored in the bottom large container. This set can be used for both large and small projects. Easily removable inserts are introduced on both upper and lower sections to protect the small parts which shouldn’t get lost during the improvement project. Water resistant makes it more user- friendly. Telescopic and retractable metal handles are attached to make the pull push movement easy, corners are rubberized to protect the edges of the tool box, metal latches are provided to assure the safety of the tools. Cleaning is an easy task by just simply wiping with a damp cloth to remove the dirty spills or the residue. Mostly suitable for the home improvement specialists who need many tools close at hand but are also required to move to different places frequently while renovation.

What We Liked?

  • Rubber track wheels of 5.7 inches are attached to the bottom unit for rolling the tool box easily with heavy load.
  • Lower chest with open space is intended for heavier tools while lighter and more manageable upper box is intended for organizing smaller and lighter tools and for spares that tend to bury in the bottom of the large container.
  • Suitable for both large and small projects
  • Telescopic and the retractable metal handle makes it easy to push and pull while it can sit in the recess when not in use.
  • Corners are rubberized to protect the edges of this plastic tool box.
  • Metal latches provide assurance for a tight fit to protect valuable tools from the elements.
  • Both lower and upper sections have easily removable inserts to organize and protect small parts that can’t get lost in the process of a home improvement work.
  • V-Groove toolbox lid
  • The box is rain proof, so the tools inside will be safe during rain or splash.
  • The polypropylene resin can be thoroughly cleaned by simply wiping with a damp cloth to remove spills or residue.

What We Didn’t?

  • The wheel does not ensure much clearance of its bottom from the ground, so this tool box can only be transported with a full load on smooth grounds and for short distances, for which it is intended for.
  • Though bungee cord latches are a good idea, they are not suitable for heavy loads.
  • The wheel does not ensure much clearance of its bottom from the ground, so this tool box can only be transported with a full load on smooth grounds and for short distances, for which it is intended for.

 4.Excel 14-Inch TB109-Black Portable Steel Tool Box

It is a metal body portable tool box suitable for general home requirements or few small tools. Its dimensions are – 4.5 x 14.2 x 5.9 inches.

Excel 14-Inch TB109-Black Portable Steel Tool Box is a steel tool box which allows the transportation of the tools in an easy and convenient way. It is made up of cold rolled steel. It is mostly suitable for some few small tools or general home requirements. Dimensions make the set easy to carry and the material used to construct it, make it durable for use. It is provided with a full length piano hinge for one hand opening, one latch to protect the tools, comfort grip handle makes it user friendly. Powder Coat Paint makes the toolbox scratch-free and chemical resistant. And not to mention but a nice, lovely and well finished tool box that you might get lot of compliments from others.

What We Liked?

  • Easy to Carry and Durable.
  • Powder Coat Paint for Superior Scratch and Chemical Resistance.
  • Easy-grip handle for user comfort
  • One latch<

What We Didn’t?

  • Larger tools might not fit into this box.
  • The metal sheet body seems to be much thin and might not be very sturdy.
  • Not much water friendly as the material design is metal.

Metal Tool Boxes:

 5.Stack-On SHB-16 Multi-Purpose 16-Inch Steel Tool Box

It is a metal body portable tool box. Its dimensions are – 16 x 7x 7.5 inches.

A steel tool box which allows to transport your heavy tools conveniently. A sturdy looking steel handle is attached to the tool box which is wide enough makes handling of the box really easy. Steel construction provides the set with greater strength. A full staked piano hinge makes the open/close movement easy. The hinges attached extend throughout the body the set making it sturdier. The baked epoxy finish of the tool box provides durability and protects it from rust and other solvents. A lift out steel tray is also provided to store the frequently used tools. Weather friendly with a good design with wide handle and a good finish is what this tool box offers to the user.

What We Liked?

  • Sturdy, steel handle wide enough to avoid pain in hand while carrying.
  • Steel draw bolts are Nickel-plated to hold heavier loads.
  • Rugged all steel end cap construction provides greater strength.
  • Staked piano hinge of full-length.
  • The durable baked epoxy finish of this tool box resists and protects from rust and solvents.
  • For frequently used tools there is a lift out steel tray included.
  • The hinges extend throughout the body making it sturdier.

What We Didn’t?

  • The metal design makes it less weather-proof as it might rust and it is not much water resistant.

 6.Stanley STST19502 Tools and Consumer Storage 19” Metal Box 

It is a metal body portable tool box with two drawers for organizing your tools. Its dimensions are – 22 x 11.6 x 12.2 inches.

The metal body portable box is provided with the two drawers for proper organization of the tools. It features an auto slide function which makes the accessing of tools convenient. It is provided with a smart central lock mechanism which makes the design of the toolbox so friendly that it can be handled with one hand. An extra-long handle provides the user to transport the box with the lid open which offers the user convenience in accessing the tools as well as the easy portability. The drawers and the finishing make the toolbox a good option for portability of tools.

What We Liked?

  • This 19-inch Metal Tool Box with 2 Drawers features an auto slide function on the drawers which makes it easy to access tools.
  • The smart central lock mechanism is designed for one hand operation, keeping one free hand for other tasks.
  • This tool box offers an extra long handle which is designed for allowing users to easily carry the tool box with the lid opened, offering convenience and easy portability.

What We Didn’t?

  • The metal design makes it less weather friendly, especially rain and water.

 7.Stanley 19-inch STST19501 Auto Slide Drawer Metal Tool Box

The portable tool box has a metal body which makes the body durable and stackable. It is a multi-layer storage to keep different tools in different compartments according the user. It has ample amount of space to fit in lots of tools. It is provided with One-hand latch for the convenience of the user. Latches attached make the open/close movement easy. Ball bearing slides helps in the transportation the box. The box is designed in ergonomically making it user friendly. A long handle to balance the load of the box, the top drawer slides insides so that the user is able to access the lower compartments easily. It makes a good option for the professionals who like their tools organized.

What We Liked?

  • Big interior space for a lot of tools.
  • One-hand latch operation for ease of use.
  • Top drawer slides backward for easy access to lower storage compartment.
  • Ergonomic long handle to balance the load.
  • Durable and stackable.
  • Ball bearing slides.
  • Multi-layer storage.
  • Organizer for hand tools and parts.

What We Didn’t?

  • The metal design makes it less weather friendly, especially rain and water.

Tool Chests:

 8.Excel 26-Inch TB2105X-Blue Steel Top Chest

It is a tool chest Its dimensions are – 26 X 12 X 15.9 inches.

The tool chest is made up of steel which has powder coat paint finish making it scratch-proof. The full length aluminium drawers with five ball bearing slides help the pull/push movement convenient for the user. It supports the drawers’ up to 50 lbs. It is provided with recessed side handles for the easy movement of the chest. Dimensions of the box help the user to handle the box simply. The lock is provided with two keys for the protection of the tools. It is a good option for the users with larger tools and for more collection of tools.

What We Liked?

  • There is 5 ball bearing drawers that support up to 50 lbs.
  • Recessed side handles for easy movement of the chest.
  • Five ball bearing slide drawers.
  • Lock with two keys.
  • Recessed side handles.
  • Full length aluminum drawer pulls.
  • Powder coat paint finish.

What We Didn’t?

  • Consider it as a piece of furniture, weighs 50 lbs. itself. For shifting around, you will need a wheeled cart.

 9.Craftsman Heavy Duty Top Tool Chest 6 Drawer

It is a heavy duty tool chest. Its dimensions are – 14.5 x 29 x 18 inches and weighs 45.2 pounds in itself.

The chest is a metal body making it tough enough for the durability. The steel design gives the chest sturdiness. The rolling drawers attached to the chest make the open/close movement easy. The finish is really tough enough so that both the cabinets can take the beatings without showing it to the user. The lock provided is strong enough to protect the tools and convenient for the user, the dimensions of the chest are user friendly. Access of tools is convenient.  Mostly for the heavy duty professionals who are in search for a sturdy chest, this makes a good option.


What We Liked?

  • Sturdy, steel design.
  • Smooth and deliberately rolling drawers.
  • The finish is tough and both cabinets can take a beating without showing it.

What We Didn’t?

  • The lock, though, is flimsy and is more of deterrence than anything else.

 10.BOSTITCH Rolling Tool Box BTST19802

It is a tool chest with 70-pound load capacity ball bearings and usable volume of 1o Gallons.

The tool box is a metal finish provided with 70 pound load capacity ball bearings for making the movement of the transportation of the box easy. It has to total capacity 10 gallons in volume to store large as well as small tools. The tool box is designed in a way that helps the user to divide the storage chest into two parts i.e., the bottom bin and the one is tool box both provided with drawer and ball bearing slides. The rolling wheels are of 7 inch so the tools are easily portable. Lock provided is strong to assure the protection of the tools. The description itself tells the dimensions of the chest are good enough to move the chest easily from one place to another. It provides the users, a good option, who really need heavy tools and move around frequently.

What We Liked?

  • The tool box can be divided into two parts: One is Bottom bin and the other one is tool box, both with  drawer and  ball bearing slides
  • It has 70 pounds of load capacity.
  • Rubber Wheels of 7 inches.

What We Didn’t?

  • It is quite heavy and bulky that it can only be specifically used for heavy duty tool works.

Truck Bed Tool Boxes:

 11.Lund Challenger Side-Mount  Specialty Storage Box

It is a truck bed tool box with Aluminum material design. Its dimensions are – 48.2 x 13.1 x 12.8 inches and weigh 23 lbs.

The Lund Challenger Series 5748 Side-Mount Single-Lid Specialty Storage Box is an Aluminium material designed truck bed tool box For more strength and rigidity the lids are dome styled and are lined on the inside of the storage box. The best feature available is the Deflecta-Shield which provides lasting quality and dependability for the day to day use. The construction of the box is quite a weather-proof which makes it suitable for open truck bed tool box. The J-Bolt mounting hardware feature provides us with drill-free job inside of the box. The box is constructed as three and to strengthen the pieces they are fully welded to the box. The finish is fully polished, high-grade, aluminium which never rusts or peels off.

What We Liked?

  • The dome-style lids are lined on the inside for more strength and rigidity.
  • It provides great performance with online gaming and hd streaming.
  • The box construction has three-piece and its seams are fully welded to strengthen the box.
  • Easy and one-hand use as it has twin commercial gas struts that lift lid automatically.
  • No drilling is required for the truck bed for installation due to J-Bolt mounting hardware.
  • Deflecta-Shield provides lasting quality and dependability for when the day is done and the last tool is put away.

What We Didn’t?

  • Aluminum design is less sturdy than steel designs. But considering their light weight and anti-corrosion feature, they quite outbalance the demerits.

 12.Aluminum Camper Tool Box

It is also a truck bed tool box which can be used in a multiple of usages. Its dimensions are – 49″(L) X 15.25″(W) X 15″ (H).

The Aluminium Camper Tool Box is a truck bed tool box which can be used in multiple types of usages. The box has enough space from inside to fit in all types of tools i.e. big or small according to the user. As the name suggests it is constructed with aluminium giving it the feature of almost corrosion proof box. The finish made from inside makes it appealing as well as long lasting durability. It is weather-proofed for open truck bed tool box and the strong construction to be suitable for the boat pontoon bed tool box. It is provided with a lock and two keys to assure the protection of tools and to be reliable and for safe storage.

What We Liked?

  • Aluminum material give is a feature of almost a corrosion proof box.
  • The aluminum construction and the chrome finish inside make it long-lasting as well as appealing.
  • The roomy interior provides all the space and storage for your tools and accessories
  • Features a lock and two keys for a reliable and safe storage
  • Has good space within and can be used for all-purpose storage.
  • The heavy duty aluminum construction and exterior chrome finish can give durability.
  • Quite a weather proofed tool box suitable for open truck bed tool box, and very tough construction suitable for boat pontoon bed tool box.

What We Didn’t?

  • Aluminum design is less sturdy than steel designs. But considering their light weight and anti-corrosion feature, they quite outbalance the demerits.

 13.Giantex 49 inch x15 inch Aluminum Tool Box

It is also a competitive truck bed tool box. Its dimensions are – Dimension – 49 X 15 X 15 inches.

The Giantex 49 inch x 15 inch is a tool box with heavy duty aluminium construction which makes it strong. It is a competitive truck bed tool box in the market with user friendly dimensions. A heavy duty tread plate of aluminium in available making inside strength excellent. It allows to store lots of tools as it provides storage for tools by saving it from unnecessary construction inside of the box. The tool box offers the user with light weight and anti-corrosion unique feature. It also features a door and a heavy duty hinge, with downward opening for the convenience of the user for the open/close movement. Also comes with lock and 2 keys for assurance of the protection of the tools. Users who need truck bed tool box with limited space have a good option as this toolbox.

What We Liked?

  • Heavy Duty Tread Plate of Aluminum is there.
  • It has a Heavy Duty Aluminum Construction.

What We Didn’t?

  • Aluminum design is less sturdy than steel designs. But considering their light weight and anti-corrosion feature, they quite outbalance the demerits.

Heavy Duty Tool Box:

 14.Milwaukee Heavy Duty Tool Box

It is a heavy duty tool box that is specially designed for intense work-site.

The intense work sites where heavy work is carried out and need the equipments which helps them to transport the heavy tools easily but their weight doesn’t allow them to do it easily. For such sites where Milwaukee 2720 Reciprocating Saw is being used, and if you intend to use a heavy duty tool box for stowing Milwaukee 2720-20 Reciprocating saw, thenthis is the best option. The design is good with very sturdy molded plastic. The strength of the tool box is excellent which assures proper protection of content tools from intense work-site. Apart from the reciprocating saw it also has room for the 2 x Milwaukee M18 5.0 batteries and charger. The overall review makes it as a good option for the users.

What We Liked?

  • Exactly fits Milwaukee 2720-20 Reciprocating saw.
  • Have room for 2 x Milwaukee M18 5.0 batteries and Charger.
  • Protects the content tools from intense work-site.
  • Very sturdy molded plastic design.

What We Didn’t?

  • Due to its custom design, this might not be suitable for multiple usages. You may have to refer to the exact specification for other use.

 Basic Knowledge For Choosing A Right Tool Box

To better understand, imagine putting all your tools in a sack. During transportation, the tools will rub on and damage each other, and every time they are kept on with a thump on the ground, as they are heavy and it is not expected that they will always be kept softly every time, again the tools will bang on and damage each other.

Now, during work – selecting, searching and recovering a relevant tool from a sack will be a struggling affair. So, stowing every tool elaborately will help in an organized manner of work. Proper stowage of tools in an adequate manner will also enhance the durability of tools.

Selecting the right tool box for a set of tools and work nature will not only help the ease of work and durability of the tool but also getting the right value for money. Here is a general guideline to help choose better and befitting tool box that is just right for the tools and tasks.

Types of Tool Boxes    

Tools boxes come in many types according to their capacity, structure, material, and utility. To know more details regarding the tool boxes by types, read on.

1.Portable Tool Boxes


These are portable and easy to carry options needed even with the possession of bigger tool chest. Smaller among them are hand carry tool boxes where only a few required tools can be carried for limited work-site. They include hand carry and also heavy ones which can be transported over a short distance with trolley design.

Hand-carry tool boxes could be seen in places like workbenches, garages, and household closets. The material design varies from plastic to metal. There is mixed material design too. Canvas material, with zippers and latches, also gives an advantage of flexibility and wear-ability.

  • Plastic Body Portable Tool Box

Multi-use and light having some sturdiness with high-quality plastics. Some designs metal hinges and latches to augment robustness. Plastic design limits the tool box from using in heat environment. In the very cold environment, plastic may become brittle and may crack. But plastic material performs far better than metals in sea shore and wet environment.

  • Metal Body Portable Tool Box

Metal tool boxes have their own merits with the hinges, sturdiness and heat friendliness. Moreover, they are a classic design, good both in the hot and cold environment. Metals will not deform or melt in heated work-site, nor will they crack in cold sites but have the possibility of getting rusted in a moist environment and sea shore. Among metals, Aluminum metal is good in terms of corrosion resistance.

  • Canvas Body Portable Tool Bags

Tool bags, as they are called, are made of durable canvas with pouches for housing tools mostly in a vertical manner. They may not accommodate bigger tools like a saw and heavy hammer but they go well with lighter tools. It is hard to beat their place by other material designs.

2.Tool Chest


The tool chest is suitable for the huge amount of tools including heavier tools. Seasoned professionals have a lot of tools as more and more tools populate the list. As work specializations and the tools grow, portable tool boxes may no longer support an array of tools. Even a new professional in the field of work with requiring heavier and numerous tools, Tool Chest becomes a need.

Tool chest could generally be seen in automobile workshops, often with wheeled tool cabinet. Their sizes range from 26” to 46” breadth-wise with easy opening and locking drawers which can stow various tools. Most of them have large flip-top for stowing more tools. They can be used separately, placed on work-bench or sit on a suitable cabinet of bigger tool systems.

Work space needs to be amply large to accommodate not only the chest but also around the tool chest to allow for the drawers to fully open. Accordingly, additional space needs to be considered while using tool chest in a work station.

More load capacity of drawers, enhanced sliding hardware components, thicker gauge steel, better paint and exterior finish are features of a good quality tool chest.  High-end chests with built-in power strips and lighting also come with some extra cost for those who prefer these additional features.

3.Truck Bed Tool Boxes


There are varieties of truck bed tool boxes, designed for various models and for various utilities. Truck bed tool boxes differ with the truck-part where they are attached, material design and lid features. Shelves and trays can also be components in a truck bed tool box.

Truck bed tool boxes may have various mounting types. Here is a list of them based on mount-type:

  • Chest – They are low profile design which can be fitted under the tonneau cover. They are fitted at the rear, sit on the truck floor and do not generally rise above the truck bed sides.
  • Hitch – They are low profile design, do not take up truck space and fitted to a trailer post if any.
  • Sliding – They are designed for easy access and movement; fitted on slide rail assembly for ease of handling.
  • Side – They occupy much-limited truck space and are easily accessible from right beside the truck. They are fitted to the side rail on the truck bed and generally do not rest on the floor.
  • Tailgate – They are easy to access, occupy limited truck space and fitted to the tailgate that swings along.
  • Crossover – They are of classic style and cost saver. They are fitted at the rear, extending across the truck-width, supported by the sides of the truck bed and often with space below.