There’s no such place where you will not find a chocolate lover. Whether or not, you have seen the picture ‘Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory’, the craze for chocolate is a common thing among children and adult. However, a good chocolate book is not that common like a chocolate lover. So, we have gone through a lot of research to make of list of good chocolate books that will teach you to make unique and tasty chocolate bars, confectioneries, different designs of chocolate dishes. Here’s the list of ten best chocolate books:

10.Chocolates and Confections

This book is a gift for everyone, not only the chocolatier, but also for the people who loves fun. Making chocolate and candy is quite an interesting thing if you know the techniques. This book hits you right there in the techniques.  It describes all the techniques of different components and how to make great chocolates out of them. It also differentiates every component so you can understand and utilize them well in every step. You will get a brief description of every step and how to complete them. Essential and important notes are there for every confusion. Well, people make a lot of mistakes while trying a new recipe. This book has covered this sector as well. You will learn how to rectify your mistakes and start from that point again. A very nice and highly informative book for every chocolatier who wants to make chocolate at home.

9.Chocolate-Covered Katie

This is kind of a healthy recipe book. This book will not disappoint anybody who was already familiar with the quality of writing of Katie. Each recipe is enriched with a clear picture of every dish and small details are mentioned clearly not to create any confusion. Basic things about baking and making chocolates are included in this book with all the important ingredients and their uses for each and every dish. All the healthy recipes are worth trying and has been thoroughly appreciated by the home bakers and chocolate lovers. You do not have to find a coffee table to keep the book as it is easy to carry because of its small size. Most of all, this book is itself a health checker. All the nutrient values are added to the dish so you know what you are making.

8.The Sweet Book of Candy Making

This is a great candy-making book that is highly recommended by everybody. If you want books that are easily written, so the beginners also understand the terms of baking, this is it. You will feel yourself on an easy journey with simple text and high-quality picture tutorial. So, it is quite a beginner book as well, but the professionals can also be benefited from the techniques used by the author Elizabeth. You will realize how much time and research is included in every step of this book. If you are a home candy-maker and looking for that one easy and understandable book only for candy making, your search ends up here. Your children can also follow the book if they are interested in candy making. A basic book for every home candy-maker.

7.Chocolate Fever

From the name, you can assume that, two crazy chocolate lovers have combined all their crazy ideas, techniques, strategies and of course, love for chocolate in this book. Yes, it is more of a story than a recipe book of a chocolate lover boy, Henry, who understand nothing except chocolate. The story starts with his madness for chocolate in every dish, almost everything. He eats chocolate ‘only’. This is a very interesting book for kids, but if you have that slight feeling that you were ‘Henry’ in any stage of your life, you will love it. It also has a moral lesson as well. A very nice, highly appreciated book for kids. Buy it for your children or as a gift for any kid ranging from 8 to 12 years.

6.There’s Always Room for Chocolate

As the name predicts, there’s always a special place for chocolate if you are a chocolate lover. For most of the chocolatier, it is only ‘chocolate’ that has room enough rather than any other things. With so many recipes, this book has easy describing procedure. With every recipe, you will find a lot of notes attached to make confusing things easier for you. Another appreciating part of this book is having amazing photographs that actually describe more than the recipes. Also, the chocolate lover will indulge themselves in this mouth-watering photographs.  A very valuable gift idea for a chocolate lover in any special occasion. A highly recommended book to make your collection rich and to make your journey to chocolate easy.

5.The Art of the Chocolatier

This book is written with variation and different stages of making chocolates. First of all, you will find this book a lot easier and targeted for beginners, but as soon as you go through this book, you will know that this book is becoming quite complicated. For understanding those complicated stages, you must pass on the beginner stage. So, this book is written for specific people with some specific recipes like different designed molded chocolate and candy making techniques. This book is a combination of simple and complex techniques. First, you will learn the basic and then, with each sector, you will go into more deeper sections which is mostly applicable for professionals. This book can be a great option if you want to continue your baking and want to learn the art of making chocolates.

4.Sheila G’s Butter & Chocolate

The book is written by Sheila G, the author, who is already famous and have achieved many awards for her books. This book is no exception in this case and has met all the expectations of her followers. You will never think of making those old recipes with Brownie again once you go through this book. This book includes 101 new recipes that you have never even heard of. All the techniques are illustrated in details with pictures. You will learn how to make different sweets and to combine different tastes together to create something unique and awesome. Years of experience, research and her love is all you will get from this book. She is called ‘Brownie queen’ because of her Brownie Bittle and her dedication has made it possible to publish her cookbook. You will love the techniques of turning your well known ingredients into a completely new sweet dish. A ‘must-have’ recipe book for everyone.

3.The Ghirardelli Chocolate Cookbook

A nicely arranges book with clean outlines for recipes and use of other ingredients. The best thing about the book, according to thousands of readers is that the recipes never fail and never meant to disappoint you. Each and every recipe is turn out amazing and perfect. It is maybe because of the flawless writing style of the author Ghirardelli. This book has its own strategy to explain every recipe and they are all cross-checked by others to make sure you never be disappointed with the result. Some interesting parts are added into his book such as how to make your chocolate more tasty, how to add it and enjoy with other foods. There are so many divisions for each and every part that it is so easy to find out what you are searching for. Chocolate chips, cookies, bars all are separated in different category to find them easily.

2.Chocolate Master Class

A vast collection of chocolate recipes is all you will find in this book. A nicely organized recipe book with some innovative recipes as well. The book is more focused on European style cookies and other things like cake and bars made of chocolate. The recipes are enriched by amazing and mouth-watering photos of chocolates. You will know clearly what you are going to make through that specific recipe. Also, this is important for you to know that this book doesn’t include much about confections. This is more about making only the chocolate recipes. So, if you are looking a book specifically for chocolate recipes, this one will serve you greatly. Also, this is not meant for beginners that much as the author has used some professional terms. An essential recipe book for professionals. This is also a nice gift idea as the book has a decorative value that has been given particular importance. It is a highly recommended book for chocolate lover people.

1.CHOCOLATE: The Consuming Passion

Well, if you are not a person who buy books or any printed form, this book will change your view.  A passionate chocolate lover will be needing this book for their own collection. This book is a funny one with a unique writing style that will make you laugh while making one of their recipes. Isn’t it always fun to read a story that is related to your recipe? Sandra Byonton, the author of this book, knows this fact very well and has added fun to a cookbook.