Most of the coffee lovers face the same dilemma of buying a good book of coffee. You need that strong cup every hour and coffee shops aren’t always the preferred place. Besides, discovering a new taste on your own is quite a thing. So, people often buy books, more books and then more to find out that one perfect guide. Not only the money is wasted, but also they lose their enthusiasm and find themselves waiting in a coffee shop every day. So, we have made a list of ten best books about coffee that are appreciated by experts and coffee lovers to end your depression.

10.The Big Book of Kombucha

This book is a blessing to the Kombucha lover who is new to brewing and trying to set place things rightly. From this book, you will get knowledge about the ingredients, different important notes about brewing and their origin and history so that you can relate yourself to your Kombucha. This book is the result of years’ research and hard work that has been reflected through this book. A ‘must-have’ book for those who want to brew their own Kombucha at home with easy techniques and available ingredients. No matter what are the questions coming up while brewing your own Kombucha, this book has a reply. You will get enough notes and tips to overcome problems. Those, who are already in touch with Hannah Crum’s book, need no telling how this book is going to help. Hannah Crum, with the help of the other two authors, has accumulated all the knowledge about brewing.

9.The World Atlas of Coffee

Once you go through it, you will know that it is the book you are searching for among all the other coffee books. This book starts from the beginning to the end where you can hold up smelling a new flavor in your cup. All the process from the bean to the cup is written in clear details and enough instructions. The author has included a lot of descriptions about different methods. You will find a combination of art and science in all of them. Amazing photographs and clear headlines are another good characteristic of this book. It is written in an attractive way so you do not feel monotonous at all while going through every chapter. Serious readers who are passionate about coffee will find this book fascinating with all the divisions. It is not a book that we kept in a drawer; rather it will take place in your table so you can keep in touch with the beans of the world.

8.A History of the World in 6 Glasses

Well, this is not a book about coffee only, but while you are making a list of good coffee books, it has to be on it. It is about all those six drinks that we actually cannot live without. So, all the drinkers can welcome this book as no matter what you like, you will find it in this book. Histories are quite boring, but not in this book. They tried to relate the history of these drinks in a funny way. By far, you have heard about the different ages of the world. Ever heard about ages based on your favorite drink? Finally, Tom Standage has expressed this idea through this book. You will get an extremely artistic outlook of commonly known drinks that will make you think twice. Wine, beer, coffee, Coca-Cola, tea and spirits- all these drinks share a connection and to know about this, you have to buy the book.

7.The Curious Barista’s Guide to Coffee

Are you looking for that one book to know more about coffee? Then, your search ends here. In every part of this book, you will realize not an author, but an expert in coffee making is standing right beside you. You will know about the different strategies of making coffee and of course, it starts from the bean to a detail picture tutorial of every step. The best thing about this book is that it focuses into a depth of taste and standard. Well, you might find it too annoying sometimes that how hardly he is pushing you for maintaining the standard. So, make sure you are a quality drinker to have enough patience to deal with another more passionate writer. The book has quite an interesting format to provide information in an easy and understandable way. You will find yourself only after losing your mind into this.

6.The Blue Bottle Craft of Coffee

A nice introductory book with more than 30 new recipes. With time, your demand for a new taste as a coffee lover increases, but the traditional books are busy repeating the same recipes again and again in a new cup. Here, in this book, these recipes are totally unique and promise to offer a new, different taste. Most of the experienced restaurateurs have appreciated this book because of its wonderful writing style and its importance in the modern world. Once you go through it, every recipe is described with small details and notes and a new window will open to you every time. Photographs are quite eye-catching. Every step of this complex procedure is narrated simply and with useful techniques by the great researcher and inventor James Freeman. A collection to make your book shelf rich with new recipes.

5.Coffee Obsession

A very nicely formatted book on coffee to hold the attention of the coffee overs around the world. With a complete map on each and every region, you will get to know where to find the best beans of the world. Extremely beautiful photographs are there to make you understand all the complex term in an easy way. This book has targeted the coffee crazy people of the world and to fulfill their thirst, it has included useful information on coffee beans and how these beans turn into a great cup of coffee.

4.Pour Your Heart Into It

Quality coffee comes from a passionate heart and Starbucks have proved this every time you set yourself for a great cup. While going through this book, every time you will feel that amazing beans and the process will be in your imagination. It is more of an expression of a coffee lover than a coffee book. As the name indicates, you actually need your heart to get the best out of this book. And once you are done, nothing will be the same as you used to look or think. ‘How can a simple coffee store can relate to people’s life and how they have affected their livelihood’ – is all you are going to learn.

3.Coffee: Growing, Processing, Sustainable Production

This book has been in a good position because of its method of brewing coffee. This is an ultimate guide for those who wants to get acquainted with the different methods. This book is divided into different sections. You can learn about making other drinks or dishes out of coffee beans that is really fascinating. The methods are also illustrated in a sequence of steps, which are written in a pretty understandable way. It covers a vast area for exporters and growers as well. An essential guide to have in collection for those related to coffee production and sell.

2.Coffee Gives Me Superpowers

Do you think that a strong cup of coffee will release all your stress or worries? Kind of superpowers you get while you take a sip of your cup? Then, this book is definitely written for you. Ryoko Iwata, the author of this book, is more of a coffee lover like you than to be an author. She loves to express her amazing visualizations about coffee and try to share when anything new crosses her mind. All her ideas about mixing a coffee and adding a different flavor and changing your commonly known taste into a different one are the main elements of this book. So, if you are not that much in love with coffee, you cannot understand the insights of the book. A highly recommended book for those loves to invent their own ideas. Have the best sip of your coffee with this book.

1.How to Make Coffee

Well, most of the people are not very interested in going into details. If you are one of them, you can escape this one. But, what happen when you are the brewing coffee for others or for your own and you need that science of a great cup? Hence, a quick and smart way of brewing coffee is all you are going to discover in this book. Also, it will help those who have enough passion for coffee, but find the guides or tutorials tough to follow. This book will direct you to proper elements that is the core secret of a nice coffee. Well, there are tutorial described with photographs for every step. You will also find notes and instructions as a matter of caution. So, brewing coffee is no more a rocket science with this book.