This one thing that stays between our dining table or kitchen and our hands is a nice and good quality Flatware set. People usually get a lot of flatware sets as a gift on their wedding or different special occasions. However, they do not always meet your taste and aesthetic value. So, what you need to select is a good set that meet all your requirements and do not cut your wallet as well.

Flatware metal

There are generally three types of metal for flatware. Such as:

  •     Sterling silver
  •     Stainless Steel
  •     Pewter

Sterling silver: This is an exclusive,  unique metal perfect for an official entertainment. This is also known as silver plate or gold electroplate.

Stainless steel: If you do not know how to take care of your elegant flatwares, stainless steel is the best alternative for this purpose. They re easy to clean with dishwasher.

Pewter:  Not a prefect fit for formal dinner, but this soft metal is good for any special occasion.

Tips for buying the right flatwares

  • Stainless steel is a good material to fit every environment and due to its shiny design, but you can also opt for sliver in special occasions.
  • There are hundreds of designs out there in the market, choose according to your need. Think about the environment around you where you are going to use them and then go for the one that matches with it.
  • Go for a metallic finish or mirror finish. Look for the durable, shiny set that will need no further polishing.
  • Look for sizes according to your need. Dinner flatwares come with larger knives while smaller knives are good for regular use.
  • Look for the durability as flatwares are not something to decorate in your home, they need to be strong, rustproof and functional.

Product Reviews

10.International Silver Arabesque Frost 18/0 Stainless Steel Flatware

With a nice and modernized look, this 20-piece set of flatware is a good collection for your dining table. With a very nice and sturdy pattern. This set is said to be the best for its price. This set is made to be used in your daily life and thanks to the durability, they will be your companion for a long time. If you are a person who do not like those sets with a  heavy bottom spoon and continually fall from the table, it is a good news for you that this stainless steel set is designed to be completely lightweight, so to easily handle them even by the children. Although they are lightweight, they really cut good. This set is the best for its price as it perfectly fits your budget and fulfill your demand of a classy look. This is designed to be strong against every day pressure and stand up to the rigors. If you do not really want to waste your time in polishing your flatwares, we suggest this stainless steel shiny flatware set that will provide service for four people.

9.Oneida Mooncrest 65-Piece Flatware Set, Service for 12

This is a large set when you need a fresh new set for a party or you just want to have this set as a reserve for future. You can call it a large family pack that includes 65-piece of flatware set, all are high quality stainless steel. This nicely designed large size set has a metal finishing and due to stainless steel, they are durable for a long time. So, they can accompany you as a kitchen and a  dining table assistant for long. If you have a taste in design and patterns, you would surely love to reflect that on your dining table as well. With Oneida Mooncrest flatware set, this becomes really easy with their bright and highly reflective finish with a contemporary pattern. This set will also save you from polishing them as you really do not need that and it is also easy to keep them clean with dishwasher. Oneida Mooncrest has proved that fine flatware is not an item to show off in special occasions, you can use them in your own dining table for a regular use.

8.Bruntmor, CRUX Silverware Royal 40 Piece Flatware Cutlery Set

You will be amazed when this beautiful set comes to your home with its design and impressive packing system. Bruntmor has always made their customer feel special, this set is no exception with a beautiful gift wrapping and each of the things is wrapped with  the poly bag to keep them in exactly the same condition until it reaches you. They have designed this set in a luxurious patter to make your dining table the best part of your home. They are so shiny with a pure polishing and complete finishing that there will be no further need of any more polishing. The stainless steel design is to ensure long time durability and no rust. Yes, this set offers you 100% rust proof feature. Whether you are planning for an official dinner or lunch or it is to use as an everyday set, this set will be a great fit for all purposes. Moreover, every day use of this set will keep this flatware look shiny and in working condition. However, you must follow the instructions of cleaning to get the best out of them.

7.Lenox Portola 65-Piece Flatware Set

With a classic and comfortable look, Lenox Portola presents a beautiful and high quality flatware set that includes 65-piece. Whether you are planning for a formal outing or looking for something for a regular use, this set will fulfill all your needs and adjust in every situation. The design of this set is adjustable to any kind of tableware and for any occasion. This set comes with some improved features like resistant to tarnish. Even years of use, they shine exactly like a new piece, so this will be a saver piece for a long time with the same new look. With a bit of elegant design, the pattern is quite wonderful and the size of these spoons is just perfect for everyone. The shape and curvature of all the piece is so satisfactory to every environment. There are no sharp edges in these spoons and very nice fit to any tableware.

6.Chicago Cutlery Fusion Forged 21-Piece Knife Block Set

This is a professional high quality 21-piece knife block set. This is designed to be the best assistance in your kitchen. All the knife is made with high carbon stainless steel and you will not feel the pain of working with them for a long time due to their comfortable black grip and poly handles. If you are worrying about regular use and staining, thanks to this Chicago cutlery knife block set that are hard enough to resist stains. So many customers  have reported satisfactory reviews after using them over and over without any sign of rust. You can clean them easily with dishwasher by following the instructions to get the best out of them. Apart from the knife, the board is reversible and that is really useful to get rid of food contaminations. Not everyone likes to cut the meat and vegetables on the same side that is not really healthy anyway. The knives are really sharp enough to be handled with care and meet all your requirements. You also get a knife sharpener to keep them functional always. Not only they function well, but also they are designed in a shiny elegant look. After all, with quality, you need it to match your taste.

5.J.A. HENCKELS INTERNATIONAL 65-Piece Alcea Flatware Set

This set is really a full package of beautiful design, well made features and high quality functionality. The design is a perfect fit to match your taste and aesthetic value. The stainless steel making them extremely durable with a sleek and stylish design and scalloped edges with floral design at the end. They are designed to be fitted with every tableware. The shiny, elegant design with a regular using facility or for a formal get together, you will be pleased how to catch the attention of your guests and make your dining table look better. The knife is sharp to cut deep and if you follow the cleaning instruction, they will be a long time companion without any rust. You can easily clean them with dishwasher as they are safe. They will be shining after years of regular use due to the extremely fine polishing.

4.Royal 20-Piece Flatware Set, 18/10 Stainless Steel, Mirror Polished Luxury Design

If you are looking forward to open a restaurant, the first thing you need for this step is a good quality flatware set that will be perfect for this purpose. Like others, price is also a fact of consideration with your required quality. Royal 20-piece flatware set can be an excellent consideration for your purpose as they are designed for restaurant and hotel quality. No matter what are the environment or theme, this polished mirror steel will fit them all. This is the most common set used by the restaurant owners due to the considerable price and at the same time, comes with an elegant look. You can easily clean them up that really matters in a restaurant business and they are also a great fit for regular or formal use. Also, they will reach your hands in a nicely decorated gift box. Currently,  a sale is going on for this set, so grab your one quickly.

3.Cambridge Silversmiths Allure Sand 45-Piece Flatware Set

Cambridge Sliversmiths is known for their exclusive and luxurious silverware. With such a reasonable price, you get the feel of a sophisticated flatware set that will change the look of your dining table. They have so many designs to offer you with a good quality and reasonable price. However, we recommend you one of their best designs that is Allure Sand flatware set. They are completely rust proof that has been proved after years of regular use. They have a nice and simple pattern that will fit any environment, whether you are looking forward to use them in a formal function or for regular use at home. You do not need to do any further polishing as they will be shiny after using them for a long time. Cleaning is easy with dishwasher or regular soap. The pieces are quite heavy that is actually good for long time use with well-balanced features. The knives are sharp with subtle serrated edges. You will only get compliments with this flatware set.

2.Ginsu 04817 International Traditions 14-Piece Knife Set

Ginsu 14-piece knife set is a great option for those who do not have time to maintain their flatware sets. This set comes with uniquely designed symmetrical edges that matches both the end perfectly and hence, becomes very sharp with integrated identical serrations. If you are a lazy person or simply do not want to waste your valuable time in the maintenance, this set can be the best option for you as the identical serrations of the knives are so skillfully done that there will be no further need of sharpening or maintaining the knives. Here comes a different feature for right or left handed users that this set actually perfect for both. You are getting a lifetime warranty with a well-balanced set and elegant look

1.Mama’s Kitchenware Professional 7-Piece ceramic knife set

A whole set of ceramic knives that includes 7-piece of knife, all are masterpieces. They are a whole different thing comparing to other metal knives as the durability of a ceramic knife is far more than any other metal. They have been made with a precise procedure that allowed nothing but a high quality scientific unique piece every time. The sharpness and strength of these knives are just at the top of flatware world. You must be thinking about the prices with such level of quality. Although, ceramic was something too expensive in previous years, now anyone can afford them as because of the availability and popularity, these products are not much costly now, but still hold the same durability and strength like before. There will be no impact on the food quality as these knives are also famous for not changing the color and flavors of the food. Like the steel knives, they will never pass on any harmful element to the food. They also have no record of reacting to the acids and alkalis that are present in certain fruits.